Osama bin Laden

John McCain Blasts Obama For Using Bin Laden Against Romney, Used Bin Laden Against Obama in 2008


spot the difference

Senator John McCain took umbrage with the Obama campaign's latest tactic, using the killing of Osama bin Laden to draw a contrast between the President's decisiveness and Mitt Romney's lack thereof.

"No one disputes that the President deserves credit for ordering the raid, but to politicize it in this way is the height of hypocrisy," McCain said in an e-mail sent out by the RNC. Condemning the politicization of bin Laden's killing, though, didn't stop Senator McCain from politicizing it. "President Obama is shamelessly turning the one decision he got right into a pathetic political act of self-congratulation," McCain boldly declared, despite backing the President on the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, defending the President's involvement in Libya from Republicans, and applauding the President's decision to block the release of photos documenting abuse of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Candidate McCain also used the idea that he would make the decision to order the killing of Osama bin Laden while a putative President Obama would not on the campaign trail in 2008.

Expect more to come of the Romney campaign trying to paint President Obama's foreign policy as "weak" while agreeing in principle with everything the President's done and pushing for more of the same.

Reason.tv talking to Jacob Hornberger on how President Obama's foreign policy is a continuation of President Bush's:

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  1. Oh like Bush didn’t do the same thing with Saddam Hussein’s capture during the 2004 campaign. Senile old fool!

    1. Yeah, but Bush was TEAM RED.


      1. I get crap from my GOP pals for not voting Team Red in ’08. Really, I was suppose to take their flyboy candidate seriously? Someone I have had a vested hatred in for almost twenty years based on the same malfeasant actions like Keating Five and Big Statist policies that they supposedly opposed? I may have considered someone else given the circumstances, but Flyboy was not worth a goddamn second of my time.

        1. He was seventy-two years old. I didn’t think he’d live the term. Here I am surprised four years later that he’s still stirring up shit.

  2. Fuck you McCain, you fascist prick!

  3. O-bams would probably do better spiking the football somewhere other than on his opponent’s head. And that opponent and his surrogates would do well not to let the president take the voting public’s eye off the current economic situation.

  4. For some reason, McCain reminds me of this:

    Daily Mail repudiates the “sex with dead wives” story in Egypt: “Complete nonsense.”


  5. McCain – the pale rider of the apocalypse

    I am now accepting donations for the tar and feather John McCain website that I am working on. For an extra $3 donation, we will start working on the tar and feather Joe Lieberman site.

    1. Any of that going to defeat Dick Lugar, who also richly deserves a petroleum and plumage bath? Apparently, Johnny Mac is going FULL METAL RETARD to get his fellow establishment TEAMSTER re-elected, which given their long history in the Senate together, is not surprising.

      1. Anyone who McCain supports, I am automagically against them. Dick Lugar really does look like an establishment jackass. He must be related to Steny Hoyer. They both have that same slimy need an ass kicking type of look.

  6. I do remember the white house photo of president urkel and his team while they were waiting for news about the success or failure of the mission to get bin laden. In it, president urkel is slumped down with a sour look on is face, appearing exactly like a spoiled child who has been told he cant have what he wants. My intuition tells me that he really didnt want to kill bin laden, but was unable to stop it from happening. Maybe thats just me.

    1. I think he was about ready to piss his pants thinking he was going to create an “INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT”, but realized that he might as well shoot himself if he failed to go through it.

      So yeah, definitely didn’t want to do it, but knew it was political suicide not to.

    2. I think you’re confusing intuition with an odd sort of bias or maybe projection. My inuition, or rather the historical record, tells me that the president, like his predecessors, has a fairly sanguine attitude towards the use of dramatic violence.

      1. I think you misunderstand what I meant by ‘not wanting to kill bin laden’. Clearly, president urkel has no qualms about having people killed.

        1. What a stupid fucking redneck you are. Obama alone campaigned on making the tough decision to violate a sovereign ally’s territory to kill bin Laden. McCain called him naive and Bush turned tail in Tora Bora at the border of Pakistan.

          Bitch about Obama somewhere he deserves it like his awful marijuana record.

          1. BO’s tail is still wedged firmly between his legs from the missile defense standoff with Putin.

            1. Missile standoff? START was a win-win and somewhat of a minor version of Reagan-Gorby. We don’t need 1200x the nukes to destroy the world and they don’t need 400x the nukes. They cost billions to maintain.

              I marvel at the idiocy of the posters on this fucking board. Its low-rent spittle from you jack-offs.

              1. Then why come here shreek?

                1. I read the articles. And I jack off to Playboy. Duhh!

                  1. And I jack off to Playboy.

                    I had you pegged for more hardcore stuff like a stack of Cherry Poptart comix and German schie?e flicks.

                    1. Nahh, The Dark Brothers was as sique as I ever got.

                    2. Back when I had a second life as a magazine editor in SF in the early 90’s, we shared the same printing company with Cherry Poptart, which was often our “print buddy” (they’d run our jobs at the same time for some balancing reason). As a result we always ended up with lotsa stacks of Cherry issues, usually sans the color covers. Still have some of the issues in the bottom of a box somewhere. Excellent bunk material.

          2. Bush didn’t “turn tail at Tora Bora,” you idiot. He made the mistake of trusting our allies instead of doing the job entirely with U.S. troops. Obama got bin Laden with U.S. troops, fine, but that would have happened if McCain or Elmer Fudd had been elected in 2008.

            And meanwhile, Obama is making the mistake of trusting our enemies while he snubs our allies, so in foreign policy your guy is making the Tora Bora mistake many times over.

            1. ^this. Bin Laden’s death doesn’t mean dick in real terms. He was a prisoner in Pakistan under tight surveillance from those that controlled him in the first place. His death’s tactical significance is inversely proportionate to the political significance. Ultimately, Obama’s support of Islamist in North Africa is the failed policy we have to look forward to biting us in the ass in the near future.

            2. BS. Obama is not snubbing our allies. If you’re talking that miserable piece of shit Bibi the whole world hates him and several Israeli defense types have turned on him – including Dagan.

              I know the fucking code language from right-sing liar radio when I hear it – “snubbing our allies” hits the trifecta of Limpdick/Hannity/Savage idiocy.

            3. And the whole point Obama got right was that you don’t trust those Paki assholes.

              Bush was too stupid to know that.

              1. Yep and how long has our supply chain through pakistan been stopped cause of teh wuns overly fond use of drone attacks?

                If teh wun had any balls he would have declared pakistan the enemy and invaded.

              2. I believe Bush trusted our Afghan allies at Tora Bora.

                And of course Obama is snubbing allies. He did it to Canada over the Keystone XL pipeline. He did it to Britain by stupidly referring to the Falklands as “the Maldives,” trying to say “the Malvinas” and thus giving credence to the Argentine claim to them. I’m sure there are other examples I can’t think of right now.

                1. Making the Dali Lama leave through the back door.

                  1. Refusing to call the Armenian genocide what it really was.

          3. I love that you have a valid point, but you’re such a mean spirited person you have to be all invective and call people names. Good job shrike.

          4. The left would have come unglued and cried and whined about violating a “supposed” ally’s sovereignty.

    3. I recall the photo of Urkel. I remember my eyes went to Hills Clinton, and assumed she was the acting President and Urkel was in the corner; as if Hillary and Urkel were role-playing some kinky take your kid to work day fantasy.

      Why wouldn’t he want to kill Bin Laden? The guy loves drone-stroking random nobodies. Oh! Are you saying he prefers the cool, impersonal lawless assassination from a distance at the touch of a button over the point blank murder? I hear that.

      >My intuition tells me that he really >didnt want to kill bin laden, but >was unable to stop it from >happening. Maybe thats just me.
      He reminded me of Matt Damon’s character in The Departed as he buried hands in pocket and furiously texted a message to his true handler that the cops were onto his location.

      (I keed, I keed…Kenyan Marxist)

    4. Remember Hillary claiming that “no one in the room could breathe for 30-35 minutes”? They must have had catering by Qdoba.

      1. That stuff in itself is a WMD, Tulpa. Not quite as immediately lethal as kimchi, but a potent, potent weapon nonetheless.

