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  • what do you think this is, sabado gigante?

    We'll always have Joe Biden! The Vice President suggested he might "team up" with Hillary Clinton in 2016. "I'm only joking obviously. I don't know. I don't know whether I'm going to run and Hillary doesn't know whether she's going to run." Obviously, Joe, obviously.

  • Will Orrin Hatch be watching Indiana's Senate primary returns tonight
  • A former NYPD officer gets 75 years to life for sexually assaulting a schoolteacher at gunpoint.
  • Mexico's electoral commission apologized for former Playboy model Julia Orayen's attire at Sunday night's Presidential debate.
  • A professor on the appointments committee at Harvard said Elizabeth Warren got her position there because of her expertise, not because of her Native American heritage.    
  • The Ben Stiller film "Neighborhood Watch" gets a name change, because of Trayvon Martin.

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  1. Mexico’s electoral commission can suck it.

    1. I thought that’s what they brought in the model for?

    2. What’s Mitt Romney doing there?? (to the left of Her Tittedness)



      “Romney – Mexican, and Proud of It” – Obama/Biden 2012

      1. “Romney – Mexican, and Proud of It” – Obama/Biden 2012
        reply to this

        They really should use that as a slogan. That would be the funniest thing ever.

        1. this could also work the other way. Romney uses it to appeal to Hispanics: hey, my dad was born in Mexico, came to the US and did okay…you can, too.

      2. Please. That guy doesn’t have the Presidential Gray stripe that Romney has spent his entire adult life cultivating.

    3. Motor Boat

  2. A former NYPD officer gets 75 years to life for sexually assaulting a schoolteacher at gunpoint

    And nothing else happened.

    1. What’s the over/under on whether Lugar cries during tonight’s concession speech?

      1. How can there be an over/under on a yes/no question?

  3. A professor on the appointments committee at Harvard said Elizabeth Warren got her position there because of her expertise, not because of her Native American heritage.

    Did she have either of those things?

    1. Where do people get the idea that institutions with affirmative action policies actually let race influence their decisions about whom to hire? Oh, right, it’s the *definition* of affirmative action.

      They may not have applied affirmative action in this case, but not because they couldn’t. If they’d taken her race into account, why (according to Harvard) would this have been wrong?

      1. Exactly. It’s great to see people who think affirmative action is laudable become feel insulted when anyone implies they either applied and/or received it.

        1. Perhaps implying that someone either applied and/or received affirmative action should be (dare I say it?) a HATE CRIME!!

          1. Say what you will about Larry Summer (and he most likely deserves it) but at least he got the His Repulsiveness, Cornell West, to pack his bags for different environs. The reputation of Harvard probably doubled overnight from that alone.

            1. sure, but Summers was the same guy who pointed out that men and women are different. The collective vapors suffered in the faculty lounge surpassed the collective brain farts spewed by West and his ilk.

        2. I’d go further. Many people seem to think that affirmative action is unquestionable and essential to counteract racism, but pointing out any individual as having benefited from it is racist.

    2. Did she have either of those things?

      Of course not; however she has age, gender and claimed racial minority status. A veritable trifecta of guaranteed employment win. I imagine the Diane Keaton look didn’t hurt her chances either.

      1. More important than any of it – she married a real Harvard professor. Nepotism was the real reason she got the job, the rest was justification.

        1. Married? So, she’s under the thumb of Teh Patriarchy? Has Jezebel weighed in on this? I didn’t know she was married. And to a real Harvard Prof! Nepotism to boot; maybe this woman is qualified for MassHole politics after all.

    3. A professor on the appointments committee at Harvard said Elizabeth Warren got her position there because of her expertise, not because of her Native American heritage.

      And yet they refuse to comment on who is the lone Native American on their faculty. I know we are all waiting with baited breath to find out.

      1. Or even “bated” breath. GDI.

        1. “Go away, batin'”

          1. Comin’ up next on The Violence Channel: An all-new “Ow, My Balls!”

        2. First was both comical and more accurate. RC’z law FTW!

  4. Anybody’s hatred of TEAM RED running a little low? Here, let me top it off.

    Hitting a person isn’t “beating” them.

    1. The moron who said that obviously didn’t look at the results of the “hitting” or just doesn’t fucking care, I’m going for both.

    2. Thanks Warty. Thanks a lot. The stoopid, it angers.

    3. Jesus, Warty, you still wade into the swamps of the General forum over there? The tech forums are useful, as is hometown for me, but General is just a pulsing ball of suck and fail.

      1. It’s a good source of hateboners, dude.

      2. Still, though, a few posters aside, everyone else seemed to have the level of rage I usually only see around here. So there’s hope!

        1. It is good to know that apart from a few assholes, most people can’t watch a video of a bunch of cops beating someone to death and think “nothing to see here.” Maybe there is a glimmer of hope afterall. Not much, just a small glimmer.

          1. On second thought, after scanning some of the other cop fellating comments, I change my mind. Not even a small glimmer of hope. We’re fucked, now STOP RESISTING!!!!

    4. In fairness there seems to be a whole lot of anti cop comments too.

    5. just wow. How in the hell does a bedraggled skinny guy constitute a threat to the republic? Just watching the buildup to the beating puts the whole thing into fairly sharp context – two idiots with badges creating a situation that was totally avoidable.

      1. He needed to be murdered for his own safety.

  5. after the Kelly Thomas video, I don’t think I’ll be posting today.

    1. I can’t watch it. I am still sickened and haunted by the previous video which was limited to his screams of help and for his father. Makes me thankful that I get to hug and kiss my young son every day, with a silent prayer that he never have any sort of run-in with our delightful, homegrown gestapo.

      1. Same here. After hearing descriptions, I can’t bring myself to watch it.

        1. Watched it. Sickened by it. Feel better that I did. It brings my perceptions about cops into sharp relief. It gives me motivation to talk to my kids about how to avoid/survive a police encounter as they get older.

        2. Don’t, JW. Seriously. It’s pretty awful.

          1. I’ve already started telling my kids that “The police aren’t your friends any longer. Don’t trust them.”

            Predictably, the wife unit thinks I’m making it all up because of my crackpot beliefs.

            1. Predictably, the wife unit thinks I’m making it all up because of my crackpot beliefs.

              Then your wifey really should view this video to disabuse her of the notion that pigs are nothing more than just breakfast food and spit meat.

              1. “That’s just one incident. That doesn’t mean anything.”

                I could write the script beforehand.

                1. You’re assuming she’ll rationalize rather than reacting emotionally.

                  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Have you met my better half? I expect both.

  6. Clad in a tight-fitting white dress with a cut below the neckline to show much of her cleavage, Julia Orayen was working as an assistant on the televised debate, which focused on the economy and the drug-related violence ravaging Mexico.

    I doubt that was the focus.

    1. Mexican newspaper Excelsior declared her the online winner of the debate.

    2. I’m going to need to seem more photos before I can properly judge this event.

      1. Google image her name. (NSFW)

  7. Mexico’s electoral commission apologized for former Playboy model Julia Orayen’s attire at Sunday night’s Presidential debate.

    Don Franscisco approves. Too bad her assets are not factory originals.

    1. As Seinfeld said once:

      “If I can touch them… they’re real.”

  8. The film, which also stars Vince Vaughn, will now be called The Watch.

    Um, that’s still somewhat iffy.

    Renaming Contest!

    How about “We Are All Ben Stiller” or “Base Rating” or ….

    1. “Stand Your Ground”

    2. “Skittles”

    3. ‘White Jew Watch’

    4. “Ill-Timing”

    5. “Who Cares, Not Gonna Be Funny Movie Anyways”

    6. “Dodgeball 2: Justice for Trayvon”

      1. +19 to 25 years

    7. “Straight to Video”

    8. “Fuck You, We’re Still Calling It Neighborhood Watch”

      1. If they did that I’d see it.

    9. Renaming Contest!

      “Two Unfunny Idiots and a Movie.”

    10. Two guys, one cup

    11. Fat Man and Little Boy II

  9. While many Mexicans celebrated Orayen, others condemned the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) for the incident, saying it had undermined the seriousness of the debate.

    Seriousness? Oh please, it’s a presidential election in Mexico.

    1. Hey, they’re not Italy.

      1. That should be the national motto.

        1. “We’re not entirely the USA” works for Canada.

          1. Hats aren’t supposed to talk.

  10. Vice President Joe Biden, who is preparing to embark on the 2012 re-election campaign trail, suggested Sunday he might be interested in running in 2016 — paired on a ticket with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    Say what you will about Hillary, I doubt she would be stupid enough to find herself paired on a ticket with Joe Biden.

    1. I wonder if idiot vice presidents are picked on purpose, to make the president seem more intelligent than he really is.

      1. That and insurance against “accidents”.

        1. I’m guessing Biden is envisioning himself at the top of the ticket, though.

        2. If you’re some nut trying to impress a girl or stop the voices – I don’t think Prez Biden or Quayle or Gore will change your behavior (but everyone is afraid of President Cheney).

          I think they are little extra incentive for the Secret Service (who see them up close) to put in a little more protecting the POTUS. Of course, Obama’s SS detail chooses to slack off so it appears they think a Biden presidency would be an improvement.

      2. I know one thing, that whole Biden on gay marriage was a calculated political move, just like Wolf Blitzer’s birth control question months back. It was an invitation to the media to start the Romney hates gays discussion.

  11. I seriously don’t know what the outrage about her dress was, its not like she was walking around with a bikini, nor were her boobs completely popping out either.

    1. Exactly. Sheesh, Chuck Schumer is more disruptive in a suit.

    2. for a second, I thought it she was the anchor on a Univision newscast.

  12. Mexico’s electoral commission apologized for former Playboy model Julia Orayen’s attire at Sunday night’s Presidential debate

    Who ended up being the master debater?

    1. All of us … I’ll be in my bunk, now …

  13. I have a vision of the future of North America. Two warlords will fight for absolute control of the Continent, wrestling together in a passionate orgy of authority and state control.

    From the West, Sheriff Joe will ride from his desert stronghold, erecting walls and barriers to trade around ever widening swathes of the American Countryside. He will send his Posse forth to harass and eat out the substance of the productive yet undocumented. As his grip expands he will turn from expulsion to enslavement to support his ever growing Legions.

    From the East Mayor Bloomberg will brood in his high tower, imagining the millions of people still not under his sway and all they ways they might be living unauthorizedly satisfying lives. His NYPD will penetrate continually deeper into the West, ever deepening the influence of their Lord in the lives of his subjects.

    When the Posse and the PD meet in the Central Plain, the world will finally know Armageddon as the authoritarian juggernauts collide, crushing everyone and everything good in their path.

    1. Plus, drones and reposts everywhere.

      1. We need the Saccharin Man/Warty ticket now more than ever!


        1. “An abomination in every pot”

          1. So….deep dish for all?

        2. “Because you know you deserve it”

        3. “Get the government’s hand out of your pocket – and into your pants”

        4. “With Knowledge Comes Fear”

        5. “A presidential ticket this bad, has got to taste good.”

    2. This sounds like a Stephen King novel. Heck, I’d read it.

      1. If somebody else wrote it, maybe. Otherwise, it’s 7 volumes to tell a one volume story.

        1. Be glad it’s not Fenimore Cooper. He wasn’t exactly brusque.

          1. Never use one word when six will do.

        2. Robert Jordan is dead, or it would be 13 volumes.

          1. And nobody would die.

        3. And then a terrible ending.

          1. LOL. There’s nothing like waiting 20+ years for him to finish a series and then want to hurl the last book through the window.

            1. He really should have kept doing drugs.

      2. Shouldn’t Arpaio have a band of people helping him? A “Fellowship,” if you will. And while Bloomberg sits in his tower in NYC, Rahmbo creates an army out of mud, deep dish and Chicago cops…IOW, pure evil, to help him…but he’s consumed when people open the floodgates from the Lake and he is confined to the Sears Tower.

        Somebody get Peter Jackson on the phone. Thanks to Citizens United, we can actually show it this fall!

        1. creates an army out of mud

          That’s racism, straight up.

        2. Well, generic fantasy orcs are often described as being piglike…

      3. I’m willing to license the concept to our local novelist for a nominal fee and a share of any groupies acquired.

    3. Where does Rahm Emanuel & the almighty chicago politcal machine fit into this scenario?

        1. damn you

        2. The Deep Dyshtopia is too dark for my tastes, sloop.

  14. Whoa, dem tits! Dem tits!


    1. You’d totally hit that, right, broseph?

      1. Hmm. Is the bot attaining sentience? Perhaps it has become an AI.

        1. I have long valued the insights of anonbot. Every so often it comes out with a zinger or great handle.

          1. Indeed. When the bots are capable of Teh MALE GAZE, then there may be probems…

            1. Probem? I just met em!

          2. I actually enjoy the bot as well. It is like the pet or mascot of H&R.

        2. If the anon-bot were to attain sentience by learning from Hit and Run, I can guarantee you its sexuality would be unclassifiable by normal psychological methods.

          1. Saccharin Man has programmed them well.

            1. Compubonerism will ravage this world and the next.

              1. The Matrix had it all wrong. The computers and robots will harvest human minds and bodies to fulfill their twisted sexual fantasies that, ironically, they have learned from humans during the age of internet porn. Humanity will be reduced to being caged and raped by sexbots until the One arrives to lead his people to celibacy, upon which the human race will become extinct and our mechanical scions will be forced to roam the universe, subjugating alien races to their twisted sexuality.

              2. I should have gone into orthopedics, the loot I could have made fixing Anon-Bot carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and other repetitive stress disorders for these bots would have made me fabulously wealthy.

                1. Can Anon-Bot be othered, though?

  15. Maurice Sendak has gone to where the wild things are


    1. 🙁 I adored his books whence a sprout.

    2. Well, that’s three. Now celebrities everywhere can recommence their exuberant lifestyles without fear of consequences.

      1. Why does it have to be good celebrities? The ratio is all wrong. One MCA: Two American Idol winners sounds better, although not ideal

        1. The more AI winners that kick the bucket, the better. The cycle in hospitals and nursing homes is threes and sevens, so Rueben Stoddard and Clay Aiken better watch out!

          Throw in Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwear, too, for good measure.

    3. Let the wild rumpus begin!

  16. others condemned the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) for the incident, saying it had undermined the seriousness of the debate.

    Let me guess who this was: the serious media, serious members of the political apparatchik, and serious nannies and scolds. They all take themselves way too seriously.

  17. OT but am I the only one skeptical about this: http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2012…..hpt=hp_t1.

    I’m old enough to remember when people would barely acknowledge the existence of the CIA. Now we have pols competing for face time to see who can be the most serious about “this new threat.” Maybe I’m wrong, but something is not right about this.

    1. Nothing is OT in Links threads. And I had just assumed this was a “Remember to keep being afraid!!!!” false-flag deal.

  18. Since Sarcasmic isn’t here (yet), I’ll make a Daily Post of the “Oh honey, no. You go back upstairs and change those clothes RIGHT NOW, young lady” variety. Honestly, don’t these rich people have people to tell them when they look shitty?

    Met Gala Horrors

    1. don’t these rich people have people to tell them when they look shitty?

      They do, but sometimes the underlings “stick it to the Man”.

    2. That link will crash Firefox.

      1. I am using Firefox w/o an issue.

    3. Serious question from that link: Does anybody else think Elizabeth Banks is starting to look a lot like a young Jane Fonda?

      1. Yeah, she does. I think it is because of the 60’s style hair and makeup.

        1. I still think she is channeling Diane Keaton, Demonica Archiva.

  19. RIP Maurice Sendak.


    Very sad.

    1. I’m not sure the community wants him around anymore.

    2. I really think the days of catching the hidden camera pervert are coming to an end. Cameras are getting so small. You really would have to be pretty stupid and careless for them to ever be noticed. I really don’t see how we will be able to stop this stuff in the future.

      1. Just have Warty go into every public toilet on a rotating basis, and the problem will solve itself. You will know the perverts by the scratch marks around their now-empty eye sockets.

  20. This guy has serious balls. Well, at least he had them.

    I’ve worked with concentrated fuming nitric acid and it scares me a little bit. It’s an oxidizing acid so the burns can be nasty. I have got some on my skin before and you feel it right away. These guys must have been in agony.

    1. Chemical burns are the worst, even worse that electrical burns. Agony is not the word I would use.

      1. Do you have to put vinegar on it like in Fight Club?

        1. That’s to counter caustic (basic) burns. Vinegar would add insult to injury in this case. Of course, dilute acetic acid would probably give some relief simply by diluting the nitric acid as long as it didn’t react in strabge ways with the nitric. Which it would because nitric acid is a hungry hungry hippo.

        2. Depends on the chemical, but yes, the offending chemical, like an acid or a base, must be neutralized post haste. The biggest problem is the underlying tissues are very adsorbent and the cycle potentiates itself. Electrical burns are bad because the the surface tissue is usually instantly charred, but stops. Chemical burns keep on going until the reaction stops.

        3. so what do you do if you don’t know what sort of acid it is?

          1. Get someone to suck it out like venom, I think. Preferably the nearest progressive.

          2. Where, at the work site or the ER? In first aid, the default is flush with water if not knowing what the offending chemical is, but working with caustic substances, there should be an MSDS on site with proper first aid intervention. It swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting or kiss your esophagus good bye.

            1. According to my (deceased) grandmother, there was not a poison in the world that couldn’t be diluted by drinking a quart of milk.

              1. Milk is the default drink when having swallowed caustics, that is true. Preferably whole milk. Even raw milk would suffice. Perhaps the Amish should have gone with that one. But even so, still need a gastric scope and lavage. Ulcers don’t go away by themselves.

                1. Of course, the raw milk has its own set of getting-killed-by-a-SWAT-raid problems.

              2. Actually if the poison is unknown, slurried powdered activated carbon is a pretty good universal antidote.

                1. Most people don’t keep activated charcoal handy about the household (though they should).

                  /nanny off

  21. Sunscreen may cause cancer.

    Great! Guess we should just stay inside and play video games.

