Ron Rosenbaum Gets His Irish Up About Racist Republican Party


Sometimes Southerners are just good old boys, never meanin' no harm.

"I'm not calling Romney a racist, I should stipulate," Ron Rosenbaum stipulates in a long cri de coeur in Slate about the way the "Republican Party has profited from overt and covert racism.

"Really," Rosenbaum writes, "just about everybody knows this—that the new solid GOP South is a gift from the legacy of racism—but few say it outright anymore, except a scattering of opinion columnists."

It's not clear what Rosenbaum is advocating here, though his call for abandoning a "false equivalency" between the two parties would suggest that members of the professional media should append disclaimers stating "the GOP candidate is part of a racist organization" on all their election stories. "No, I'm not saying all Republicans are racist," Rosenbaum allows, but…

Let me put it this way. Is it just an accident, a coincidence, that in presidential elections ever since 1964, the core states of the Confederacy—Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina—and their hundred or so electoral votes have been solidly Republican?*

Is it any accident that they fly Confederate flags from their statehouse, as in South Carolina, or incorporate Confederate flag symbols into their state flags as in Mississippi and Alabama, or allow them to be flaunted on state-issued license places, even passing laws that declare they must be respected. If you've traveled much in the South (as I have), you see them flying too from courthouses, municipal buildings, and other private establishments. If it's not unconstitutional, it is, frankly, disgusting.

It's disgusting as well that the Republican Party in the Confederate-flag-flying states recurrently wins elections against opponents who vacillate on the flag issue. Does anyone believe the lie that the display of the slaveholders' banner is just about "tradition" and "nostalgia"?

Let me make a comparison some might think inflammatory but I believe is entirely justified.

I'll leave you to guess what the comparison is. Hint: It's serious enough that Rosenbaum believes news organizations should abandon their long history of fair play and objective treatment toward Republicans:

In a way mainstream media outlets who promote a false equivalency between the two parties by failing to note at the very least the neo-racist supporters of the Republican Party are themselves complicit in the charade that the GOP is a morally legitimate entity. Not that racists don't vote Democratic, and yes I know the GOP was, was, the party of Lincoln, but that was long ago in another country.

I would hope that before the election comes there are at least some discussions in some newsrooms about how to make this clear. How to avoid false equivalency.

I have no objection to holding Republicans accountable for racist campaign tactics, but this piece is notably short on evidence from 2012. Rosenbaum's hook – that Romney is touting the recently rereleased video of a 2007 Obama speech – is a mighty thin reed. How is that not a legitimate attack on a political opponent? Back in 2008, when the mainstream media were declaring Obama a "poem" and mooning about his "historic election," I made the case that Obama's race was pretty much the only reason to vote for him. It's now historic record that the first black president was a Democrat (and even that was a close-run thing), and it's also pretty clear that he's been a terrible president. And considering the notable non-disappearance of racial hobgoblins from U.S. politics since then, it's fair to take another look at Obama's healing touch. Is Romney supposed to ignore a piece of video that, at best, puts Obama in an unflattering light?

Rosenbaum's broad denunciation of the southern states also needs some examination. Since the 1990s black Americans have been voting with their feet in favor of the region Rosenbaum depicts as a cradle of unrepentant racism. Every few years the media discover, seemingly for the first time, the story of black migration to the South. If there's really nothing there but Moon Pies, Orange Crush and the Stars and Bars, why do so many people want to move in?

The article is full of references to "dog whistles," vague assumptions about what's in other people's minds, and a general sense that facts are just tools for demagoguery. It comes as a surprise to learn that welfare only bothers white racists. Maybe calling Obama the "Food Stamps President" plays on old stereotypes, or maybe it doesn't. But is there a graceful, inoffensive way to note that more Americans are on food stamps now than at the supposed peak of the recession? Maybe it's racist to point it out at all. Does that mean Republicans should not be paying attention to facts on the ground?  

I agree with Katherine Mangu-Ward's argument that election results mean almost nothing to the circumstances of any individual person, but it's hard to ignore that Barack Obama's presidency has coincided with a catastrophic financial decline for black Americans. From the Chicago Tribune:

Saving money for the future is especially difficult for blacks living paycheck to paycheck. The median annual household income for blacks declined by 11.1 percent (from $36,567 to $32,498) from June 2009 to June 2012, according to an analysis of Census Bureau data by Sentier Research. The decline for whites was 5.2 percent and for Hispanics 4.1 percent. Both groups started with higher incomes than blacks.

"A generation of wealth and assets are evaporating, and the presidential candidates aren't making a peep about it," said Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, 40, a doctoral candidate in African-American studies at Northwestern. "We're talking about historic changes in manufacturing, and these are systemic changes in the economy and in the midst of this, people are being left behind."

Should Obama take the blame for that? Would poverty suck any more if Obama looked like those other presidents on the dollar bills? Should 21st century Americans even be concerned about these demographic reshufflings? I wish I could be as cocksure of anything as Rosenbaum is of everything, but I'd say the media would do well to spend less time on nebulous social indicators and more on practical outcomes. 

* As commenter Corning and others have noted, Rosenbaum is actually wrong about this. 

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  1. This article really was barftastic, read it earlier.

  2. Also, Texas was not a “core” state of the Confederacy and you see the flag here way less often than the deep south.

    1. They do have an “Old South” section at Six Flags in Arlington where they make black customers put on chains though.

    2. Texas is a big state. I see the Confederate flag a lot more there than in LA. In Fla I suppose it is much less seen in Miami than in the panhandle.

      The flag seems most common in Alabama.

      1. In Florida it is seen most commonly around Gainesville. Usually accompanied by UF Gators propaganda and a person who’s clothing is at least 30% Realtree? camouflage.

  3. This is just “only racists oppose Obama” with a fresh coat of paint.

    1. And get ready for the steady drumbeat of it as Obama goes down in flames in the debates.

      1. The questions are probably racist. Like the SAT.

    2. What’s fresh about it? This S.O.P. for the left when they’re not getting the breaks or winning the argument. It’s ad hominem, pure and simple, and it is pretty f’ing old already.

      Meanwhile Rosenblum et al will go on advocating policies that not-so-subtly assume that blacks are too stupid to fend for themselves and must subsist on the generosity of white liberals.

    3. Except they didn’t bother to strip the previous coat, so it’s pretty unsightly when it starts to peel.

  4. If you hate blacks, vote Republican. If you want blacks to take their welfare and stay out of sight, vote Democrat.

  5. [Ron Rosenbaum wrote] “Let me make a comparison some might think inflammatory but I believe is entirely justified.”

    You know who else made a comparison ….

    1. William Shakespeare?

  6. since 1964, the core states of the Confederacy?Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina?and their hundred or so electoral votes have been solidly Republican?

    Carter won the south in 1976


    and did pretty good in 1980


    1. here is also an intersting map from 1990


      Clinton also did good in 1992 in the south


      1. I sugarfreed my second maps

        1990 map


        1992 map


    2. My home county (Colbert County, Alabama; incidentally, the location Carter kicked off his re-election campaign in 1980) voted for Gore 2000. It was the gay marriage*/terrorism double-play that finally turned the county red in 2004.

      *Seriously, 2004 exit polls listed gay marriage then terrorism as the issues voters were most concerned about.

      1. Actually, from what I’ve read of old newspaper clippings, the Carter re-election campaign announcement featured Reagan pulling the race card on Carter.

        See, back in the 1880s, Tuscumbia, Alabama was briefly the HQ of the KKK, and Reagan was quoted questioning why Carter would speak in a town that had once been the Klan headquarters.

          1. Awesome.

            Maybe there was a southern strategy…only it was a democrat who used it.

            Of course before the civil right act no one wants to talk about the real southern strategy which is commonly called Jim Crow…and was solidly a Democrat policy.

            1. The South only went Republican in ’68 and ’72 because they nominated hippies. The rest of the country tended too agree and gave Nixon solid support. The irony of ’68, LBJ was dumped because keeping him would have likely cost the Democrats the West Coast and the North-East though keeping him would have likely kept the South on board.

              Voting patterns shifted with demographics. The agrarian economy became less dominate so did the Democrats. The growth in urban professionals and metropolitan industries like banking lead to the GOP’s dominance. Agrarians, like East Carolina pig farmers are still the Democrats strongest backers.

              1. Hubert Humphrey was a hippy?

                1. From a Southern point of view, Humphrey was a hippie.

                  1. From a Southern point of view?

                    1. Open your eyes Luke, you wont have to guess at what I wrote.

                      Anyway, one long forgotten aspect of the ’68 primary fight, Humphrey did not win the popular vote in the Democratic race, Eugene McArthy did. It was not a mystery where the heart of the Democratic party was in ’68, and that was a put off to the majority of Southern voters.

        1. Wow, actually, Volokh has covered this story.

      2. I would guess deep south black christian fundamentalists dislike gay marriage as much as deep south white christian fundamentalists.

        Isn’t it great when two groups can come together and hate a third group.

    3. Yeah his history is way off. I think 1994 was the first election where Republicans won a majority of congressional seats in the South, and even in recent years Democrats have retained a strong presence in state legislatures, even in Deep South states

      1. Yeah, it’s white racists electing Sheila Jackson Lee, Hank Johnson, Al Green, and Silvestre Reyes. That’s the ticket.

        1. Hank Johnson is my Congressman. I vote against him. I did vote for Cynthia McKinney once in a Primary against some Emory ethics professor. I stand by that vote too.

          1. Emory ethics professor? Yup, I can almost assume you made the right choice.

            1. You can assume 100% correctly. He actually ran that he was more “ethical” because he was an ethics prof. The racist white liberal Decatur/Emory/Druid Hills crowd ate it up. Fortunately, the GA-4 is Blacker than Africa so Cynthia McKinney kept her job. I wasn’t the only right-wing cracker to “cross-over” and lend her a hand.

      2. But they’re not REAL democrats, they’re the Blue Dog variant. Who support guns and oppose unions.

  7. I suggest reading the article while playing “Sweet Home Alabama” in Google Play Music on your Android device.

    1. All four aspects of that suggestion sound just awful.

      1. ^Yankee Apple fag^

        1. The new iOS release features a built-in app with a high-res scan of Steve Jobs’ asshole, so that we the faithful can continue to tongue it even though he’s dead.

          1. It disturbs me that I am uncertain if you are serious or not.

    2. I have Killdozer’s version of Sweet Home Alabama on my new Android phone.
      Not enough storage for Skynyrd’s unless I playlist it for some reason.

  8. Does that mean Republicans should not be paying attention to facts on the ground?

    They don’t pay attention to facts in encyclopedias for kids.

    Speaking of easily accessible facts, try Wikiing “Southern Strategy.”

    1. The “southern strategy” is a myth.

      Look at the election maps I provided above.

      1. Not at all.

        Heavily white states voted for Obama (Vermont, NH, Iowa) while Southern states vote GOP despite being over 30% black.

        If the white vote were distributed without racism the South would be Dem.

        Its a mixture of bigots and fundies – kind of frothy-like.

        1. If the white vote were distributed without racism the South would be Dem.

          There are, of course, also heavily white states that voted against Obama – Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas, for starters.

          Try again. I look forward to your explanation of why Obama got more votes in southern states than Kerry is proof of racism. Start with Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida, the states that flipped from 2004 to 2008.

          1. Why Obama got more votes than Kerry?

            Record turnout. IIRC Obama got 10 million more votes than Bush previously got.

        2. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

          Heavily white states voted for Obama (Vermont, NH, Iowa) while Southern states vote GOP despite being over 30% black. If the white vote were distributed without racism the South would be Dem.

          You’re begging the question, Buttwipe. You’re assuming “Not Dem = racist” to conclude the same.

        3. Do these states go Democrat when their nominee is white?

        4. So then you agree that 90% of blacks voting for Obama proves that Obama is President because of his shameless dog whistling to black racists?

          1. The only nonracist explanation for why blacks overwhelmingly support Democrats (and Obama just a little more than usual) is that Republicans have nothing to offer them and are outright hostile to them as blacks.

            I addition to shoring up white southerners, the Southern Stretegy drove all blacks away.

            1. Blacks started voting Democrat in 1936, under FDR, when almost all white Southerners were still Democrats. While it solidified into the 90%+ in the 60’s, it was still above 70% before that

            2. “As a white person, I support A because B have nothing to offer other white people like me.”

              How does that sound?

              Why do you think it’s ok to accuse black people of being racist and self-absorbed, as if they can’t see past their own skin color?

            3. Republicans…are outright hostile to them as blacks

              Citation optional?

              Since you have no proof of this, shut the fuck up, shit-for-brains.

      2. Nobody said it always worked or has always been in play to the same degree. Yeah two white Southern Democratic governors did well in the South. That doesn’t make Nixon’s racial strategy, or Reagan’s and now Romney’s appropriation of it a myth. George Wallace and Lee Atwater were not mythical people.

        1. Is my memory that bad – wasn’t Wallace a Democrat?

          1. Yes except for his 4th run as president when he was an Independent. This was in 1968 when the parties were still muddled, and he (segregationist Independent) won 5 Southern states.

            1. 1968 when the parties were still muddled,

              What Tony w/spaces means is that Wallace, like the rest of the racist Dems, were still loyal party soldiers who didn’t want to give up their seniority or privileges, which is the 800 pound gorilla in the room every time TEAM Blue utters the myth that the Dixiecrats switched sides after the Civil Rights Act.

              1. So which anti-black racist Dems are still around?

                1. Robert Byrd didn’t die all that long ago Tony

          2. Wallace was a conservative. People like Strom Thurmond and current Senator Richard Shelby had to leave the Democrats as the party became more tolerant and secular (in all areas).

            1. Wallace was socially conservative, but his views on other issues were in line with Northern Democrats. Part of his presidential campaign was promising increases in Medicare and SS benefits

              1. Southern conservatives love their entitlements too.

                1. Point is that, especially at the time, conservatives were more likely to oppose such programs. A majority of Republicans voted against Medicare, whereas a majority of Southern Democrats voted in favor

            2. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

              Wallace was a conservative.

              Ah, so now “Conservatives = racism”

              We’re making progress, here!

              People like Strom Thurmond and current Senator Richard Shelby had to leave the Democrats as the party became more tolerant and secular (in all areas).

              And you can put together Senator Shelby with Thurmond because…. Why?

              1. They are both segregationist conservatives.

                Ironically, in Strom’s case.

                1. Re: Palin’s Buttplug,

                  They are both segregationist conservatives.

                  Really? Both of them? Shelby’s a segregationist?

                  By the way, there’s nothing conservative about segregation. Segregation is a collectivist (i.e. leftist) thing.

                  What do you make of this rabid anti-Obama racist?

                  1. Racism is a hallmark of the far right, i.e. a rightist thing. There are collectivists on the right, you know.

                    1. And there are racists on the left Tony

            3. Yeah, and the actual Klansman Bobby Byrd just happened to see the light of TEAM Blue’s sudden non-racist epiphany.

              You’re pretty funny when you choose to be, shrieky.

            4. Wallace was not a conservative. He never changed his proglodyte, New Dealer beliefs.

        2. George Wallace was a Democrat who ran as an independent in 1968.


          Note how the racist Democrat did in the south.

          You are an idiot.

          1. You do realize the point is that I’m against racism and racist politics and not that I’m for every Democrat in all of history?

            There were racist Democrats pre-Southern Strategy. The whole point was to use racism to turn them into Republicans. I referred to Wallace only because of his symbolic association with the movement. We’re talking about “Wallace voters.”

            1. Amazing that the GOP was able to accomplish that totally under the radar.

              1. Under what radar? If you’re not aware of this political strategy then you’re probably what we call a low-information voter.

            2. You do realize the point is that I’m against racism

              Sure, unless it’s those dirty Chinese buying all our American debt and “cheating” at trade. Then you put on your white hood.

              1. You’re grasping on this thread.

                1. Since you can offer no proof of any actual racism on the part of the Republican Party then you are the one that is grasping, shit-for-brains. It’s all just ad hominem attacks.

        3. T o n y| 10.8.12 @ 5:50PM |#
          “Nobody said it always worked or has always been in play to the same degree.”

          Shithead code for ‘I can move the goal posts any time’.

        4. So Democrats of 2012 are not responsible for the horrors of slavery and Jim Crow laws that they defended up until the 1960s…. but the Republicans of 2012 ARE responsible for a purported racist strategy from the 1970s.

          Because 40 years is so much less than 50 years.

          1. 2012 Democrats are responsible for Dixicrat behavior from before some of them were born? Republicans in 2012 are responsible only for their continued use of said racist strategy.

            1. continued use of said racist strategy

              What racist strategy? Can you offer proof of any actual racism? Or are you just saying that since the Republicans have been doing better in the South it must be racism? If that’s the case, then that actually isn’t proof.

          2. I’m sure Ezra Klein would agree.

  9. It’s a good thing there aren’t any regions or demographics that are solidly Democrat, or they could be accused of racism, too.

    1. The Dems would NEVER seek to keep an entire race under-educated and dependent on government purely to buy their votes. Never. That’s what explains the Dems support for major welfare reform, since it has so clearly failed to do anything other than turn a large segment of blacks into a near-permanent underclass. Oh, wait . . .

      1. The uneducated rural class is overwhelmingly GOP – fond of their guns, meth, Bible, and Rebel Flag.

        1. You left out Camaros.

        2. Palin’s Buttplug| 10.8.12 @ 6:24PM |#
          “The uneducated rural class is overwhelmingly GOP – fond of their guns, meth, Bible, and Rebel Flag.”

          One of these days, you’re going to have outgrow you daddy issues.

        3. I don’t think there are any GOP policy darlings fostering that.

        4. “The uneducated rural class is overwhelmingly GOP – fond of their guns, meth, Bible, and Rebel Flag.”

          Remember, kids, all Republicans are vile, hate-filled monsters who pass unfair judgement and generalize entire segments of the population simply because of the groups they belong to. Every last one of ’em.

  10. If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times: if the South is so racist, why is Mississippi 40% black?

    1. Because the white man keeps them too poor to move.

    2. Posting this chart tends to spliff a lot of those “welfare-sucking cracker South” arguments:


    3. And more blacks are moving South today than North. They must be idiots, I guess.

  11. My travels down south makes me want to move there. But considering my collection of burning crosses and white hoods, who wouldn’t? /snark

    1. I lived in Richmond and Boston in the ’80s.

      There is absolutely no question in my mind about which city was more racist towards blacks.

      And it wasn’t Richmond.

      1. I have lived in Atlanta and Washington DC. Atlanta is much better integrated and less racist than the white DC suburbs

        1. I remember seeing old 1970s video of Pike place market in Seattle.

          Tons of black people in that video. Never saw that when I lived there in the 90s.

          Also Portland Oregon is pretty damn segregated.

          When I lived there the black neighborhoods are being gentrified and a funny thing about that. The new housing and businesses had to rezone the property to do anything.

          Turns out all the black neighborhoods had zoning which pretty much prevented anyone from doing anything with their property.

          1. White liberals also raise the rents and use zoning to run out places where poor people shop.

            1. Sorry, we can’t allow a Walmart to compete with a unionized, high priced supermarket chain like Giant Eagle.

              I hear it all. the. flerking. time here.

              1. Giant Eagle is fucking great. I love their deli, even with the slow (in more ways than one), surly, unionized clerks.

          2. Why could the white people get the zoning laws changed when the black people couldn’t?

            1. Cuz they are white and zoning laws have a long long history of being racist.

        2. I think that Baltimore is just as segregated, if not more.

          1. Balmer is pretty bad but I’d say Boston has it beat.

            1. Chicago is still waaaay up there in “not in my neighborhood” – odd, inn’it for such a straight DEM city?

      2. THIS. To the infinity power.

        I never heard the racist shit I heard in Buffalo and Philly when I was living in New Orleans.

      3. Boston is likely the most racist city I’ve ever been to.

      4. I have spent most of my life living in the South, and Boston is by far the most blatantly racist place I have ever been.

    2. seriously enough, my experiences down south was that it more integrated than Michigan. Neighborhoods here are white or black, and rarely mix except for the lower classes – and even then it’s quite rare.

  12. Does anyone believe the lie that the display of the slaveholders’ banner is just about “tradition” and “nostalgia”?

    1776 – 1660 = 116 years of slavery under British Colonial rule.
    1865 – 1776 = 89 years of slavery under the United States rule.
    1865 – 1862 = 3 years of slavery under the Confederate States rule (during which the United States still held slaves, don’t forget).
    But the Starry Cross is the slaveholders’ banner?

    1. Not to mention that the flag flown by the 13 colonies (united States) in their war of secession against Britain also represented those same slaveholding states, but is universally revered for its tradition and historical significance.

      1. And read the Emancipation Proclamation carefully… It only declared blacks manumitted if they were in places that were not under Yankee control.

        And future First Lady Julia Dent Grant brought her slaves with her to visit her husband the General during the siege of Petersburg (Battle of the Crater) and the siege of Richmond, Emancipation Proclamation areas, right? Why weren’t they released?

        Lee, on the other hand, had already manumitted the slaves willed to him as soon as he was legally able.

        1. Reality is so much more confusing and complex than partisan filters would have us believe.

          1. Yep. And I’ve been called a racist many times for pointing that out. I used to carry a tiny copy of the Custis (after Lee’s father in law) manumission document in my wallet to prove the bit about Lee.

    2. Unlike the US and UK, the CSA was explicitly founded to protect slavery.

      1. I’d say that oversimplifies the case a bit, but it’s certainly true enough. No slavery, probably no Southern secession.

        1. From the Southern POV it was entirely about slavery, in particular the expansion thereof.

          From the Northern POV it was, as you say, more complicated, as evidenced by the four slave states that remained in the Union, and Lincoln’s promises to support a constitutional amendment protecting slavery in the South if they would promise not to secede.

          1. You need to learn some more history there, TD. There was a lot more going on. Heavy taxes on the Southern goods were going to support Northern cities, for instance.

            It’s interesting to note that at least 60,000 blacks (both free and slave) fought heroically for the Confederacy. Did they fight for slavery? No more than the blacks of the two world wars fought for Jim Crow. They fought because their country was attacked.

            1. There was a lot more going on – and at the bottom of each issue you will find slavery.

              1. And at the bottom of each northern issue is the role of the drunken polygamist who beats his wives and children when they try to leave him.

                OK, are we done with one-size-fits-all declarations?

      2. Unlike the US and UK, the CSA was explicitly founded to protect slavery.

        Absolute imbecility, as usual. Never heard of the three-fifths compromise? It is in the fucking Constitution. It explicitly protects slavery. Or were they going to count in the census people that were illegally held in bondage?

        1. Read the South Carolina declaration of secession. Particularly paragraphs 21 – 23 (starting with “We affirm that these ends…”).

          It’s pretty clear that South Carolinian politicians thought the Constitution was being subverted, and that their right to own slaves was being threatened.

          1. And South Carolina does not speak for the whole South. Learning just the pieces of history that support the Great Emancipator myth won’t serve you well, any more than it would serve my children well to only bother to teach them that Lincoln was guilty of treason against the Constitution under Article III, Section 3 which plainly states treason against the United States shall consist in levying war against the States, which plainly Lincoln did.

        2. It doesn’t protect slavery, it acknowledges it (and doesn’t even explicitly do that — hence “all other persons”). Note also that it was a “compromise”. The parts of the Confederate Constitution protecting slavery were not compromises at all, they were the whole point.

  13. Barack Obama’s presidency has coincided with a catastrophic financial decline for black Americans.

    Didn’t reason do an article a few years back showing southern blacks were doing better economically then blacks elsewhere?

    1. Yeah, manufacturing is increasing in states like Alabama and Georgia, particularly with auto manufacturers like Mercedes Benz and Toyota. Right to work has been a boon for workers in the South.

      1. We don’t have any Toyota plants I’m aware of. Alabama has Mercedes and Honda. TN has Nissan. SC has BMW.
        I’m ashamed to say the Peach State only has Kia.

        1. Tennessee also has Volkswagen. I believe they fly the the Swastika over the plant though.

        2. Texas has a nice new Toyota plant.

    2. Yeah, but blacks in heavily blue states hate whitey even more than before, so we are making progress. Got to keep em on the inner city plantation and dependent so they vote D.

  14. ..just about everybody knows this?that the new solid GOP South is a gift from the legacy of racism…

    Which they inherited from the racist Democrats in the South, he might have added.

    1. ? The whole point of the Republican racial strategy was to flip white Southern Dems forever.

      1. And the Democrats didn’t try to keep them? Wouldn’t take them back?

        1. The Republican party is now, but has not always been, primarily demographically white and Southern. I’m sure the Democrats would take the voters back, but without white racists, who would vote for Republicans?

          1. Without black racists who would vote Democrat?

            1. Uneducated immigrants getting free stuff, and commie white college professors who did permanent brain damage to themselves in the 60s.

            2. I was sure you’d put up more of a fight than saying something blatantly racist, not to mention just factually ignorant. A diverse coalition votes for Democrats. Without black racists, they’d still have every demographic under the sun except white racists and oil billionaires.

              1. What percentage of white people do you think are racist Tony? Cause there aren’t many oil billionaires out there, and somehow Republicans manage to win a good number of elections

              2. I was sure you’d put up more of a fight than saying something blatantly racist

                The only one here that is blatantly racist is you, shit-for-brains.

          2. Tony, do you really think that,if it were not for this strategy of Republican racism, that white Southerners would have continued to support a party that is pro-choice, pro-gay rights, perceived as anti-war and anti-military (even if they aren’t), seen as the party of “hippie drug users,” etc?

            1. So they’re religious homophobic warmongers, just not racists. I’m just curious about an estimate on the date white Southerners stopped being racist. It surely has diminished as generations have passed, but you can’t really deny they had race problems, to understate it, in the recent past. So when did it all stop?

              1. Largely yes, actually. But do you deny the accuracy of my statement? Do you think religious white Southerners would be voting Democrat today if not for Republican racism?

                There’s racism everywhere Tony, not just the South. It is far better today than in the past. Gradually, over the past 40 years or so, the South has become less and less racist. Is it free of racism today? No, but it’s certainly not 1950 any more

  15. Is Romney supposed to ignore a piece of video that, at best, puts Obama in an unflattering light?

    Yes, he is. Romney’s role in this election is to lose, dammit. Any attempt to unseat the First Black Preshizzle is ipso facto racist, thus any attempt by Romney to actually win is ipso facto racist. C’mon, this is so simple even Spacey Tony gets it.

  16. The Democrats keep campaigning in the south! Why would they want racist hicks voting for them unless they’re racist?

    1. North Carolina and Virginia are becoming more educated and affluent – (i.e, more liberal).

      1. Whatever you tell yourself dipshit.

      2. I thought rich people were Republicans.

        My paradigms are getting all twisted.

        1. I think I am beginning to like shrike.

          He is original.

          Also unlike you and John he is voting for Johnson.

          1. Said like a true TEAM member.

            TEAM YELLOW is still a team, even though it’s a small one.

            1. I think you blew Epi’s mind just now.

              1. I think you blew Epi’s mind just now.

                epi is an anarchist not a libertarian.

                also i would have no problem voting for libertarian leaning democrat or republican.

                In fact Johnson is a libertarian leaning republican.

                By definition the willingness to vote for candidates that support my political views regardless of party makes one not a TEAM player.

                You on the other hand are voting for Obama despite the fact he has been terrible on the war on drugs, terrible on immigration, he bailed out mega-banks, he did not go after the fraudsters of those banks, he is still forcing a war in Afghanistan and Iraq, he involved the US in 3 new foreign civil wars, he gave massive amounts of power and money to mega-insurance companies for support of Obamacare and he drone bombs babies in Yemen and Pakistan…oh yeah and it took 3 years and Biden backstabbing him to actually get around to supporting gay marriage…only supporting it vocally…he has actually done nothing policy wise.

      3. educated and affluent

        According to shrieky-boy’s calculus the dreaded Koch Bros. should be super-mega huge liberals.

  17. Say, I’m Southern. Can I get help with this condition?

    1. No. Even if you move to Rhode Island.

      1. Then I suppose I must embrace my uneducated racism and misogyny. Where can I buy a wifebeater and Confederate flag?

        1. I don’t know, wherever you rednecks shop. Wal-Mart?

          1. More Target. I thought that was the right place to go, what with the violent messaging inherent in their logo.

            1. And I’m assuming the red in their logo attracted your neck.

              1. Yes, I think you’re right. I feel better knowing now that I don’t despise Obama for his corruption, incompetence, statism, fiscal insanity, wishy-washy-yet-still-murderous foreign policy, or socialist tendencies. It’s all because he’s got darker skin than me. How liberating.

                1. Well, I have darker skin than you and you despise me, so I guess it all makes sense, right?

                  1. Thank you for showing me my true self, you awful racially impure person.

                    1. How dare you imply I’m not racially pure! I’m 100% pure asshole!

                    2. You’re not genetically asshole; you’re environmentally asshole.

                      For instance, look at Warty. He started commenting here as a nice guy, sending flowers to all of the girls. Now look at him.

                    3. I’d like to think that I’m at least partially responsible for creating what Warty is today. So, I’ll just do that.

                    4. See? Now you don’t have to come up with some bizarre explanation for being his father. It’s just your vile influence.

                    5. But I am his father.

                    6. I hate to break it to you, but Warty’s mom actually wasn’t that hooker in Jersey. He lied.

                    7. Trinette: Wait a minute. You liar, this isn’t a condom wrapper! It’s from a friggin’ candy bar.

                      Archer: So? Sometimes I like to treat myself.

                      Trinette: Well, sometimes I like ovulate.

                      Archer: Well, I have to sleep, so do it somewhere else.

                  2. Well, I have darker skin than you and you despise me, so I guess it all makes sense, right?

                    Here at H+R we do not judge people by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

                    Which still leaves you pretty much screwed.

        2. Then I suppose I must embrace my uneducated racism and misogyny. Where can I buy a wifebeater and Confederate flag?

          Which Confederate flag? The Bonnie Blue? The Stars and Bars? The Stainless Banner? The Blood Stained Banner? The A.N.V. flag?

          That rectangular thing rednecks fly isn’t the Confederate flag, BTW. It was used by some small units in and around Tennessee. Interestingly, it was the town flag of Town Line, NY for 85 years.

    2. Report to the nearest Southern Poverty Law Center for re-education immediately.

      1. heller, we have no proof that you aren’t a redneck. Just because you’re in Mass doesn’t mean you’re from there.

        1. I am not from the South, nor am I from Mass. The mystery deepens!

        2. There are plenty of rednecks in Mass. We just call them “Townies”.

          1. Funny, that’s what we call them in NY too.

    3. Florida doesn’t count. As long as you’re old or Cuban.

      1. I’m not originally from Florida, but Florida does so count. The entire Panhandle and much of the interior of the state is plenty “Southern.”

  18. Is there a reason anyone should care what gets ‘published’ in Slate?

    1. Only for the train wreck quality of seeing how the typical neurotic liberal thinks.

  19. Oh yeah, the South is racist. Remember what happened when Goeorge Lucas wanted to build a low-income housing project in Marin County?

