Cops Have Constitutional Rights Too, Judge Rules, But Anaheim Has to Release Documents Related to Fatal Police Shooting

Cop who shot Manuel Diaz was cleared last month for an earlier fatal shooting


As noted on Reason 24/7, the family of Manuel Diaz, who was shot by cops when he gave chase last summer, wanted a judge to order Anaheim release documents related to the incident as well as to the officer. They are suing the city and its police department for $50 million. The judge ruled mostly in the family's favor, keeping documents related to the officer and access to him from the family "to preserve his constitutional rights." The officer, Nick Bennallack, was cleared by the DA just last month in another fatal shooting a year ago. Bennallack was back on duty two weeks after shooting Diaz and the DA's office is still investigating. The shooting of Diaz and another man the next day led to community protests that turned violent largely thanks to police.

Reason TV covered the protests and attended a special city council session in Anaheim in August: