"Your First Amendment right can be terminated if you're creating a scene or whatever… your presence created a scene": Cop Probably Making Bigger Scene Than NBC News Photographer Who Got Detained


Video was apparently posted the same day of a Chicago cop threatening photographers from NBC News and stating their mere presence terminated their First Amendment rights two months ago, but is only making its rounds across the Internet now.

Bob Sullivan at MSNBC's Redtape Chronicle wrote on the video first this morning:

"Your First Amendment rights can be terminated," yells the Chicago police officer, caught on video right before arresting two journalists outside a Chicago hospital.  One, an NBC News photographer, was led away in handcuffs essentially for taking pictures in a public place.  He was released only minutes later, but the damage was done. Chicago cops suffered an embarrassing "caught on tape" moment, and civil rights experts who say cops are unfairly cracking down on citizens with cameras had their iconic moment.

The original story, with no video. Video below:

No lawsuits appear to have been filed. 

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