Websites that Sell Meth and Guns Stay Online in China

Censors apparently more concerned with social media


BEIJING: Want to buy illegal drugs in China? No problem—just go to the wild and woolly internet here and order a $50 or $100 package of methamphetamines, ecstasy or cocaine. It'll be delivered to your door within hours!

"Our company has delivery stations in every part of China," boasts one Chinese-language website, with photos of illegal narcotics it sells. "We offer 24-hour delivery service to your door, and we have long-term and consistent supplies. If you just make one phone call, we'll deliver to your hands in one to five hours."

Another Chinese website offers meth wholesale for $US19,700 a kilo, or deliveries to your door of smaller quantities in hundreds of cities around China. Even in remote Anhui province, it delivers drugs in 21 different cities.