Philly Cop Invited by Joe Biden to President Obama's First Speech to Congress Charged With Rape, Assault

Accused of raping two women at gunpoint, the cop won't become part of the "national conversation" about guns and violence


first lady left, alleged rapist right
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Joe Biden is still really interested in placing more restrictions on gun ownership. Like most anti-gun advocates, the vice president has nary a word for guns in the hands of law enforcement (most proposed legislation, in fact, contains exemptions for law enforcement and often ex-law enforcement too). For a man like Biden maybe they can be nothing but heroes.

In 2009, Biden invited  Richard DeCoatsworth, a Philadelphia cop who was shot in the face as a rookie but continued a pursuit, to what was that year's State of the Union in all but name, continuing a thirty-year-tradition of inviting ordinary Americans to be used as political props. DeCoatsworth has now been charged with multiple counts of rape, assault and related offenses. He is accused of having raped two women at gunpoint, forcing one into prostitution and beating up on his live-in girlfriend, according to NBC Philadelphia. A little bit of background research might've spared Biden the future embarrassment. From NBC:

One of DeCoatsworth's neighbors said she was relieved to hear about his arrest.

"I am scared to be saying this now but I hope he stays where he is at, he has been a thorn in the side of this neighborhood for so long," said the woman who did not want to be identified.

Any discussion about "violence reduction" has to include a conversation about state violence and violence by state agents. Cases like DeCoatsworth's help underline the importance of the right of self-defense independent of any expectation that the police will defend you.