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Feedback hasn't sounded this good since Jimi Hendrix was humping amplifiers and you accidentally mixed Rohypnol with meth and chased it down with a bottle of absinthe!

Click above to watch me and Matt Welch answer reader questions and queries as part of Reason's 2012 Webathon, in which we're asking 800 folks to support Reason mag, Reason.com, and Reason TV by making a tax-deductible donation.

And by feedback, I mean that both literally and figuratively. The first five minutes of the video above features ear-splitting, brain-damaging feedback that may just be the greatest found recording of the past 24 hours. More important, your generous support so far in the Webathon has been outstanding! We're well ahead of last year's pace and may even break the $100,000 barrier if the donations keep coming in today.

Our giving levels and associated swag range from $1 to $99 (shout-outs at Reason's Twitter stream and on the banner above) to $100 (classic black Reason t-shirt and free sub to keep or gift) to $5,125 (grab bag of Reason products, two free subs, t-shirt, lunch with Matt and me in D.C., commemorative tile in our new L.A. offices, V.I.P. ticket to our Bastiat Prize dinner in N.Y., and more!).

If you like what we're doing—bringing you the most provocative libertarian news and analysis on an hourly basis, cranking out great videos (usually with great audio!), publishing 11 issues a year of what's been called "a kick-ass, no-holds-barred political magazine," and fanning out across the news stations and op-ed pages of the naton's media to spread the word about "Free Minds and Free Markets"—then please support us. It's tax-deductible and you'll see your dollars at work every day at Reason.com.

Nobody is doing what we're doing—creating a virtual community for libertarians, reaching peers in the media, generating 500-plus videos, a monthly magazine, conducting a national poll, curating the news on an hourly basis, and more—and your support is vital.

We know it's a tough economy and the political situation is a bed of nails, not roses. But that's precisely why Reason—and its true alternative to the tired old left-right, liberal-conservative, Democrat-Republican ideologies—is needed more than ever. We don't just unmask the problems with top-down control freaks in the boardroom and bedroom, we propose new and better ways of letting people run their own lives (imagine that—people running their own lives!). We're happy warriors against all who limit your choices in the name of their vision of the good life. And we're bringing you a world of possibilities, of new technologies and experiments in living that point to a better world.

Freedom is winning, slowly but surely, in many areas: Drug legalization, lifestyle choice, free expression. It's also on the ropes in so many others: Economic interventions large and small, military interventions large and small, health care regulations. Help us in our fightyour fight—for a limited government and unlimited possibilities. For Free Minds and Free Markets. For a world you'll be happy to leave to your heirs.

Support Reason's 2012 Webathon!


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  1. It’s tax-deductible…

    Well, I guess you can’t spell reason without treason.

  2. Why can’t I find a Danelectro longhorn guitar for sale ANYWHERE? For a market called “Free”….

  3. I will not be donating money, because I dislike the open borders crap. I was born in America, and I intened to live here all my life. America, not Mexico, not Somalia, America. The American way of life, capitalism, science, peace, amoung other things, must be preserved. Nigeria, a slumland of crime, war, and stupidity, is not the country I want to live in. I want to live in a land free from crime. I want to live in a capitalist country. I want the environment to be protected, I don’t it to be destroyed to make way for even more low-income housing. I don’t want a billion people here, overwhelming our schools and our prisons and backrupting our welfare state. I want my children to be able to go to school without fearing that they will be stabbed. I don’t want the prices for housing, food, gas, and everything else to skyrocket, as they demand their “fair share” of our nation. I don’t want ten thousand muslims marching through my country, demanding my right to free speech be taken away, as recently happened in the nation of my ancestors. Reason does some good work in adovocating for capitalism, but in supporting this, will not be recieving my money. I have made my donation to VDARE.com

  4. I wont donate until Reason stops acting like a bunch of beltway cocktail partying, hipster-trendies. Why do Reason writers feel that they have to make a supposed “libertarian” argument for a known steadfast, leftist position? (anti-right to work, for example)

    Then, on the other side of the coin, looks for every opportunity to attack a republican or conservative? Even attacking conservative-libertarian positions on spending and its consequences (Matthew Feiney and his defense of EU spending).

    I ask this often….is Reason still a libertarian site or is it now a site for “libertarian” cosmopolitans to blather nonsense to make themselves feel good so that maybe, just maybe, they’ll be fully accepted by beltway and RT progressives?

    Oh, and who could forget Doherty’s “Ron Paul:Leftist” article?

    I read Reason for the comments and commentators. Thanks for the laughs.

  5. I donate every year. Because if the Liberaterian party is going to go anywhere the in-fighting has to stop somewhere and the policy has to start somewhere. This seems to be a meaningful cause and because I don’t have much money every dime has to mean something. So I give here because I’m not a freeloader.

  6. I ask this often….is Reason still a libertarian site or is it now a site for “libertarian” cosmopolitans to blather nonsense to make themselves feel good so that maybe, just maybe, they’ll be http://www.cheapbeatsbydreonau.com/ fully accepted by beltway and RT progressives?

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