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Dear Mayor Bloomberg: When You've Lost a Social Media Site Featuring Tasteful Nude Models, You've Lost America! ( Edition)


Cyan Banister is the CEO of, a site that features tasteful amateur nude models, an online community, and photo contests up the ying-yang. An example is "Science is awesome!," which calls for pics based on that statement. 

The latest contest is being sponsored by Banister herself and its call for entries is inspired by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to shrink cup sizes for sugary drinks throughout the city once called "Fun City."

For more on the contest, which is titled "FUCK YOU Mayor Bloomberg" and carries a $2,000 prize for still-photo-and-video-based meditations on the ban, go here and read below:

I am so upset about Mayor Bloomberg's proposed ban on cup sizes in NYC that I decided to start a prize for other like-minded artists who want to tell him what we think about being treated like little children who can't help ourselves.

Nudity: Encouraged

Tags: This prize does NOT reflect the views of the company. This is my personal prize and it is not sponsored by Zivity at all—in any way. Employees of the company may even disagree with me, but this is how I feel. This ban hes proposed is absurd and I dont want other mayors/states getting the idea that eroding freedom is tolerable. Making people criminals for drinking and selling soda is absurd. People like Mayor Bloomberg, with their pet laws, strip us all of our ability to make decisions for ourselves. We are NOT victims. WInners MUST have a video on YouTube or Vimeo to go along with the entry. It should be linked in your description. Put models in classy situations with 2 liters.

And check out Zivity's blog, which is one of the liveliest discussions online of sex, gender issues, and much more.

Banister was one of the sponsors of Reason's 2010 event celebrating free speech at NYC's The Box and she appears in our vid asking celebrants what they think is the greatest threat to free speech. She clocks in around the 35-second mark:

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  1. As someone else asked yesterday,wrer the hell does this man get the power to decide how much soda someone can sell?Most people never understand that property rights are as important as any other,including speech.I was against smoking bans for this reason.Those in favor said it would never go any farther.Utter B.S. .

  2. I can no longer look at that vidcap without a certain image coming to mind. Thanks Larry!

    1. Subtle, but well done.

    2. I always thought about that even before Larry did it.

  3. When I’m not evading my work filter, I’m gonna have to give Zivity a look. “Nudity: Encouraged” indeed!

    1. I was just gonna say, I assume that blog’s NSFW?

  4. Yeah, Greece’s politicians have been writing checks their economy can’t cash, and have been doing so for a very long time at the behest of their voters who think that everything should be free, but it’s really Germany’s fault because their banks lent them money.

    German leaders, meanwhile, are insisting that Greece and other indebted economies need to pay for their sinful ways. Chancellor Angela Merkel needs to level with her voters. Profligate lending by Europe’s banks, including Germany’s, helped drive up Greece’s unsustainable debts, as well as those in other economies. And the bailouts are not a favor to Greece and others. They are, in part, a rescue of Germany’s own banks, and the German economy and financial system need them to work.

    The people of Germany and it’s banks must throw good money after bad in order to fix Greece!!

    Jeebus these people are stupid.

    1. I must say, I find it amusing that the Germans are being pilloried for acting like the traditional stereotype of the Jewish moneylender.

    2. This really is insane. It’s a battle between the banks and socialists over who gets the spoils from the German taxpayers. If I were German I would probably be looking for somewhere to hide my money at this point.

  5. tasteful amateur nude models…cup sizes

    There are jokes waiting to be made, people.

  6. I for one both condone and encourage more of this sort of social protest.

  7. Cyan Banister is the CEO of, a site that features tasteful amateur nude models, an online community, and photo contests up the ying-yang.

    How has this never appeared in AM Links?

  8. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me dude. Wow.

  9. I would support a law limiting the size of government. That shit is bad for your health.

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