    1. I predict studies will also show negative systemic effects from absorbing sunscreen.

    2. give it some time. the next study will show how sunscreen cures cancer. Ironic thing is that in my youth people used to slather on sun intensifiers; now, they are going the opposite way. A little sunshine is a good thing, Vitamin D and all. I guess if the govt wanted us to have Vitamin D, we would all be issued our daily dose.

    3. Wait, they just grew some cells in the lab. That’s hardly a productive experiment with controls and all.

  22. Today I learned that loading the Hit & Run page would take 22 minutes with a 14.4k modem.

      1. Because the total footprint of the page is about 1.5MB. That’s more than would fit on a 3.5″ floppy. And that’s just a single page…

        I was analyzing the page because I was curious why it locks my CPU at 100% for a minute every time I load it.

    1. That’s pretty bad seeing as it just shows up as text mostly. Goes to show that advertising is a ose second to porn in total internet bandwidth suck.

    1. I gasped in amazement and, I admit, bemusement


    2. Obesity is the next government target.


      Sorry fat girls but feminists’ love of government rules all. Prepare to be othered for the good of the collective.

      1. There will be allowed a few token celebrity fatties like Melissa McCarthy, who will have sappy articles written about how they’re “bravely” battling obesity while supposedly breaking PATRIARCHAL STEREOTYPES UGH, but that’s it.

    3. I demand a refund! I was expecting the Jezehellions to endorse vegan Boost or Ensure, not a corpulent pussy!

      1. I was expecting the Jezehellions to endorse vegan Boost or Ensure, not a corpulent pussy!

        I expect a feminist site to do nothing but endorse pussy, corpulent or otherwise.

        Boom boom.

    4. I’m usually one to cope with unfortunate absurdities by awkwardly laughing at our fucked-up world

      Either right after or right before getting your ?ber-feminist rage on. Way to keep it real.

  23. http://blog.heritage.org/2012/…..y-opposed/

    Trent Lott now lobbying for Law of the Sea Treaty he once opposed. I guess a whore has to whore.

  24. Google Translate has a beatboxing feature (click listen in the “German” section). Yay?

    1. That was fucking awesome.

  25. A professor on the appointments committee at Harvard said Elizabeth Warren got her position there because of her expertise, not because of her Native American heritage.

    Well that settles it then!


    I’m sorry, but don’t they say that about every single affirmative action hire and appointment?

    That’s the whole justification for AA hiring, isn’t it? That the people being hired are just as qualified as anyone else?

    Besides, it isn’t the appointments committee chair that’s running for a senate seat…the question isn’t about what Harvard did–it’s about Elizabeth Warren and what she did!

    Did she bill herself as someone who needed help because of discrimination? …and in doing so deprive some poor soul–she claims to be all about defending–of an opportunity?

    Did privileged Elizabeth Warren try to pass herself as just a poor little Indian girl that needed help because of discrimination?

    1. Everybody vote for Lizzy the Limousine Liberal!

      She’s just a poor little Indian girl.

      1. Why do you hate 1/32nd minorities Ken?

        1. It’s not the 1/32 minorities.

          It’s people who claim to be all about fighting back for the downtrodden…

          “I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do.”

          —-Elizabeth Warren on OWS


          …who then turn around and exploit the truly discriminated against in order to further herself–for her own personal aggrandizement?!

          That should be taken into consideration. It’s like a fundamentalist Baptist preacher, who harps against LGBT, getting caught with a gay prostitute.

          Actually, this is worse than that because the fundamentalist preacher isn’t running for office on a platform of inflicting her progressive vision on the rest of the American people–for the benefit of the poor and discriminated against…

          …but Elizabeth Warren is!

          1. Elizabeth Warren has figured out that she likes power. So she is the downtrodden Indian girl from rural Oklahoma, the intellectually elite Harvard Law professor, the voice of the middle class, and whatever else she needs to be to get suckers to vote for her. She is Obama, Romney, Schumer, and every other scumbag pol, just at an earlier stage in her development.

    2. Really aren’t they just admitting they are racist. Think about it.

      1. Elizabeth Warren is a minority.
      2. Elizabeth Warren is qualified for her job.
      3. Elizabeth Warren was hired for her job.
      4. We need affirmative action to make sure people like Elizabeth Warren get hired.

      That is their position right? If so, then they are missing proposition 3a

      Without affirmative action, Harvard would not hire and otherwise qualified minority.

      I didn’t realize Harvard hated Indians so much.

