A.M. Links: Biden-Clinton 2016, Hoosiers Vote, Mexico's Julia


  • We'll always have Joe Biden! The Vice President suggested he might "team up" with Hillary Clinton in 2016. "I'm only joking obviously. I don't know. I don't know whether I'm going to run and Hillary doesn't know whether she's going to run." Obviously, Joe, obviously.

  • Will Orrin Hatch be watching Indiana's Senate primary returns tonight
  • A former NYPD officer gets 75 years to life for sexually assaulting a schoolteacher at gunpoint.
  • Mexico's electoral commission apologized for former Playboy model Julia Orayen's attire at Sunday night's Presidential debate.
  • A professor on the appointments committee at Harvard said Elizabeth Warren got her position there because of her expertise, not because of her Native American heritage.    
  • The Ben Stiller film "Neighborhood Watch" gets a name change, because of Trayvon Martin.

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