Marijuana Ballot Initiatives

It's November 26, and the Obama Administration Still Has Not Responded to Legal Weed in Colorado and Washington


Twenty days ago, voters in Colorado and Washington legalized the sale and use of recreational marijuana.

Since then, prosecutors in both states have dropped misdeamonor pot charges against hundreds of offenders; legislators in Maine, Rhode Island, and Mexico have said they'll introduce marijuana legalization bills in the coming months. Dozens of members of Congress have written letters urging the DEA, the Justice Department, and President Obama to refrain from enforcing federal marijuana law in those states. Oh, and the U.N.'s drug czar has asked Attorney General Eric Holder to shred the U.S. Constitution and force Colorado and Washington to re-outlaw marijuana

Despite these developments, and having known for more than a year that Colorado and Washington would have legalization measures on their ballots, the Obama administration has stayed mum On The Other Big Thing That Happened on Nov. 6. The Office of National Drug Control Policy has yet to acknowledge the vote anywhere on its website (though it did find time to blog about Small Business Saturday). The DEA has been slightly more forthcoming, telling the press on Nov. 7 that "the Drug Enforcement Administration's enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act remains unchanged," and republishing a 2011 in-house paper, titled "The Truth About Marijuana and Legalization," on its homepage

The Obama Weed Watch continues. 

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  1. Please, please, let DEA agents be arrested by the Washington State Police for raiding a state owned/run pot store. PLEASE.

    1. I thought the WA law provided for private pot stores regulated by the Liquor Control assholes, not publicly run stores.

    2. It’s dog shoots all the way down.

  2. To the H&R editors: I warned you several months ago about using the weed-smoking photos of that smarmy prick. I am actually heading to West LA this afternoon for some business. I know where your offices are…

    1. “Mike’s not here, man.”

  3. Just wait ’til the feds enlist the police of neighboring states to set up drug search stations on the state line.

  4. Come on Maine, Rhode Island and Mexico! If we can get two more states AND a neighboring country to legalize, that would make it even tougher on the feds.

    1. We’re trying to get legislation introduced and passed this session to legalize weed in HI, too.

      1. The dominoes are beginning to fall.

  5. …the Obama administration has stayed mum On The Other Big Thing That Happened on Nov. 6.

    Rattling your saber makes noise, drawing it makes none.

  6. Prepare for a bootstomp on Colorado and Washington.
    It’s not about marijuana it’s about states’ rights vs. the federal All-Power.

      1. This is my sense as well.

  7. Wanna hear something funny retarded? My brother-in-law is an ardent Obamabot. His reason for voting for Obama? “Marijuana legalization.” *facepalm*

    He didn’t like it too much when my wife informed him that Captain 0 has raided more state legal medical MJ dispenseries in 4 years than Bush did in 8, despite promising to stop the raids in the ’08 campaign. Nor the fact that the DEA has already stated that it’s “business as usual” despite 2 states voting for full legalization. Then, the coupe-de-gras: “Oh, and by the way, under the Controlled Substances Act, the president has the authority to direct the FDA to re-schedule pot anytime he wants. So if Obama is in favor of legalizing weed, why hasn’t he done so yet?” His response: *blank ape like espression*, stammering “b-b-but, mumble mumble Romney would be worse mumble mumble.”

    What a fucking putz.

    1. I’ve run into this far, far too often myself, and I’m really getting fucking sick and tired of hearing people claim that poor widdle Obama, as head of the executive branch, is just totally and utterly powerless over it. Also something something mean old Republicans and Mitt Romney is rich.

      1. Aren’t these the same people who said Romney would outlaw abortion and eliminate all entitlement programs with a wave of his evil hand?

        1. Yep. You forgot about taking away all of womens rights and putting minorities back in chains, he would have done that on day one too. Also, he would use drones to execute people without the process of law and Obama would never do that.

          1. Specifically he would have locked all women in rape camps where they would be forcibly impregnated in order to breed a new generation of Mormon super soldiers, indocrinated from birth to do Emporer Romney’s bidding. On their 18th birthdays they would do battle in the Thunderdome with only the strongest chosen as Emporer Romney’s personal guards and assassins.


            1. Damn, if I knew he was going to do all of that, I would have voted for him and then become a Mormon if he won.

        2. Sigh, yes. Like someone who was able to get elected as governor of Massachusetts would do that in the first place.

      2. poor widdle Obama, as head of the executive branch, is just totally and utterly powerless over it.

        1. poor widdle Obama, as head of the executive branch, is just totally and utterly powerless over it.

          Man, I wish I could figure out how to get the “I’m incompetent and apathetic, you just can’t expect me to do any better” defense to work with my boss.

    2. I love how we all have post-traumatic Thanksgiving idiot relative syndrome this morning.

      Except for that freak, SugarFree.

      1. That’s because SugarFree doesn’t have relatives in the conventional sense. Unless you count the mad scientists who grew him in a lab as “family”.

        1. I thought it was because SF was the relative in question?

      2. I have post-traumatic driving on I-70 the Sunday after Thanksgiving syndrome.

      3. It’s one of the joys of hosting Thanksgiving. I only invite the like-minded and people who don’t bring up politics in the first place. And I get to put goat cheese in the mashed potatoes.

