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Obama's Secret Weapon: Voters Too Stupid to Realize His Drug Policies Suck


Writing at The Atlantic Wire, Elspeth Reeve suggests that marijuana reform measures on several state ballots this fall could help Barack Obama win re-election by drawing young voters to the polls. If that happens, the headline says, "legalizing weed" could be "Obama's secret weapon." Well, not so secret anymore, now that people are writing about it. In any case, Reeve warns, "past attempts to bong the vote have been disappointing, in part because stoners aren't the group anyone would most count on to bother filling out a ballot." Ha ha! It's funny because it's true: Voters who think it's absurd that the government continues to arrest 750,000 or so people every year for possessing a plant can never get it together, because they are constantly high. Likewise, it's amazing that drinkers in Washington state managed to pass a ballot intitiative privatizing liquor sales last fall, because everyone knows those people are so wasted all the time they don't even know when it's Election Day.

In fact, pot smokers are so stupid that even if they manage to put down their bongs, get up off their couches, turn off their Xboxes, dust off the Dorito dust, and meander to the polls, they won't realize that Barack Obama, despite his own extensive history of drug use and his promises of a more enlightened and compassionate approach, has been no better than George W. Bush on drug policy and in some respects worse. They probably don't even know that Obama cracked down on medical marijuana instead of letting states go their own way (as he said he would when he ran for president), that so far he has commuted only one drug offender's sentence (despite his pre-presidential criticism of excessively harsh penalties), or that he literally laughs at the very notion of legalizing marijuana (despite his past support for decriminalization)—in much the same way that Reeve laughs at people who are misguided enough to let the ongoing outrage that is the war on drugs guide their votes. If such people exist, they sure as hell should not vote for Barack Obama. 

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  1. Take heart, Reasonables… soon, the pitter-patter of little feet will herald the arrival of shrike, Tony, and Apparently a “child-fucker” to tell us what a wonderful demi-god Obama is, despite the title of this thread.

    1. “Reasonables?” Me Gusta

  2. Justice? No doubt in my mind.


  3. Anyway… Barry won’t go for that tactic, because it would give states the right to set their own marijuana policies – and states can’t HAVE rights, because it’s racist.

    Also, fried chicken.

    1. Mmmmmmm …. fried chicken hawks. The smell of napalm in the morning.

  4. I’ve thought for a while that if a President advocates rolling back drug restrictions in any way, he’s going to have to be a conservative, strictly on Nixon-to-China grounds. A liberal doing so would be branded as a hippie, and that seems to be the only noteworthy thing that causes marijuana and etc. to invert the overall pattern of conservatives being anti-restriction and liberals being pro-restriction. (cf. smoking, soda, salt, transfats, toys in happy meals, etc).

  5. That was supposed to be a secret, Jacob. Thanks for ruining it you jerk.

  6. Obama may have completely killed any chance for reform in this generation. If, having obtained the “reform vote”, he can just laugh at them without consequence (as he has famously done), it has been demonstrated that they (we) are not a voting bloc to be seriously courted with promises and concessions. Lip service will do.

    Much like the blacks, I guess. Though their self-anointed “leaders” at least get some kind of payoff. (maybe that’s because they, at least, are a more reliably single-issue, perceived self-interest voting bloc?)

    1. I agree. The support-our-police, soccer mom, and concern-troll voting bloc is much more important to your average politician.

  7. marijuana reform measures … drawing young voters to the polls

    Smells like a trap.

  8. That actually prettty funny when you think about it.


  9. I’m surprised Elspeth took a break from her constant whining about racism to write about something else. How did she get a job writing at National Journal? She always comes across as the girl who didn’t have any friends growing up.

    1. I’m surprised Elspeth Reeve ever got another job in journalism considering her involvement in that New Republic scandal where her husband fabricated stories about his time in Iraq. She was supposedly the fact checker.

    2. I’m surprised Elspeth Reeve ever got another job in journalism considering her involvement in that New Republic scandal where her husband fabricated stories about his time in Iraq. She was supposedly the fact checker.

  10. I spend a lot of time on pro-MJ-legalization sites. It’s depressing.

    A lot of the people who post are self-admittedly high off their asses when they post. Unsurprisingly, their spelling, grammar, logical reasoning, and evidence-evaluation skills are a fucking horror show. I swear it’s like a meeting of public school teachers.

    Consider that they got 46+% of the vote for Prop 19 legalization in California in an election that was a landslide for conservatives. With a little bit more organization, discipline, and energy, they could’ve won that election. Sure, this would’ve been the beginning and not the end of the fight. It really would’ve triggered a crisis in constitutionality and federalism. Maybe we would’ve lost big. Maybe we would’ve been crushed.

    But at least we would’ve shown up for the fight.

    Forget our allies; the pro-legalization side is cursed by having comrades-in-arms who are, by and large, an army of incompetents and ne’er-do-wells.

    1. One of those dope-heads who used to comment here admitted he voted to convict as a juror in a cocaine case. “It’s not a plant, man!”

  11. It is hard to convince cannabis users to participate in the political process because they’ve seen the bullshit that goes on year after year and have rather given up on the inanity that has become the norm in national politics in this country.

    1. I thought they just decided to smoke themselves retarded and play video games.

      1. I smoke most of the time, but still argue libertarianism with my friends. I always had the impression most libertarians, assuming they are under 30 and without a family, are semi-regular tokers.

        26 year old libertarian btw.

  12. Or ideally the measure will get people to look at Gary Johnson instead of the President who has virulently enforced existing drug policy.

  13. Whoever wrote this is such a fucking idiot. Probably just wants readers so he can get his money. Talk about how every stoner is a deadbeat, except oh yeah, one’s a president, one started apple, one runs Virgin, one probably owns the TV channel you’re watching right now, and the one posting this comment is going to the University of Michigan next year.
    Keep dogging on stoners with your $30,000 a year job…

    1. Are you for real?

    2. Wait, are you talking about Sullum, or Reeve? Cuz Sullum is being sarcastic….

    3. Wow, the University of Michigan! Only a few million people have been able to accomplish that!

  14. Above headline could be shortened to:
    “Obama’s Secret Weapon: Voters Too Stupid.”
    But then it wouldn’t make sense, because stupid voters are every politician’s secret weapon.

    Don’t vote. It’s an embarrassment to vote, eh?

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