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Tom Tancredo Lost a Bet, So Now He Has to Get High


Before Coloradoans went to the polls in November, former Congress Tom Tancredo made a bet with the maker of a pro-Amendment 64 video that if Colorado legalized pot, he would smoke some. Is Tom Tancredo a man of his word? FOX News says yes

"Look, I made a bet with the producer of the film that if Amendment 64 passed (I did not think it would) that I would smoke pot," he said through his research and education institute, the Rocky Mountain Foundation. "I will therefore smoke pot under circumstances we both agree are legal under Colorado law. Hey, it's better than having to do a stupid dance as (Denver) Mayor (Michael) Hancock must perform as a result of losing a bet on the Broncos beating the Ravens.

One more question: Vaporizer, bong, or joint?

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  1. As Tancredo is known as a aficiando of stogies, I’m guessing he’ll opt for the big fat spliff.

      1. Yeah, that’s more likely.

  2. He’ll realize how bad that crap smells and try to ban it again.

    1. You’re not smoking the right stuff.

      1. Someone in my building smokes the skunkiest shit I’ve ever smelled. When they smoke outside and then come in and take the elevator, it lingers for like a half hour along the entire path they took. I could probably figure out which apartment they’re in by following it.

        1. I have lived near people with weed so loud, that just siting in their grinder or whatever, it could be smelt throughout a floor of residential units.

        2. I hope they give Tancredo some decent stuff. Maybe he’ll become an advocate instead of using his powers for evil. Or, maybe he’ll get arrested by the feds and see that the worst thing about drugs is prohibition. Either way, I’m happy.

          1. “Or, maybe he’ll get arrested by the feds”

            Quite un-Christian of me…. but I would laugh and laugh if that happened.

      2. If you cut that shit with tobacco and smoke it out of a blunt, I’m sorry to tell you, it smells like Gingrich’s ball-sac.

  3. One more question: Vaporizer, bong, or joint?

    Ever heard of pot brownies, Riggs? How about Cannabis Candy or Sativa Suckers? For a magazine about market oriented solutions…

    Lucy wouldn’t have left those out (get the hint, Welch?)

    1. He specifically said he was going to smoke it.

      1. Can he not change his mind? Maybe he’s got a sweet tooth.-))) All that counts is he gets some in his system, no?

        1. Depends on how much of a stickler the other party to the bet is, I suppose.

          1. Seriously though, for patients that have pulmonary ailments, like emphysema, asthma, or COPD, I could see where those types of drug forms would be applicable. Using candies or lozenges for buccal administration would be a helpful weapon in the pharma toolkit. I could also see forms that are delivered via inhaler or nebulizer, as these don’t require being lit (not a good idea when an O2 bottle is in the room).

            Using “pain suckers” (lollipops made with RX’d opiates) is also a used for patient who are dysphagic and have real problems swallowing pills and leading to choking or aspiration.

          2. Also, a sublingual form would get THC into one’s system very quickly, so while I was ribbing Riggs, I was being serious about market and medical applications, and Marinol has limited application because of side effects that may not be so pronounced in the natural form which is Schedule I designated.

    2. How the fuck do you smoke a brownie?

      1. The only hard part is getting it lit.

      2. The Jamaican Chef could do it.

    3. Tancredo said he’d smoke pot.

      1. True, but if he smokes but doesn’t inhale, as pointed out below, he won’t get high. This is a politician we are talking about here…

    4. Smoke is better than eating anyway. Better dosage control, less tiring, and doesn’t have the lingering fatigue.

      1. See here, Brandon.-)

        1. I should’ve said “smoke or vaporizing is better than eating.” Although I may be biased because I was using it as an anti-emetic, so when I tried eating it I would just throw up the extremely expensive medicine before it would take effect.

          1. Fair enough and totally appropriate in your case.-) There’s other DX’s and patient HX’s with other complications present where other forms and routes of administration may be more appropriate or desirable for the patient, and dosage considerations in these forms can be just as accurate on a loading dose and subsequent maintenance doses.