  20. And just think Obama hasn’t even lost yet. If he loses, the “America is irredeemably racist despite the bright shinning hope of 08” columns pretty much write themselves.

    1. Oddly I haven’t seen any threats to move to Venezuela if BO loses this cycle.

      1. I don’t think any of them thought it possible that he might lose before the recent post-debate polls.

        1. Chavez defied the polls, and Obama can too!

          1. I find it odd that many talk about how dumb Venezuelans are to vote for Chavez, taking it for granted that fair elections are occurring in an authoritarian state.

            1. No shit. The only TV station not controlled by Chavez was shut down on election day.

              Yeah that seems like a fair democratic election to me.

              1. I’m not entirely sure that we have pure elections, and I bet the U.S. is better in that regard that most countries.

                1. Than most countries, that is.

  21. since 1964, the core states of the Confederacy?Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina?and their hundred or so electoral votes have been solidly Republican?

    That’s a very convenient definition of “core” — so Virginia (the place with the FN capitol of the Confederacy), North Carolina, and Florida all being swing states is not counter-evidence to his thesis of racism?

    Or the 94% to 2% or so split of black voters for Obama is not evidence of some racism? Or is it only racism if white citizens vote based on race?

  22. The story quotes this blog post as saying, among other things, that “in every election since Nixon’s win in 1968 whites have voted consistently by either sizeable or comfortable margins for GOP presidential candidates. Whites favored Reagan in 1984 by a 64-35 margin. They favored George Bush Sr. in 1988 by a 59-40 margin.” The post also says (not in the Slate piece) that “GOP presidential rival John McCain would not have been as competitive as he was during campaign 2008 without the bail out from white voters. He bagged a comfortable margin of 55-43 over Obama. Polls show that the number of whites that back Obama is much less today. All show him winning less than 40 percent of that vote.”

    If nothing else, doesn’t this simply suggest that the GOP is the “white” party, North and South be damned? Setting aside whether that’s an indicator of some kind of “structural racism,” why is it only a “Southern problem”?

    1. And the flip side of that is maybe the Democrats have abandoned the white vote? Obama has been pretty clear that he doesn’t’ care about the white working class and has written off their votes.

    2. See, when whites favor the GOP candidate, even by a small margin, that’s a sign of racism (even when the Dem candidate is also white).

      When blacks favor the Dem candidate 9 to 1, that’s “voting in their best interest”.

      1. That is because in the Democrats’ view black people cannot be racist and it is always okay for white liberals to hate and discriminate against who they view as the white middle and under class.

      2. And what about white Democrats, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton….all from the South no less.

    3. Re: nicole,

      Setting aside whether that’s an indicator of some kind of “structural racism,” why is it only a “Southern problem”?

      Because in the tiny minds of Progressives, Southern = icky.

    4. yeah Republicans suck at getting minority voters.

      They could not even get the Irish of New York to vote for Lincoln during the civil war.

      Anyway you should never assume malice when incompetence can explain. This is always more true with Republicans then with anyone else.

      1. Or maybe Democrats are very good at race bating?

        1. They are masters.

    5. I wonder what those numbers look like region by region. I think the percentages in the South are way higher than the rest of the country

      1. It does say the South and “heartland” (Midwest) have a greater gap than elsewhere, but I didn’t see anything that specified the gap in places like the Northeast, so it’s hard to compare.

        1. I doubt white Northeasterners vote Republican. New England is a very white region, with some of the whitest states, and the only state where Republicans are even competitive in New Hampshire

          1. I don’t know too much about the history of presidential votes there, but as far as the House and Senate (and governors), that has only been the case pretty recently. Of course, it is a different kind of Republican that gets elected in places like that, but growing up in CT I had a Republican representative forever along with Republican governors. This wasn’t that long ago. I know folks here aren’t exactly keen on the likes of Lincoln Chafee or Chris Shays, but I’d take them over a D any day.

            Yeah, I have never lived anywhere where folks were more likely to vote R, actually. Partly because it was a more palatable R, but also because they were rich, bitch, and there are still vestiges of “leave me the fuck alone” philosophy around. I do think they are disappearing though.

  23. Does anyone know anything about the “sophisticated polling studies” used in the Whistling Past Dixie book cited in the article? There are two examples of answers that would identify a racial bias in white voters, and I’m finding them extremely unsatisfactory:

    But, on the other hand, when the relevant identifier is anti-black answers to survey questions (such as whether one agrees “If blacks would only try harder they could be just as well off as whites,” or choosing whether blacks are “lazy” or “hardworking”), an untoward result jumps out: white Southerners are twice as likely than white Northerners to refuse to vote for the Democratic presidential candidate.

    Not enough info here about what is “anti-black” to say much about the results…

    1. nicole, I’ll take a shot at explaining.

      (waves hands a few times in the air)

      See? Racist!

      1. A Vagina-American is trying to be serious here and you’re just waving hands in my face. Nice job mansplaining!

        1. You can’t talk to Episiarch that way. I sold him vagina-credits that I purchased from some women.

          1. nicole can talk to me any way she likes. You can’t talk to me that way. Or any way. Redneck.

            1. Now that I’ve discovered my true nature, I am seceding from this comments section to start a new one. Maybe in the Yummy Tears thread.