        1. At least it wasn’t Chipotle. I heard that gives you bloody stool.

  7. Obama authorizing the raid took as much guts as Carter authorizing the failed hostage rescue in ’79. Fortunately for Obama he had a capable military(if I was a GOP shill I might be tempted to give them credit for it) which didn’t screw-up the job.

    1. I remember at the time of the failed hostage rescue mission rumors that the military deliberately failed because they hated Carter. Again, just rumors.

      1. If your read Marcenko’s account, the military didn’t fail on purpose so much as the operation had too many leaders.

        Every type commander, operations commander, joint commander, intelligence office comander etc that had an excuse to insert themselves into the operations planning did so because it was the only show in town as far as getting bragging items on one’s eval for actual combat operations.

        The end result lots of cooks jostling each other’s elbows, and lots of cracks for things to fall through.

        It reminds me of a time I was trying to do some plumbing work with two eager kids trying to “help” and they started having a tug-of-war over who was going to hand me tools and got so into it that my frantic calls for a crescent wrench went unheard as a valve I disturbed developed a high-flow leak past the stem packing…

    2. Another idiot. Bush pussied out when it was his turn at the Paki border.

    3. You could even give Carter credit, since the Carter Doctrine laid the groundwork for CENTCOM and the necessary new emphasis on special strike units to compensate for a lack of numbers and established bases. He knew that the armed forces didn’t have a reliable capability for this kind of mission and he made it a policy and funding priority so another president wouldn’t have to face the kind of failure that he did.

  8. Fuck bin Laden,

    When’s Obama going to send in SEAL Team 6 to waste George Zimmerman?!

    1. Was OBL a white Arab?

      1. That huge honker comes in only one flavor ~ caucasoid.

    2. October Surprise.

  9. The hiprocasy and BS here is mind bogoling. With the possible exception of Ron Paul there is not a big name pol from either party who would not have done the exact same thing under the circumstnces.

    1. John Kerry wouldn’t have, but that’s just cuz he’s secretly a flaming pussy.

      1. John Kerry murdered a Cong in cold blood after his team took shots from the fucker. Wounded him from a distance than came up to him at point blank range to finish it. Kerry is straight up gangsta. Say what you want about his cynical politics and stupid beliefs but he ain’t a pussy.

        1. than then came up to him at point blank

          Stupid homophones.


          Did he talk som’ cold-blooded shit right befor’. Sumpin’ like,

          “IMMA FUCK YOUR WIFE!”

          1. Exactly how it went down. Ask the Swift boat guys, they’ll tell you Kerry was a man possessed.

            1. Glory hound men of destiny like Kerry are never pussies. They don’t think mere bullets can stop them. That’s why they hated him, for his recklessness.

        3. Kerry is a pussy for taking Purple Hearts for tiny wounds.

          1. Alright, Kerry is not worth defending. Have at it. I’m just reluctant to call anyone who did PT patrol in the Delta a pussy, but if you can make a sound argument to that affect, you’re a better man than I.

          2. What about the Kerry Bronze Star?

            Dickless Cheney collected deferrments while Dumbya went AWOL in the NG.

            You Bush pussies are nothing.

            1. So socking is still possible?

              1. Sock it to me?

              2. Yeah, I know Kerry is an insufferable bore but he earned a Bronze Star while Dickless and Dumbya wore tampons.

                That is a goddamn fact.

                1. So this isn’t a sock, and you’re really doing the ‘why do you hate children’ shtick?
                  My, oh, my! I’d presumed there was some level of stupidity that you’d try to avoid. Shame on me.

                  1. I know the posters here are Republicans.

                    That is why I like fucking their dim minds up.

                    Facts don’t go GOP. The GOP are liars and Dems are pussies.

                    1. shreek – ” I know…..”

                      See, there is where you are wrong.

                2. Shrike, if you knew anything you’d be more excited about his Silver Star.

  10. Goddamn Flash Player won’t work. Says I need an update that doesn’t solve problem. Can’t see blip

    1. use an alternative browser

  11. OT:
    “Detroit’s Delmon Young apologizes after arrest”
    According to the article:
    “Delmon Young has apologized following his arrest on a hate crime harassment charge.”
    Further, his ‘crime’ seems to be:
    “…yelled anti-Semitic epithets.”
    Sorry, if that’s the case, we just have a loud asshole. This *ain’t* Germany. Yet.

