Scott Walker

Scott Walker Wins Wisconsin Recall


The polls have closed in Wisconsin. CNN and FOX are both declaring their exit polls for Gov. Scott Walker's recall indicate the race is too close to call. CNN is giving an even split between recalling the governor and keeping him.

Updates to come, obviously.

Update: With a whole one percent of the vote tallied, Walker is ahead 57 percent to 42 percent.

Update: Two percent, Walker ahead 58 percent to 41 percent.

Update: Five percent, Walker ahead 57 percent to 42 percent.

Update 9:40 Eastern: Walker with 61 percent, Barrett 39 percent. MSNBC says that's still too close to call

Update: 15 percent, Walker ahead 60 percent, Barrett 39 percent. CNN showing Queen's Jubilee, hasn't made a call.

Update: 20 percent, same numbers. CNN has adjusted its exit polls to give Walker a two point lead, but still hasn't called the race. The queen says hi.

Update: 25 percent. Walker ahead 60 percent, Barrett 40 percent. CNN is talking about the queen much in the same way Jacques Cousteau used to talk about fish.

Update: 26 percent reporting. Walker still ahead 60-40. NBC is calling it for Walker. As is CNN.

Update: CBS declares Walker winner. CNN declares Elizabeth II still queen

Update: Reason joins the consensus. See title change. 

Update: CNN projects the recall effort against the lieutenant governor has also failed.

Update: Breakdowns from The New York Times show the ideal Barrett voter was a low-earning black woman with a college degree. Also, 36 percent of union households went for Walker. 

Update: Crying guy on CNN standing outside state capitol building declares that democracy is dead.

Update: At 78 percent tallied, the gap between Walker and Barrett is closing a bit, 55-44 percent, slightly justifying the exit poll hesitancy. Slightly.

Update: Barrett is giving his concession speech. CNN is ignoring it in favor of trying to explain why its exit polling sucked.

Update: Walker comes out at 11:30 p.m. Eastern to give boilerplate victory speech. We are out of here!

NEXT: CNN's Squeaker Looks Not So Squeaky

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  1. *Bellies up to the table*

    One order of salty ham tears, please. Heavy on the despair.

    1. “I’ll have what he’s havin’….”

      1. What kind of beer chases salty ham tears?

        1. A nice stout. Its transfixing yet intimidating darkness matches the soul of the libertarian and enhances the taste of the salt in the tears.

          1. I’d go with a porter, because I’m all about the malt. Hops, IMO, would interfere with the saltiness of the yummy, yummy ham tears.

    2. What was the episode of South Park that had Cartman licking another character’s tears?

      1. Scott Tenorman Must Die (episode 69).

  2. Please tell me there will be 100 updates, whoever is writing this. I need to know the results of every percent counted.

    1. Then (as blood speeds from brain to wang), averaged with the previous totals between each percentage update. Yes, delight.

    2. They skipped three and four percent!

      1. Meh, I’m switching to factors of five.

        1. So just 1 and 5?

          1. Oh, math burn.

          2. Multiples of five, dammit.

            1. Five, ten, fifteen, twenty, at least has not degenerated into chaos.

          3. funniest thing in a while…sorry Scott, it is just too funny.

  3. Well, the transit of Venus was pretty fucking neat. Plus, I saw the green flash after the sun set into the lake. So life is awesome.

    1. God damned cloudy day here. No sun to be seen.

      1. Are you still in the Antipodes, db?

        1. Yup. Thinking about a move to australia soon.

    2. Unlike the eclipse, didn’t watch this. But a guy set up a viewing station on a corner a couple of blocks away; solar T-scope, tables with charts, a whole observatory right there.
      Almost stopped to chat, but I figured I’d just distract him. It sure looked fun!

      1. I went to Edgewater Park in Cleveland, where a bunch of astronomical societies were having an event for the transit. Neckbeards were everywhere, and there was even a goddamned drum circle too. Even they couldn’t spoil it.

        1. “Even they couldn’t spoil it.
          Wasn’t for lack of effort.

        2. Neckbeards were everywhere

          Bunch of Ohio girls then?

            1. On this date thirty years ago, I spent the night in Harmon Hall at BGSU. Not a neckbeard in sight. Just a dorm room full of lovely, nine-teen-year old college girls.

              True story. Wasted on the young.

              1. Thirty years ago today plus two more, it was the last day of school for the year, and I was watching Blue Oyster Cult live in concert on the television.

        3. Got lucky, started out cloudy with a few breaks then got better as time went on. Last hour before sunset was mostly clear. Saw a few thin clouds against the sun with Venus still prominent. Very beautiful.

          1. What did you use as a shield?

    3. This pleases me.

    4. I got a few pics with a superzoom and a handheld eclipse viewer:

    5. I stared at teh sun for 3 goddamn hours and didnt’ see anytthin

    6. Damn it. Full cloud cover with one tantalizing break just before the transit started. Now I have to wait 105 years.

  4. NYT story (and they didn’t even have to pay):

    “In a stunning upset, funded by the Koch brothers, the voters in Wisconsin have been mislead into condeming the children, women, the elderly and the minorities to starvation!”

    1. Transit of Venus: Women and Minorities Most Effected.

      1. Venus underpaid by 30%

        1. But she had a Masters!

          1. Fears that without free birth control, affair with Mars may produce yet another sub-planetary body, thus further confusing human scientists.

  5. I read that they were letting people register to vote…um…today? Letting people register the day of the election makes me go hmmmmmm.

    Since the unions are all about getting out the vote and mobilizing people, I’d think those late registrations would bode poorly for Walker.

    I predict a recount.

    It’s hard for the unions to know how many votes they need to stuff the ballot box with–before they get the first count.

    1. Here ya go, Ken, supposedly from someone right there:
      YankeeBubba4:29 PM on June 5, 2012
      “YankeeBubba checking back in from Madistan, where reality is a mere side-show.
      Current Mayor (former Mayor/Hippie/malcontent/racehorse player/bon vivant) Paul Soglin reports earlier today that “116 % of the city could end up voting.”

      Read more:…..z1wyNnFmMb

      How far is Madistan from Chicagistan?

      1. It didn’t do them any good!

        I’m glad to be wrong.

    2. It’s called same-day registration. Why does it make you go “hmmmm”? You show up, you provide the necessary documentation that shows you have a right to vote, and then you do. It’s how voters have been registering in the upper Midwest forever.

      1. Sounds like it makes it easier to stuff the ballot box to me.

        And like I said, there’s a long tradition of that in the U.S.