        1. And I get to put goat cheese in the mashed potatoes.

          Well, that’s one way to get everyone to leave the potatoes alone.

          1. I always ordered anchovy pizas in college. The only way to keep me from eating a pizza is to go pineapple.

          2. It’s OK if you aren’t a fan of goat cheese, but I got no complaints.

    3. dont you mean coupe-de-grass

  8. and the U.N.’s drug czar has asked Attorney General Eric Holder…

    The only war that I could openly support, would be a war on the U.N., bunch of little mini tyrant wannabes thinking that they can dictate to sovereign nations what their laws and policies should be.

    The harder and the sooner that the feds come down on WA and CO, the better. Let the show begin. Among the things that I am sure they will do, already stated by some here:

    Set up patrols in bordering states and try to bust anyone leaving WA or CO with pot.

    Hit CO and WA with legal extortion over federal funding of whatever.

    File a lawsuit and ultimately have the 9 puppets in black to determine that federal law trumps state law always, because fuck you, that’s why.

    None of those things will work and the feds are going down hard on this one and it’s about time that the behemoth got knocked on it’s bloated ass. I am really, really going to enjoy watching that happen.

  9. “It’s November 26, and the Obama Administration Still Has Not Responded to Legal Weed in Colorado and Washington”

    You don’t actually think they’re going to announce drone strikes on Olympia and Denver do you?

  10. I have a feeling that the response is not going to be one that Reason likes (or I like), so I’m puzzled by the anticipation.

    1. I agree, and I think Reason knows it too. My guess is the anticipation is more, as they say, libertarianism happening to a large number of citizens when the Feds try to crush WA and CO. Oh yeah, and the president actually acknowledging the issue as a serious one.

      1. libertarianism happening to a large number of citizens when the Feds try to crush WA and CO

        That is totally my reason for anticipation. It can’t happen soon enough for me.

  11. It’s November 26, and the Obama Administration Still Has Not Responded to Legal Weed in Colorado and Washington

    Emails are being crafted, memos being composed…

    1. The DEA and ATF are probably gathering all their troops at the various borders.

    2. Drones are being re-targeted…

  12. We live in the age of inactivity as a form of activity. By not responding to the passage of marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado, Obama has, in fact, responded. His response can be interpreted thusly:

    FUCK YOU! Business as usual! The raids will continue until purity is achieved!

  13. All States should repeal their controlled substances acts
    leaving the mess to the feds
    who do not have
    the man power, resources or will
    to enforce it at the consumer level.

    The State should also enact a policy of
    non-enforcement of federal drug laws.

  14. I think I am at odds with a lot of posters here on how this plays out, not all, but most, from 2 sides.

    Some think that the feds are just going to stand down on this, Dunphy, for instance. No way that happens. The federal government has become an authoritarian monster. And an authoritarian monster must do what comes naturally to it, which is to try to crush any dissent to it’s constantly growing control. There is no way Obama could stop this even if he wanted to, the behemoth is out of control and he is part of it.

    Some think that the feds will do exactly what I just said they will do, will win, and the lazy pot heads in CO and WA will just lie down and wimper about and the status quo will continue. The problem with this is that the old cat is out of the bag applies so strongly to this situation. The people of WA and CO already believe that they have legal weed, and the majority approve of it. They are not going to react well to the feds heavy handed tactics. This will get ugly and the feds will lose and more states will legalize.


    1. When the WOD is lost, the next stage of this battle will be an attempt to control any drug related behavior through the tentacles of Obamacare. Smoke weed? Drink Alcohol? Eat too many saturated fats or too much sodium? We will implement mandatory testing and a new penaltax that applies to you when you don’t conform to the new health guidelines. Fat or drug addicted biological resources don’t produce as much revenue as a healthy one, can’t have that, now can we?

      1. Sadly, I envision a future where doctors work for the government and disobeying them is a crime.

  15. Given President Choomster’s admission of experience with combustible intoxicants, he wouldn’t be allowed to hold the most menial of government jobs anywhere in the country. Yet here he is running the place.

    Satire is deader than the 4th Amendment.

    1. The laws for us serfs do not apply to our elected betters. If anyone in congress gets caught with weed or driving drunk or whatever, you will either never hear about it in the first place, or nothing will happen except for some token vote to slap them on the wrist and the sheeple will continue to elect them forever, end of story.

    2. Yet another example of Merritt’s Law: There is no satirical narrative so outrageous that you will not suffer under its eventual implementation as public policy, provided you merely live long enough. The over-the-top predictions of 1984, Brave New World, The President’s Analyst, The Prisoner, Groove Tube, Network, Americathon, and a host of others have all been realized to a lesser or greater extent. The biggest lie ever: “It can’t happen here.”

  16. “Obama Administration Still Has Not Responded to Legal Weed in Colorado and Washington”

    No one expects the Obama Inquisition.

    1. Everyone OR No one. All the same. I wish there was a new MP.

  17. I’m just going to say it bluntly: Weed is amazing! People, stop living in fear of what COULD happen with this amazing plant and start hoping for the future of human development. Live in the present and enjoy what we have. Don’t be afraid.

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