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Kennedy Interviews Hating Breitbart Director Andrew Marcus


Tune into's Hit & Run at 3pm ET/12 noon PT for a livestream conversation with Fox Business correspondent and Reason TV contributor Kennedy and Andrew Marcus, director of the 2012 documentary Hating Breitbart.

We'll be beaming live for about 30 minutes; if you can't watch in real time, then make time! And if you still can't, then tune back in later today for a video-on-demand version of an engaging discussion of Andrew Breitbart's legacy—good, bad, and ugly—in new media.

Hating Breitbart trailer is here.

Reason on Breitbart.

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  1. Hating Breitbart trailer is here.


  2. No alt-text for that photo?!

    Man, I wish Andrew was still around – we need more people willing to dive in and shite-stir.

    1. Alt-text: Cocaine is a Hell of a drug.

      1. I was thinking something along the line of “You will now fall before my Double Hand Tsunami Style!”

        1. “And then, dude, I shit you not, her gills started flapping! And I was all like ‘I didn’t even know mermaids had gills!’ and she was all like ‘SQUEAK CLICK CLICK CLICK SQUEAK ACK ACK ACK!’ Man, I sure felt stupid… What? Oh, yeah, I mean I still had sex with her. My ears are killing me, dude.”

    2. If you had watched The Eon Kid, you would recognize that Breitbart is about to do the Cross Choke, which is the finishing move favored by the clown faced leader of the biker gang Marty encounters in Episode 3.

  3. That jazz is unbearable.

    1. What’re you, s-q-u-a-r-e Daddy-o?

  4. She couldn’t deliver this interview whilst nude and on top of a pony?

  5. Where did the audio just go?

    1. Don’t be slick, Reason, we don’t need a third angle.

    2. Was wondering if it was just me.

      1. Damnit, I was actually enjoying the commentary. Fuck! Audio, REASON… AUDIO. Tell Nick to get on that shit!

  6. Just like to know, I’ve got a running joke/comment where I suggest there are only 22 libertarians in the world. The livestream shows 22 viewers.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    1. Shows 24 now, motherfucker. Are you ever sick of being wrong, Paul?

      1. Being wrong means never having to live up to the crushing pressure of being right.

        So we picked up two new haters. Sue me.

      2. That is just two guys logging in with their iPhones as they watch on desktops too.

  7. Since Reason is running something sympathetic to Breitbart, are all of the people who bitch when they say something nice about Bill Maher going to retract the argument that Reason does things with the sole goal of sucking up to leftists?

    1. Not a chance. Butthurt KULTUR WAR whining doesn’t work that way.

    2. Breitbart, unlike Maher, was not openly hostile to libertarianism. In fact, he called out Maher on his show for calling himself a libertarian and then arguing for national healthcare.

      1. So no, then.

  8. I was never a Breitbart follower, but I like how this guy is talking about how Breitbart challenged the media narrative. As a big longtime critic of media narrative, I kind of wish I’d have followed Breitbart more when he was alive.

    1. I don’t like his websites very much since they’re way too far to the right for me and people there tend to get too much into saying weird shit about Muslims and gay people. Plus, Ben Shapiro writes for them, and he’s a total dick.

      I agree with you that Breitbart provided a service though. Breaking up the media monopoly was an unmitigated good, even if some of the people involved in breaking up the monopoly are far right douchebags.

      1. That’s why I was never really drawn to Breitbart. Seemed to Republican-ey to me.

        I do remember the ‘people chanting the n-word’ thing.

        And I do agree with Breitbart: more voices = better.

        And the MSM hates that.

      2. don’t like his websites very much since they’re way too far to the right for me and people there tend to get too much into saying weird shit

        Wading into the comments there can get pretty repulsive. I think you could find more nuance at Jihad Watch, most days.

        1. The comments there are absolutely disgusting. I don’t know why, but Breitbart definitely attracts the worst aspects of the right, at least in regards to their comment section.

          When I look at other right wing sites, even really right wing sites like Red State, the comments are no where near as bad as Breitbart.

          In terms of right wing sites, Town Hall seems the least odiously hardcore right wing. Thomas Sowell even writes for them. That’s definitely the best conservative site to read if you aren’t really that conservative.

          1. It’s actually funny, considering Breitbart was pretty much a libertarian and even held a “Big Gay Party” for GOProud at CPAC.

            1. Yeah, don’t construe my criticisms of his followers with criticisms of Breitbart himself. I’m not trying to tar a dead man by conflating him with the assholes who frequent a site he obviously doesn’t even run anymore.

              1. I’m not, Breitbart commenters are complete loons

  9. Note to Reason: Every time you go to Camera #3, you end up with a technical SNAFU.

  10. Note to Reason: Every time you go to Camera #3, you end up with a technical SNAFU.

    And jesus… the JAZZ! THE JAZZ!

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