          2. ProL, you messed up–why would you think mansplaining was bad? For a site called Reason

    2. You’d probably get the same reslut from “If poor people would only try harder they could be just as well off as rich people“. That is much more likely to be a Republican attitude than a Democrat one, and has nothing to do with race.

      1. Exactly. The lazy/hardworking thing is much worse, of course, but that’s just two questions and I’m assuming there were more. (If there weren’t, and 50% of the racial-orientation questions were crap, that’s a whole other story.)

      2. Anymore I’m thinking that racist has become code for anti-marxist, anti-socialist, anti-leftist, anti-redistributionist, or anti-whatever the liars, beggars, and thieves are calling themselves these days.

        1. You have it right. For a while there though they had replaced racist with libertarian, which I kinda liked. Alas, seems they’re back to racist now, evidently we weren’t sufficienly scary enough. It’s something to work on though.

    3. I did a double take on that also. If you agree, then blacks are lazy. If you disagree, then blacks are cognitively inferior. I suspect “agree” is “anti-black” and disagree is explained by white kyriarchal privilege.

      This stuck out too, “The Southern Strategy was designed to capitalize on Southern white resentment of court-enforced busing to end school desegregation,” Busing was an abject failure by all metrics. Apparently foreseeing the foreseeable is racist.

      1. We must’ve been channeling each other, Sidd, because I thought the exact same thing about the busing line.

      2. I’m getting old, but I seem to recall that much of the social unrest regarding busing took place in the North. Boston and Philly come to mind.

      3. “Busing was an abject failure by all metrics”

        The impact of which has been understated ever since. No shipping little white kids off to the hood every morning means no white flight. No white flight means no loss of the metro tax bases. It’s pretty obvious what happened to city finances after that.

  24. but it’s hard to ignore that Barack Obama’s presidency has coincided with a catastrophic financial decline for black Americans.

    A fact that easily explains the preoccupation with the GOP and white Southerners: It’s nothing more than a way to distract from the ugly facts about the economic policy of Barry Soetoro.

  25. What have the Irish done for us lately? They have ruined our world.

    1. Look, there’s no argument over that.

      1. Ditto with the Italians.

        1. What can I say? You’re right.

          Oh wait, NO YOU’RE NOT. Italians gave us pizza. Micks gave us green beer. There’s a difference.

          1. Epi, have you ever thought that pizza was really a curse, meant to divide us?

            I mean…

            My grandmother’s meatballs, on the other hand, would be a definite argument-free contribution from the Italians.

            1. Impossible, nicole. First of all, deep dish isn’t pizza, so how can it divide us? Secondly, there is no way for this to be a curse. it just can’t be.

              1. There are far too many types of non-deep-dish, and thus actual, pizza, not to divide us.

                Cheeses. Toppings. Thickness of crust. Sliced like a pie, or into rectangles. Abominations galore.

                One word: Sicilian.

                People have almost died over this shit. And by “people have almost died” I mean “I have almost disowned my own parents.”

                Sorry, it’s only 12 days now until I get my hands on a good one. And I’m hungry.

                1. Where will you go to get the pizza?

                  1. Coupla hometown joints. I think my parents’ current suppliers are, bizarrely, Albanian. And awesome.

                    I don’t usually bother with actual NYC pizza, because what am I going to do, go to Grimaldi’s like waiting in line is my job? Haven’t found anything good in the financial district, which is where it would be convenient.

                    1. Not sure exactly where you’re going but I think you may have mentioned CT. If so, there’s always Luna. (There’s one in Glastonbury too.)

          2. Wtf good is pizza without a cold beer? 😉

            1. Depends on the pizza!

          3. Also, without Italians everyone would have to run and jump up to get in their front door.

  26. Louisiana is so racist that the first Vietnamese-American congressman was elected from there.

    Then there is that Piyush Jindal guy.

    1. And Virginia is so racist we voted in the first black governor of any State since Reconstruction. Seriously, ignore the photo, he’s black. Really. No kidding. And except for the One-Gun-a-Month thing, I really liked him.

  27. I suppose there may be a person or two out there who is just like a cartoon character, but most folks whether racist or not are animated by a lot more things in their life than something as narrowly applicable as “racism.” As such, trying to explain everything through that lens is bound to be wildly inaccurate.

    1. Spoken like a true racist.

  28. The author has clearly never spent much time in a Northern mill town. You’ll never meet anyone who hates nigs more than some stupid Pollack or Wop who spent his life in a steel mill.

    1. Lowell, Mass used to have textile mills.

      1. What’s that word Epi likes to use? Projectoration? Something like that.


  30. The facts are irrelavant. Rosenbaum “feels” like republicans are rcist so therfore it is true. It’s funny how the left seems to be the only ones who can hear the racist dog whistles.

  31. So if Republicans using a “Southern Strategy” are to be referred to as neo-racists, doesn’t that mean blacks who live in the South are to be referred to as neo-slaves?

    1. Oh, oh, and black Republicans are neo-Uncle Toms! No wait, they’re just Uncle Toms. Sorry, this all new to me.

  32. The most racist person I ever met was also the biggest union supporter I ever met.

  33. “though his call for abandoning a “false equivalency” between the two parties”

    Wars the middle east, bailouts, receiving massive corporate donations, centralizing and expanding the federal government, expanding the PATRIOT Act . . . when exactly does this equivalency begin to become “false”?

  34. lol, coming from a jew, what would you expect?


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