Scott Walker Wins Wisconsin Recall


The polls have closed in Wisconsin. CNN and FOX are both declaring their exit polls for Gov. Scott Walker's recall indicate the race is too close to call. CNN is giving an even split between recalling the governor and keeping him.

Updates to come, obviously.

Update: With a whole one percent of the vote tallied, Walker is ahead 57 percent to 42 percent.

Update: Two percent, Walker ahead 58 percent to 41 percent.

Update: Five percent, Walker ahead 57 percent to 42 percent.

Update 9:40 Eastern: Walker with 61 percent, Barrett 39 percent. MSNBC says that's still too close to call

Update: 15 percent, Walker ahead 60 percent, Barrett 39 percent. CNN showing Queen's Jubilee, hasn't made a call.

Update: 20 percent, same numbers. CNN has adjusted its exit polls to give Walker a two point lead, but still hasn't called the race. The queen says hi.

Update: 25 percent. Walker ahead 60 percent, Barrett 40 percent. CNN is talking about the queen much in the same way Jacques Cousteau used to talk about fish.

Update: 26 percent reporting. Walker still ahead 60-40. NBC is calling it for Walker. As is CNN.

Update: CBS declares Walker winner. CNN declares Elizabeth II still queen

Update: Reason joins the consensus. See title change. 

Update: CNN projects the recall effort against the lieutenant governor has also failed.

Update: Breakdowns from The New York Times show the ideal Barrett voter was a low-earning black woman with a college degree. Also, 36 percent of union households went for Walker. 

Update: Crying guy on CNN standing outside state capitol building declares that democracy is dead.

Update: At 78 percent tallied, the gap between Walker and Barrett is closing a bit, 55-44 percent, slightly justifying the exit poll hesitancy. Slightly.

Update: Barrett is giving his concession speech. CNN is ignoring it in favor of trying to explain why its exit polling sucked.

Update: Walker comes out at 11:30 p.m. Eastern to give boilerplate victory speech. We are out of here!