Financial Crisis

Teachers Union Explains the Financial Crisis With Cartoon of Rich People Peeing on Poor People


The California Federation of Teachers (CFT)—which represents a group of people who spend their days talking to small children with not-yet-fully-formed powers of reasoning—have just released a video explaining the economic crash. It's called "Tax the Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale."

It's narrated, hilariously, by actor Ed Asner. It's written by Fred Glass, who is the CFT communications director. (Glass was paid $139,800 in 2011 and is, ahem, not an economist.) And it's paid for with the mandatory union dues which come out of the paychecks of California teachers whether they like it or not.

The video is 8 minutes long, but feels much longer. Some highlights from this subtle and well argued cartoon masterpiece:

  • At the 2:50 mark, a rich person urinates on the middle class from atop a pile of money. Seriously.
  • Starting at 3:30, giant piles of money owned by rich people literally fall on the houses and schools of the 99 percent and breaks them. No actual explanation for the crash is provided.
  • At the 5:00 mark, rich people try to distract people from the crash by pointing at teachers and saying "Bad teachers! Bad, bad teachers!"
  • At 6:30 "ordinary people" remember that "firefighters helped them when their houses were on fire" and that teachers "lived in their neighborhoods and shopped at the same stores and didn't seem to be the problem at all!"

Via the Free Beacon

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  1. I hate getting one-upped by other news sources. I has a sad.

    1. The Onion already one-upped the California Federation of Teachers.…..ook,17828/

      1. Holy shit.

  2. We didn’t really win the Cold War, did we?

    1. No, the commies just moved here.

      1. They shifted from Red to Green for a while. Now they are going back.

        1. If they shift to Orange we’re all screwed.

  3. At 6:30 “ordinary people” remember that “firefighters helped them when their houses were on fire” and that teachers “lived in their neighborhoods and shopped at the same stores and didn’t seem to be the problem at all!”

    A teacher once cut in front of me in line at King Soopers. That’s why I want public education crushed.

    1. A teacher was once so retarded that going to public school was horrible. Oh wait, that was more than once.

    2. Onions can give you bad breath and it looks too much like “union.” Because of that I think all teachers should be young women who are hot and willing.

      I love it when a carefully reasoned argument comes together!

      1. I wore my onion on a belt, as was the style back then.

        1. It was back in 19 dickety 2. We had to say the word dickety because the Kaiser had stolen our word for twenty. I chased after him, but gave up after dikcety 6 miles.

  4. Have these people considered hiring a real PR expert? Someone who has read Bernay’s Crystalizing Public Opinion or Propaganda?

    If you want to convince people of average intelligence, you need to stop producing propaganda aimed at idiots and education majors.

    1. … idiots and education majors.

      The redundancy isn’t really necessary.

  5. I couldn’t finish watching the video. I was getting too angry.

    Where are the fiscal conservatives/libertarians in the social media? Why aren’t we putting our propaganda that at least makes sense? This stuff is so easily combated, but if no one wants to fight back the youth will eat this stuff up like candy.

    1. Oh, bullshit. Kids are too smart for this stuff.

      It’s the stupid ADULTS that are the concern. The kind who think they need unions. Teachers, firefighters, cops – people like that.

      1. Probably true.

        In elementary school my sister’s teacher literally told her that Republicans hate African Americans. She didn’t buy it.

        1. Wow. As I note elsewhere, in my rural experience (as a kid and now with my own) I haven’t seen teh evul indoctrination so much as sheer incompetence on occasion mixed in with some REALLY good teachers on other occasions.

      2. They’re targeting the stupid kids. The smart ones are already a lost cause to them.

      1. Yeah I was gonna say. The Keynes vs. Hayek rap battles are fucking epic.

    2. What infuriates me the most, is that there are no comedians parodying the living shit out of these leftist retards. Or maybe they are out there, but I can’t recall ever seeing one. They all tend to tow the leftist pc lion.

