Police Abuse

Brickbat: Don't I Know You from Somewhere?


Voorhees Township, Pennsylvania, police officer Jeffrey Tyther saw a pretty girl drive by him while he was on duty one day. He pulled up next to her and waved, but she just ignored him and drove off. That didn't deter Tyther. Prosecutors say he used a police database to find out the woman's name and tried to "friend" her on Facebook. When she ignored his request, he sent her an email identifying himself as a the police officer who waved at her. Tyther, a 14-year veteran of the force, has been charged with computer theft and violating the motor vehicle record law.

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  1. Vorhees, PA better can this guy immediately. That’s a massive lawsuit waiting to happen.

    1. Look, if one of the Sir Knights wants to get information on one of the peasant girls, that’s his perogative.

      Serfs are lucky that their betters are only rarely using their right of prima noctae.

    2. Apparently you aren’t familiar with the nature of union employment.

      Why do you want to give this guy a paid vacation? It’s not like the PD will have to pay for the lawsuit… unless it’s the union suing the PD because they tried to fire someone ill suited for the job.

  2. Police databases: for when eHarmony fails

    1. I see synergies waiting to happen. Perfect opportunity for cronyism.

      1. or for towns to balance the books.

        “So Mr DB, you’re looking for that special lady who enjoys flying, sky-diving, disappearing… lemme see what we’ve got for you…”

        1. ME: Well regarded by my neighbors, often referred to as the ‘quiet, keeps-to-himself type’. Most people think that I don’t seem the type to do anything horrible.

          YOU: Outdoorsy type with no family and few or no friends.

          Let’s get together for a weekend of camping and/or deap sea fishing!

        2. Somewhere, some mouth breathing municipal manager woke up from a fever dream, staring goggle-eyed at the ceiling, the words “public-private partnership” ringing clearly in his ears.

  3. Voorhees Township

    Just be glad the cop’s name wasn’t Jason as opposed to Jeffrey.

  4. That’s it? How about stalking? On a related note, when I was working in the prosecutor’s office we fired our lead investigator immediately when the boss discovered he was using office resources to “investigate” private citizens that he had absolutely no reason to investigate.

  5. So this guy does some basic stalking/harrasment and gets the book thrown at him, but if he were to beat the shit out of some crazy homeless guy who didn’t follow orders, he’s be deemed to be “following procedures”.

    I think these PD’s do this stuff so they can pretend to have strict discipline.

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