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Fullerton Recalls City Council Members Over Kelly Thomas Death


While most have been paying attention to the events in the Wisconsin recall election, another recall election happened last night in the city of Fullerton, Calif. Fullerton residents recalled city council members, Don Bankhead, Pat McKinley and Richard Jones, sparked by the killing of Kelly Thomas by city police officers in early July 2011.

The recalled members will be replaced by Greg Sebourn, a land surveyor, attorney Doug Chaffee and planning commissioner and blogger for the local small government blog, Friend's for Fullerton's Future, Travis Kiger.

The recall effort was largely funded by the backer of Friends for Fullerton's Future, Tony Bushala, a local businessman.

Bushala spoke with local affiliate, KTLA:

"We were fighting for justice in this community," said Tony Bushala, one of the organizers of the recall vote. "The citizens of Fullerton, they went to the polls and they voted. And they voted with their hearts and their consciences. They knew something terribly wrong happened in Fullerton."

Kiger spoke with Reason TV about breaking the Kelly Thomas story on Friends for Fullerton's Future in November of 2011:

For more Reason TV converage of the Kelly Thomas story see:

Cops Vs. Cameras: The Killing of Kelly Thomas & The Power of New Media

Outraged Fullerton citizens react to Kelly Thomas beating tape

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  1. Last night just keeps getting better and better.

  2. You would figured that the cops could’ve at least trumped up some charges against the blogger. Ah small town cops: all thug, all amateur.

  3. That is great. Losing elections is the only think politicians fear or understand.

  4. From the comments to the KTLA story

    SicknTired at 7:25 AM June 06, 2012

    Now that the witch hunt if over in Fullerton, will the leaders of it encourage the new members of city council to not only villify the entire PD but also do something to rid the city of the homeless vagrant trash, like Kelly Thomas was.

    He certainly didn’t deserve to lose his life and those cops shoudl be punished but there are plenty of outstanding officers in the PD that do the job they were sworn to do day after day with dignity and integrity while dealing with the lower rungs of society.

    I for one am tired of being accosted by the homeless in Fullerton who now think that the death of Kelly Thomas gioves them an out for bad behavior. Between them and the cowards spraying graffiti every night, the city is a cess pool.

    Nothing like tears in the afternoon.

    1. What a PieceofShit.

    2. I don’t think he’s using villify correctly.

      1. he used it correctly but he didn’t spell it correctly

    3. Wow, lower rungs of society…asshole

    4. Sorry John but I have to call you on your apologetics for the PD.
      IF the PD were performing their sworn duties correctly this sort of situation would never develop.
      The “good cops” turn a blind eye to the thugs-with-badges until the situation is completely out of control and blows up. Only then do the general public become aware of the situation.
      Until there is a general housecleaning of the departments that tolerate and cover up the sort of behavior that leads to a Kelly Thomas type outcome ~~~THERE ARE NO GOOD COPS~~~
      I also include in that definition the departments – such a Fullerton – that are too LAZY to make homeless pan-handlers a priority for attention.
      BTW – You should probably look into some help for your anger issues. What have you done lately to reduce the homeless problems in Fullerton? Church? Service Club project? A couple of hours of volunteer work?

      1. Methinks you need to comprehend the difference between quoted sections indicated by italics, and the poster’s own commentary.

    5. I get it, he’s calling it a witch hunt because witches are known for beating helpless vagrants to death, right?

      Oh, wait.



  6. Maybe there is hope for America after all.

  7. This is awesome. I’m really diggin’ this slash-and-burn that’s going on because of this issue in Fullerton.

    Now we need murder convictions for the cops that beat Thomas and accessory charges on every cop on the scene…

  8. I don’t get why you’re not calling it a murder. The guy was beaten to death: that doesn’t happen accidentally.


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