      1. Leno’s been pissing off the libs lately.

        1. He said comedians, which implies someone who is, at least on occasion, funny.

          1. This. Leno is incredibly boring and not funny.

            1. Erroneous! Erroneous on both counts!

              1. Is Leno still on?

              2. Randian is exposed as elderly!!

      2. Colbert and Stewart certainly lean left, but they do tend to parody the low hanging fruit, no matter where it comes from.

        1. Do you have a link to either one of them doing a parody of Obama?

          1. You know, like they did with Bush, non-stop for 8 years?

            1. I’ve seen Stewart go after the left including Obama. Haven’t seen Colbert do it though.

      3. Opie and Anthony and Jim Norton make fun of liberals all the time.

        1. Listening to them at this very moment. Anthony is the best.

      4. Adam Carolla, Dennis Miller

        1. Carolla’s podcast has been pretty good lately.

          He did one with Greg Gutfeld that was awesome, see here-

        2. Topical – Asner making with the crazy on Carolla’s podcast, dubbed over ‘Up’

          1. Ed’s a Truther? Ahahahahahaha!!

      5. How in the hell can you parody this?

    3. People don’t want things that make sense. That involves thinking.

      No, you are supposed to emote. Feel. Do not think.

      Thinking is hard. Feeling is easy.

      Do not look at a rich person and wonder what they did for others to earn that wealth. No. Look upon a rich person and feel envy, anger and hatred.

      Resent them. Blame them for your troubles.

      Do not think.


        1. So Bruce Lee was a liberal douche? Makes a lot of sense. Anon and on or something.

            1. This is not a chawade!

      1. And by “rich person”s we mean white businessmen, not actors, pop artists, sports stars or any minorities.

        1. Or elected politicians, especially not them.

          1. That depends on their party.

      2. Thinking is hard. Feeling is easy.

        Feeling is a form of thinking. It’s just that you’re thinking with the reptilian portion of your brain that got held over through evolution, rather than the highly developed pre-frontal cortex that only humans have.

      3. Yes, yesss. Let the hate flow through you.

    4. Yeah, I couldn’t get through a minute of that tripe.

  6. Show of hands: who knows people in real life that believe this shit? I sure as fuck do, and I sure as fuck go out of my way not to talk to them.

    1. Pick me! Pick me!!

      *stretches both hands waaaaaay over head*

    2. This gets my full endorsement.

    3. Maybe you should associate with a higher class of people. Like, not you.

      1. Good think Warty has you, Epi.

        1. I’m the only real thing in his world, sadly.

          1. The poor dear.

          2. If I can’t have you, no one can!

            1. That goes for Almanian too.

    4. Yeah, me, sadly.

    5. Yup, me too. The ones who can manage to talk about sensible things like beer or the relative merits of CrossFit or anydamnthing else, I’m fine with. But some of them turn everything into a reason to talk passionately and with great fervor about their petty class warfare shit, and them I avoid.

      1. I think beer is a universal topic that transcends all realities. One of the few topics that you have a chance to have a nice chat with a leftist. Anything beyond that and you risk being bludgeoned painfully with stupid of unimaginable proportions.

        1. And then there are us sane people who don’t like carbonated beverages.

          1. People who don’t like beer are the sane ones? Suddenly I feel like I’m in a Twilight Zone episode.

      2. Do they use the phrase “shenanigans” in conjunction with corporations?

        1. Is that the new buzzword? What about hijinks? I will find out when I go home for the holidays, I imagine.

          1. I’ve not heard hijinks. When someone can’t understand their cellphone bill, it’s Shenanigans by the carrier.

          2. I ‘am partial to hijinks, as opposed to shenanigans…or the dreadful “monkeyshines”. I suppose I would always prefer “tomfoolery” when the chips are down though.

            1. “monkeyshines”

              Double racist!

        2. You’re the coolest fuckin’ guy at Shenaniganz! WHOOO! That’s like being the smartest kid with Down syndrome!

    6. Ha I figured out how to beat that. Just don’t know anyone in real life.

      That said there are some freaks on my Facebook feed who could use a whack by a clue-by-four

      1. This is why I abandoned Facebook. I don’t care about your stupid shitty opinions, dipshit who I loathed in high school and is now fat with a bunch of kids. Fuck you.

