Meanwhile in California, Pension Reform Winning with Voters


As Matt Welch wrote this morning, voters in San Diego and San Jose were voting today on reforms to pension plans for the city employees that would reduce city and taxpayer burdens. According to early returns, both ballot initiatives are winning. Unions are expected to challenge the measures in court.

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  1. Unions are really taking it on the chin.

  2. Unions are expected to challenge the measures in court.

    I'll keep my black robe and wig in the bedroom closet should the court recuse itself of this.

  3. A much needed step in the right direction. Sadly our state is infected with almost terminal levels of political stupidity, but hopefully tonight is the beginning of a road to reform.

    1. Did you read my comment in reply to you on the other thread? Team Red has a winning platform for California and I spelled it out. They just need a smart and savvy candidate to pull it together in a few years and they'll start to take back the Golden State from the pubsec unions that run it.

      1. I certainly hope so, although I am presently unaware of any such California Republican that is libertarian enough to support pot decriminalization and genuine small government.

        1. I am unaware of any California Republicans who have dared run on that platform winning elections. Tom Campbell, for example, has failed with primary and general election electorates.

  4. Unions seem determined to fight the bills-- and fight harshly-- that only change the rules for negotiation or change things going forward. However, in the end, that ends them up with situations like Rhode Island, where they're accepting actual cuts in pensions that they thought they'd earned.

    I do feel bad for people who thought that they had a certain number promised. It's better to have a system that doesn't result in contracts that never can be achieved.

  5. Yeah, but also winning are the ballot measures to raise taxes (on cigarettes) and to increase term limits by decreasing them (12 years in the state senate OR state assembly, vs. 14 combined years before, but limited to 8 + 6).

  6. In San Diego, Prop A, another anti-union measure, also looks good. As does Carl DeMaio.

  7. Unions are expected to challenge the measures in court.

    I wonder how many from the left will cry "activist judges" if the courts overturn a referendum vote which happens to go against Team BLUE's wishes.

  8. Dude really does know what he is talking about wow.

  9. If the unions can't get courts to overturn these ballot initiatives, it's the END OF DEMOCRACY.

  10. Pensions plans are replanned that is why all this news is on hype,

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