Bloomberg Says Mayors Are Wrong to Ban Chick-fil-A, Takes a Brief Break from Totally Sucking


Bloomberg hot dog hug

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is apparently cool with the idea that Manhattanites should eat mor chikin. He just doesn't want to let them wash it down with a large soda. 

The King of the Nannies went on the radio today to offer his two cents on the new fad that's all the rage among the mayors of major metropolitan areas: Making a lot of threats but then pulling back from actually banning the fast food chain Chick-fil-A from their cities—Boston, San Francisco, and all the cool kids are doing it—after CEO Dan Cathy said he supports "the biblical definition of the family unit."

Quoth Bloomberg:

"I disagree with them really strongly on this one," Bloomberg said on the John Gambling  radio show. "You can't have a test for what the owners' personal views are before you decide to give a permit to do something in the city. You really don't want to ask political beliefs or religious beliefs before you issue a permit. That's just not government's job."

"This is just a bad idea and it's not going to happen in New York City," Bloomberg added.

Give a guy credit: If the only thing I knew about Bloomberg was what you just read above, I would go drop a campaign donation on him right now. It is hard to think of more horrendously terrible idea than for the mayors of cities to start denying business licenses to companies just because their CEOs totally suck and are very wrong about marriage.

(Bloomberg took a similar stance during the Ground Zero Mosque controversy, arguing that a zoning board was not the place to hash out such issues and causing Bloomberg nemesis and Reason Senior Editor Jacob Sullum to write: "Since I don't think I have ever had occasion to praise New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and may never again, I will seize the opportunity to say that he is taking exactly the right position.")

Personally, I won't be eating at Chick-fil-A anytime soon. But (words I never thought I'd say in a post about restaurant regulation): Bloomberg is right. That's just not the government's job.

Let's not get crazy or anything. Bloomberg can still suck my Gray's Papaya when it comes to limiting personal and economic freedoms. Don't forget that this is the same guy who has banned large sodas, mandated menu labeling, banned trans fats, cracked down on alcohol sales, and even limited school bake sales. He was (quite rightly) Reason TV's Nanny of the Month in May:

 But when a guy is right, he's right. If you see Mike, buy him a large McChicken value meal—on me.

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  1. By my tally, that’s 20 steps back, 1 step forward.

    1. Blind hog, acorn. Stopped clock, twice a day.

  2. What if the Chick-fil-a guy turns out to be a Life Member of the NRA?

    1. that of course would require a 100 round drum mag expression of support in the nearest location.

      1. Is there anything special about the number 100? I am failing to see how there is.

        1. It’s scary. 99 just wouldn’t have the same scare effect. But 100? That’s like scary and stuff. Especially if the rifle has a pistol grip and is painted black. Now that’s some really scary shit.

          1. Shit – I saw a picture of myself …

            1. EFFING SQUIRRELS. To finish the point, I was carrying a rifle, a black and scary rifle I think I crapped myself in fear!

        2. It’s similar to the sacrosanct Clinton-era tax rates, Randian. You know, a magic number that solves all our problems.

          1. It’s not the magic number, it’s the magic letter. HINT: it’s “D”, which stands for “Democrat”.

            1. I know, Joe, but D’s also see “39.6%” as The Magic Tax Rate/Cure for Cancer.

        3. Three digit numbers are pretty daunting to people with Oral’s intellectual capacity.

          1. Bet he’d be okay with a three-digit tax rate on evil rich people…

            1. “Rich people” being those who pull down three digits or better.

  3. Nanny Bloomburg doesn’t want to ban Chick-fil-a, he just want to tell them what size drinks they may sell, what kind of fat they may cook with, and how much salt they may put on their food.

    What a swell guy.

    1. See Bloomberg understands that you fail as a parasite if you kill the host!

  4. Chick-Fil-A is one of the few things I miss about my most-recent three years working in Ohio.

    I’d get it about once a month as a treat. Can’t find it here in MI – I think they have one restaurant on the Oakland U campus. Too far to be bothered. I do drive to Toledo now, periodically, just to get CFA. (it’s a bit better drive than to Oaklan U)

    I could give two shits what their CEO’s views are on marriage or anything else. This is a franchise operation anyway, so it’s more about the local owners, a number of whome I’ve met and found to be wonderful entrepeneurs and good people.

    Eat Moar Chikn! And open some stores in Michigan, please!!

    1. I expect they won’t be long in coming to Michigan.

      They are building them like crazy in the Chicago suburbs…the last store I saw had people camp, in tents the night before.

      Honestly I don’t get what the big deal is with the place.
      Soggy fried chicken patties aren’t my thing I guess.

    2. I’m sure this has been said in every other Chick-Fil-A thread, but I fully support banning Chick-Fil-A based solely on the quality of their ‘food’.

      Pickles on a chicken sandwich? Soggy ‘crispy’ chicken wrapped in soggy, compressed wonder-bread buns? No thanks.

      I still bear emotional scars from the post-spicy-chicken-sandwich bowel movement that felt like shitting a glass-and-habenero enema after hiking in the STEVESMITH national wilderness reserve. I bet I can still find nail marks on the sink where I clutched in desperation while the spawn of satan clawed his way out of my colon. I love hot foods, and the sandwich wasn’t particularly hot going down, but god-damn that sandwich left me with Falujah-grade PTSD.

