Ugandan Activists Storm Police Department, Go Topless to Protest Sex Assault


A Ugandan opposition group organized a rally to protest the sexual assault by a police officer of Ingrid Turinawe, leader of the opposition FDC's Women's League, who was headed to a protest of her own. Female members of Ugandan Activists for Change (A4C) entered the police headquarters in Kampala and confronted members of the force, telling they brought the breasts the officers want to grope. Several women were arrested for exposing themselves.

The rally made for good PR for A4C, too, which had just changed their name to "For God and my Country" (G4C) to circumvent a law banning their organization. The ban stemmed from the group's efforts to protest during a conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union held in Kampala earlier this year. The IPU's mission is "to be a focal point for world-wide parliamentary dialogue and to work for peace and co-operation among people and democracy."

Video of the protest via NTV Uganda: