Anaheim Police Shooting

Reason Writers on Russia Today: Scott Shackford on Anaheim Shooting, Recording Law Enforcement

| 24/7 News Associate Editor Scott Shackford appeared on Russia Today Monday afternoon to talk about the Anaheim police's weekend shooting and violent response to community protest. Also under discussion: the importance of citizen recordings to hold not just the police accountable, but to help the media or hold the media accountable for their reporting of these incidents as well.

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  1. Because I don’t have access to the Dunphy-signal, here’s some opinions from a few wild copsuckers in their natural habitat (police one):

    Handle the rock throwers the same way border patrol handles them. The problem will cease to exist.

    Why did the video from the report revolve around the bean bag shots and the dogbite, when the article starts off with the cops taking shots during a footchase? Typical. I’m sure the community MEANT to thank them for cleaning up their town.

    So these people brought their kids to obstruct the investigation of a shooting in which a gang member was killed after shooting at the police? And then they allow and protect additional gang members that throw rocks at the police?

    I do like the k9 “accidentally” getting lose and having his way with one of the gang member turds sitting on the grass though.

    What a bunch of losers. no doubt most collect welfare and haven’t provided one oz of benefit to the state.

    Remember, if you don’t provide any benefit to the state, or fail to show proper submission to the Warrior Caste, it’s beanbags and dogs if you’re lucky, bullets if you aren’t.

    1. Also, if you’re not a cop you’re a “gang member”.

      1. Funny considering the biggest baddest gang out there is the boys in blue.

        1. Well, I think the biggest gang would have to be the military. And I think a huge part of why cops act up is sheer envy of the gang that they’ll never be.

    2. Type “pig signal” into google images.

  2. Here’s one at Policeone where dozens of cops opine that a cop shouldn’t be fired for committing a felony off duty.

  3. I don’t want to see officers responding more carefully becaue they’re afraid they’ll get caught, I want to see them responding more carefully because they want to respond more carefully as part of their sense of morality.

    1. good luck with that.

  4. Neve really thought about it like that dude.

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