            I view this stuff as legit medicine and I wish more practitioners would view with the same legitimacy as any other pharma. Plus, it helps to overcome negative stereotypes that are associated with cannabis TX and THC in general. I’m on your side here.-)))

  4. I heard him do a radio spot in support of Amendment 64 during election season.

    1. He said he did not think it would pass. That’s not the same as opposing it.

      1. Tancredo supported it. Excepting his horrible immigration stance Tancredo was once in the top 10 or better of lib-leaning congress-critters.

        1. My father who lives in CO referred to him as a Nazi. Then again my father is a Tony-style progressive who views libertarians as fascists because they would use force to stop people from initiating force, which is an obvious injustice if you feel that initiating force is a legitimate means of getting your way.

          1. So, all mammals are fascist? If you are unwilling to defend yourself, where on the food chain do you deserve to be?

          2. Rhetorical question, of course, but next time you see pops you might want to inquire.

            1. Last time the subject of politics came up we didn’t talk again for five years. I try not to bring it up.

  5. I wonder if he lost the bet on purpose.

  6. Technically speaking, a vaporizer wouldn’t be “smoke”.

    1. I see someone else raised this very important point before I could.

      1. You certainly won’t find anyone on this board who has refined knowledge of the sativa arts.


    2. Technically speaking, a vaporizer will get you higher than a kite on the 4th of July.

      1. From what I have heard (and of course have not experienced) this is true regardless of the quality of the product.

        1. Yes and no. While there is varying quantities of THC in different products, most of the utility of a vaporizer is that you are not drawing in the products of combustion. Ditch weed requires you draw in more acrid smoke than kind bud to get the same THC concentration. Since both would be easier to hold in when vaporized, it’s easier to get high off of smaller amounts of worse weed.

          Vaporizers do get more THC into easier no matter what the product, resulting in you getting as high as fuck. Given the choice, I’d never “smoke” again.

          1. And this, folks, is why we have librarians.

          2. In all seriousness, this would be the best way to overcome objections about concerns of lung cancer from combustibles (about which we don’t have conclusive studies).

            This would also be the best way to determine testable levels of blood THC concentration, to bring you back to questions about blood concentration levels WRT DUI testing that are listed in the law, IIRC. (SLD applies here.)

            Of course, that pesky Schedule I designation…

            1. This would also be the best way to determine testable levels of blood THC concentration

              I’d love to see some hard science on all of it before the laws start being passed. The reports of elevated blood levels in chronic users that are not currently intoxicated worry me.

              I personally think that an impairment standard rather than blood alcohol or THC levels would be more useful in determining DUI. But I’m not sure how you set that up as an objective standard.

              (Let’s be honest folks, legal pot is going to both be taxed and be covered under DUI. Any else is fantasy.)

              1. I’d love to see some hard science on all of it before the laws start being passed.

                Oh, Sug. That was so cute!

                1. Oh, Sug. That was so cute!

                  I’m here all week. Try the veal.

            2. I’d rather just let people use whatever they want in whatever way they want for pain and to require that actual impairment be proven for DUI. But for practical purposes, I’d say you are right.

            3. When I had my medical card, I was getting sativa cartridges for an e-cig. They lasted a long time, didn’t smell, and I could use them wherever I needed to. It was a great solution.

              1. ^^THIS^^

          3. Maybe I just like choking myself on smoke, but I always find that a vaporizer doesn’t give you quite the same effect as smoking.

            1. Maybe. Everyone has what they like.

              Although the temperature a vaporizer has to be set is within a narrow optimal window. If it’s too low, you are not evaporating THC and the related chemicals efficiently; too high and you are creating combustion products, but smoking less of an amount that you normally would (considering the small amounts most people run through vaporizers.)

            2. I’d rather just let people use whatever they want in whatever way they want for pain

              DING DING DING!!!!!! WE HAVE A WINNAH!!!!!

