Your Daily Dystopia: Drone Edition


The ACLU presents the drone-surveillance nightmare scenario.

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  1. Dude totally knows which way is up, I mean like totally.

  2. They left out step 14: Skynet becomes self aware.

  3. The police state is like physics, unless it is expressly forbidden, it already does happen*, ie, particles popping in and out of existence as long as they don’t violate Heisenberg.

    *except for the expressly forbidden part.

  4. 10 years ago I might’ve dismissed this as requiring a tin foil hat.

    Now, I figure this has at least an 90% chance of coming true.

  5. I may have to revise my “police state by 2020” prediction. Shit.

  6. 13. The data is mined. With individuals’ comings and goings routinely monitored, databases are able build up records of where people live, work, and play–what friends they visit, bars they drink at, doctors they visit, what houses of worship, or political events, or sexually oriented establishments they go to–and who else is at those places at the same time. Computers comb through this data looking for “suspicious patterns,” and when the algorithms kick up an alarm, the person involved becomes the subject of much more extensive surveillance.

    Minority Report, anyone?

    1. Obama must be licking his chops over the prospect of drone-watching his enemies’ list.

  7. With enough laws you can make everyone a criminal.

    Then you pick out people you don’t like, and if you watch them long enough you can charge them with a crime.

    Rule of Law, step aside.

    Rule of Man has arrived.

  8. The ALCU is being unduly optimistic.

    I will bet that half a dozen “security” agencies already have plans for just such a network as the ALCU’s ‘nightmare scenario’, except that they dress it up as “protecting our freedoms.”

  9. So we’ll have copseyes, but unfortunately, Jinx still hasn’t come through with the stunners. I guess I should be grateful that transplant technology hasn’t come around like we’d have hoped in the 1960s.

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