        1. That’s no way to talk about your girlfriend.

        2. Yeah but if I abandoned Facebook then this place would be the only semblance of a social life that I had left and what would that get me?

          1. “and what would that get me?”

            Scorn and defiance; slight regard, contempt,
            And any thing that may not misbecome
            The mighty sender, doth he prize you at.

          2. Most NPC’s in Skyrim will talk to you if you go up and talk to them.

    7. Warty| 12.5.12 @ 12:37PM |#
      “Show of hands: who knows people in real life that believe this shit?”

      Pretty sure two of them post here on a regular basis.

    8. My sister, for one. She’s a letter carrier and has been fed this shit by her union to the point I can’t even talk to her anymore.

    9. Yeah, even if they’re not necessarly “true believers” they definately hold many of these same sentiments from watching too much pop culture and msm propaganda. It’s funny because they look at people who have real opinions and who are actually informed about what’s really going on like they’re stupid or crazy because they don’t tow the lion on this bullshit.

      1. … they look at people who have real opinions and who are actually informed about what’s really going on like they’re stupid or crazy because they don’t tow the lion on this bullshit.

        recent story I related earlier = I was sitting at a pub next to young guy, he mentions he works as a ‘fact checker’ @ The New Yorker, and I presume he’s smart but likely progtarded a bit… we get to chatting and when it comes to healthcare, he asserts =

        “…but ultimately Govt should run healthcare because health insurance companies hoard hundreds of billions in profits annually, while govt pays for things more prudently and efficiently…”

        I’m like, “Bro = the sum total of all the profits made by the health insurance companies is about 1/4 of what Medicare *loses* every year due to ineptness and inefficiency”

        He snorts. “Thats impossible. I research this stuff”

        One Google later =

        a) Medicare wastes about 10% per annum = ~$50bn
        b) Total health insurance industry profits =~$13bn

        retort = “…those sources are probably biased”

        Sources: a) CBO, b)

        He started looking for “an article he’d read” which suggested otherwise. On?…. By? “Health Care for America Now” A union PAC.

        Basically, he trusted ‘sources’ that fed him information he preferred. And this is supposed to be one of the informed, cognoscenti of America. Even though he’d accepted my ‘facts’, he continued to assert the profits were “probably bad”.

        in sum = we are doomed

    10. Pretty much every hispanic, every white single woman, and almost every college kid

  7. Cool story bro.

    The sheer volume of bullshit in that video mind-numbing.

  8. Did anybody receive a good education in economics in high school?

    My senior year, we had a class called economics/government. The teacher wasn’t ideolog. However the economics portion of the class may have been four weeks long, while the rest of the class was dedicated to the government portion of the curriculum. Lots of remedial American history, national and state Consitutions, and a field trip to the county courthouse and jail.

    Perhaps I should have taken an introductory course in college? Anyway, it seems like I know enough to follow along a bit, but I’d be ashamed to actually engage topics about prices, values, and incentives.

    1. I think maybe the tougest economics question I ever had to face on an economics test was “Who was the founder of Communism?”

      1. Oooh, oooh, I know the answer to that one:


    2. High schools around here don’t offer economics of any kind, even as part of another class.

    3. In my high school, government/econ was the traditional 11th grade “social studies” class–unless you were in the smart track, in which case you took AP US History that year (after taking Honors US History the year before, because that’s how smart AP students are). So basically, you only took government/econ if you were definitely not going to college. I’m sure that was an awesome plan.

      1. In my high school, government/econ was the traditional 11th grade “social studies” class–unless you were in the smart track, in which case you took AP US History that year (after taking Honors US History the year before, because that’s how smart AP students are).

        At my first high school, government was the standard freshman-year social studies course. Oddly enough, there wasn’t anything like an “honors” course to weed out the dregs from the high achievers; we naturally tended to segregate themselves once we became eligible for AP courses.