    1. His crime was harrassment.

      Unless you think harrassment should be legal, pipe down.

      1. One incident of shouting = harrasment?

        Wow. They must be very fragile in that town. 😉

        1. It depends. Was it a few words shouted in a few seconds, or a harangue lasting minutes?

          1. Ooops:
            A-1: “Congress shall make no law unless the harangue lasts…”
            Missed that part; shame on me!

            1. I don’t thinking the 1st Amendment covers yelling insults at someone. Fighting words and all that.

              1. Unless the term “Fighting Words” is included in the text Nic Cage found with lemon juice, then yelling insults definitely is covered. Unless, of course, you want politicians to have the power to arrest protesters at their campaign events.

  12. Candidate McCain also used the idea that he would make the decision to order the killing of Osama bin Laden while a putative President Obama would not on the campaign trail in 2008.

    That was a perfectly legitimate campaign statement for Queeg to make in 2008. Wasn’t Obama running as the “peace candidate” and weren’t liberals calling for a law enforcement-approach to terrorism with arrest and trial rather than “targeted asasination”? It’s not McCain’s fault that Obama was misrepresenting himself to his own constituency.

    1. Obama never ran as the peace candidate.

      He consistently announced his intention to transfer military operations from Iraq to Afghanistan. The whole peace candidate thing was an effect of people substituting what their dreamy fantasies as to what they wanted him to do for what he said he would do.

      1. ^this. I told plenty on Team Blue in real time then that they were hearing what they wanted to hear. There was a flip side to Obama’s rhetoric about the ‘wrong war.’ The Right War.

      2. Exactly. Obama was a giant Rorschach Test for the US. Idiot progressives thought they heard “Single Payer” and dumb fuck Conservatives heard “government takeover of health care” and what we got was a privatized mandate that gives Aetna and Cigna shareholders a fucking boner.

        1. Idiot progressives thought they heard “Single Payer” and dumb fuck Conservatives heard “government takeover of health care”

          There is some truth to this. Obummer did make nebulous statements and half-truth claims to UHC, just enough to fool TEAM BLUE, considering who his opponent was. The ideas itself has great appeal, as I do believe too many people believe medical care is a “right”.

          The TEAM RED folks heard one thing which as was also a half-truth, they just didn’t parse correctly. What they should have heard, and I was guilty of this too since I got caught up into use of the buzzword “healthcare”, was “Government take over of medical care.”

          what we got was a privatized mandate that gives Aetna and Cigna shareholders a fucking boner.

          That’s not entirely true, either. What we got (so far) is a massive regulatory clusterfuck hell bent on expanding Medicaid to all, but using the infrastructure of existing insurance networks since that is cheaper than building from the ground up and regulating and already over-regulated industry into offering products no one can afford due to ungodly coverage mandates. The insurance companies (of which I am no fan) figured out they were patsies of their own making, figuring they could totally corner the market with forced customers and found out they were double-crossed. Hard. And the individual policy holder suffers. By design.

          Disclosure: I accept both CIGNA and AETNA.

          1. Look, I believe you are rational (that makes fluffy, Thacker, you, and I) there are just four of us here. (MNG too).

            So – do your agree. We have had and will continue to have a Three Tier payment system. Its a caste system.

            1- Lowest = Medicaid
            2- Middle = Medicare
            3- Deluxe = private

            Has this medical caste system been toppled?

            Is it wrong?

            Does it deprive providers of sustenance?

            Are you harmed by this caste?

            These are only basic questions.

            1. I’ll answer your questions in good faith, Shriek (old habits die hard) if you answer one first, as I believe with all my heart it must be answered first.

              Do you believe medical care is an inalienable, plenary right?

              1. Absolutely not!

                I do not believe in natural rights anyway. And certainly medical care is no Constitutional right.

                I consider the “right to medical care” ludicrous.

                1. I do not believe in natural rights anyway.

                  We differ here, but that is a different argument entirely.

                  Now, on to your questions.

                  So – do your agree. We have had and will continue to have a Three Tier payment system. Its a caste system.

