Eminent Domain

Ohio Landowners Get Free Help To Battle Pipeline Land-Grab

Eminent domain has become a favored tool for the project


Landowners who don't want an energy company seizing their property through eminent domain for a pipeline may get their day in court.

Lawyer Maurice Thompson, executive director of the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law, is offering free legal representation to landowners menaced by construction of the ATEX Express pipeline, which will run from Appalachia to Texas.

The pipeline is being built by Enterprise Liquids Pipeline LLC, which has been asserting eminent domain authority under a 60-year-old Ohio law that grants the state's land-expropriation authority to various energy and water companies.

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  1. There is no other practical way to secure RoW.

  2. Oh, but its okay if property rights are violated by graffiti misfits and thugs because its “liberating”, according to cosmotarian tReason.

    I find it amazing that the same day tReason runs an article defending property raping like graffiti, they run an article attacking a gas company that simply wants to dig a hole and throw a pipeline in. This is no different than power lines, rail lines, and roads being built by using eminent domain. Not saying I agree with it entirely, but he does deserve a bit more than 5,000 and royalty.

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