        1. I’ve often wondered that if you took away all pretenses of a fair election if the results would be much different.

          Allow vote buying, multiple voting, basically anything but threats or violence and see what happens. I don’t think it would change things much. Blue places would still elect blue pols, red places would still elect red pols and close states would have close elections.

      2. why? Because it is a recipe for fraud. Come on; we have jurisdictions across the country where the dead vote and the living vote early and often. And that’s WITH all the necessary paperwork and time to verify it. Not hard to imagine how things could go wrong with last-minute regs.

        1. It’s not like you don’t have to fill out the registration paperwork, it’s just that you do it the day you vote. This is just how it’s done in some states, and has been forever, and tends to work just fine, so a rush of new registrations on election day isn’t suspicious, because everybody registers to vote on election day.

          1. That doesn’t sound as sinister some would have you believe. If you have to show ID and have all the pertinent documentation then I don’t see what the problem is.

            1. ID?

              A copy of my electric bill was all I needed when I lived in Wisconsin.

            2. No ID needed. ID requirement stalled in court

      3. Actually, it sounds like an improvement on other day registration when you put it like that.

      4. “You show up, you provide the necessary documentation that shows you have a right to vote, and then you do.”

        Don’t think you need to show registration, do you?

    3. The local Republican mantra is, “If its not close, they can’t cheat.”

  6. OK, slipped to 57/41.
    NYT: “In a close contest….”.

  7. (CNN) ? The wife of Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday did not shoot down the idea of her husband running for president in 2016.

    “I don’t know whether this is his last campaign,” Jill Biden said on NBC’s “Today.”

    I’d sooner vote for the Snorg Tees Meh girl.

  8. “Update 9:40 Eastern: Walker with 61 percent, Barrett 39 percent. MSNBC says that’s still too close to call.”

    Ha, and ha.
    Up yours, MSMBC.

    1. Leave a set on with MSNBC and the volume down, and G?tterd?mmerung in the back ground. Bet it will be a perfect fit.

  9. Over at dkos, I ran across this little gem:

    “To be sure, Republicans are experiencing massive turnout as well. Wisconsin is proof today that polarized politics motivates people to get engaged, contrary to what the know-nothings in the national punditry (and No Labels/Third Way/Unity 08/Americans Elect) love to claim. It’s true democracy! People feel like they have a real choice, and they’re getting engaged!”

    1. People feel like they have a real choice

      perhaps some of them (read: public workers) began realizing that feeling when union membership stopped being compulsory.

  10. A county by county breakdown would be nice to judge how this is going, but I wonder if people were lying to the exit pollsters again. I know I always do.

    1. Trolling the exit pollers is the only good thing about voting.

  11. AP:
    “Wisconsin voters divided on governor, bargaining”

    Yeah divided by, oh, 60-40. Isn’t that called a ‘landslide’ when a lefty wins?

    1. No. That would be 51-48. Mother fucking mandate.

  12. Man, this election is a gift that keeps on giving. Considering a quick peek at Facebook, just to see what the narrative is shaping up to be. I imagine it’s all about the Kochtopus, but maybe the dirty fucking hippies will surprise me.

    1. I know their tears are yum yum, but you should totally work on your hippie pals to lift their spirits in an effort to start the process backup to waste more of their resources on a recall election next year.

    2. Considering a quick peek at Facebook, just to see what the narrative is shaping up to be.

      I can already predict the narrative. It involves Tom Barrett being tossed headfirst under a bus for not being sufficiently progressive, how he can in no way be compared to his magnificence, Barack Obama, money buys elections, KOCHTOPUSSY, Citizens United, Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (oh wait! wrong guy, dammit!), FOX News, voting wasn’t easy enough, etc.

  13. Update: HBO’s True Blood marathon has yet to call the race for either the governor or the mayor.

    1. ESPN thinks Barrett still has a good chance. He was always a second half team.

      1. Hey, good bench!

    2. Is Paquin still ugly? Can you still shoot popcorn through the gap? Her frowny face squint still frozen in place?

      1. I disagree. Anyway, I switched to Lonesome Dove on something called Reelz Channel.

        1. I admit, she is one those people that it really depends on what she wears and how she is fixed up:


          Matches what I like to a T.


          She fits my above ridicule, and then some. Looks closer to forty than a woman still in her twenties.

          1. I haven’t seen a rake like that since I planted my corn.

          2. Her teeth are like the keys in The Piano.

            1. If they look like anything on a piano, it’s the foot pedals

      2. Paqin is from my hometown of Winnipeg.
        Speaking of celebs, Rob Lowe is in town filming the Casey Anthony movie and now I can’t get a date.

        1. So one of the legacies of British rule in Canada is bad teeth?

  14. 60-40 walker with 25% in. Also, Jill Biden has left the page.

    1. Damn, that Jill Biden comment had me in stitches. Almost as funny as CNN staring at a balcony for five minutes.

      1. What was the comment? Was it the one about Joe being presidential material?

        1. Yeah, that was the one.

  15. Fox just called it for Walker. May I say, “Yea”?

    1. Don’t the unions do anything for anybody?

      How much of their members’ union dues do they waste on this crap?

      They should be ashamed!

  16. Salty ham tears for everyone!
    Send the bill to SEIU.

  17. “Scott Walker is the winner with 60% of the vote. Again, a close race but the Republicans obviously spent a lot more money.”

    -Wolf Blitzer 2 minutes ago

    1. “Again, a close race…
      -Wolf Blitzer”
      Hey, Wolf! How ya DOIN man?

    2. CNN – a bigger joke than Pravda ever was.

    3. You mean Jeopardy Grandmaster Wolf Blitzer?

      1. Baghdad Wolf.

  18. Now that it has been called, and according to a quick look at Facebook, the Mayans had it right: The end of the world is here. Honestly, I was expecting more fire and rivers of lava.

  19. This one’s for you Tony Krugnuts, Mary Stack, Shrieking Idiot, and all the other dickhead trolls around here.

    1. + multiple trolls

  20. A HA HA HA…

    Ah HA HA HA HA!

    *knee slap*

    HA HA HA HA…

  21. What is best in life? To crush the unions, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.

  22. Great quote from elsewhere:

    “It’s surreal watching Maddow ask Ed Shultz what he thinks. That’s like Stevie Wonder asking Helen Keller to drive him home.”

  23. Calling it for Walker doesn’t let you off the hook, Scott. I still expect timely updates until 100% of the votes are counted.