                  Yes, this is not in question.

                  Has this medical caste system been toppled?

                  Unfortunately, no. However, it is fiscally unsustainable (CMS, 1&2) as a giant unfunded liability.

                  Is it wrong?

                  Strictly speaking as libertarian, yes.

                  Does it deprive providers of sustenance?

                  Define sustenance. If you mean like a base salary with a defined limit, no it does not. But the CMS side is rife with some perverse incentives, and not necessarily monetary.

                  Are you harmed by this caste?

                  Not now. I dropped accepting CMS almost two years ago. I only accept PPI and cash (which BTW ObamneyCare is coming after as well). When I did accept it, I was overloaded with at cost patients and forced to practice cookie cutter medicine, which I feel is unethical and unsound, so there is some harm there.

                  1. OK, I am good with that and agree on “perverse incentives” too. That is a big issue.

                    But I led you on this.

                    Doesn’t a caste system let you rise to your level of competence?

                    Like Kaiser, for instance. Kaiser has a caste. They win.

                    I want interns on Medicaid. I want the best on the best.

                    That is a MARKET SYSTEM based on EMTALA.

                    1. Doesn’t a caste system let you rise to your level of competence?

                      Not quite. In terms of patient supply to train and hone the craft of practice, yeah, that is true. But then, there is never a short supply of sick people.

                      Kaiser has a caste.

                      I have very mixed feelings about George Kaiser. He is on the board of both the hospitals where I used to be on staff. Very philanthropic but also a rent seeker par excellance. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, he makes Soros look like a piker.

                      I want interns on Medicaid. I want the best on the best.

                      This is called residency as well as internship, and in teaching hospitals, par for the course. Don’t forget, interns and residents get paid less than experienced (and sometimes even starting) nurses.

                      That is a MARKET SYSTEM based on EMTALA.

                      I curse Ronald Reagan for signing COBRA and Bill Clinton for HIPAA. Teddy Kennedy for HMO’s too. All of these distorted the medical market.

                    2. “I have very mixed feelings about George Kaiser”
                      Shriek, is that the Kaiser to which you refer?

                    3. We mostly agree. WTF?

                      The market is distorted to all hell mostly due to Medi-GVT and Obamacare is no solution but merely a smoothing mechanism until a real solution comes along.

                      The system sucks so put the best of it to Cigna/Aetna/UHC and let the laggards bitch.

                    4. The system sucks so put the best of it to Cigna/Aetna/UHC and let the laggards bitch.

                      No. Return it to the states. They have state insurance commissioners, states control medical education and licensing, and all the other things states should be responsible for and no, and I mean no, Fed involvement except for one, TRICARE. And the VA should handle the bulk of that, if not in its entirety. The DoD paid to have these service men and women butchered, they can cut back on weapons systems and pay for those soldiers instead.

                      There is also the problem of the elderly, and that one is the head scratcher. I’m honestly not sure what to do with them.


                      Not this one. This is where we vastly differ. This is what makes physicians (and ARNP’S and PA’s) slaves. With the nurses’ unions wanting plenary UHC, I want no part of “Universal” anything.

                    5. The system sucks so put the best of it to Cigna/Aetna/

                      No federal mandates. Ideally, limited state mandates. Let the insurance companies decide what they want to offer. HSA’s are re-instituted and tax free; it’s our fucking money. No forced coverage for any elective surgeries and procedures (including elective abortions). No rent seekers like Planned Parenthood; let rich eugenicists pay for that. They won’t be hurting for money. Getting rid of state licensing schemes would be ideal, but states will never, and I mean never give that one up. Ever. Too many people believe in licensing and outliers (like Dr. Kermit Gosnell) always define the rule.

                    6. BTW, Shrike, EMTALA has very little to do with Obamacare or medical care in general. It applies only to emergency rooms (better known as emergency departments in the law). It has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the hospital, private offices, clinics, surgicenters, docs in the box, etc, etc.

                      Groovus’ comment about the feds coming after cash and concierge practices is probably correct and would be a huge mistake. If indeed the country got forced into some single-payer CMS product there would have to be an alternative for those willing to pay for it. If you make cash illegal then a billionaire will by law have to be stuck in line behind the guy who just loves calling for an ambulance ride every day to get lunch at the ER (and those guys do exist and we are forced by law to evaluate them and they can’t be refused the ambulance either).

