What We Saw at the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum


Since 1999, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has run a museum in Arlington, Virginia that showcases the agency's "tradition of excellence" and the "impact of federal drug law enforcement on the changing trends of licit and illicit drug use in American history."

Visitors can check out a replica of a '70s-era head shop, jerry-rigged works for shooting up and getting high, exhibits dedicated to the opium wars and cocaine cartels, and good, old-fashioned propaganda such as the classic movie Reefer Madness.

Take a guided tour of the place with ReasonTV correspondent Kennedy. And don't forget to exit through the gift shop and pick up DEA compression shorts by Under Armour or a K-9 plush dog stuffed animal.

Shot by Jim Epstein and Joshua Swain. Edited by Swain.

About 2.30 minutes.

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  1. Glad to see Kennedy where she belongs.

  2. a K-9 plush dog stuffed animal.

    Suitable for taking to the range.

    1. Also known as “playing cop”.

  3. This is a joke, right? Ha ha, it’s right next to the Prohibition Museum, ha ha, right?

    1. They tore that one down to make way for the drone warfare museum.

      1. Actually they used drone delivered air to ground ordnance to remove a blighted structure under the principle of eminent domain.

    2. Hell, if they’re showing Reefer Madness, is it self-mockery or just someone in the museum with a sense of humor?

      1. No, the drug warriors take that flick seriously, Mmmkay? Can there really be any doubts about the seriously fucked up mentality of someone who thinks people should go to prison for smoking an herb?

    3. There’s no way they’re showing Reefer Madness unironically. I’m convinced this museum is run by hipsters.

  4. Greek Olympic team expels racist hottie

    1. That chick is 3 years away from a handlebar mustache.

      1. Who cares? She’s hot now.

        1. The Greek chick is in great shape. This is what hot looks lie.

          1. Yes, I am aware of that. Don’t worry.

            1. This is what she was expelled for:

              Papachristou wrote: “With so many Africans in Greece, the West Nile mosquitoes will be getting home food!!!”

              1. How is that racist?

                1. You live in a country controlled by communists.

          2. Hot female olympians thread? Here’s my contribution:
            Alex Morgan, US Women’s soccer
            (from my alma mater, but I don’t recall ever having sex with her)

      2. it will give you something to hold onto.

    2. The biggest bullshit is the apology tweet she sent out afterwards:

      ” I am very sorry and ashamed for the negative responses I triggered, since I never wanted to offend anyone, or to encroach human rights.”

      And this is what is fucking wrong with the Western world. Not being offended is not a fucking human right, or any sort of right whatsoever. If you don’t want to be offended, sack the fuck up and write stupidity off as stupidity.

      1. what human rights did she encroach, the one to introduce a new virus to an area where it is not native?
        Now, Michael Phelps’ Olympic mug shot; THAT should get you kicked off a team.

        1. That was awesome. I hope he smoked a bowl right before hand.

    3. After pointing that out to my brother about some chic he replied ” I dont care what she looks like in 5 minutes, I want to fuck her now!”

    4. But how does she warm up?

      1. from teh way she is positioned in the picture and the smile on her face, that may answer your question.

        1. My bunk – I’ll be there.

          Also, white privilege.

          1. meanwhile i’ll stuff her mouth in a non-offensive way

  5. Do they still have the “American Crack House – 1990” exhibit? I toured the DEA museum some time around 2003 and nearly laughed out loud at that one.

    1. Check out the “California Cheeseburger” in the museums dining facility.…..ote-of-the day-13/

  6. Guys – admission is free, and they welcome group tours! Party bus?

    1. Can we bring our hookers and blow into the museum?

      1. Well, the “Late 90’s Roadhouse Motel Orgy” exhibit isn’t going to reenact itself.

  7. I toured the FBI building when I was a kid. Pro: The did a live fire demo of a full-auto HK; Con: They didn’t show us Dillinger’s penis.