        At my second high school after we moved across town during junior year, they did have these “honors” courses in addition to AP, and they were about as difficult as the regular ones at my first high school. I had the misfortune of using that crap-ass “American Pageant” textbook for 2.5 years.

      2. In my high school we had this thing called “lifestyles” that pretty much crammed all the stupid bullshit into one class along with some rudimentary economics.

        Environmentalism. Sex Ed. Don’t do Drugs. Racism is bad. How to balance a checkbook. How to budget. And compound interest.

    4. No. Our “civics”, history and “government” classes in HS (this is ’78-’80 for me) were just bad, not indoctrination. Just…baaaaad. Teachers who didn’t want to be there teaching kids who wanted to be anywhere else.

      Looking back, I experienced zero indoctrination of any kind – actually had some REALLY good teachers in MS/HS. But the bad ones…they just didn’t give a fuck and taught us nothing. Not left, right, Team Red, Team Blue – just…nothing.

      I learned everything on my own and in college. Still learning…:)

      1. I was actually my HS US History teachers pet and everyone in the class loved me for it.

        He was the rare exception among teachers in that he actually liked to debate with the students and somehow or another I was able to debate him rather effectively on most subjects. Made a great way to delay tests.

        My record was delaying a test on WW2 by 5 days arguing the morality of Dresden and the Tokyo firebombings.

        1. My calculus teacher’s other job was running a liquor store.

          As for economics, we had an AP Economics class — I aced the AP exam mostly by spouting a bunch of stuff about the law of supply and demand.

        2. My record was delaying a test on WW2 by 5 days arguing the morality of Dresden and the Tokyo firebombings.


          Go back to TVTropes, nerd.

      2. Football coach taught civics. Watched game film mostly.

        1. Yep that’s me. PE teacher taught 9th grade history/geography, girls basketball coach taught 10th and 11th grade American history, and an assitant football coach taught 12th grade econ/government.

          1. Actually, I remember that the girls basketball coach made us re-write the Constitution by hand a few times. This probably explains my oddly encyclopedic knowledge of the enumerated powers.

            1. This probably explains my oddly encyclopedic knowledge of the enumerated powers.

              See??? High School….not a total waste!

            2. That “encyclopedic knowledge of the enumerated powers.”…You didn’t learn that.

          2. Come on, the girls’ basketball coach? Did your school have some phenomenal girls’ basketball program that lured a blue-chip coaching whiz from Ogdenville?

            ‘Cause otherwise, your History teacher also coached girls’ basketball, not vice versa.

            1. I can vouch for the girl’s basketball coach. Like I mentioned, he actually might have done us some good. But the assistant football coach gave us easy multiple choice tests that were basically vocabulary quizzes.

              …Meanwhile, he sat at his desks to draw up football plays for the friday night games. If one of the players finished early, they would walk over to his desk to go over the play with him.

              1. But the assistant football coach gave us easy multiple choice tests that were basically vocabulary quizzes.

                The football coach at my second high school was like this. He taught world history, and I happened to take his class during football season my senior year. I don’t think I ever cracked open the textbook the whole semester and still pulled an A.

                I actually stunned him one day in class when I identified part of the Sistine Chapel painting (the one with Adam and God touching fingers) that was on the cover of Time that week. That ought to tell you how dumb the student body at that school was.

          3. Cleb, Zombie, serious question. Were these coaches (i.e. people who primarily wanted to coach) who taught a course on the side? Or teachers who primarily wanted to teach those subjects and coached on the side?

            I’m a volunteer football coach and wanted to see how the market was in terms of supply side. I have a feeling it’s different here in NYC from the rest of the country.

      3. My history teacher in Canada was a flaming Progtard black guy who had immigrated to Canada from the US and liked to spell it ‘Amerikkka’.

        1. And you spelled “Canadada” right back to him? Or “Can’tada”? Or “Canneda”?

          Eh, who’m I kidding? These days all we got on them is climate.

    5. Economics was a mandatory class in my high school (class of ’96), but it wasn’t truly an economics class. The course title could have more accurately been Personal Finance. Basically, it taught us how to balance a checkbook, and create a household budget, with a little bit of micro thrown in. There was no attempt whatsoever to delve into any macro or theory.