    1. With all the jersey fucks they brought in to vote, I want updates to at least 126%!

  24. The Obama campaign must be shitting cinderblocks right about now.

    1. RACIST!!!!!!!!1111!!!11

  25. Anybody else hoping the queen fucking slips on some dog shit during her “diamond jubilee”.

    What the fuck is a diamond jubilee? Sounds like some Koreshian messianic tantric sex thingy. After you hand the guy over yer life savings he thanks you by taking your wife and daughter in the back room to experience the diamond jubilee.

    I fucking hate royal bullshit. Fuck them motherfuckers and shit.

    Ohh, how rude of me! I got round of salty ham tears! Oh man, if we cold get a picture of some union fucks balling on stage ala the santorum kids that would make this all the sweeter.

    1. Your post reminds me, I still have a few IPA’s in the fridge. I’m not really celebrating Scott Walker though I have nothing against him personally; however, public employee unions getting routed in an election, that’s worth a tap!

      1. Agreed. I don’t really give a shit about Walker. In fact, I think he’s a pandering pussy for not going after the cops and firefighters unions as well. But we take what we can get, eh?

        Just seeing the union/bigGov/ows crowd take it in the ass is worthy of a tipple or two.

        1. I think that was what he meant by divide and conquer.

          1. A grateful nation thanks him.

          2. Well, hopefully it’s divide and conquer and not divide and status quo. I am cautiously optimistic on this front.

        2. Wouldn’t it be beautifully ironic if the Wisconsin courts decided that, in the name of equality, the law had to apply to police and firefirghter’s unions too?

    2. A diamond jubilee is a celebration of a 75th anniversary – except in the case of a monarch in which case it is 60th. I shit thee not. Who decided that?

      1. I know. I just like to have the air of a citizen of a country that fought to not give a shit about the world’s richest welfare recipients.

        I swear that I should of been 250 years ago because I really hate fucking monarchy.

      2. I get wait to see what they plan on for Elventy-first.


      3. It was done for Queen Victoria.

        1. Is that what they called the Big Stink?

  26. They put all their marbles in play on this one.

    The unions did everything they could to win this–and they couldn’t even win in an Obama state like Wisconsin.

    Oh, did I call it an Obama state? Strike that, every “Obama state” that isn’t on a coast–is back in play now.

    Anything can happen in an “Obama state”

    Romney’s throwin’ himself a party right now.

    A party with no alcohol or caffeine, but a party nonetheless.

    1. Starting tomorrow, Romney should start pounding Obama on the stimulus.

      I know he’s mentioned it before, but he should really start hitting it hard.

      Talking about all the taxpayer money Obama squandered on trying to keep state employees’ pensions fat–by way of the Obama “stimulus”.

      Turns out, that’s not even popular in Wisconsin!

      1. Romney should start pounding Obama on in the stimulus.

    2. I’ve been to a few Mormon parties. They tend to serve really good sheet cakes.

      1. There are two types of Mormons. The observant, and the non-observant(or, they’re-only-Mormon-because-their-parents are).

        The latter make Charlie Sheen look like a fucking piker.

    3. With the global economy falling into a double-dip recession looking like a near certainty now, Obama is going to get the shit kicked out of him almost as bad as Barrett did tonight.

      Nothing succeeds like success, and nothing fails like failure. And Obama is one of the most sorry, dismal failures of my lifetime.

  27. And AP has a real handle on it as of 7PM Pacific:
    “Tuesday’s election to recall Gov. Scott Walker is too close to call, as voters split about evenly between the governor and his Democratic challenger, Milwaukee Mayor…”

    Read more:…..z1wyVf1SbA

  28. Unions blew their load on this one. Are they going to have any money left to fight in other states now?

  29. Anyone have any video of any union members crying? Please post. I don’t mind replacing my Jenna Haze time with that.

    1. I’ve got it on CNN for that reason right now.

      I’m figurin’ CNN’s the only one the unions will let into the locker room after the game.

      1. There’s a crybaby on CNN right now!

        He’s crying. A grown man crying.

        He’s screaming that “Democracy is dead!”, and he’s crying, standing outside the Wisconsin legislature…

        Crying delicious tears.

        1. Now one of the commentators on CNN said, “working people voting for Scott Walker is like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders”.

          1. Working people? I thought the election was about unions.

            1. government worker unions, at that

        2. Dude, save me some. I don’t get cnn.

        3. Yeah, I would love a link to that.

  30. If Scott Walker can deliver the state of Wisconsin to Romney this November? He’ll be on the fast track to become a national contender.

    In fact, if I were Romney, I’d seriously be thinking about giving Walker the keynote speech slot right about now.

  31. Now that they have failed, there will be mass suicides from the union leaders and liberals, right? Right?

    1. Lane Pryce showed them how

      1. Yeah. Whatever you do, don’t use a Jaguar.

  32. King in the North! King in the North!

  33. If I were Walker, I’d come out and talk about how he plans to be the governor for everybody in Wisconsin–Republican and Democrat.

    And then I’d get in my limo. And LMFAO all the way back to the old manse.

    1. sexy and u know it

  34. I still have a Newsvine account. I’m going to go take a break from writing an essay and go troll the shit out of that left-wing echo chamber.

    1. Echo chambers just love and appreciate dissenting voices.

      1. Nando|6.5.12 @ 10:33PM|#
        “Echo chambers just love and appreciate dissenting voices.”

        Uh, as a resident brain-dead, did you have a point?

  35. Been watching MSNBC all night. They stopped covering the election about thirty minutes ago.

    1. Their pundits need at least 24 hours to deflate from all that explosive hot air that must be building up. I’m genuinely interested in seeing how Maddow is going to try and spin this on her next show.

      1. I guess Maddow was right about the GOP’s financial influence impacting the recall election in Wisconsin. Score one for the Right!

        1. Prove that money influences elections in a meaningful way. Because I call bullshit. If it were true, Meg Whitman would be governor of California, Linda McMahon senator from Connecticut, and Mike Castle would have defeated Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware GOP primary.

          1. A victory for corporate moneY!

            1. A victory for corporate moneY!

              You know, I’d rather see a victory for corporate money than a victory for the guys with a gun shoved in my ribs.

              1. Yeah. When I think of corporations I think of things I like: flat-screen teevees, coca-cola, cars, etc…

                Government:taxes, drug war, war war, leaching bureaucrats, paper work, etc…

            2. I smell disphit.

              Oh, there’s Nando. It all falls into place.


        2. Nando|6.5.12 @ 10:48PM|#
          “I guess Maddow was right about the GOP’s financial influence impacting the recall election in Wisconsin.”

          I’m sure you do; you’re not real bright.

        3. I guess Maddow was right about the GOP’s financial influence impacting the recall election in Wisconsin. Score one for the Right!

          Excuse me, sir, I have Meg Whitman on line one. She’s saying something about you being a dumbass.

          1. Ross Perot is snickering in his rocker.

  36. Now is the time to take the unions on in other states. Wisconsin’s finances are the standard by which all other states can measure their pubsec union obligations against. The dramatic turnaround from a large deficit to a balanced budget with the stroke of a pen ought to perk up the ears of any responsible politician, be they Team Red or Team Blue.

    Mark my words: pubsec union reform will be a winning formula no later than 2014.

    1. I read this in the Wall Street Journal last week, and I was blown away!

      Wisconsin membership in the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees?the state’s second-largest public-sector union after the National Education Association, which represents teachers?fell to 28,745 in February from 62,818 in March 2011, according to a person who has viewed Afscme’s figures. A spokesman for Afscme declined to comment.…..99718.html

      You have to opt into paying union dues now, with Walker’s law, and a huge chunk of the former union members are just declining to opt in.

      1. I’d expect those to drop even further after today when people see what a huge waste all that spending on the recall was and how completely impotent the union was in getting out the vote.

        1. It’s probably harder to get people to call up their union leaders and tell them they want out–now that they’ve already opted in.

          But if you want out of the public employees union, you can just opt out by default the first time. You don’t have to do anything–even if you’re already in the union.

          1. Ken Shultz|6.5.12 @ 10:45PM|#
            “It’s probably harder to get people to call up their union leaders and tell them they want out–now that they’ve already opted in.”

            Yes it is. Imagine 8 or 10 guys standing around you when you’re asked ‘would you like to opt out? Are you *sure* you want to opt out?’

    2. Mark my words: pubsec union reform will be a winning formula no later than 2014.

      Except in California. The only way I see that happening is if we go bankrupt and President Romney tells the dickhead in the Governor’s Mansion to jettison the union contracts, among other reforms, in exchange for a structured bailout.

      1. I don’t know if it’ll come to that. We need a pro-pot, tax-cutting, small-government Republican to run for governor next go-around. The state will be so far in the red and taxes will be so high by then he’ll win in a landslide.

        1. You are very generous to Californian intelligence.

    3. Crossing my fingers that Ohio is next. SB5 was a start, hopefully the next G.A will provide us with a SB5 reboot.

    4. Team Blue might even be the first to jump on this. The thinking will be that if the unions can’t even impact an election in Wisconsin, screw ’em.

  37. Narratives for tomorrow:

    1. Election was about recalls. People don’t like ’em.
    2. Election was called early. People were still voting.
    3. TEH KOCH$UXORZ!!!11one!!1!!!

    1. You forgot one:

      4. This recall election wasn’t very important/disastrous for Obama.*

      *have already seen this twice whilst looking for stories today, whereas in the past few months the feeling was that this was going to be disastrous for anti-union forces and a boon to the left

      1. Definitely, those were just the first that popped into my head — please feel free to add more.

      2. I imagine they’ll harp on the exit polls showing strong support for Obama, in spite of the fact that the actual results proved the exit polls were shit.

    2. “3. TEH KOCH$UXORZ!!!11one!!1!!!”
      You don’t have to wait ’till tomorrow. See resident brain-dead, above:

      Nando|6.5.12 @ 10:48PM|#
      “I guess Maddow was right about the GOP’s financial influence impacting the recall election in Wisconsin. Score one for the Right!”

  38. I love when liberals lose elections. They drop all pretenses of being the party of the common man and start calling everyone idiots who don’t know what is best for them like the elitist douchebags they really are. Their tears tonight will sustain me for weeks, maybe months.

    1. I wish there was a way to bottle these tears and sell them. The schadenfreude boner I get from them are bigger than John’s War Boner.

      1. I have nothing to say on this matter.

      2. I’m with ya on this one. It’d be a great marketing gimick

    2. Save some room for the upcoming SCOTUS decision on the health care bill.

  39. My Facebook friends are silent so far. They probably can’t sob and type at the same time.

    1. ditto

    2. My Facebook friends…

      Did you slice the skin on each other’s elbow with a rusty razor blade before making this friendship?

      1. Hey, hey – there’s no cutting corners to true friendship.

        Elbows, maybe. But no corners.

        1. You do injun brother on the bony side of the forearm. You each cut yourself there and butt your arms together to mix the blood. This was something 12 yo boys would do when no one was watching. But now we have Facebook.

    3. I’m amazed that my Illinois high school facebook pals — who always seem so lefty normally on their posts — are cheering and “liking” this. One even wrote “thank you Wisconsin voters for helping to save our children and grandchildren’s future!”

      1. Interesting. I read that around 38% of union households in WI were supporting Walker. Probably all brainwashed by the Kochtopus, of course.

        1. The thing is that unions are always about special privilege, specifically restricting competition for labor (jobs) to drive up the value of that labor at the cost of employers and customers. Which inherently limits the appeal and reach of unions.

          But unions are also profitable enterprises for their operators, and as such those operators derive benefits from increasing the union’s revenues – which are directly tied to employment levels.

          In other words the interests of the union members are maximized by restricting employment while the the interests of the union organizers are maximized by increasing employment (under their control of course, but still).

          Obviously leading to divergent interests, which can be papered over in the short term by bullshit appeals to solidarity.

          However, in the long term those divergent interests will manifest as the members simultaneously supporting their own benefits and rejecting similar claims of other workers.

          1. This is the same dynamic that leads to the collapse of any cartel. IE the marginal benefit of cheating exceeds the marginal benefit of cooperating.

            However it plays out differently because the “cheating” occurs at a political level, not a voluntary exchange level.

            As a side note: The people that complain about the carve outs, in WI’s specific case, completely miss the point. It is like complaining about a specific country in OPEC cheating on its production quota because all countries are not simultaneously cheating.

    4. I keep a collection of such Facebook friends for just such purposes.

  40. OT and more importantly, I’ve finally sent the Harley Sportster Sport off to a nice, new home where it will actually be ridden. Never rode it after I got the Ninja 5 years ago….

    So – was there an election in WI tonight or something?

    Oh, the Leftard tears of angst, fear and loathing are DELICIOUS!!

    1. Why do Motorcycles have to rev as high as possible at every red light?

      1. That’s someone else. I don’t know…

        1. Motorcycles rev themselves at stoplights?

      2. It’s not necessary, but acceleration is the answer to your question. A garden variety motorcycle will leave the best sports car in the dust when a traffic light turns green. The power to weight ratio rules on behalf on the motorcycle rider when getting started, but the weight to power ratio is in the car’s favor if the two collide. The motorcycle rider is saying ‘keep your distance’.

  41. A new blog for Hit and Run:…

    Jenn here. I just got off the phone with my mother. My parents are forcing me to go back to college. It’s really unfair. They said that if I don’t go back to school they’ll stop paying for my apartment, bills, and other living expenses. It’s unfair because they said the same thing to me about five months ago except instead of going to school it was seeing a therapist and taking medication. I’m currently doing both of those things so the school thing came as a huge surprise. Apparently they were planning it all along. My mom said the next step after school would be for me to start working. I’m so angry that my parents have basically been planning my life behind my back and are forcing me to go through with their plans by threatening homelessness.

    1. You BASTARD! I almost hyperventilated I was laughing so hard.

      I gotta go to bed now…

    2. Jenn. 22. Cisgendered. Transabled. Pansexual. Aromantic. Asensual. Demiplatonic. Turtle/tortoise in a past life. Member of a multiple system. Gainer. Fat activist. Transfat activist. Vegan. Feminist.Trying to become more aware of and take more responsibility over my privileges. Trying to learn. Trying to accept. Trying to correct. Trying. Faltering. Trying again.
      Likes: sewing, cooking, gardening, animal rights, human rights, human-animal rights, fat acceptance

      Dislikes: the reluctance to simply just check your privilege

      I share this blog with my spirit twin, Justice.

      JUSTICE. 25. Genderqueer FAAB. Pansexual. Objectum Sexual. Gender neutral pronouns. PoC. Anti-racist. Animal Rights. Eating disorder recovery. Organic raw vegan. Firm believer in the right to remain educated.

      Likes: bell hooks, veganism, gender fluidity, New York, racial, sexual, and gender equality, superfoods like acai, goji, maca, and raw cacao.

      Dislikes: animal cruelty, the meat industry, transphobic cissies, close-minded people

      Fucking beautiful.

      1. Dang, I just c n p’d that. Have to back and find something else.

      2. I want to think you made that up, but it’s simply unmakeupable.

        1. Firm believer in the right to remain educated.

          Without a doubt.

      3. A fat vegan? I think he/she is doing it wrong.

        1. True story: The Pillsbury Doughboy was a vegan.

        2. A diet based on carbs? I would say she is doing it right.

          1. Maybe but I’ve never seen a fat vegan. It’s pretty much the only thing they got going for them.

            1. The ones I have known completely lack muscle and have pot bellies.

              1. And you can see the veins under their skin.


                1. And their gums turns this funky greenish color.

            2. She claims to be a gainer. According to wiki that’s a person who gains weight for sexual arousal.

              Also, if you weren’t so caught up in you rape culture, you’d probably know more fat vegans, and be able to think they were beautiful by throwing of gender norms. Or something.

        3. Twinkies ain’t meat.

      4. “Turtle/tortoise in a past life”

        I *like* turtle soup.

      5. Oh, you’re an overweight female who wears Yoga Pants everyday? Please continue to do so, I love throwing up in my mouth.

      6. The sensitivity training in freshman year really did a number on her, didn’t it?

        In the future, that kind of thing will be considered torture.

    3. That is awe. some. “Gender neutral pronouns”.

      And I mean awesome in the hilarious sense…not in any other. Because in all other senses, it’s terribly sad.

    4. Oh man, it gets better. She a fake multiple personality dickjob:

      Anonymous asked: Being transethnic is to imply that all Japanese behave/look/believe the same way. It’s to put millions if not billions of people into one whole generalization and saying that this is what you believe you should have been. There is a difference between appreciating and loving the culture and another thing being borderline if not racist, by assuming that a race all behave in a certain way.

      Toshi answering. I am dictating to Jenn. I feel as though I should answer this question since I am Japanese. Jenn does not think that all Japanese people look and act the same. However, when I was teaching her about Japan, everything I told her seemed to touch something deep inside her. She does not know what it was/is but it made her question her true ethnicity. She is not currently identifying as transethnic, she is just exploring ethnicity and what it means to be transethnic.

      1. I loved this: “My parents don’t understand that I’m not always in control of my body. A toddler and a flying dog CANNOT do work intended for an adult human.”

        1. Dammit I had to post that three times to get it to take.

        2. Another: “Momo here! I am dictating to Jenn! Hi! Well, I am from an alternate reality where the only dog breeds are flying Jack Russell and flying Pug. I am a combination of the two called a Jug!”

          1. You guys are getting trolled big time.

            That said, this needs to be posted in the AM Links.

          2. This is comedy gold. “What a day! My family actually didn’t care about my Costco protest, they ignored me the whole time we were in there.”

            1. If it’s a troll it’s a long and often subtle one. “Also, I think I may have a bit of a squish on my neighbor. I dropped my bag of groceries (luckily there was nothing breakable in the bag) in the hallway and he helped me pick them up. He noticed my bracelet that I made that says “feminist” and we got to talking. Turns out he’s a feminist too! We talked for around five minutes about rape culture. It was pretty awesome.”

              1. An earlier post on the site lead me to this. NSFW ugly woman with facial piercings alert.

                1. “JUSTICE here. I got some unsettling feedback in regard to the state of my gender?so ah, let me explain. I don’t really have a gender – I identify as a trans* genderqueer hard femme boi, and that confuses many people.”

              2. I’m 100% sure sloopy’s right about this; even in the profiles there are a few giveaways.

      2. My parents don’t understand that I’m not always in control of my body. A toddler and a flying dog CANNOT do work intended for an adult human. I wish my parents would believe me.


        1. It’s almost a dead certainty that this is some kind of performance art. There’s no way that a person with those “qualities” would be able to figure out how to work a computer keyboard.

          1. Yeah, this has to be a spoof. Maybe. If it is it’s brilliantly done and sad that it’s believable. If not it’s hilarious and sad that there are people like this. Kids these days, I tell you what.

            1. If it’s satire and I think it is, it is perfectly set up as the next stage in societal degeneration.

      3. Uhm. Are those people people?

      4. Holy sweet science, it just gets better.

        seriously if toshi can teach you about japan she is at the very most a first-generation american citizen w/ japanese parents? she has to know at least some basic japanese if she’s able to teach you about her country…

        Jenn here. Toshi didn’t mention it in our introductions because he is very shy and easily embarrassed but he is actually deaf mute. He gave me permission to make that fact about him public because it has now become necessary to do so. He communicates telepathically as both a sender and a receiver.

        I mean, come on.

        1. The only cure for this scourge is for us all to turn to supervilliany . . wait, not people people. Fucked up characters then. Shame, I had plans for an neutron bomb to wipe them out.

        2. Goddamnit can’t gamma ray fiction.

    5. Okay, this is amazing. I didn’t read much before, but now I have, and: complete troll. In the completest sense of the word complete. This must be SugarFree’s side project, surely. It would help to explain all the jezebelling. Some favorites:


      “Jenn here. Actually transabled means that I am transitioning away from being disabled. If I were transitioning towards having a disability I would be transdisabled.”


      “Jenn here. Soooo, I identify as transfat. No I’m not talking about the kind thats bad for you and is in dollar store peanutbutter. I mean that I wasn’t always fat but I always felt like I was supposed to be fat.”

      1. (a few more…)


        “Jenn here. Actually, I am not an objectum sexual. That is my soul sibling/spirit twin Justice. You can tell our posts apart because ze always introduces zirself as Justice before saying whatever ze has to say. I, and my headmates, do the same thing for our posts. Before you ask, no ze is not a headmate of mine. Ze is a friend of mine with zir own body.”


        “Who do you think you are? Justice is my name. It may not be my given name, but that does not make it any less valid than a title bestowed to me at birth. “Ze” is a gender-neutral pronoun. He= masculine. She = feminine. and Ze=gender neutral BECAUSE NEWSFLASH, THERE’S MORE THAN TWO GENDERS AND GENDER IS MUCH TOO COMPLEX TO BE A SIMPLE BINARY.”


        “Justice here. I am now in a relationship with an object, a bookshelf named Hunter who is made of mahogany. I have always been attracted to him (he beckoned me over in Pier 1 imports when we first met 8 years ago) but now I know I really love him. For 8 years he has been full of books and knickknacks so I never really got a good look at his slender, sexy frame.”

    1. You need to post actual pictures of the victim.

  42. Crying guy on CNN standing outside state capitol building declares that democracy is dead.

    Now that’s what I like to see. Bonus points if it was the actual CNN correspondent weeping over the republic’s corpse.

    1. Crying guy on CNN standing outside state capitol building declares that democracy is dead.

      The outcome of a democratic vote is a signal that democracy is dead. No, dickface, this is EXACTLY what democracy looks like.

  43. Crying guy on CNN standing outside state capitol building declares that democracy is dead.

    Damn I wish I had cable.

  44. Update: Crying guy on CNN standing outside state capitol building declares that democracy is dead.

    You better link some video, Scott. I’m counting on those tears to tide me over until Ron Paul lambastes the delegates at the GOP convention.

    1. That was simply delightful! Democracy is dead in America because of Citizens United of course. That is all you are going to hear for the next week.

      1. I hope democracy is dead in America. It’s been used as a wrecking ball to take rights and confiscate income away from minority groups for the last 100 years.

        And somebody needs to let that dickhead know we are a Republic.

        1. “I don’t know what a republic is, but it sounds racist. Like republican.”

          –Dipshit Voter

      1. God bless you, Gladstone.

        I don’t often lick my computer screen, but those tears will sustain me for months.

      2. LEAVE WISCONSIN ALONE! :sobs:

      3. The hamminess of his tears nourish my soul and sustain me against all trials and tribulations.

        Weepy Scott Walker opponent, you have my thanks. I will remember you fondly as I feast on your pain.

      4. What was that Oscar Wilde said about Little Nell?

        1. That he thought the name was Neil when he went in?

          1. Something about you not being human if you did not laugh at the character’s death. Same with this guy, if you can’t beat off or at least laugh to that weeping, you just don’t have a soul.

            1. Same with this guy, if you can’t beat off or at least laugh to that weeping, you just don’t have a soul.

              I did one of the two.

        2. “One must have a heart of stone to read the death of little Nell without laughing.”

      5. Oh thankee sai! Much nutrition from Hyperbole-Man’s tears.

        I feel grrrrreat!

      6. Thank you, sir. That was brilliant.

  45. Brace yourselves, here comes the inevitable bullshit tsunami rolling in as expected……..6750.story

    Challenger Tom Barrett’s campaign has been swift to respond to the claims of misleading information being disseminated by an unidentified group. But, the Barrett campaign had yet to produce a recording of one of the alleged robo-calls.

    Fuck, if there were only some kind of device that could record incoming telephone calls. Damn you, technology!

    1. Perhaps Barret should move to Canada?

  46. From Facebook:
    The people have spoken, and they’re both named Koch.

    So I called that one right, apparently, the narrative is going to be KOCHTOPUS!!! all the way.

    1. From Facebook

      Isn’t that the place that’s on sale for half price after a week on the market?

      1. I LOOM LARGE

      2. As part of its ongoing rebranding campaign, JP Morgan is changing its name to Half Price Facebooks.

  47. I can’t wait till Brad Meltzer decodes this one


  49. 1/3 of voters from union households voted for Walker! That is a stunning statistic and one that should take a whole lot of wind out of a whole lot of port-tacking sails

  50. Can I just say that even though no one knows me here I took a hell of a beating on election nights as an anti-Romney guy during the R primaries (not from the people but from the losing) and really, really needed this one? I even needed it to be this easy.

    It feels so good to just win again. Not just a single or double either but a grand slam. LoL, my children. I have to say I’m pretty lit right now.

    Now it’s just Liz “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee” Warren that needs to be taken down and the to-do list for 2012 is nearly complete.

    Except for the Obama situation.

    But…if Romney comes up w/ a decent VP choice like Ryan or Rubio and everything’s clover…1/2 Establishment and 1/2 Tea Party…and we can all feel comfortable….well maybe we can all get back together for the reunion tour.

    Romney needs to really take a look at this result tonight though if he’s wise. No one wants a Rob Portman-type.

    Not even in Lite-Blue WI!

    1. Who did you like in the primaries?

      1. Ron Paul, or Gary Johnson?

    2. Ryan and Rubio (especially tarp fucker Ryan) are big government conservatives, no thanks.

    3. Is Walker even all that good?

      The only joy i am feeling is watching the complete train wreak of left leaning media.

      Ed Shultz is the best so far but i still can’t wait to read the full on face plant the NYT will make in its op-ed pieces.

      1. All of the coverage will be “Team RED outspends Team BLUE to victory. This is the inevitable result of that lousy Citizens United decision” All of it.

  51. C’mon Celtics. Hang on for 13 seconds.

    1. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      /Marv Albert

      1. Holy crap, the Big Three (plus Rondo) might get to lose in one more NBA Finals.

        (I am a realistic Celtics fan)

        1. I love the Celtics and I don’t think they can beat the ZombieSonics. Nothing in the world could make me happier than seeing LeBrick and the Heat go another year without the NBA brass securing them a championship.

          And the series would have ended tonight if the refs hadn’t have fucked Boston out of Game 2.

  52. Just got this on my twitter:

    Heat Lose, Uniting Republicans and Democrats in Joyous Celebration
    Retweeted by radleybalko

  53. Hey hey
    Ho ho
    The union has
    Gotta go!

  54. I love the meme about “Money bought this election.”

    How many of those complaining fucks said that when Obama was raising record amounts in 2008?

    1. Yeah, but Obama raised a little money from everybody. Whereas with these superpacs, a single rich person can give $1 million or more.

      1. Um, do you know how a SuperPac works? They are not allowed to be affiliated with the campaign, the party or another PAC in any way.

        And money is money, even if it is “a little money from everybody.”*

        *Which was patently false. Obama had more corporate donors than any candidate before him. Just ask the commercial bankers or scroll through the other categories.

    2. Just an observation: if you took the set of all political discourse and subtracted that which is focused on pointing out hypocrisy, I believe you might be left with enough to fill a 3 x 5 note card.

      1. Very nicely put! I plan to steal that line from time to time without proper attribution. Thanks in advance. 🙂

    3. Typical melodramatic idiocy at Kos:

      Democracy–bought and paid for. Facilitated by the dumb fucks who vote against their own self interests. It’s happened the world over for hundreds of years–we just thought we were different. “Exceptional.” Hah.…..g-thread-5

      1. Fantastic. They think we’re in the fiscal meltdown we’re in because people vote against their apparent self-interest.

  55. Why the fuck would the idiots at MSNBC put up a stat showing 61% to walker right as they say “too close to call.”

    How hard is it to say “not enough counted.”

  56. 16th amendment|6.5.12 @ 11:49PM|#
    “Yeah, but Obama raised a little money from everybody.”

    Yeah, $35K for a sit-down is a ‘little money’, right?

    1. 35K to sit down with Obama and The Devil herself. Obama is totally in touch with the average voter.

      1. That’s a campaign in touch with the pulse of the American people.

  57. I hear there are union members crying delicious tears. Would it be wrong of me to surgically attach my mouth-lamprey-esque- to one of those eyes to maximise tear collection?

  58. Reason, as a proper libertarian entrepenuer, I plan to bottle and sell the sweet yet salty tears of tonight, with subtle notes of depseration, sheer idiocy, and eternal sadness.

    The question I have for you all- in 5 years, which vintage will sell for higher?

    The Gawker brand?


    The Jezebel brand?

    This is important, people.

    1. Refuse to click on those links, in a good mood right now.

      1. Avoid Gawker, but the Jezzies are hilarious right now. Example:

        F*cling right-wing scumbuckets, f*cling idiotic and ignorant general populace, f*cling rich assholes who use their filthy money to further their own agendas, f*cling downward-spiral of a suit excuse of a country we have left…Can you tell I’m pissed off and scared about November now? Why are most people so. F*cling. Stupid?! Argh!

        1. Yeah, Jez’s will sell for higher. Gawker is just the same shit you could get from anywhere, but Jezebel has such nuggets as:

          Lifelong Wisconsinite here. I love this state so much. I am almost moved to tears by how disappointing this is. As a minority woman who works in healthcare and is unmarried and sexually active, Walker is maybe the worst person I can think of to represent my interests as a constituent. All of my friends and family are similarly disappointed.
          The one upside I can think of is that the election results are making it really easy to decide who to unfriend on Facebook.

          Or this comment:

          I am frightened for November.

          This country is so horribly polarized. On one side, you have a group of people driven by fear and religion, who are exploited by a handful of extremely rich people whose only real priority is making more money at any cost and are led by the most brilliant propaganda and dirty tricks machine ever seen on this planet.

          On the other side, you have a ragtag group of minorities, hippies and young people who are too depressed to vote and have a wide variety of interests that keeps them from serious focus.

          1. As a minority woman who works in healthcare and is unmarried and sexually active, Walker is maybe the worst person I can think of to represent my interests as a constituent.

            God almighty… the assumptions that are embedded in these idiots about the role of government. It’s sick.

            1. I’m surprise she didn’t also state she was a single mother and a lesbian, just to give her a little bit more victim status.

              1. The lady ought to change her name to Azzay.

        2. Jez again:

          Yeah, I think I can probably stop pretending that my vote counts now.

          I mean, elections are won or lost by huge corporations with deep pockets or special interest groups or goatfuckers like the Koch Brothers. We the people don’t even fucking matter anymore.

          1. Don’t they know the Kochs don’t have literal goats. They’re rich, and rich people are not so limited. They have transgenic humans embedded with goat DNA to give the sex slaves extra strength bucking power when the Kochs ride them dirty. They don’t understand the rich at all!

            1. transgenic humans embedded with goat DNA to give the sex slaves extra strength bucking power

              And IIRC, they blog with Jen and Toshi from upthread.

            2. So, I am guessing that because these creatures are part human and part goat, while the Koch brothers are fucking them from behind, the goat people are also polishing the brother’s monocles?

              1. But of course! The Koch brothers were slated to be the boss villains in the third season story arch of Dark Angel but the show got canceled.

          2. I’m going to have to agree with them here, giving two out of state residents 1.2 million+ votes is kinds of fucked up election system.

        3. I hardly ever watch Ed anymore, but I’m going to tonight. I need to get fired up after this kick in the face.


        4. Okay kids, I could post Jez comments all night:

          This Wisconsin voter feels really defeated. I’m putting up a strong face on Twitter and Facebook, for the sake of the public employees and campaign volunteers that I know and love, but I’m going to let myself just show it here, where no one knows me.

          I’m sick of losing. I’m not crying, like I was in 2010 when Russ Feingold lost, but I feel more hopeless than I did even then. I can’t keep up the positivity in the face of the assaults on collective bargaining, women’s health, and on our very basic right to vote. I can’t look forward to November, because I don’t know what a win there will mean. More compromise, on our side? For what? To get punched in the face some more?

          I’ve put so much into a belief in the political process. But I don’t really know where to turn right now.

          And a reply:

          Honestly? I’m turning out of state. To Chicago, at the very least. I’ve lived in Wisconsin for most of my life. After spending much of my 20s in MN, I returned here to go back to school and enjoy the truly excellent things that WI (and Milwaukee) has to offer. But eff this. This is not the state I grew up in. The leadership has cut this state in half, and I’m having none of it. You want qualified workers to stay in Wisconsin, gov? Well, you just lost one.

          Yes, Chicago. Once again:BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

          1. ouijabored
            Tue 05 Jun 2012 11:14 PM

            I tried. I signed the petition, I posted facts and resources about Walker Barrett, I voted in the primary, I voted today, I tried to make sure everyone I know voted. I really, really, REALLY wanted Walker to GTFO because his actions have shit on a ton of my family members, my boyfriend’s family members, and our friends.

            We tried. We really did. And now we both just kind of want to get shit faced and move.

            Please tell me you are going to a blue state. Not a purple one like mine. Blue!

    2. You are a masochist for going there on your own.

      1. Aww, hell no, it’s total fun tonight.

    3. From the comments on Gawker:

      “Ok, you’re in charge of the campaign, and the other side is outspending you 25 to 1. What tactics do you use?”

      Is it just me or is that made up ratio becoming wider and wider each hour?

      1. Damnit Banjos! Walker spent so much that we had to invent an entirely new number to represent it!

        This pregnancy must be addling your womanly brain!

        (Seriously, though, congratulations, and how is it going? Also, I think reason should chip in to buy your baby a tiny monocle to receive at your baby shower).

        1. Outside of the typical morning sickness and fatigue, everything is going great, thanks for asking. We will know the gender by early August. Hopefully we will add another female libertarian to this world, bringing the number up to 19…20?

            1. Gender? WTF?

              You might ask that of Warty and Sugarfree and the beast they are brewing in a cauldron south of Lexington, Kentucky, but not us.

            2. Why should parents decide a childs gender?

          1. Hopefully we will add another female male libertarian to this world the patriarchy, bringing the number up to 19…20 3.5 Billion?

            FIFY, honey.

            1. So are you going to name him Charles or David after our dear leaders? Oh sorry, they probably tell you what to name him, right?

              1. Lysander Spooner Sloopkowski

          2. When you have a boy, you have to worry about one little asshole. When you have a girl, you have to worry about all of them.

        2. we had to invent an entirely new number to represent it!

          Funny, that’s what I’ve been saying about her bustline the last couple of months.

          1. Why didn’t that happen to my wife when she was pregnant? I mean, they were a little improved, esp. in the nip department, but no huge change in cup size.

            1. It is God’s way of thanking me for all the great work I have done.

              1. Yeah. I can see why he would hate my guts.

          2. my boobs grow when I drink beer

            1. Yeah, we know you and Chuck Schumer are cut from the same cloth.

      2. How the hell did we even have a chance when those Kochsuckers spent a trillions of dollars while all we were able to raise was $46.67 and a handful of buttons!!!!!!!!11

      3. One millionbagillion dollars to one.

        1. One millionbagillion dollars to one.

          Welcome to the Libertarian Party. Would you like a cup of coffee?

          1. Do I get a Koch Brothers decoder ring and monocle? Or do I have to pledge and earn my way up?

            1. You just have to pass a wealth check. Have one of your servants bring your bank statements to headquarters for a look over.

  59. Dammit. I’ve got work to do. It’s past midnight. And I simply cannot stop surfing leftist websites to gleefully frolic in their pain and despair.

    1. Schadenfreude ist die schoenste freude.

    2. That’s the fun part of elections: you always have a loser at whom you can point and laugh hysterically. It’s only later you begin to realize that when you point, he points, and that when you laugh, he laughs.

      1. The gleeful pointing with this one is a little different. Most elections are about broader stuff, and usually boil down to “seems like a guy you could have a beer with” sorts of crap.

        This election was about one specific, pointed, extremely important issue, an issue that cleanly demarcates progressive values from libertarian-ish ones. We won’t get to witness many elections quite like it, and so the moment is uniquely sweet.

      2. .It is my consistently applied goal in life to be the monster in the abyss and not the one looking into it. So many salty tears you can collect down here. You should join me.

      3. I hear you, due to the magnitude of the loss; the induced lunacy has certainly been a sight to see. But the novelty wears off pretty quickly, at least for me, and my mental picture shifts to the image of some millions of people standing in line to pull a lever by which they mean to exert control, each in their respective ways, over their fellows.

        1. my mental picture shifts to the image of some millions of people standing in line to pull a lever by which they mean to exert control, each in their respective ways, over their fellows.

          Well, yeah, I hate democracy too. But I’ll take what I can get…

  60. Tear collection and sales would be wonderful. You’ll have to come up with multiple flavors based on the person you collected the goodness from.

    Pasty DMV Union Worker Formula 12
    Publik Skhool Teacher With Thyroid Condishun
    Part-time Library Janitor With A Fully-Funded Pension (infused with wheatgrass)
    and my favorite
    Vegan UW Herstory Grad Student Living Off Mom and Dad.

    Coming soon to a store near you!

    1. Hey, it’s a better product than the easiest fucking condiment in the world to make being sold in Brooklyn by fucking hipster douchebags.

      1. That almost looks like they have formed one of them corporation thingies, supplying a demand and other evil stuff.

  61. Jez:

    Tue 05 Jun 2012 11:06 PM
    Please don’t blame the entire state of Wisconsin. I am ashamed to be living in this state now, and the county I live in looks completely different to other parts of the state where is he believed to be the messiah. This is so much about money and stupidity, but I don’t want to get shit from everyone on the planet just because some boondock idiots don’t know what’s good for them.

    Automatic for the People, right?

    1. God, 2010 election meltdown 2.0

  62. When’s the recount start? Hey, he only lost by 200,000 votes!

  63. Over at the Kos:

    I can just about forgive the Brits for starting our revolutionary war and burning DC to the ground during the war? of 1812 for giving us Led Zeppelin.

    Burning down the White House was one of the nicest gifts a nation ever gave another. Better than the statue of the pretty lady the French gave us by a country mile.

  64. Gary Johnson made a fool of himself on the Daily Show.

    1. How could you tell?

  65. A very sad day for the progressive movement. Unions are the bastion of the middle class.
    The defeat of unions is the defeat of the middle class, a loss for ordinary workers and women. Furthermore, this loss for public sector union workers is a loss for all who believe that government has a significant role to play in the economy and the preservation of social programs.

    Obama’s silence proves once again the only thing Obama cares about is Obama.
    Obama’s base just lost any reason they had to vote for him again.

    1. Your tears are delicious.

    2. Hang on now….the president did tweet about the election.

      What else more could he have done?

  66. The defeat of unions is the defeat of the middle class, a loss for ordinary workers and women.

    You’d have to sit on the tailgate of of IBEW electrician’s truck and eat a sandwich for lunch to soak it all in.

    In case you’re wondering, government IBEW members don’t drive their own trucks to construction sites or eat sandwiches for lunch.


    (takes breath)


    (takes breath)


    I really, really needed this one…I’ll take half a loaf on this one.

  68. Those dudes really do not have a clue at all.

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