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New Video of Five Year Old Vancouver Police Shooting of Bipolar Man Throws Closed Case Into Question


shot by cop eight times

Paul Boyd, a 39-year-old bipolar animator, was shot to death by Vancouver police in 2007 after creating a public disturbance and allegedly wielding a bicycle chain at cops. Two years later the British Columbia Criminal Justice Branch ruled there was insufficient evidence to prove excessive force by the shooting officer, and a final report two months ago from the Police Complaint Commissioner exonerated the officer, Constable Lee Chipperfield. On Monday, according to the Province, the police chief said  "there was no misconduct" in the incident, but today the BC Civil Liberty Association released new video it had obtained from a tourist who had recorded Boyd's final moments and not realized the incident had become a controversial one, which has caused the BC Attorney General to back an external investigation.

According to CBC, the video begins after Boyd had already been shot seven times. In the video, you can see police take Boyd's bicycle chain away while he is already on all fours on the ground. The moment of the last shot is not caught in frame. CBC offered to show the video to Vancouver police before airing it, but the department declined. The video, below:

Reason on police and cameras.

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  1. I can’t WTFV at work, but from what is being described here, this is a flat out execution? A man on all fours on the ground after already being shot is given a final shot to put him down?

    1. Yes, Epi…jesus, that’s exactly what it was.

      1. Well, that’s extremely fucked up.

        1. You don’t want to see it, Epi.

          But if you want to get a sense of it, remember the scene where Tony Montana kills the Colombian drug dealer in the street from the drug deal gone bad in the early part of Scarface? It was just like that except for the fact that it happened at night.

          1. And it was in front of a ton of hoser witnesses. I mean, what the hell?

            1. I guess they’re not afraid of witnesses. And if the guy doesn’t go down for this, they won’t be very afraid of video either.

              1. They’re only afraid of video when they can’t secure the entire immediate area and confiscate every recording of what happened. Remember, it took 5 years for this video to see the light of day. And with the number of eyewitnesses to this encounter, there was no reason the cops would have feared being punished for the execution.

                This situation is a fluke insomuch as the only thing that the cops believe is incontrovertible video evidence. All other eyewitness testimony to the murder was disregarded.

                1. where eyewitnesses are concerned, five years may as well be a lifetime. Video, meanwhile, shows the same sequence of events every time.

                  1. Perhaps that’s why they drag these investigations out for so long while people like George Zimmerman get charged within a couple of weeks.

                    Nah. I must be mistaken. They’d never treat investigations on themselves different than “civilians.”

                    1. “I’ll cover your ass, and when the time comes you’ll cover mine. Or his. Or hers. We cover each others’ asses around here. Get it?”

                      Thus power corrupts.

    2. Execute cops, not the mentally ill.

      1. Yes, it seems mentally ill people are a favored target of the Blue Gestapo.

      2. They had to shoot him that last time. He was obviously a zombie.

        Seriously, they act like they can’t touch him, he’s rabid or something.

        Five cops with night sticks should easily be able to take a little bike chain away from a chubby little artist w/o even pulling their guns.

  2. Sure looks that way. I’d like to hear the explanation otherwise.

    1. The explanation is pretty simple. It is cold blooded murder. An execution, straight up.

      After working in a state police dept that served a mental hospital for some years, I can tell you that on many occasions we had to disarm and subdue enraged people wielding chairs, boards, broken pieces of glass, fire extinguishers, etc etc etc. . We never used guns, tasers, pepper spray, or even fists. The patients never got more than minor injuries. This is pure horseshit.

      These pussies murdered a man in cold blood for having a bicycle chain?? What prosecutor let that horseshit pass for an argument?

  3. God Canada’s cops are no better than American ones, are they?

    Same crap, different country.

  4. Good thing this never happens right across the border in dunphy’s jurisdiction of Fantasyland, WA.

    Thank God for videocameras in the hands of “civilians.” That’s all that keeps these murders (executions?) from going unpunished. I personally look forward to a solitary officer being charged with the full force of the law with involuntary manslaughter and being sentenced to 15 months at most.

    1. I personally look forward to a solitary officer being charged with the full force of the law with involuntary manslaughter and being sentenced to 15 months at most.

      “Yer honor, sir, it was an accident. I didn’t know that the eighth bullet would kill him.”

      1. It was probably the paramedics fault after we called them in anyhow.

        1. Should’ve gotten there sometime between the firing of the fourth and fifth bullet.

    2. Ain’t going to happen. A good judicial lawyer like John will be able to judicially draft a legal memo based on international legal law suggesting the legal justification for legal homicide done in a judicious matter.

      1. Yeah, John’s not a well-known cop defender or a proponent of international law.

        1. No, but he sure is pretty capable at justifying murder in the name of freedom.

          1. It is possible for BIG STRONG ALPHA MALE TROY and John to both be wrong at the same time. Like decrepit ships passing in the night.

          2. John as far as I know never justified murder in the name of anything. He like me knows it isn’t murder if it’s justified.

            1. You know who else thought his killings were “justified”?

              1. Truman? Roosevelt? Lincoln? Washington?

                Not the best road to go down.

            2. He like me knows it isn’t murder if it’s justified.

              I’m starting to think that he, like you are the same person.

