Reason Nominated for 11 Southern California Journalism Awards


I am happy to announce that the good ship Reason has been nominated for 11 Southern California Journalism Awards, encompassing work produced in 2011 by organizations located between San Diego and Santa Barbara (Reason is heaquartered in Los Angeles), as administered by the Greater L.A. Press Club. And the nominees for best work in the field of journalism:

* Best TV Documentary: Paul Feine, Alex Manning and Anthony Fisher, for "Abandoned in Guatemala: The Failure of International Adoption Policies." Watch it below:

* Best Advocacy Journalism: Radley Balko, Hawk Jensen, Zach Weissmueller, for "The War on Cameras."

* Best Multimedia Package: Radley Balko, Hawk Jensen, Zach Weissmueller, for "The War on Cameras." Watch the video component below:

* Best Magazine Investigative News Story: Radley Balko, "The War on Cameras: It has never been easier—or more dangerous—to record the police."

* Best Magazine Feature/Commentary Over 1,000 Words: Shikha Dalmia, for "Bollywood v. Jihad: Which is the Bigger Threat to Fundamentalist Islam, the Pentagon or Mumbai?" and Nick Gillespie and Veronique de Rugy, for "The 19 Percent Solution: How to Balance the Budget Without Increasing Taxes."

* Best Magazine Entertainment Review/Criticism/Column: Thaddeus Russell, for "Empire of the Son: The president's parents were supporters, not opponents, of American hegemony"; Bill Steigerwald, for "Sorry Charley: Was John Steinbeck's Travels With Charley a fraud?"; and Matt Welch, for "The Simpletons: David Brooks, Thomas L. Friedman, and the banal authoritarianism of do-something punditry."

* Best Group Weblog: Hit & Run.

* Best Website, Print News Organization: Reason Online.

Finalists will be announced June 24. Last year, we were nominated for 15 awards, and took home 4. Our 2011 work was also nominated for 8 Western Publishing Association "Maggie" awards, but we got shut out.

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