Teachers Union Explains the Financial Crisis With Cartoon of Rich People Peeing on Poor People


The California Federation of Teachers (CFT)—which represents a group of people who spend their days talking to small children with not-yet-fully-formed powers of reasoning—have just released a video explaining the economic crash. It's called "Tax the Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale."

It's narrated, hilariously, by actor Ed Asner. It's written by Fred Glass, who is the CFT communications director. (Glass was paid $139,800 in 2011 and is, ahem, not an economist.) And it's paid for with the mandatory union dues which come out of the paychecks of California teachers whether they like it or not.

The video is 8 minutes long, but feels much longer. Some highlights from this subtle and well argued cartoon masterpiece:

  • At the 2:50 mark, a rich person urinates on the middle class from atop a pile of money. Seriously.
  • Starting at 3:30, giant piles of money owned by rich people literally fall on the houses and schools of the 99 percent and breaks them. No actual explanation for the crash is provided.
  • At the 5:00 mark, rich people try to distract people from the crash by pointing at teachers and saying "Bad teachers! Bad, bad teachers!"
  • At 6:30 "ordinary people" remember that "firefighters helped them when their houses were on fire" and that teachers "lived in their neighborhoods and shopped at the same stores and didn't seem to be the problem at all!"

Via the Free Beacon