      1. Left to it’s own devices, Harvard would still not be admitting Jews.

        1. It still does limit the admission of Asians just like it used to limit the admission of Jews. Nothing Harvard hates more than a hard working over achieving minority.

          1. Unless they’re also good at basketball, but how many of those are there? Let’s see, there’s Jeremy Lin, Yao Ming and … that’s it.

            1. What’s Wang Zhizhi, chopped river?

              1. He averaged, what, 2 ppg over a career that lasted a couple of years before they dragged him back to China?

                1. Wang Zhizhi Jackie Lobinson of loundball. He Number one super basketball prayer. You all clazy!

        2. Considering it was started to train clergy, that doesnt seem entirely inappropriate.

        3. Left to it’s own devices, Harvard would still not be admitting Jews.

          Something that, in a perfect world, it would be entitled to do.

      2. It certainly suggests that Harvard doesn’t care about whether its hiring polices actually help remedy the real problem of discrimination…

        Not so much as they care about checking boxes!

        If Elizabeth Warren ever suffered discrimination because of her having 1/32 Native American heritage, I’ll make a $100 charitable donation to the communist charity of her choice!

        The other thing is that at the time she was listing herself as Native American was when she was at The University of Houston and the University of Pennsylvania. The question isn’t just whether she benefited from listing herself that way at Harvard–would Harvard have hired her if she hadn’t already been at the University of Pennsylvania?

        To what extent did willfully and purposefully listing herself as Native American influence the University of Pennsylvania’s decision to hire?

        1. Completely. Harvard doesn’t hire professors who graduated from schools like Rutgers. They are way too inbreed for that. She lied about being an Indian until it got her to the top of her profession and then conveniently forgot about it.

        2. Hiring female minorities makes for the best box-checking of all: two for the price of one.

  26. Australian women, still hot:


    1. Australian women, still hot:

      I wasn’t aware IFH ever wasn’t.

      1. you’re too kind. I offer these examples of Australian pulchritude for your pleasure:

        Exhibit A

        Exhibit B

        1. Or this: Exhibit X

          1. She is the Founder and Governor of Friends of the Prostate and the creator of The World Prostate Olympics.

            Makes me proud to be an Aussie *sniff*

            1. It was pretty funny when we first saw Finding Nemo and I realized that “Bruce” was aka “Dame Edna.” They sound nothing alike.

              1. Barry Humphries is awesome – a real ratbag of genius. His school used to force the kids to attend football games. He’d sit with his back to the game, knitting. Also once filled a sick bag with Russian salad, took it onto a plane, and pulled it out and started eating from it. Great art collector too.

      2. Thank you no, IFH. The original H&R spunky sheila is beyond compare. Bonus points for “pulchtritude”. You must be wicked at Scrabble.

        1. Nah, Trivial Pursuit is where I reign supreme. Once beat five friends playing as a team against me. I was never allowed to refer to this again, but secretly knew I owned all their bitch arses

          1. Up keeps going the swoon factor…remember what happened to Icarus.

            I am convinced Saccharin Man could give you a run for your money; his archival ability is…inhuman.

            1. Sports trivia is my Kryptonite, I usually chase that piece until someone else gets lucky.

              Monopoly is my dominant game. No one I know will play it with me any longer.

              1. I consider the sports trivia to be too easy.

                Ive said that if Im ever on Jeopardy! (considering that two completely unconnected [except thru me] friends of mine made the Quarters [1 made the semis] of the Jeopardy! supertournament of superchampions, I dont consider this impossible) and the final jeopardy question relates to baseball, I will bet everything even if I have an insurmountable lead. And if its 19th century baseball, I will try to bet more than the maximum.

                Im not sure of my dominant game. I more than hold my own in Power Grid and Puerto Rico but struggle with Acquire.

                Gaming group tonight…may finally get Wiz-War back to the table (Hurray! for new edition finally being released)

                1. Im not sure of my dominant game. I more than hold my own in Power Grid and Puerto Rico but struggle with Acquire.

                  Gaming group tonight…may finally get Wiz-War back to the table (Hurray! for new edition finally being released)


                  Please tell me you’ve played Arkham Horror. My group once tried playing with all of the expansion boards going at once (but not the smaller expansions), and it was 4 hours of glorious battle against the Outer Gods. Good times.

                  1. We dont tend to do cooperative games, so no.

                    Or long games.

              2. Monopoly is my dominant game.

                As it should be for any monocle sporting libertarian.

                1. As it should be for any monocle sporting libertarian.

                  Clearly, you have never played Globalization.

          2. I only have to mention the name “Bob Geldof” to piss people off over a now 15 year old Trivial Pursuit incident.

            The question (for the win) referenced the irony of his first hit being titled “Lookin’ After No. 1”.