      1. I had a 7th grade finance class and an 8th grade career class. I guess I can say that they were much more informative and useful than what I learned in high school.

      2. That describes my economics class in HS pretty well, too. My 6th grade general ed teacher and 9th grade civics were full raging hard on leftist propagandist, but to be honest, at least at my school, they were the exception.

      3. That’s good. You got Home Ec. Macroeconomics is bullshit (mixed with a little horseshit) anyway. Micro is actually sensible.

    6. Yup, I had no exposure to basic econ until college. As soon as I grokked the concept of comparative advantage, all the lefty shit I’d been fed pretty much evaporated. Given how quickly basic economic realities unravel everything leftism is based on, I am shocked — shocked! that this was not a subject that was discussed in public school.

      1. Yep. Econ 100 changed my life.

      2. A basic grasp of economics by the general public would completely collapse the two-party system we have, and leave all incumbents vulnerable to losing whatever seats of power they thought they had for life.

        Obviously, such a dangerous subject must not be taught in public schools.

    7. Did anyone receive any education in economics in high school.

      I learned all about who freed the slaves and who won WWII. The only thing I remember learning about economics is that “laissez faire” can be denigrated as “lazy fare”.

      1. Coming from a small, rural Alabama town, I’m actually quite happy with my high school education in the physical and biological sciences. The teachers were competent and helped to motivate me to pursue it as a lifelong career.

        It’s not so much that I expect high schools to teach kids a ton about economic theory. But I can expect them to at least be competent and to try to inspire me to pursue this knowledge further. I got none of that at the time.

      2. I’m with you there. I had a government class my senior year and that was really just basic history of government. Zero economics until college.

    8. Had a fantastic Econ course my senior year at a pretty ritzy private school. The teacher was a curmudgeonly chainsmoking former economist from one of the big banking houses. Day one disclaimer: Everything I’m going to teach you will be completely refuted in your first econ class in college. Kept me from getting the Keynsian indoc during undergrad.

      1. Wait, what happened? You learned Keynesian or non-Keynesian econ in high school?

        1. Non-Keynesian in HS.

      2. Yeah, I had a pretty good econ class in HS that presented both Keynsian and Austrian schools. It should come as no surprise that I too went to a private school.

    9. Caleb Turberville| 12.5.12 @ 12:39PM |#

      Did anybody receive a good education in economics in high school?

      I am unfamiliar with this term you refer to as ‘High’ school.

      My economics education was fairly normal. After spending the first 10 years of my life in the salt mines, I escaped and began a life of petty theft in the slums of Belgrade… eventually growing to lead a band of orphaned ruffians in a moderately profitable extortion racket. As police increasingly dug into our profits, I began murdering and selling the organs of the orphans on the black market (you have no idea how much you can get for an teenage liver in Kiev!). This concept expanded into exporting drugged teenage-girls to turkish whorehouses… and then to my deal with the local Kommisar, who traded me control of the regional oilfields for the pictures I had of him and a donkey. I then encouraged Western governments to begin a process of continual war in the Middle East to keep oil prices risking. From there I focused of manipulation of 3rd world currencies… and then manipulating a credit-default-swap crisis in 2008… all too easy really.

      Really, I don’t see what the big deal is about ‘education’. All you need is a little self-interest, and it all makes sense!

      1. Who knew we had George Soros commenting here…..

  9. Well, don’t say that you weren’t warned: It is titled “An Animated Fairy Tale

    1. The fact that it was narrated by Fidel Castro’s old pal, Ed Asner, ought to tip you off, too. Like PJ O’Rourke noted, it doesn’t look like Ed’s missed too many meals due to the injustices of the capitalist system.

  10. Fewer nurses? Last time I looked, my paychecks come from private corporations. Since when are nurses public employees? I know some nurses work for health departments and the like, but it’s not like it’s a profession that would not exist without tax funding.