      Maybe their plan is to end homosexuality by rendering their customers anal cavities uninhabitable?

  5. Gray’s?!? Katherine, you philanderer! You eat at Gray’s and not The Papaya King? The original?

  6. The only reason Nanny B came out in favor of CFA is because they serve chicken.

    Now, if that had been a Wendy’s with double baconators on offer, he’d be singing a different tune.

    Personally, I won’t be eating at Chick-fil-A anytime soon.

    This is no time to show solidarity with gay-killing bigots.

    1. This is no time to show solidarity with gay-killing bigots.

      ??? I must have missed this meeting.

      1. I’m just jerking her chain for going out of her way to make sure everybody knows she won’t have anything to do with a company run by a guy who is opposed to gay marriage.

        1. I’m surprisingly unfuckgiving about this matter. I’ll eat their food on the rare occasion that I do completely untroubled.

        2. interesting how one’s choice of words reflects their world view. The CEO says he believes in traditional marriage; our fair scribe sees that as he opposed to any other kind. Good thing Reason avoids falling into any part of Team politics.

          The guy expressed an opinion; he did not implement a policy. When someone shows proof of discrimination against a particular group, that will change things. I have no issue with gay marriage, but folks are entitled to disagree with me.

    2. I bet Bloomberg just loves their sandwiches and that weird yellow sauce of theirs.

  7. I’m relieved that since I never really cared for Chik-fil-a, that I don’t have to be all wadded up over this hullabaloo. Whoopdy-fucking-do.

    Too many aquaintences are full steam ahead in their outraged indignation and lamenting their participation in the boycott.

    1. I’ve been carrying on a personal boycott of Chik-fil-a for years because I don’t like their chicken. I’m glad that all the cool kids have finally joined me.

    2. I don’t eat at fast food restaurants, so I can ignore this issue with abandon.

      1. Is it the frying that separates fast food from sub chains? I might buy that.

      2. Taco Time doesn’t take food stamps?

      3. You always seemed like a Slow Food Movement kinda guy Epi.

  8. Personally, I won’t be eating at Chick-fil-A anytime soon.


    1. Good – moar chikin for me.

    2. B/c there is only 1 chickfila in NY and you need a student/college id to eat there.

  9. So, is Bloomberg’s term coming up soon? It seems like he’s trying to garner as much name recognition as possible, absent his ability to become supreme dictator of NYC extend term limits once again, for a possible future presidential run. Why else go to the press to give an opinion on every little subject?

  10. An arbitrary authoritarian is still an arbitrary authoritarian even if he occasionally rules in your favor.

  11. But would Nanny B be upset if Chick-Fil-A sold sodas over 16 ounces?

  12. Why are gays mad at Chick fil a? Last I read, AIDS cases are on the rise. In this day and age of AIDS awareness and education I can only think of one reason for that – unprotected, promiscuous gay sex. Now, who can we blame for that…?

    1. I’m gonna go with . . .


    2. Now, who can we blame for that…?


      1. Two good guesses, but I’m going with their not being able to get married. Blaming Reagan would also have won.

    3. Just so long all other STDs can be blamed on heterosexuality. We’ll call it a wash. You have more but the gays’ one happens to be particularly awful. Sorry about you guys being by far the most numerous victims of it.

      All this heat, damn those heat gods.

  13. “That’s just not government’s job.”

    Holy crap, when those words come out of Michael Bloomberg’s mouth, how much more evidence do you need that the fascists went waaaaaaaay too far on this one?

  14. You really don’t want to ask political beliefs or religious beliefs before you issue a permit. That’s just not government’s job.

    Since when does Bloomberg not believe that violating people’s rights is not government’s job?

    1. Damn…you know it’s Friday when I can’t catch the double negative….

      Since when does Bloomberg not believe that violating people’s rights is not government’s job?

  15. Hey Bloomberg – fuck off slaver….wait, what?!

  16. Well, this kind of makes sense when you think of Bloomberg for what he is: a non-corrupt consensus authoritarian. What the Boston mayor and Chicago alderman were threatening was clearly corrupt in that their actions pretty clearly exceeded their official authority. So, Bloomberg was opposed. Now, had they passed laws forbidding discriminating restauranteurs from opening in their limits, who knows how Bloomberg would have sided?

    1. Bloomberg, non-corrupt? He’s a politician. The odds of one being non-corrupt is staggering.

      1. He’s a politician. Who made is money on Wall Street. Running a financial services/media company.

        Corrupt? Likely.

        Soulless? Oh yeah.

  17. “I disagree with them really strongly on this one,” Bloomberg said on the John Gambling radio show. “You can’t have a test for what the owners’ personal views are before you decide to give a permit to do something in the city. You really don’t want to ask political beliefs or religious beliefs before you issue a permit. That’s just not government’s job.”

    Oh, my gawd! It’s the Manchurian Candidate, the Puppetmasters and Dave all in one! Who kidnapped Bloomberg and replaced him with a slightly more rational individual?

    1. Not to worry, OM; SF’s dingbat will uphold the rep of mayors everywhere:
      “Ed Lee zings Chick-fil-A”…..hik-fil-a/

  18. Bloomberg acting on principle? Occam’s Razor says he just likes their sandwiches.

  19. He’s been good on some business issues too.

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