                      HillaryCare wanted to make docs accepting cash a felony. Let’s see if Obama, if he gets heartened by surviving the SCOTUS, wants to complete her vision.

              2. Look, I believe you are rational (that makes fluffy, Thacker, you, and I) there are just four of us here. (MNG too).

                Bwahahaha! Groovus, sucks to be you, Thacker and fluffy about right now. Shrike debate approved. My, what a high honor!

                1. My, what a high honor!

                  Sometimes you have to engage an adversary. So far, on this subject, the argument has been in good faith.

                  1. I tried that once in ’09. Documented the errors of his arguments with counters from authors he claimed to respect, leftist to a man. He acknowledged the soundness of what I pieced together then less than a week later he reverted back to his typical nonsense. You’re wasting your time.

                  2. “Sometimes you have to engage an adversary. So far, on this subject, the argument has been in good faith.”

                    OK, but WIH do you make of this?:
                    “Doesn’t a caste system let you rise to your level of competence?
                    Like Kaiser, for instance. Kaiser has a caste. They win.
                    I want interns on Medicaid. I want the best on the best.
                    That is a MARKET SYSTEM based on EMTALA.”

                    I’ve read that several times now, and the best I can guess (shriek and the English language seem to be less than fully acquainted), it looks like shriek is simply asking that everybody get everything for nothing.

                    1. Essentially, by subsidizing the patient pool and increasing the amount of sick people to treat, it improves the level of training with more cases. He wants the lowest and newest physicians to treat the old folks and the poor.

                      Kaiser Permanente and the Kaiser Family Foundation. Big in the health insurance biz and tracking health trends.

                      Shriek is arguing making the level of competence of physicians congruent with the patient pool and market so the most amount of patients get treated within a market system, since the likelihood of killing CMS before it kills us is unlikely.

            2. shrike|4.27.12 @ 11:15PM|#
              “Look, I believe you are rational (that makes fluffy, Thacker, you, and I)…”
              Yeah, MNG used to pull that crap also; ‘just you and me; the rest are…’

              1. Yeah, MNG used to pull that crap also; ‘just you and me; the rest are…’

                Fuck MNG with rusty, acid drenched chainsaw. I despise him greatly.

                1. MNG used every ‘sly’ and ‘clever’ bit of dialectic s/he could to avoid being called on her/his bullshit.
                  S/he has no sympathy from me; when I first started posting here, s/he claimed s/he was going to ‘demolish’ me, whatever that could mean. And seemingly never managed to do so.
                  Stuff it up your butt, MNG.

                  1. That poll Mary left on sloopy’s blog mentioned something about ‘MNG’s suicide’ as one possible choice. I have not seen him around in a while come to think of it.

                    Haven’t seen Yonemoto or fluffy around either.

            3. (MNG too)

              shriek brings the class A trollin’

              MNG is DEAD to H&R
              He’s too much of a fucking dumbass to figure out how to register w/o using his .edu address.

              1. Since both John and MNG disappeared at the same time, and since they spent half the links comments some days arguing with each other, I figure it was just John arguing with himself. With registration, it is just too hard for him to keep switching back and forth between the two screen names.

      3. Correct but McCain was still on solid ground appealing to the perception of what Obama was.

    2. No, again you are bereft of accurate recollection. It was Obama who said he would pursue OBL into Pakistan, not Mr. Keating Five.

      1. Did he pursue OBL into Pakistan? I would like to make the case that he was sitting on his fucking ass in his comfy DC estate when OBL was killed. What say you?

        1. No, they FOUND him Pakistan. After that he had three options.

          CENTCOM wanted a risk-free drone strike and Obama overruled and told them to take the high-risk option of a kill/capture mission.

          Biden sided with CENTCOM, btw.

          1. Biden sided with… Biden is a freaking moron. Who cares what that imbecile said. He has the IQ of a 4 year old. On the other hand, Obama has the full military of the US advisng him and he is asking them and all his other advisors what will likely make him look best? Come on man, the guy is such a phoney. I have no respect for him at all, and I will not be voting for him or his white boy clone in team red.