              The reason I have no problem with this is because PX is very individualized and is not an infectious disease process. You can tell me all about your PX levels, but only you know what level it is and how you experience it.

              When people claim there is no such thing as mental illness, that’s not true, and does present discrete S/S. And with recent developments in both intgrated neurology, PET scans, and neurotransmitter research, we are understanding neurotransmitter imbalances much better.

              I can make exactly the same claims about pain, as, other than only your claim and application of PET scans showing areas of neural activity, it tells us absolutely nothing about PX intensity.

              1. ^^In response to Zeb @ 2.06^^

              2. You can tell me all about your PX levels, but only you know what level it is and how you experience it.

                Is the smiley face / frowny face chart still in use? When I was shot, there wasn’t a “screaming obscenities at ambulance drivers” face for me to choose.

                1. When I was shot, there wasn’t a “screaming obscenities at ambulance drivers” face for me to choose.

                  I am sensing a market opportunity here!

                2. Is the smiley face / frowny face chart still in use?

                  Yes, the Wong-Baker Face Scale for PX. It’s used for children and those with verbal deficits.

                  I personally use the Numeric PX scale for a baseline, then use open ended questions and descriptors to determine location and quality of PX. Others are, The Balled Fist Scale, The Obscenity/Invective Scale, and Pulling You Off From Climbing The Wall Scale.

                3. When I was shot…


                  1. Story?

                    He was shot in the hip accidentally by a family member.

                    Ask him in another thread; he’s told me the details himself, but I can’t find the H&R thread (curse my Jandeks-Fu) where he gave specifics and I would feel more comfy him relating the episode.

                    1. It was a friend of mine. An accident involving some bad judgement on his and slamfire. The bullet broke the top of my femur into quite a few pieces and split my hip bone.

                    2. I could have sworn it was your cousin, Saccharin Man. Apologies. Your situation was very similar to another one with which I dealt early in my career.

                    3. Minor detail. I really should get it together to write down the whole thing sometime. I had a really terrible experience regarding care during it and afterward, even though my surgeon was a great guy and was the only bright spot in the whole mess other than a single, angelic nurse on the night shift.

                    4. You should. Maybe it will get you out of your writing slump.-)))

                    5. Did getting shot make you diabetic?

                    6. Probably. I was a late developing Type I, and it started about a year after I was shot.

                    7. Another reason to ban firearms!

                    8. I was–I shit you not–reading Guns and Ammo when it happened.

          4. Sugar – vapes are awesome when you plan on getting completely stoned, especially ones like the Volcano. Problem is if you don’t want to be retarded, it’s way easier to just smoke a pin joint or use a 1 hitter. The biggest problem with the vape is you can’t tell how much you are getting. The ONLY thing that would make you cough (like you would if you got WAY too much smoke) is the dry air, which you get used to. Even a complete newb smoking weed probably wouldn’t cough on a quality vape. Sure you can control how much you put on the screen, but sometimes you get a ton of THC, sometimes you get less and have to run the vape more than once to extract it all.

            1. I can see dosage being a problem. Back when I indulged, the only time we used one was with experienced users.

              By the way… although I have not tried it, supposedly you can still hot alcohol extract the remnants from a vaporizer session to make green dragon.

              1. I haven’t tried it either, but I’ve known people who do this.

              2. You can indeed. We called it honey oil.

                1. Wait, really? How would one go about such a process? Would it, say, keep one from having to flush spent vaporizer remains down one’s toilet all the damn time?

        2. As a former owner of the best vape that exists – the Volcano, of course, I can tell you that the quality of weed doesn’t matter – it has to do with the total weight of THC in the product. So, if you have really good weed (15-20% THC) you could use, say, 1/4 gram to get floored where if you were using crappy weed (5%ish) you would need a gram to get the same amount of high. The amount of vapor and it’s concentration would be the same between the two and the taste would be indistinguishable.

