Radley Balko Named "Journalist of the Year," Reason Wins Three Other First Place Prizes at the Southern California Journalism Awards

I'm pleased to announce that the Los Angeles Press Club, which rewards journalism committed between San Diego and Santa Barbara, not only named Radley Balko "Journalist of the Year" among publications with circulation under 50,000, it further declared Balko "Best in Show" among the various other Journalists of the Year, a first-ever prize that netted the beloved former Reasonoid a cool $1,000. Here is what the judges said about Radley:

Radley Balko is one of those throw-back journalists that understands the power of groundbreaking reporting and how to make a significant impact through his work. Time and time again, his stories cause readers to stop, think, and most significantly, take action.

Damn skippy. You can read Balko's Reason archive here.

Reason won two other first-place prizes. They were:

* Best Advocacy Journalism, Nick Gillespie, Paul Feine and Drew Carey, for "Reason Saves Cleveland." Citation:

Can a team of journalists and advocates fix a failed city that has lost half its residents? Reason‘s video series told Cleveland what was wrong with its schools and anti-business policies and how to fix it. The stunned City Council asked them to town to hear more. A strong start to a wildly ambitious activism project.

* Best Entertainment Review/Criticism/Column, Matt Welch, for "Bailing Out Big Brother: Media criticism goes from rebelling against media oligarchs to handing them a lifeline." Citation:

In his piercing critique of two authors who want federal subsidies for news media, Welch calmly dismisses the idea of letting government take on "the care and feeding of its watchdog." Persuasive and intricately researched.

Reason also won four 2nd-place prizes:

* Peter Suderman's "Paul Ryan: Radical or Sellout?", for Magazine Profile
* James M. Dorsey's "Rap and Metal on Planet Islam: The booming voice of pent-up Middle Eastern anger," for Magazine Entertainment News or Feature
* Greg Beato's "From Paris Hilton to John Edwards: Celebrity sex tapes are the signature art form of our age," for Magazine Entertainment Review/Criticism/Column
* Greg Beato's "Copy Fight: A new front opens in the battle over online copyright infringement," for Online Column/Commentary

Honorable Mentions went to Nick Gillespie, for Best News Organization Website; and Peter Suderman's "The Gatekeeper: How a little bureaucratic office became the biggest impediment to Barack Obama's health care plans," for Magazine Feature/Commentary. Full list of Press Club winners here [PDF]; Reason's full slate of nominees here and here. To the best of my knowledge, the four first-place prizes are a Reason Southern California Journalism Awards record.

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  • Citizen Nothing||

    "Damn, Skippy," is right!
    Congratulations on some well-deserved recognition, Reasonistas!

  • The Gobbler||

    "Radley Balko Named "Journalist of the Year""

    Salve for a swollen scrotum.

  • kinnath||

    I have great respect for the staff at Reason, but I have been deeply moved by the work Radley has done.

  • Joe M||

    Hell yes! Radley Balko is the man! Glad to see him recognized for his sterling (if painful) work.

  • ||

    I'm surprised they didn't credit Balko as being from the more leftist-acceptable HuffPost.

    Of course, Matt Welch is not going to win the "Best Spelling" award after what he did to his Cleveland-saving celebrity friend's last name.

  • SIV||

    I think it's funny Reason is still considered a SoCal rag.The editors are all over the country but isn't the mag run out of DC? I guess the District has better indoctrination centers for two year olds.

  • Matt Welch||

    Still HQ'ed in L.A., with two senior editors & half the ReasonTV crew.

  • Joe M||

    Well, all of his work was from Reason. He's done, what, half a dozen articles so far at Huffington? Compared to dozens, hell, maybe hundreds, of articles and blog posts here?

  • Matt Welch||

    It was for work in 2010.

  • Matt Welch||

    Whoops! Thanks.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Bravo, Reasonites.

    (Next year let's get some "bravas" in there, lady Reasonites.)

  • ||

    Fuck you, quota bitch.

  • ||


  • Rock Action||

    Cool. beans. Congratulations to all those who were nominated, all those who placed, and a big ol' *deep breath*


  • KiddClass||

    So does that mean that commenters can tack this on to their name? e.g. Award-Winning Magazine Commenter Sugarfree...

  • ||

    I don't do what I do for the awards I didn't win.

  • Kristen||

    Well, I was Time Magazine's Person fo teh Year for 2006!

  • Kristen||

    Typing - how does it work?

  • The Gobbler||

    Your spelling looks fine to me, Kristen.

  • Jerry||

    No dogs were harmed in the making of this reporting.

  • ||

    Congrats to everybody at Reason.

  • ||

    Huge congrats to Radley Balko!



    Congratulations to Mr. Balko. & Reason

    I still think a Balko-Pulitzer is inevitable.

  • Obama||

    I have the award that counts and all I did was show-up

  • Anonymous Coward||

    Congratulations to Radley Balko et al.

    In honor of this event, free protective cups for everybody!

  • rather||

    I need two

  • Apologetic California||

    They read in SoCal?

  • creech||

    Lanny, Manny and Bob are (or would be) so proud of reason.

  • BlueBook||

    Congrats Reason. Now I know where to go if I need my entertainment reviewed and or criticized in columnar form by Southern Californians.

  • ||

    Nice. Congrats!

  • -||

    "Journalist of the Year" among publications with circulation under 50,000

    Almost three hours, and not one "world's tallest midget" joke.

  • Apogee||

    Except that the other 'giants' are shrinking, not getting taller.

  • Apogee||

    Oh, and Congrats to Radley, Nick, The Professor, Mary-Ann, Ginger ...

  • ||

    Ok, this is cool, but where's his Nobel Prize, huh?

  • Carston||

    Great job everyone. Now can someone tell me why there is a picture of season 1 of The Shield? Is it because Radley is also bald and kinda looks like Vic Mackey?

  • Almanian||

    Missed this yesterday - congratulations all around, everyone!!


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