    1. The New York City Police Museum has some pretty crazy items, including a bunch of weapons, some of which were owned by famous gangsters. Pro: they have a “training room” where you shoot air pistols at a screen displaying various situations where you are required to determine who is hostile and who is not (I shot everyone, and when they said “you can’t do that”, I said “I’m not a cop?”–oh the irony) Con: staffed by a lot of cops, and the 9/11 memorial room is puke-inducing.

    2. Heh, I got the same demo, an MP5/10.

  8. Obama must have missed this when he was going line by line through the federal budget.

    1. Seriously. How can this massive annual waste of taxpayer dollars be permitted?

      1. But, vee must be educated, comrade.

      2. Hahahaha… Seriously, Sudden? Seriously?

  9. The Drug Enforcement Administration.

    Reminding you that you are a subject, not a citizen.

  10. good god, I think I’m going to vomit.

  11. I hope they put it in a suitable example of Brutalist Modern architecture.

  12. a K-9 plush dog stuffed animal

    Stuffed with what? *raised eyebrow*

  13. Wow, what a wonderful use of our money, and those libertarians say we’re broke… whatever.

  14. via Yahoo…..32106.html

    See something say something.

  15. …old-fashioned propaganda such as the classic movie Reefer Madness.

    But do they show Hemp for Victory? Now there’s a classic.

  16. So anybody can walk off the street and buy DEA costumes in the gift shop and Andrew Scott was just supposed to answer his door to unannounced people at 1:30 am and know they were the police?

    Not that I buy the whole “he pointed a gun at Deputy Sylvester” bullshit story anyway, but how is a “civilian” to know that these are cops when anybody can buy cop costumes at the museums these organizations operate?

    1. You must hate the children

      1. Not as much as women and minorities. They’re the most hard-hit by my hate.

    2. Whoops. I see they’ve changed their story already. The other day it was “he flung the door open and pointed the gun at Deputy Sylvester. It looks like they’ve changed it to “he cracked the door and all they could see was the gun.”

      Question: when a witness changes their official story, aren’t they often charged with obstruction? When an accused does, the charges are obligatory, and his reputation is called into question during the grand jury and subsequent trial. So, why no grand jury here? It’s a slam-dunk to get this case to court. They department has changed their official story. They have plenty of forensic evidence that contradicts their initial claims. And the “fact pattern as presented” out of the gate has been completely blown out of the water with the most cursory of investigations, causing them to change the official narrative.

      Fucking cover-up. A murder will go unpunished and an assault will be prosecuted as attempted murder just to make sure.

      1. But there’s no double standard.

        Dunphy told me so.

      2. That’s [JUST] because you are [A] anti-cop bigot. LOL

        1. ^^This post^^ is like the love child of HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIAN and dunphy.

          Ponder that thought for a minute.

          1. Hercule could never love dunphy. Because CATS are creating an [EMPIRE].

    3. The life of only one unit of the collective is of little consequence, comrade unit 1R7YU123432. Now, respect mah authoritah!


      Dear Leader

  17. What no drug samples?

  18. What kind of hateful anti-authority bigot would think our Noble Men in Blue should actually identify themselves when they pound on a random door in the middle of the night, or stand where they may be seen by the resident before he opens the door?

    That’s insanity!

    1. Only morons answer the door while armed.
      Dunphy told me so.
      He said that if you feel the need to arm yourself, that you shouldn’t answer the door at all.
      You should cower in the corner and call the police.
      Dunphy told me so.

      1. You can wear your DEA ball cap that you purchased at the gift shop to intimidate late night guests.

  19. Kennedy as the public face of the anti-prohibition movement, is just a step above Cheech and Chong. But an important step.

  20. It’d be really cool if they had an exhibit of “famous drug-plants through history”

    “This kilo of blow was used in 1500 separate arrests all through the 1980s! It formerly belonged to Robert Downey Jr but was donated to the museum as part of his rehabilitation agreement… next, we have an early example of “reefer sticks” used by Southern Law enforcement to harass travelling negro Jazz bands in the 1930s…”

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