Reason Nominated for 15 Total Southern California Journalism Awards

On Monday, I noted here that Reason was preliminarily nominated for eight Southern California Journalism Awards, including Radley Balko for Journalist of the Year, as handed out by the L.A. Press Club. Well, now the full nomination list [PDF] is out, and we've got seven more finalists to announce:

* Best Magazine Review/Criticism/Column: Greg Beato, for From Paris Hilton to John Edwards: Celebrity sex tapes are the signature art form of our age; Jesse Walker, for Disaster Utopianism: Looking for paradise in catastrophic places; and Matt Welch, for Bailing Out Big Brother: Media criticism goes from rebelling against media oligarchs to handing them a lifeline

* Best Magazine Personality Profile: Peter Suderman, for Paul Ryan: Radical or Sellout?

* Best Magazine Entertainment News or Feature: James M. Dorsey, for Rap and Metal on Planet Islam: The booming voice of pent-up Middle Eastern anger

* Best Advocacy Journalism: Nick Gillespie, Paul Feine, and Drew Carey, for Reason Saves Cleveland

Congrats to everybody for having their great work honored, and I got yer subscription information right here!

Some prior L.A. Press Club nominations and victories for Reason:

For work in 2009: 4 nominations, 0 first-place prizes

2008: 7 noms, 2 plaques (Tim Cavanaugh, Terry Colon)

2007: 16, 3 (Jacob Sullum, Kerry Howley, and Best Website)

2006: ? , 1 (Best Group Weblog)

2005: 6, 2 (Ronald Bailey, Matt Welch)

2004: 5, 2 (Tim Cavanaugh, Matt Welch)

2003: 5, 2 (Ronald Bailey, staff for Online Commentary)

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  • Gibby||

    Is there any way you can increase the duration of your alt-texts? These weren't so bad, but sometimes it take a good three tries or more to read them.

  • Hugh Akston||

    That Balko continues to get stiffed on these nominations demonstrates what a joke professional awards are.

    Oh, and congrats to the nominees, best of luck.

  • Paul||

    Balko just tells the truth. Where's the fun in that?

  • johnl||

    sed "s:Plant Islam:Planet Islam". The link is good only the link text is wrong. Congrats.

  • ||

    Once again, no commenter nominations. Me and my tux are boycotting the event.

  • Hugh Akston||

    My tux is boycotting, but I'll just go without it.

  • Joe M||

    You were hoping for a Golden Monocle, I imagine?

  • The Gobbler||

    That would be a great name for a libertarian award.

    Oh my G-d! I just won the Golden Monocle!!!!!!!

  • ||

    I'd wear it everywhere.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Best Hitler Allusion

  • ||

    A Godwin? I'd like to thank the L.A. Press Club, Hit & Run, my fellow commenters, and, of course, the Nazis.

  • The Jews||

    Nothing for us?

    Oh, you said the media. Close enough.

  • ||

    Without you, the Godwin would be meaningless.

  • Lars Von Triers||

    You are velcome!

  • CE||

    Wait until they put up the Hugh Akston statue. Then complain that there's not one of you.

  • Irresponsible Hater||
    Bestest trophy pick evar.

  • Joe M||

    Yay you guys are teh best evar!

  • rather ||

    "I totally got that shirt"

    Honey, we know you do!


    Welch, you are now obligated to wear that shirt in your next television appearance, else shredding your integrity. Or shredding it anyway, but in a funny way. I suggest a blue mohair sportcoat and a fez to go with.

  • Bradley||

    I was hoping Jesse's "Paranoid Center" article would be nominated. That was a damn good piece of writing.

  • Matt Welch||

    Was from the year before.

  • Max||

    Nothing for oversimplification and exaggeration? Is there no award for ideological rigidity? How about right-wing stupidity? Making reality conform to utopian idiocy? Make up (Gillespie)? Animal imitations (Welch)?
    Don't worry, you'll win in some category.

  • ||

    That's right, Troll of the Year is still available! I know fan ballots are largely meaningless, but you'll get my vote.

  • Sparky||


  • Hugh Akston||

    Max is the Alanis Morissette of trolls. He has one idea and he's going to coast on it for the rest of his life.

    If you want real trolling, I nominate Gregory "Donderooooooooo" Smith. It takes truck nutz to espouse bog-standard neoconservatism and call yourself a libertarian.

  • ||

    I lied. My real vote is going to HERCULE TRIATHLON SAVINIEN. Maybe my favorite troll this year.

  • Jim||

    Where's Tony been lately? He's got nothing on Greg Smith AKA L4F, or Hercule of course, but he just suddenly dropped off the face of the earth seems like.

  • ||

    I was wondering for a bit whether he was J sub D's sockpuppet, but I think I saw a Tony post since then.

  • Max has made his last post||

    Max|6.24.10 @ 3:29PM|#

    Go suck ron puals dick, morons. You peeple are fucking retarded. I`m done coming to this wingnut sight. this is my last post.

  • ||

    What's with all this recent stuff? You can go back much further. Here's a sample:

    Edward|10.4.07 @ 1:46PM|#

    Fuck you and the rest of your wacky "Urkobold" cronies, PL. In fact, fuck this entire lunatic blog and everyone on it. I'm done with it.
  • MaxiePad award||

    for Ruan-Poaul-Koch-addled stand-up absorber.



    ... what animal does matt do? I'm actually interested.

  • Paul||

    Reason Nominated for 15 Total Southern California Journalism Awards

    Is that like being the most beautiful girl in the whole wide room?

    Or being the prettiest girl on the street, depending on the street?

  • The Gobbler||

    I like the girls on Easy Street.

  • mr simple||

    You'll probably still have to keep your normal job.

  • mr simple||

    Like a tree or something.

  • CE||

    No nominations for any of your multitude of stories publicizing police brutality, I see....

  • Tobias Fünke||



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