            1. Obama made the tough decision and you focus on Biden?

              CENTCOM was weak – Obama was strong. So fuck you. That is my point.

              1. shrike|4.27.12 @ 11:18PM|#
                “Obama made the tough decision and you focus on Biden?”

                Uh, what “tough decision” was that?

                1. read the above, you douchebag.

                  1. shrike|4.28.12 @ 12:08AM|#
                    “read the above, you douchebag.”
                    Sorry, dipshit, I’m not willing to wade through the crap you post to find some hint of one of your lies.
                    Make the claim or stuff it.

              2. The only tough decision involved in going after OBL was how he should go about patting himself on the back if it was successful. Politically, it was a win damn near no matter what; unless the mission went horribly, horribly wrong (which was unlikely), he’d come out looking good even if it turned out OBL wasn’t there.

                1. no, you fucking idiot. Obama made the call to invade an ally on a military mission.

                  How would Canada like it if Harper were buzz-killed?

                  1. shrike|4.28.12 @ 12:10AM|#
                    “no, you fucking idiot. Obama made the call to invade an ally on a military mission.”

                    *THAT* is your claim of a “tough call”?!
                    OK, you’ve proved it; ignorant asshole all the way down.

                  2. The Media and the Left would love it since they love Obama?

                    1. I’m refering the Canadian Media and Canadian Left by the way.

                  3. Given it was OBL we were after, the public would have backed him if we invaded just about damn near any country on the globe to get him, let alone a pathetic excuse of an ally like Pakistan. So no, it wasn’t all that tough of a call.

  13. Wow, the race between Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich is really heating up.

    1. Are you thirsty or hungry? Or is a fast more appealing?

      1. Definitely a fast, but that want save you from the Big Stench.

        1. Homophones, once again I curse you! This must be a real condition like dyslexia.

          1. I grokked it.

      2. This is actually making a cleanse sound appealing.

    2. But this offers such great choices! Giant Douche offers us a life of impoverished equality and servitude to the state, and Turd Sandwich offers us endless wars and servitude to the state. Get out your pompoms team read, team blue, rah rah rah!!! I am going with Turd Sandwich, he has the best hair!, rah rah rah!!!

  14. shrike|4.27.12 @ 11:52PM|#
    “I know the posters here are Republicans.”

    Hey, dipshit! I’ve been voting for quite a while, and I can think of once I’ve checked the R box.
    I’m pretty sure you’re an ignoramus, so I don’t quite “know” it yet. Give me one more idiocy, and I’ll be convinced.

    1. The “everyone here is Team Red” meme gets old after a while. Does he not remember that all of the Reason writers either supported Obama or Barr in ’08?

  15. Ignoring the statists for now, and to make a Friday evening enjoyable, light up whatever you like to smoke, or pour whatever you like to drink and listen to some serious talent on the clarinet:

  16. 2 links failed to post.
    Screw you, reason squirrels.

  17. Here’s a little cutie worthy of consideration.


  18. Bernie Ecclestone marries someone half a decade younger than him.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new…..z1tIoTaG27

    1. Though, likely too skinny for John’s taste.

      1. Shit. I meant that to thread under Killazontherun|4.28.12 @ 12:45AM|#.

        1. still works tho

    2. Er. half a century younger.

      1. She is beautiful. He looks like an aging lesbian.

  19. Apparently, Sweden has banned home schooling.

    1. “But Sweden’s experiment with state control of children and families does not seem to be going so well. The Swedish government’s own report shows the psychological health of Swedish youth is declining faster than in 11 comparable European countries.”

      Wow. I am sure ceausescu would approve.

  20. Photographs of Laden’s blown open head will be seen.

  21. Shout out to Mary Stack in Fort Worth, Texas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWNaR-rxAic

    Call that number baby, people that love you are waiting.

  22. Since releasing the photographs of those douchebag soldiers fucking around in that prison led to an American being beheaded and acting as a fantastic recruiting tool for terrorists, maybe keeping them from being released wouldn’t have been such a bad thing. Just sayin’.

  23. lol, those guys crack me up man.

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