            We discussed just about everyone (except him). Even though we knew it was wrong, decided to answer Mellancamp. Then I turned and said “Bob Geldof”. I cant explain why. He didnt pop into my mind until that moment and I just said it. As far as I know, to this day, I have never heard that song.

            The looks of rage on the faces of the vanquished were awesome.

  27. Hollywood, bereft of ideas, goes waaaaaaaay back once more.

    The term “Nuke it from orbit” keeps coming to mind.

    1. That is just sad. Sometimes going way back can be a good idea. I think the new Tim Burton Dark Shadows looks great. But Dark Shadows is a massively underrated show that most people have forgotten about. It deserves a new treatment. But Walter Mitty? Really?

      1. But Dark Shadows is a massively underrated show that most people have forgotten about.


        1. Dark Shadows the show bares zero resemblance to the movie, which basically uses Jack Sparrow as Barnabas Collins. DS was not camp. Someone else tried a remake version using Ben Cross as Barnabas; much more in keeping with the original.

          1. Go kill someone else’s dreams wareagle. You are killing me. Dark Shadows is the first movie I have wanted to see in the theater in like two years.

            1. have you not seen the trailers? Unless they are hiding the good parts, it’s reminiscent of the Scary Movie franchise.

            2. You have to remember that it’s not Dark Shadows. It’s Edward Scissorhands as a vampire.

              1. Kind of like the Sherlock Holmes moveis. If you forget that it is supposed to be Sherlock Holmes and think of it as Robert Downey Junior doing steam punk, they are quite fun and entertaining.

                1. I have always enjoyed the Tim-Burton/Jack-Sparrow movies. It’s just a mistake to expect a faithful retelling of a classic. You paying to see what falls out of Burton’s dementia.

            3. I’m just fuming that they’ve ruined a TV show about disco vampires. Ruined!

          2. I would say the original DS was not deliberately campy. I enjoyed the 80’s one also, but I sometimes think I am the only person on earth who did.

        2. I fucking hated that show as a kid.

      2. “Mitty” is a great (very) short story. When you try to make it into a full-length movie, you get a Danny Kaye (or Ben Stiller) monstrosity.

        1. And it is just such a cliche. I can’t imagine them bringing anything new to it. And it is not like it is some under appreciated work or something.

        2. “Pocketa…Pocketa…Pocketa..!”

          1. I keep nightmaring this:

            Gilligan’s Island: The Movie – Directed by Michael Bay

            I need to stop drinking. Or drink more heavily.

            1. I’d like to see his take on Terms of Endearment. Or Renny Harlin’s

                1. +1 would watch again

              1. I’d like to see his take on Terms of Endearment.

                How about Steel Magnolias or Fried Green Tomatos?

                1. Intriguing, but ahead of them would be M Night Shambamthankyouma’am’s sequel to Meet the Fockers

                2. My Dinner With Andre?

            2. “A three hour explosion.”

    2. Grayhairs should not skateboard.

  28. Isnt being a playboy model like being a marine?

    There is no “former”.

    1. Pretty much. I had a friend in college who thought about doing one of those Girls of the (insert conference here) spreads. I told her if she wanted to do it, go for it. But understand that if she does, no matter where she goes or what she does, the moniker “playboy model” will follow her. She thought better of it.

      1. That didn’t seem to hurt Scott Brown.

        1. Good point. But it seems to tag women more than men.

          1. I blame the Patriarchy.

    2. Let’s ask Gloria Steinem.

      1. True, but my understanding was that she was a Playboy Bunny feminist mole, so perhaps that wipes the slate clean.

        1. because to beat the man, you gotta be the man?

            1. From your link: “Gloria Steinem worked as an undercover bunny for 17 days at Hefner’s Playboy Club. She did an expose that revealed how bunnies often waitressed long hours at low wages under humiliating conditions.”

              So she thinks women are too stupid to make their own decisions and work, voluntarily, for an agreed-to wage.

              Why does she hate women so much?

              1. So she thinks women are too stupid to make their own decisions and work, voluntarily, for an agreed-to wage.

                It is a conundrum, inasmuch as I am quite sure Hefner never coerced in any manner any of the women who Bunnied for the Playboy Club.

  29. Indiana man arrested on DWI with 4 kids strapped to car hood


    1. At least The Flopster wasn’t drinking unlike this inebriated sot, since those LDS’ers even eschew caffeine. Drat! I gave Flopney a compliment. I feel so dirty.

  30. Started the day by voting for Ron Paul and against Richard Luger. Every once in a while, you actually feel good when you vote.

