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Seth Adams Was Still Alive After Deputy Sheriff Shot Him Four Times in Parking Lot of Family Business; New Details From Family Attorney, None From Police (w/ updates)


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The family of a 24-year-old man shot by a Palm Beach County deputy sheriff in the parking lot of their gardening store have lawyered up, and their attorney's offered more details on their version of what happened the night a sheriff's deputy shot and killed the unarmed Seth Adams, as the attorney  prepares a civil lawsuit. From the Palm Beach Post:

His body riddled with bullets fired by an undercover Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy, Seth Adams was clinging to life as he crawled across a darkened parking lot for help, an attorney representing Adams' family said Thursday.

West Palm Beach attorney Valentin Rodriguez told The Palm Beach Post that instead of trying to stop the 24-year-old Loxahatchee Groves man from bleeding to death, deputies tackled his brother, David Adams, who ran out of the family trailer on A Road to rescue him [after Seth called to tell his brother he was "shot by a cop"].

"He could have been saved," Rodriguez told the Post after meeting with the family Thursday. "This was complete disregard for his medical care. These weren't shots to kill. You're supposed to render aid."

The attorney also claims sheriff's cars blocked a nearby intersection, which slowed the arrival of paramedics on the scene, and:

Rodriguez called it "bizarre" that Custer would let Adams crawl on the ground without administering CPR or putting him into handcuffs if he felt threatened as he claimed.
If someone had helped Adams faster, he could have been saved, Rodriguez told the Post. "Once you shoot him, the threat's over," he said. "You should follow up on the guy."

The deputy was conducting surveillance in the parking lot, according to the police, who say the nature of the surveillance is not "public record." Commenter Mensan noted in the first post about Seth that Google Maps shows not much else around the Adams business, A One Stop Gardening Shop. The attorney brought this up too:

Rodriguez also raised questions Thursday about what Custer was surveilling as he sat in the parking lot before the shooting, since the intersection of A Road and Okeechobee Boulevard is not heavily populated… "I suspect it's a ruse," Rodriguez charged.

The business' surveillance cameras, apparently, were not rolling on the incident. The sheriff's office is still investigating the shooting and has not handed it over to the state attorney yet or provided additional details. Within days of the shooting, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said that "there's no doubt that the sergeant made every effort to make sure this guy knew he was a deputy sheriff" and that "there's only two witnesses here: the suspect and the deputy. And the suspect was not able to be interviewed. Why he decided to assault the deputy? We may never know that."

The attorney also says Seth Adams was still alive at least in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, so there are potential conversations with paramedics, as well as other evidence that could explain more of what happened in the parking lot that night. Police have still not reported how many shots were fired or bullets discharged, but the family has claimed from the beginning Adams was shot four times.

UPDATE: Medical reports released this afternoon confirm Adams was shot four times. Also, this:

Chief Assistant State Attorney Paul Zacks said his office has been heavily involved in the shooting since it happened and will act as a independent set of eyes.

"I believe this one is proceeding, proceeding quickly. I don't think anyone is trying to hide anything. We're trying to get it done as quickly as possible, but some things just take a little time," said Zacks.

Zacks said the state attorney's office is reviewing the case as it normally would and could decide if charges will be filed, if the shooting was justified or if it needs to head to a grand jury.

UPDATE 2: Sheriff Ric Bradshaw's now asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to conduct its own review of the shooting.

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  1. When you take this case and the case in Culpepper, VA, how is this not a trend that cops are just shooting anyone who they get into an argument with? Nothing ever happens to cops who kill people. And cops are nearly always bullies. Don’t tell me that hasn’t gotten into their consciousness and some of them are not just saying fuck it and shooting someone every time they lose their temper.

    1. The Culpeper cop got indicted for murder. He probably won’t be convicted, but let’s hope that at least the potential hassle of suspension without pay and a trial seeps into LEO consciousness and the hotheads start showing restraint or getting out.

      1. I missed that. Thanks.

    2. What do you call a country where government agents arbitrarily kill citizens without consequence?

      “Free” is not the first word that comes to mind.