  11. At the 5:00 mark, rich people try to distract people from the crash by pointing at teachers and saying “Bad teachers! Bad, bad teachers!”

    What if someone had teachers that taught free market economics? They can point then, right?

  12. At the 2:50 mark, a rich person urinates on the middle class from atop a pile of money. Seriously.

    If government is holding it for the rich person, this isn’t entirely wrong.

    1. Yeah, You can’t win. If you piss on the ground you’re polluting, but God forbid that you piss on a poor person. Like they don’t already smell bad anyway.

  13. How much more stoopid is this than our dear leader asking the advice of Rachael Maddow and Al Sharpton on economics?

    That would be like asking your typical hollywood celebrity for advice about the propulsion system for a new interstellar rocket. BTW, could someone please hurry up the production of that so we can get the fuck away from these luddites? I really, really do not want to share a planet with them. I would prefer to not even be in the same galaxy.

    1. I would prefer to not even be in the same galaxy

      Yeah – and yet, here we are. This is partly why eating the business end of a .45 looks better and better all the time.

      1. Don’t lose faith, there has to be a rock in the goldilocks zone of some star system in Andromeda. We just have to remember to take our nukes so we can blow up the IRS ships that are chasing us.

      2. Don’t you have access to drugs and booze? That’s how I cope. I can tell you what doesn’t help. Coming here and reading this shit every day.

        1. Yeah but it really feeds me for my afternoon work out. Frustration is a great motivator.

          You guys and RATM really help me get jacked for weight throwing.


    2. As ridiculous as this sounds, I really think this is the only chance for both humanity and freedom.

  14. Needs moar intrinsic paternalism.

    1. (pats on head)

  15. Just had a chuckle thinking about Dr. Jackson – “It doesn’t matter if your talking about Gideon bibles or hand grenades…Gideon bibles or bottles of booze…Gideon bibles or….” He was an AWESOME econ prof. What a character.

    It was always “Gideon bibles” and something else….usually violent or antisocial. Good times…


  17. And it’s paid for with the mandatory union dues which come out of the paychecks of California teachers whether they like it or not.

    The truth here is slightly different – and even worse. My wife is a teacher here in sunny SoCal. Apparently, teachers can “opt out” of the union dues. However, that money still gets deducted and placed into a “special” account that supposedly exists to “protect” non-union teachers from lawsuits, etc.

    In digging deeper into the details around this “special” account; it basically doesn’t exist. (Wife did some investigation on this given her hate of the union)

    So – either pay the money to the union thugs and get along, OR pay the money into a nonexistent account and be ostracized by all your peers.

    Great choice.

    1. The system works!

    2. “So – either pay the money to the union thugs and get along, OR pay the money into a nonexistent account and be ostracized by all your peers.”

      I take a massive amount of pleasure out of being ostracized by leftards.

      1. Seriously, it means you’re doing something right.

  18. Most teachers are paid by the government, hence most teachers favor the government.
    Further, teachers are teachers often enough because it is not a difficult study; not all that many bright people end up majoring in Ed. It attracts those who probably weren’t going to set the world on fire in any business, and quite a few resent that.
    So infantile attempts at propaganda like this are not surprising.

    1. Like the old saying goes, those who can’t, teach. They just forgot to add ‘and spread leftist propaganda’ on the end of it.


    1. Dont forget the wreckers. And the charter schools.

  20. It bears mentioning that Finland spends 30% LESS per student than the US, pays teachers a good deal MORE, and unlike the US, is ranked at or near the top for quality of education, in the world.

    Something tells me it’s not the rich fat cats in the private sector, sucking up all that extra money. Look to the Federal Government, and administration at the local level, for a shitload of waste, combined with destructive policies.

    1. “At or near the top” by whom? And by what measures?

      I’m worried about the arbitrariness of your measures, and skeptical of any central planning scheme.

      1. The PISA study, I presume. I’m too damn lazy (and slightly sick today) to look it up for you right now.

      2. Finland has government schools, but they are far less centrally-planned than American schools are, especially post-NCLB.

