Euro Crisis

German Constitutional Court to Rule on Eurozone Measures in September


Germany's Federal Constitutional Court (or the Bundesverfassungsgericht, if you are so inclined) will not rule on the constitutionality of the European Stability Mechanism and the fiscal pact until September. The announcement caused European stocks to fall and has increased the level of uncertainty in Europe among some European politicians. Valentin Marinov, Director of FX Strategy at CitiFX said: 

This adds to the uncertainty about the ability of the euro zone officials to respond adequately to any potential further deterioration of the debt crisis.

While the court is likely to rule in favor of the constitutionality of the bailout mechanism and closer fiscal union, the eight-week delay may be too long to wait before the eurzone deteriorates further. Paul Krugman was saying that it was hard to see how Greece could remain part of the eurozone back in June. Michael Saunders, chief economist from Citigroup, warned that Greece only had seven months left in the euro back in March, which is close to when the Federal Constitutional Court is scheduled to make its ruling. 

A ruling in favor of the measures will almost certainly come with attachments. The most likely of these will be an increase in the amount of influence Germany will have on the bailout conditions. In Germany patience with Greece and Spain is wearing thin and German politicians will be under pressure to make the future bailouts conditional on further austerity measures that would be very unpopular. In fact, it was members of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's own party who were among those who made complaints to the Federal Constitutional Court against the measures. It will be difficult for most Mediterranean countries to comply with the bailout conditions that Merkel will almost certainly have to implement due to pressure from her own party and an upcoming reelection campaign to worry about.

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      1. The German Supreme Court: Come for the Ruling, Stay for the Inquisition!

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  2. Word is the EU really wants a win and is bringing in Justice Roberts to write the decision.

    1. And Roberts rules that while the Germans can’t be forced to bailout other countries they can be taxed if they don’t bailout other countries.

  3. Apparently Bundesverfassungsgericht is German for Bloods.

    BTW, just added Bundesverfassungsgericht to my spell-check dictionary.

    1. I have always been proud of the fact that “Reinheitsgebot” is in my phone’s custom dictionary. “Bundesverfassungsgericht” might be even better as a word, though it loses points because 1.) it doesn’t use an ? for the double-s; and 2.) unlike “Reinheitsgebot” I doubt I would ever use it again.

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  4. Since when did the college of cardinals start running the EU?

    1. The Crusades?

    2. Holdover from the Catholic-influenced First Reich?

    3. The Roman Empire never went away, it just rebrands itself every so often.

    4. If you’ve been watching The Borgias like I have, you’d know it was since about 1400 or even earlier.

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        2. I like it a lot. But then again I like most of what Neil Jordan does.

          1. Read the William Manchester book A World Lite Only By Fire. It tells the real gritty Borgia stuff.

            1. Yes very good book.

      3. Meh, I just played Assassin’s Creed 2 and AC Brotherhood. You get pretty much the same gist. Borgias = possibly biggest douchenozzles in history.

        1. Eh. They’re barely in the running for Italy.

  5. This is potentially a very big deal.

    Germany can’t/won’t fund the ESM bailout until the court rules, and the likelihood is that the balloon will go up within 8 weeks.

      1. 99 of ’em, so I hear.

  6. Is the German high court up to popular reelection? This measure is so unpopular in Germany I don’t think they want to touch it.

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    Whedon was raised on the Upper Westside neighborhood of Manhattan in the 1970s, an area associated with left-leaning intellectuals. He said he was raised by people who thought socialism was a ”beautiful concept.”

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    This evidently frustrates Whedon, who traces this development to Ronald Reagan[.]

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    1. Meh. So long as Comrade Whedon makes money from the big bad Walt Disney Corporation, the delicious irony makes up for his stupidity.

    2. It’s sad. You have to wonder how much of the libertarian/anti-authoritarian aspects of Firefly even came from him.

      1. They came from Tim Minear. He’s trying to screen adapt The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

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          2. I actually don’t think the book would adapt well to a movie. There is simply too much stuff going on in it.

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            1. Oh and while they are at it can someone please do this with Lucifers Hammer by Niven and Pournelle.

              You could make a kick ass 40 episode tv series out of that book.

            2. I suppose a miniseries/tv series would be better.

      2. Whedon is more existentialist than anything else, and those guys tend to be hardcore collectivists/commies.

        1. Depends on what kind. If they are more Kierkegaard Dostoevsky Christian existentialists they are not bad and can be down right anarchists. If they got into Heidegger they are generally collectivist assholes.

      3. Maybe he meant Firefly to be a show mocking libertarians, and we didn’t get it.

    3. Funny, I thought the structures which helped middle class and working people were a good educational system, rule of law, a clear tax code and reduced barriers to starting a business. When did those things turn out to be teachers unions, arbitrary enforcement/privilege, the most complicated tax code in history (with special exemptions for political reasons) and more regulations than ever before?

    4. “He added that America is “turning into Tsarist Russia” and that “we’re creating a country of serfs.”

      I think that;s right, but Ithink that’s because of the sorts of initiatives that pols like Obama support.

  8. Dude is not making a lot of sesne man. Wow.

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