      1. The police are just following the example set by the President.

    3. “Just another isolated incident,” John.

  2. The sheriff’s office is still investigating the shooting and has not handed it over to the state attorney yet or provided additional details.

    Between the sheriff’s knee-jerk initial comment and this, it sounds like they might be having difficulty figuring out how to cover this up. That’s the trouble when the victim has a family who won’t roll over.

    1. And there were witnesses. And the guy wasn’t a criminal.

      1. Probably going to have to call in a pork cloud from mexico.

        1. Ah yes, la nube de carnitas. The most succulent of all the clouds.

        2. Terrorist!

        3. Three red flags in a single post… I wouldn’t be surprised if you are the next citizen shot by a cop conducting “surveillance” on your property.

  3. “there’s only two witnesses here: the suspect and the deputy. And the suspect was not able to be interviewed. Why he decided to assault the deputy? We may never know that.”

    Is it just me, or is this goon saying that his people can kill whoever they want, as long as they get them good and dead so there’s nobody around to contradict their flimsy stories?

    1. I speak without fear of contradiction works pretty well sometimes. Yes that is what he is saying. In their view, the cop always gets the benefit of the doubt. You could just as easily ask why the cop decided to shoot an unarmed law abiding person we will never know.

      What is worse, even if you take it as a given that Adams assaulted the officer, that doesn’t automatically give the officer a right to use deadly force. Unless Adams had some kind of a weapon or is an MMA fighter, the cop’s shooting him is per say unlawful use of force and at least manslaughter.

      1. “I thought he had a weapon.”


    2. That’s what I hear, too. Fuck the physical evidence.

    3. Yeah, I noticed that too, and found the statement pretty horrifying.

      1. Meh, I refuse to get scared of these over-compensating, gormless pus-bags. Then again I died a long time ago, so ymmv.

    4. Most places, the burden of proof is on the shooter that he acted in self-defense. So your working assumption is that this was a bad shoot. You would think “Because I said so, and killed the only potential witness” wouldn’t necessarily satisfy that burden.

      Not accounting for the double standard, anyway.

      Does anyone seriously believe that a regular person hanging out in a parking lot, who shot the owner’s son, wouldn’t be charged? Of course they would. But no, there’s no double standard for cops, right, dunphy?

      1. A few questions could probably clarify the situation here.

        Was the victim armed? I assume not, since its not mentioned.

        Was the officer injured? I assume not, since its not mentioned.

        So, we have an unarmed guy who never hurt the officer, yet we are supposed to believe this cop was in fear of his life?

        1. They are scared of overly affectionate dogs. An adult human male at night must be terrifying to them.

          1. Auuggh! It’s Green Lantern! Shoot! Shoot!

      2. For a cop it seems a successful self-defense “affirmative defense” for a shooting is simply “Fuck you, affirmatively…that’s why”. No cameras, no witnesses (or at least no witnesses who will speak), and a (most likely) “Conspiracy to Manufacture Marijuana” investigation and it becomes he was shooting a hardened narco-trafficer to save the children.

  4. Its punk cops like this I just love to hear about in the news getting clipped in the line of duty!

    1. The robot is picking up on things pretty quick!

      1. When robots come to rule the world, I hope to be harvested in the sector under anonbot’s reign.

      2. anonbot has always had a healthy dislike of cops for some reason.

        1. It’s adorable, isn’t it?

  5. The business’ surveillance cameras, apparently, were not rolling on the incident.

    Step 1: Cops seize all the recordings from the security cameras.
    Step 2: ?
    Step 3: There are no recordings from the security cameras.

  6. Also, I was mentioned in an HR post. Is there a cash prize or something?

    1. Why the hell won’t the ampersand in H(ampersand)R show up?

      1. HR

        1. Weird, they don’t allow alt characters. In HTML you can’t just put an ampersand – it is “(ampersand)amp;”

          1. “(ampersand)#38;” doesn’t work either.

