Shikha Dalmia on Huff Post Live at 9.15 EST Discussing the Bangladesh Factory Collapse


Will imposing a global regime of workplace safety make a whit of difference to improving the safety of Third World factory workers? Click here to watch Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia discuss this at Huffington Post Live.

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  1. Those Bangladeshi garment workers would still be alive if they were all drawing welfare in the USA!

    1. Of course the only reason anyone might support open immigration is because they’re a damn cosmotarian who wants everyone to come here and get on welfare.

      1. Shikha Dalmia supports welfare for immigrants and has written about it here and elsewhere.

        1. I haven’t read every Dalmia article ever, so I can’t say whether that’s true or false, but I do know that you made this claim in an article where she was clearly arguing that immigrants aren’t a huge burden on social programs or a drain on the economy. That’s hardly the same thing as saying that immigrants should come here and be given welfare

  2. In what kind of crazy world do business owners actually want to see their capital being destroyed?

    1. Where replacing it is cheaper than securing it? Either that, or a world where business owners are just as prone to playing odds as everyone else.

    2. Reminds me of after Exxon Valdez, my then 4th or 5th grade daughter comes home with the poster she made in school after given the proper dosage of propaganda. Picture of the Valdez spilling oil in the animal filled ocean with the caption Stop polluting our Oceans! She was under the impression that they dumped the oil in there just to be evil.

      1. It’s the Captain Planet theory of capitalism…manufacturers produce nothing but pollution because apparently there’s a market for that?

        1. 1. Pollute
          2. ???
          3. Profit

    3. because you want cheap tshirts wharrgharbl derpa herp

  3. OT: The “right” to be forgotten?

    1. Just change your damn name.

      1. what did I miss?

        1. I was talking about the chick in the article. If she has a problem with potential employers plugging her name into a search engine and uncovering expunged arrests, maybe she should just change her damn name, instead of suing every paper that carried the arrest record.

          1. I thought you were mad at JB

            1. Nah, just at the sue happy moron in the article.

          2. Also, suing them was stupid because now the Streisand effect is taking hold. Even if she wins, potential employers are going to be able to find her name in stories about this lawsuit, so even if she succeeds she’s going to fail.

            1. Yep, like a cat chasing it’s tail.

    2. I figured it would be about people making stupid comments or posting naked pictures of themselves on the Internet.

  4. Happened

  5. I don’t understand why we can’t all agree that all hot women should be allowed free pass into the country but no dudes.

      1. Butter face, and her hands and feet. I could live with the hair on a prettier girl.

    1. Any dude that wants in must be accompanied by a woman – sort of like a huge orgy.

  6. “Will imposing a global regime of workplace safety make a whit of difference to improving the safety of Third World factory workers?”

    How about no? If you had the rules it wouldn’t matter since the people the rules apply to would just buy there way out of compliance.

    Hey, kinda like that guy who iwned the factory building in Bangladesh!

    1. ^THIS^ If the local politicos are bribe-able and the ones in Bangladesh and most 3rd world countries certainly are, then layering more rules just makes more opportunities for bribes.

  7. Mother in UK forced 14-year-old to get pregnant

    The judge said the woman, an American divorcee living in Britain with three adopted children, hatched the plan after she was prevented from adopting a fourth.
    The scheme involved getting her oldest daughter to inseminate herself with syringes of sperm purchased over the internet from a Denmark-based company, Cryos International.

    1. A new version of the ad removes the race reference, but maintains the sex and age restrictions and that applicants “must be able to carry a tune,” “ability to dance or move well is a bonus,” and should be “not afraid to show a silly side,” among others.

      To be totally frank, based on the bolded part I can see why they wouldn’t want a white guy.

    2. “Mamma Yamma”? Were they looking for Uncle Remus?

  8. I wonder if any European NBA players will now be brave enough to come out as straight?

    1. Europe has an NBA?

      1. I’m pretty sure he’s talking about NBA players from Europe

        1. Ah that makes sense. I thought there was something like this going on for basketball and I just wasn’t paying attention.

          1. I thought that was the CFL

            1. After staring at that wondering what on earth compact fluorescent lamps had to do with anything, I wiki’d and now know that the CFL was just ’65-69 while Euro NFL was ’95-’07. We’ve now maxed out my team sports knowledge.

              1. The CFL is still around man

              2. We’ve now maxed out my team sports knowledge.

                More into Greco Roman wrestling, huh Jesse?

                1. The executive board of the International Olympic Committee had voted to eliminate wrestling from the Summer Games, starting in 2020

                  Yeah, my 2013 started off rough…

                  The CFL is still around man

                  Are you talking about the Canadian Football League? I was talking about the Continental Football League.

  9. OT from the OT:
    I feel like a lot of folks here about the public (lack of) education system. My older boy has been home schooled for 3 years now and is doing well. My youngest has Down Syndrome, and we’re planning to send him to public school in the fall. If we do that, our tax dollars at least get us some occupational, speech and developmental therapy as part of his attendance.

    Today my wife showed me the BS forms they want us to fill out “for the children.” They want to know if I’ve ever been a migrant farm worker or have moved in the last 3 years to follow a migrant job. I was like “WTF does this have to do with educating my 6 yo DSer?” Turns out they get more $ if I’m an illegal immigrant fruit picker so they’re hoping I’ll say yes. They already get extra cash for a special needs student.

    All this to say I’m not thrilled about sending him to the money grubbers, but with his mental capacity he’s not really going to be infused with their propaganda. Other option is to home school and pay even more $ for private therapy. Am I a sellout because I’m taking my “free stuff” from the school district that I’ve already paid for with my taxes?

    1. No. Getting something you’re paying for isn’t the issue with ‘free shit’ particularly if you need to help your son. The bigger issue is businesses getting big ass subsidies and people legitimately getting things for free when they don’t pay taxes.

      Of course, I wish that we’d eliminate the public school system entirely and go to a straight private school/voucher system, in which case it would probably be far cheaper, since there could be special schools that specialize more effectively in kids with learning disabilities, but as things stand now, you’ve got to do what’s right for your kid.

      1. “Am I a sellout because I’m taking my “free stuff” from the school district that I’ve already paid for with my taxes?”

        I agree with Irish. You didn’t create the system that takes your money. You should get as much of of that money back as you possibly can. Vote to change the system. But you have to live within the system we have now. The media loves to throw out the canard about pols who vote against certain spending bills and how they are hypocrites if they then turn around and let their state take any of the redistributed wealth after the bill inevitably passes. It would only be hypocrisy if the people in those states were allowed to take a credit against their federal taxes for their portion of that spending and than wanted to still receive their portion of the redistribution. They are the ones taking their “free stuff” from you. You have every right to try and get it back to as great as extent possible. As far as my tax dollars goes, I would say that helping out special needs kids is pretty much on the bottom of my list when it comes to my concerns about government spending.

  10. Will imposing a global regime of workplace safety make a whit of difference to improving the safety of Third World factory workers?

    Since a “difference” can be either positive or negative in direction, then yes, a top down global monopoly on bureaucratic impositions that allegedly help workers will almost certainly make a difference in their safety levels.

    By the phrasing of the above, I leave it to you to guess in which direction I think that would go.

  11. Roll that beautiful bean footage!

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