        There’s a continuum. I’d favor abolishing public schools altogether, but short of that, the Finnish system allows for more spontaneous order, involves a general grand national educational plan but not centralized micromanagement, and far less administrative overhead AFAIK.

        Your skepticism is well-placed, but I doubt that a whole lot of people would rank US schools as the world’s high achievers.

    2. Well they do seem to spend a lot pampering mass murderers.

    3. That, and Finland is extremely homogenous and has five some-odd million people. Could it be possible that central planning of education is simply untenable in a massive, diverse country such as ours? …Naaaaah.

      1. Finland is small, homogeneous, and it has government schools.

        OTOH even so, its schools aren’t subject to the same central planning and top-down management that ours are.

        Per Postrel, any bit of spontaneous order beats none. 🙂

    4. But Finns worship government

    5. You mind explaining how “fat cats in the private sector” are sucking up wealth from a completely socialized system?

      1. Rasilio| 12.5.12 @ 1:48PM |#

        You mind explaining how “fat cats in the private sector” are sucking up wealth from a completely socialized system?

        Clearly you do not understand economics.

        You see, money that people have that is not currently taxed is money that *could* be taxed, and ergo in proxy *actually* belongs to the government, but is in essence being ‘spent’ on rich people by letting them keep it. Just as “overseas earnings” of corporations are equivilent to “subsidies” by the US government because they let them earn that money abroad and pay local government tax, rather than be patriotic Americans and ALSO pay US corporate tax rates. Which they SHOULD do. But which the Government ‘Subsidizes’ by permitting them to choose otherwise.

        Obviously, all of this “Private” hoarding of wealth simply makes the rest of us poorer, because there’s only so much money in the world and whatever rich people have is what would more rightfully ‘spread around’ amongst everyone else.

        Economics 101, dude

        1. Also = Kulaks and wreckers. All the way down.

        2. That’s why they call it an income tax return.

          You return the government’s money to the government.

          Kind of like Frederick Douglass had to return the wages he earned as a hired-out carpenter to his master.

          You should be grateful to your master; you get to keep more than Frederick Douglas did.

      2. You mind explaining how the word “not” doesn’t mean anything any more?

        1. It was finally killed by Bill Clinton when he famously promised he had NOT HAD SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN

    6. Barry, do you have a citation for that? I’m not doubting you, but some of the liberals I know have been getting all exercised about the Finnish edumacation system and I’d like something to make their heads asplode. /TLTG

      1. Wikipedia is a good place to start, actually.

        It’s a government system, which I am not too excited about anywhere. However, it does allow more freedom in the classroom.

        Not perfect, but lower on the scale of “suck” than ours, which is also a completely socialized system, dominated by unions, no less.

  21. Most teachers avoided Economics throughout their life because, quite honestly, it’s dull reading material. I find it interesting, but I’m not sure anyone else in this forum has had the patience to read “Human Action” cover to cover.

    That said, once you gain the smallest insight into econ, shit just pisses you off more. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

    1. Looking back as a kid, I remember wondering “Why can’t everything be made free?” I’m sure everyone else remembers having similar thoughts. But I didn’t know where to look, and most adults were just as intrigued as I was.

    2. Downloaded my copy of “Human Action” off of Mises website and am halfway through it. Proof that civilization does not mean progress. In 1930-1950, a small school of economists had the basic foundation for the field, which has been forgotten and basically replaced with the equivalent of alchemy to chemistry. Quite depressing.

  22. i am disappointed the oligarchs pissed only on the ‘middle class’ (whom, frankly should admit to themselves they are actually no better than any other underclass – i.e. the monocle-less peoples) A proper depiction of the sentiment of Our Finest Citizens would have a shower of urine dousing the entire planet, from the streets of Detroit (ugh) to Siberia. Glorius, invigorating urine – a Golden Shower of hope and prosperity, one inspiring the lesser beings of the world to cast off their government sponsored wage slavery, and aim their lives towards more lofty goals… like patenting a simple cure for cancer, or cornering a commodity market, or starting their own diamond mine in Namibia…. really, now that i think about it, the slugs arent even worth it. i mean, perhaps if they were on fire??… no. no. really, they’re just a waste of perfectly useful pee. it makes the most wonderful gunpowder… especially for the annual chinchilla hunt. i think their proper role is to attend government schools. how else can we keep depressing real wages unless none of them understand economics? /UberGILMORE

    1. how else can we keep depressing real wages unless none of them understand economics?