            1. All of my comments make me look special now because I only use ampersands anymore. It’s a hard habit to break for one measly website.

    2. Yes, your name has been added to the CIA Hit List.

  7. I almost dread checking out HR every morning. There’s a new story like this nearly every day. Cops have always done bad shit, but it seems to get more brazen all the time.

  8. The flavor of this board is overwhelmingly against the cops, which in my opinion it should be.

    Mark my words – it will come out that Mr. Adams had traces of marijuana in his blood, and the “George-Zimmerman-is-a-hero” section of our commentariat will suddenly come out in favor of the shooter.

    1. Those folks tend to believe the cops’ side of the story anyway. I doubt they’ll speak up even in that event.

      1. I agree with your first comment about checking HR, but I’m not so sure about the not speaking up part. Go back and look at the Trayvon Martin threads if you don’t believe me.

        1. Go back and check. I was on all of those threads. And no one that I ever saw said the traces of marijuana in Martin’s system had any relevance to the case against Zimmerman. Stop fucking lying Jacob.

        2. I wasn’t thinking so much of H and R anyway, in reference to your comment. Other than dunphy and the occasional drive-by commenter, you’re not going to find many police defenders around here, whatever the circumstances.

          I was thinking about the reaction more generally. There are plenty of people out there who will assume that Seth Adams “must have been up to no good” in order for him to get shot by the cop.

    2. Bullshit. Other than Dumphy who on here defends cops? And no one has ever claimed that George Zimmerman was a hero, only that he was not guilty of murder and was being railroaded by the mob.

      No one has more doggedly defended Zimmerman on here than me. And I defy you to come up with one cop thread where I have taken the cops’ side.

      Fuck you jacob, you are trolling. If you are going to make comments on the commentariot here, you might try reading the fucking posts once in a while.

      1. The viciousness of your post tells me all that I need to know you fucking shithead. I take it that the tough guy talk is because you consider Zimmerman a hero. Glad I pissed you off!

        BTW Look up the definition of troll, you are defining it right now.

        1. So you have no answer and you were trolling. Got it.

          Once again, let me ask you the questions.

          1. Who in the comentariot other than Dunphy ever defends the cops? If such people exist, you should have no problems producing links to the posts.

          2. Who ever claimed that Zimmerman was a hero or that the marijuana in Martin’s system meant anything? Once again, I am not asking you to prove a negative. Give links to posts that said that or shut the fuck up.

          You are trolling. And I am not going to let you get away with it.

          1. 1. I never said that anyone defended cops you fucking moron. I said the tides will turn on this case if similar information is released.

            2. I’m not searching through 1000+ posts to argue with you because you’re butthurt. I am happy that you get this pissed off over something that wasn’t directed to you. Maybe if you weren’t such a miserable piece of shit people would take you more seriously around here.

            1. That is exactly what you said

              Mark my words – it will come out that Mr. Adams had traces of marijuana in his blood, and the “George-Zimmerman-is-a-hero” section of our commentariat will suddenly come out in favor of the shooter.

              You said our commentariat. You were not talking about the tides in general.

              And what you said was bullshit and you deserved to be called out. And of course you not going to search. You know you won’t find anything.

              1. No, I said a section of the commentariat.

                The fact that you’re this bent out of shape over this suggests that I’m dead on or you’re just a whiner.

      2. And I defy you to come up with one cop thread where I have taken the cops’ side.

        Wow you’re a fucking moron. When did I ever say you defended cops?

        1. Are you illiterate Jacob? You are the one who said this mythical “Zimmerman is a hero crowd” would come in here and defend the cops. Well no one defended Zimmerman more doggedly than me. And I am not pro cop. So who are these people.

          Stop slandering the board.

          1. Stop slandering the obviously over-sensitive members of the board.

            1. Stop lying jacob and you won’t get called out.

              1. There were countless comments on these boards that advocated for murdering teens whenever they have marijuana in their system. By all a certain segment of the regulars too. It is just that not one can actually be found or named. Thus spoke Jacob, so it shall be.

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