Election 2012

Who's Getting the Votes of Reason Writers? Plus: Libertarian Cases for Obama, Romney, & Johnson


Here are some recent articles that are worth reading in the days before the 2012 Election.

Who's Getting Our Votes: Reason Writers' 2012 Presidential Picks.

From Peter Bagge to Matt Welch, over two dozen folks who work at or write for Reason say who they're voting for; whether Obama or Romney will be worse on civil liberties, economic policy, and more; and which down-ballot races matter most.

Related: Matt Welch breaks down Reason voting disclosures from 2004, 2008, and 2012.

The Libertarian Case for Barack Obama: He is the lesser of two big-government, Harvard-educated evils, by Mike Godwin. [Link fixed]

The Libertarian Case for Mitt Romney: He will be significantly less bad than Barack Obama, by Robert Poole.

The Libertarian Case for Gary Johnson: He's not going to win the election. But a strong showing by him may just win the future, by Nick Gillespie.

Note: Reason.com is published by a 501(c)3 nonprofit and doesn't endorse particular candidates or specific pieces of legislation. Nothing in what follows should be construed as an official endorsement for any candidate, but we do hope that you'll find what follows provocative and informative.

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-9_cj8U3iQ

    Bill Maher’s last “New Rule” before the election. It’s high-quality masochism for those who are interested.

    1. That was a good recap of the Republican freak show by Bill. This has been the most entertaining election cycle I can remember (even without SNL).

      1. You know shrike is stupid when he says SNL is entertaining.

  2. Gary Johnson 2012

    The official SIV endorsement is, if you must vote, write in Ron Paul for President and Andrew Napolitano for VP.

  3. I decided not to vote. Fuck it. I feel free and unconstipated now that I’ve resolved not to involve myself in this election. Hookers & blow for everyone!

    1. I’m not even keeping up with the results on election night. I hope my neighbors aren’t political junkies because I don’t want to hear enthusiastic cheering when a winner is announced.

      I got my MST3K-election night marathon selected:

      1) Cave Dwellers
      2) Pod People
      3) Mitchell
      4) The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
      5) Escape 2000
      6) Laserblast

      1. 1) Rambo quadrilogy.
        2) Cliffhanger.
        3) Demolition Man.
        4) Running Man.
        5) Total Recall.

        Still have spots left. Any suggestions?

        1. Robocop?

          1. If Obama wins, I’ll watch Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor on infinite repeat for about a week to soften my brain up, lest I’ll be unable to take the shit that’ll flow from his mouth in his victory speech.

            1. If I wake up the next morning to see that Romney has won, I’m getting my hands on a copy of the Book of Mormon. Don’t wanna feel stupid during the late-night monologues.

              1. “Me fellow Americans, POLYGAMY FOR EVERYONE! PARTY IN THE USA!”

                1. Is his Mormonism still the biggest thing about his personal identify, aside from his wealth?

                  How many Americans are still unaware that a man of Mexican heritage is a major party candidate?

                  1. Not a single person I’ve ever discussed him with, not one, has given a shit about his religion or origins. None. They either hate, dislike, like, or love the guy for his positions and history, but that’s it.

                    BUT AMURCA IS RASIST OMG KKK USA

                    1. Wonder what the coverage would be like if he were a Democrat?


        2. Blade Runner.
          The Hunted.

      2. I’ll probably be watching the Constance Bennett movies on TCM.

        1. But Obama’s like the President in Independence Day — a great leader of all the peoples of the Milky Way. It’s your moral duty to watch the election and cheer his victory!

        2. Even if I was voting or even remotely interest in the election-night returns, I wouldn’t keep up with anything except maybe the inevitable Reason LiveTittering.

          The TEAM brag-dancing (especially TEAM BLUE) is going to be nauseating and constipation inducing.

          Probably should expect to see Ed Shultz tear off his shirt and wave it around his head if Obama wins Ohio.

          1. If Obama wins, Chris Matthews is going to hump his desk in excitement.

          2. The TEAM brag-dancing (especially TEAM BLUE) is going to be nauseating and constipation inducing.

            I’m shooting my tee-vee in advance.

      3. Don’t forget Manos: The Hands of Fate.

        1. Or the entire Emmannuelle collection.

        2. I don’t have any classes on Wednesday morning, so I’ll see. I’ll adjust on the fly, depending on how it goes.

  4. “Who’s Getting the Votes of Reason Writers?”

    As a public service, here’s the tally:
    1) Winner, by a large margin; Gary Johnson with 18 votes (plus mine…).
    2) In second place, Nobody, as in ‘I’m not going to waste my time voting’, 7 votes.
    3) And we have Mr. Boaz declining to state: 1.
    4) With a truly deserved total, we have Mr: Robama: ZERO votes.

    1. Warning: Sample not representative of population. Type I statistical error .05.

    2. 3) And we have Mr. Boaz declining to state: 1.

      Pretty sure he is voting for Romney.

      he says it is best to vote for what you want and then goes on in the other questions of saying he wants Romney more then Obama.

      it’s better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don’t want and get it.

      Then again maybe he is saying he is voting for Johnson.

    3. 4) With a truly deserved total, we have Mr: Robama: ZERO votes.

      I think Romney also got zero votes.

      But yeah it is funny that no one voted for Obama at reason yet at “the American conservative” there are a hand full of Obama voters.

  5. Link to the Goodwin article has been sugarfreed.

    here is where it should go:


  6. I dunno man, I am NO fan of Obama by any means, but one thing is for sure, If Romneys mouth is moving, he is lying.


    1. I am disappoint.

      Anon-bot is less sentient lately. And I don’t wanna be the only one that posts random, marginally relevant shit here at H&R

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