Immigration Reform Done Right: Reason's New Ebook, Humane and Pro-Growth


lmmigration reform is one of the very hottest topics of the day—and something that Reason cares about deeply and brings a uniquely libertarian perspective to.

Our new ebook, Humane and Pro-Growth: A Reason Guide to Immigration Reform, is a super-timely compendium of reality-based data and analysis on the best ways to fix a system that is plainly broken. Costing just $2.99, it's available instantaneously in Kindle, Nook, and Apple formats.

Edited by Reason Foundation analyst Shikha Dalmia, Humane and Pro-Growth pulls together the best of work from people such as Brian Doherty, Mike Riggs, Greg Beato, Cathy Young, Ronald Bailey, Tyler Cowen, Kerry Howley, Carolyn Lochhead, myself, and others. Every possible aspect of immigration is covered and policy solutions firmly grounded in our "Free Minds and Free Markets" philosophy are laid out in clear, compelling prose.

The book is fiercely pro-open borders and provides reams of data and case studies to support the basic case that everyone wins when migration is not simply tolerated but embraced as an ideal.

Immigration restrictionists will find much of value in the pages of Humane and Pro-Growth, too. Indeed, they will encounter the most comprehensive set of arguments for letting more kinds of people and more kinds of workers freely enter, work, and live in the United States of America.

Go here now to buy a copy for just $2.99—and for information on our volume of interviews with Christopher Hitchens, Ronald Reagan, F.A. Hayek, Thomas Szasz, and Timothy Leary.