      I applaud the brevity with which you describe our government’s philosophy.

  23. I think A. Barton Hinkle’s “The Jubjub Hole” would make an excellent lesson.…..ubjub-hole

  24. It’s written by Fred Glass, who is the CFT communications director. (Glass was paid $139,800 in 2011 and is, ahem, not an economist.)

    Yes, well, but like Tony, Dehydrated and Shriek, that doesn’t stop him from talking about shit he does not comprehend in order to smear people he doesn’t know and prescribe a solution that won’t work.

    1. Thanks, that made me laugh.

    2. Given that explanation, would it shock anyone with an IQ over his shoe size that Glass is a grandee for a public employee union?

  25. I got four minutes in. I deserve a medal of some kind for withstanding Reason’s (the magazine, not the baby) attempt at psychological torture.


    1. With that sort of pain-threshold you’ll need to pin the medal through your eyelids. Both of them. Stretched out and pinned together. With hot sauce. Chalula, not that Tabasco shit.

    2. “I got four minutes in. ”

      I found it easy to watch the whole thing…with the sound turned off…whilst drinking cough syrup…and reading comments, it was over in no time.

    3. I watched the whole thing. My wife being a teacher here in California, I figured I fucking paid for it, might as well get a laugh out of it.

  26. I made it to 3:10. It was too much. Was Asner hit in the head or something?

  27. “Mr. Fredricksen…did you go off your lithium again?”


  28. This is basically a two-minute hate expanded to about eight minutes.

  29. I bet CA students and parents feel like they are the ones getting the golden shower.

  30. Didn’t even try to watch. I don’t feel like braving the holiday crowds looking for a new iMac.

  31. I don’t understand the criticism of this cartoon.

    The CFT should be praised for making profound social criticism at the intellectual level of its membership rather than pandering to the lowest common denominator.

    1. …””I would also agree with you, but for the fact that having attended California public schools, I am unclear of the actual meaning of the word ‘denominator'”

      But yes…. Rich people are assholes = ergo, GIMME MOAR!!

  32. Is this an example of Poe’s law, or has the left truly become a parody of the left?

    If it’s aimed at children, it’s too biased and outright age inappropriate. If it’s aimed at adults, well that tells you what they think of their audience.

    1. To be fair, they are the ones who educated a lot of those adults.

  33. My house has never caught fire. I can ssume that if it DOES catch fire it was arson set by a teacher.

    Also, my fifth grade teacher WORKED at the grocery store for extra money rather than shake me down for an undeserved raise.

  34. Shouldn’t the rich guys look like twentysomething college drop outs wearing turtlenecks?

  35. Teachers and firefighters make more than I do.

    Fuck ’em, and everyone that looks like ’em.

  36. Dear god, I watched it.

    I beg Reason & Bagge please counterpunch this nonsense in its nuts ASAP. short and sweet please. With unions urinating on taxpayers? and heavy on the gore from industry-gutting.

  37. At 4:00 in the video, the bldg. at audience right appears to have something runic written on it: gebo, isa, kenaz, raido, mannaz, isa, dagaz, sowilo. Gikrmids? It’s hidden in the form of broken windows. Maybe it’s not to be pronounced, but an initialism. Or maybe it’s to be read in the meaning of the letters: Give ice knowledge road man ice light sun.

    I don’t know, but I’m guessing it’s a message some wise guy slipped in to subvert the meaning of the cartoon.

  38. Seems properly geared towards the California electorate.

  39. It says, “Private”. I guess they don’t want any negative publicity. Only the school children will be able to watch it.

  40. oops, video gone

  41. how come i can watch it? it says ‘video is private’…

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