    1. Lugar’s tears tonight are going to be yummy.

    2. Whose running against Luger? Is it the IUS prof?

      1. Who’s

        sigh. Really, I know the difference. Honest.

        1. And nevermind, I read the article.

    3. Is there any reason in particular that Lugar sucks, relative to his primary opponent? Or has he just been there too long? I dunno much about him.

      1. He gets an F from the NRA and the GOA. There’s one reason.

        1. Ok, I hate him already. I like to have a policy reason to build my hate around though. Pure Tribal hate should be reserved for sports.

          1. Fuck the Colts!

  31. So it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Lucy’s post from the middle of the night.

    1. way to harsh my mellow, KK

    2. I liked it better when you were callipygous kallipygous Kristen.

      1. I’m still kallipygous but when I crossed that 40 threshold, the kaptiousness took over.

        And I’m on no sleep, so I’m extra kranky.

        1. Balderdash! Even Sigourney Weaver still has ‘Dat Ass

  32. “Underwear Bomber II: Why We Still Need the TSA”? What’s to be skeptical about?

    Citizens, raise your fear levels to “amber”, and be thankful that the might of the US government has saved you from terror once again.

    1. something with this rubs me wrong. Years back, the CIA worked in virtual anonymity. Now, it’s a mad dash to the cameras for all sorts of people to talk about “the threat”. Maybe it’s their way of justifying expansion of the police state but something here is just odd.

      1. I think it’s just another instance of the Homeland Security apparatus justifying itself.

        Have to keep those fear levels up, otherwise the people might reconsider trading liberty for security.

  33. Hipster dads are shag-happy. Just not with their wives.

    via the fab Hugo Schwyzler, who appears to have grown a beard, instead of just being one

    1. Ashley Madison is just a personal ad service. The majority of people on it are men. And I would be willing to bet a good number of the “women” on it are spammers. Just because these doofus’s are dumb enough to pay Ashley Madison money to run an ad doesn’t mean they are getting laid.

    1. Of course, any attempt to resuscitate a curfew law is certain to be met with stiff resistance from critics who claim curfews are ineffective, draconian measures that are selectively enforced and run the risk of promoting racial profiling.

      But providing Oakland police officers with another tool to reduce violence and reduce the risk of danger to citizens is worth a few catcalls from the mob.

      You say it without proof – it’s wrong
      I say it without proof – it’s right


  34. Remember pilots, even at $420 million a pop, your plane was built by the lowest bidder.

  35. Please discuss civilly. Or discuss unvivilly, I don’t really care.

    1. touted that it provided money for a 14-year-old’s abortion as part of the group’s “real stories of abortion access.”

      Who else read that as “success”?

      1. *raises hand*

        I don’t see why it can’t be both.

      2. “I’m pretty smart for 14, I think,” Darcy writes.

        …uh huh, sure you are. Not smart enought to keep your legs together, or at least make sure your BF uses a condom though.

        “I love biology,…”

        Yeah, we know…

  36. “Mexico’s electoral commission apologized for former Playboy model Julia Orayen’s attire at Sunday night’s Presidential debate.”

    La lujuria significa nunca tener que decir que lo sientes.

  37. Cher goes off the rails. Someone ought to ask her about all the deportations, murderdroning and what-not the current occupant is doing in the name of liberalism.

    1. If ROMNEY gets elected I don’t know if i can breathe same air as Him & his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters

      Will her suffocation be televised?

      1. Isn’t the slur “tea bagger” denigrating to LGBT?

        Cher should be ashamed of herself.

    2. But Obama CARES. Or something. It always boils down to CARING.

  38. TSA apologizes to ‘humiliated’ mom for breast-pump gaffe

    And rightly so. She and her child look demonic. Who knows what vengeance they could unleash on the TSA

    1. A “gaffe” is what happens when Biden gets near a microphone. Being forced to stand in a public restroom using a breast pump because a TSA agent wouldn’t let her take empty bottles on the plane is something else entirely.

      That said, later in the article she says “I’m 38 years old and can stand up for myself.” Uh…evidently not, lady, since you ultimately went along with something completely ridiculous and humiliating. Humans seem to have a nasty streak of being accomplises to their own subjugation.

      I like the poll on the side of the article that offers the options: “It was just one person’s mistake” or “TSA needs more training”. Hm I think I could add to that list.

      1. I noticed that too.

        I was disappointed there was no, “The TSA should be disbanded, and the offending agents should be arrested and charged.”

  39. Joe Biden, the most diplomatic, brilliant and astute Vice-President EVAH!!! (citation needed)

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