  5. As no big surprise, that looked exactly like the way we’ve seen cops take down dogs.

  6. Where’s dunphy? Where the fuck is dunphy?

    1. Soaking the overtime.

      Police work isn’t a job. It’s a lifestyle.

      1. No he’s not. Remember, he’s on disability leave? Sucking on the taxpayer nipple, waiting on that sweet, sweet gravy to come out.

        1. I did not know that he’s on disability.

          My guess is that he’s driving a cab or working a private security gig.

      2. Where are the good cops that police apologists are always talking about?

    2. I think he uses Cytotoxic as a handle on threads were cops will get bashed.

    1. My guess is that this guy didn’t want to go to jail that night.

    2. You definitely should repost this in tomorrow’s Morning Links. A gem like this isn’t going to get the attention it deserves in one of these late-night, below-the-fold stories.

      1. Not if I don’t beat him to it with my Daily Fails!


          1. I’ll let you two sort this out yourselves.

            [breaks pool cue, tosses pointy halves on the floor, walks away]

    3. “Based on preliminary information, I’d say this is a case where the cops acted inappropriately”


      1. Why is this being reported on a major newspapers website? Did something happen. Someone maybe didn’t fix a ticket for an editer?

        1. IIRC, this is part 3 of that story. Emily Miller has been all over this. She should win a Pulitzer Prize, but she’ll likely end up ostracized by the rest of the DC press corps that think guns in the hands of proles is “icky.”

          1. Realizing quickly that his house would get raided without his permission, he asked for one thing from the police. “I said, ‘Please don’t hurt my dog. He’s friendly. He’s a good dog. Please don’t hurt him.’ They said they wouldn’t.”

            Possably my favorite line in the article. He knew the cops hated his dog’s freedom, and could sense they were plotting against his dog. The force was strong with him indeed.

      2. …police reported finding the sergeant’s “hazardous materials,” which included two pistols and a rifle, binoculars and ammunition.

        Binoculars? BINOCULARS???

        1. What’s next, the range finder I keep in my golf bag?

    4. Certainly I do. I know exactly where it’s headed: Hackensack, New Jersey.

    5. Must have been those bath salts

      1. I had to check what you were responding to. I thought you were offering up a defense for the Vancouver cops…because only someone whacked out of their mind would shoot someone in the head like this fucking animal did.


      1. On more than one occasion I’ve commented on cops doing well. It’s you that lives in a bubble, dipshit.

  7. Huh. Didn’t realize that bike chains are “deadly weapons.” :/

    1. You could get grease on your clothes or a pant cuff caught in it!

    2. I would say a bike chain is definitely a deadly weapon.

      1. Even when the guy wielding it has seven holes in him and he’s crawling like a dog?

        1. He did not even have the chain at the end.

          1. That’s when the chain is most deadly.

      2. Solution- put on a helmet and some body armor and go take it away from him.

      3. Depends on the size of the chain I would say. How about a broomstick?

  8. To be fair he was out of view when he was killed!
    So we can’t see what really happened!
    I mean, after being shot a half a dozen times, and being disarmed, he could have risen up to become a deadly threat to the police!
    I’ve seen it happen in movies!
    Like, totally, and stuff!

    1. That’s like the worst poem ever.

      1. But it’s got a good beat. You can dance to it.

    2. Did the guy who shot this footage go on to record the Gaddaffi execution?

      All good citizens should be prepared to shoot a smooth, easy to watch video of police brutality at a moment’s notice.

      1. Was this guy shot twice? That video really was shit and pretty meaningless without other context. Did they shoot him while on his knees and the cameraman was filming the skyline and shouting gibberish?

        1. I read that he was shot 7-8 times so all you see on vid is the coup de gras (spelling?)

          1. Guess some people take extra killing. I can’t imagine the excuse for this.

    3. He obviously “lunged” at officers right before they shot him the last time there. Is that the proper cop terminology? “Lunged”?

  9. Yeah, cause a border collie looks just like a pit bull. Another asshole cop that needs shot.


    1. He thought the Border Collie was a PIT BULL?! What a fucking imbecile. We had a similar incident in the next town over 2 months ago with a Boxer.

      It amazes me that these jackasses are able to maintain a semi-respectable reputation with the public.

      1. He didn’t think the border collie was a pit bull. He just said that to cover hs ass. He’s just a dickless piece of shit who wanted to shot something so he could feel like a big man.

        1. Why the fuck does it matter if he thought it was a pit bull? Are those worth more points or something?

  10. Nearly half of latino voters find the term “illegal immigrant” to be offensive.

    There is a push instead for the term “undocumented immigrant”. Anyone want to put some money on what term they find offensive 5 or 6 years from now? Or that the replacement term will have more syllables still?

    1. Doubly LMAO. Two in a row! Good work!

      1. iEn fuego!

  11. Wait a minute. Vancouver employs five-year-olds as police?

    1. That’s a fair point, +1 to you sir.

    2. I would never let a 5 yo anywhere near a revolver. They definitely need something with a lighter trigger pull.

  12. ere was no misconduct” in the incident, but today the BC Civil Liberty Association released new video it had obtained from a http://www.ceinturesfr.com/cei…..-c-18.html tourist who had recorded Boyd’s final moments and not realized the incident had become a controversial one, which has caused the BC Attorney General to back an external investigation.

  13. Dude seems to know what he is talking about. Wow.


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