      2. I don’t think the vaporizer will. You have to put something into the vaporizer. :-p

  7. If he’s never smoked anything before (as in inhaled – cigars don’t count), I’d go vaporizer.

    1. Give him a big ol’ bong hit of some sticky indica.

    2. He probably won’t inhale. He will probably think he inhaled.

    3. If he doesn’t know how to inhale, I don’t think a vaporizer helps.

      1. It’ll help with the harshness, is the point. I got stoned out of my ever-lovin mind the first time I smoked weed because I was a cigarette smoker and was used to smoke im throat and lungs. If you’renot used to it, you’ll just cough it up.

        1. Yes, that’s true for sure. But I’ve also known nonsmokers who tried pot and didn’t necessarily cough but just did not know how to consume anything that way.

        2. I had never smoked a cigarette or cigar the first time I tried the chronic, and I also managed to get stoned to the gills. However, my mom (a smoker at the time), claims that she tried pot and didn’t get even a tiny high. Do I believe her? Maybe.

    4. I’d go with enema, so somebody can literally blow smoke up his ass.

      1. I tried that with super glue once, it doesn’t work.

  8. Former Congress Tom Tancredo’s not here, man.

  9. Lotta folks don’t feel anything their first time, but that is sometimes attributed to not knowing how to smoke correctly. If he already uses tobacco it should be fun for him. Or they could hook up him up with three fat slices of space cake and watch him writhe in hilarious, pants-shitting terror.

    1. Lots of folks are too high too know they’re high the first time.

      Oh they feel it. They say they don’t feel it, but you can tell, because then they smoke all the rest of it and stare at a ceiling fan for 45 minutes.

      1. I definitely–*ahem*–I mean, my good friend who smokes definitely didn’t feel anything the first time he smoked. but that was because I had never smoked anything and wasn’t doing it right. I’ve heard similar stories but some folks swear up and down that they DID smoke correctly and still didn’t feel anything their first time. Which I don’t really buy.

        I mean he. Him. Do it to Julia.

      2. Yeah, the effect is subtle in small doses, so you might not realize it’s working.

        I did so many hits my first time that I was hallucinating. It was entertaining both for me and for my friends in the room.

        1. I had the same experience. First of all, everyone in the room said “Nobody gets high the first time!” (which I can find no scientific reason for – sounds like an old wives’ tale to me). Then, they kept passing and passing and passing the bowl. I, having never smoked before, didn’t know how many hits would be acceptable or “safe”. I wound up sooooooo goddamned high. I was puking and dizzy. I can’t believe I ever did that shit again. But eventually I learned my limits, just like I did with booze.

          1. (which I can find no scientific reason for – sounds like an old wives’ tale to me)

            And you won’t, as that is an Old Wives’ Tale. Different drugs react differently in each person, especially when naive of a given substance (The Groovy One is naive of this particular substance).

            I was puking and dizzy.

            That’s very unusual, Kristen. Normally, people don’t puke when indulging in cannabis, since it has demonstrable anti-nausea and anti-emetic properties. Vertigo, check, not unusual.

          2. Kinda like nobody gets pregnant the first time…

        2. Yeah, the effect is subtle in small doses, so you might not realize it’s working.

          Exactly. Especially when it’s your first time so you’re expecting to see pink elephants or something ridiculous. It’s never quite what you expected it to be.

    2. I didn’t get very high the first time I tried. I wasn’t a smoker, but it was just a thin little pin joint.

      Got ripped to the tits the second time though, through one of those giant hurricane bongs.

  10. One more question: Vaporizer, bong, or joint?

    Do I hear any votes for a suppository?

  11. One more question: Vaporizer, bong, or joint?


  12. Gambling AND doing drugs? Way to set an example for the conservative kids out there, Tom.

    Next he’ll make an anchor baby with an illegal immigrant prostitute.

  13. If I’d bet him, I would have wanted Tancredo to drive around in the Cheech & Chong “pot van.”

  14. Gravity Bong, with a blunt instead of a piece.

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