Marion Barry Also Doesn't Like it When Immigrant Filipinos Are Nurses


Eerily prescient

Via Instapundit comes this Washington Examiner bit:

Ward 8 Councilman Marion Barry made comments Monday about Filipina nurses who work in District hospitals, just weeks after Barry told his supporters that Asian businesses "ought to go."

At a hearing, Barry told the president and board members of the University of the District of Columbia that the school should be supplying D.C. residents to serve in the "lucrative" posts of nurses and teachers.

But that was not the case, Barry said.

"In fact, it's so bad, that if you go to the hospital now, you find a number of immigrants who are nurses, particularly from the Philippines," Barry said. "And no offense, but let's grow our own teachers, let's grow our own nurses—and so that we don't have to be scrounging around in our community clinics and other kinds of places—having to hire people from somewhere else."

I will defend Marion Barry on this one notion: By all means, we should "grow our own" skilled workers. But the best way to do that is not through jawboning local hospitals about hiring decisions, or legislating employee set-asides, or using your official status as a representative of the people to mischaracterize the existence of otherly born skilled workers as "bad"–it's by improving the K-12 education system. Marion Barry has been in local office since the 1970s, and during that time Washington, D.C.'s public education has always been unforgivably awful. And when a Korean-American came to town to try and fix it, Barry treated her like this:

I'm gonna raise a subject that I know is going to set off the Washington Post. We have a clash of cultures. We have a clash of cultures. Everybody that comes here talks about Michelle Rhee not including people, not being collaborative, not listening….

The reality is that this school system is 90, 92 percent African American, Latino American, and a small number of white students. Everyone knows that this country is a melting pot, but there are distinct cultures in this country. The African-American culture, because of our history and a lot of other reasons, has a distinct culture difference with non-white America. Latinos are the same thing. Does not mean that non-African-American, non-Latino cannot teach, cannot administer, but when the cultures are so great, Ms. Rhee comes from a culture…that's autocratic, a culture that's dictatorial, a culture of hierarchical in their discussions.

This is the same racist flapdoodle that got Barry into mildly warm water earlier this month, only with a stronger policy kick in the nuts. The District of Columbia, with its utterly debased one-party political culture, continues sentencing its non-wealthy children to prison-like schools, and accusing those who would reform that tragedy of being racists. It is disgusting, and unconscionable, and it will be like this for as long as people keep rewarding Barry-like behavior. Take it away, Kennedy!

As for Filipina nurses, they deserve a medal for getting through this:

Just imagine if Marion Barry was in charge!

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    1. That never gets old.

      1. Really, we all owe him a vote of thanks for a perpetually humorous line.

        1. So that’s why he keeps getting elected then is it?

          1. Yes. It’s gratitude and a desire to be mocked by the entire planet.

  1. D.C. voters to D.C. politicians: “Thank you, sir. May I have another?”

    1. No offense, but I had to stop coming to Reason for a few days. Every time I’d see the bright orange and black comment section I’d puke in my mouth a little.

      1. Orange and black?

        1. Stop. Please. I’m getting dizzy.

  2. Marion Barry can’t seem to get it through his coke addled fucking brain that just because a korean teacher, or a fillipino nurse, or a chinese shopkeeper exist doesn’t mean that you can’t have an American do those jobs.

    Indeed. The fact that immigrants are holding these positions indicates a dearth of available American candidates.

    Besides, the shit he’s spewing sounds a lot like what northern industrial worker said about southern black workers not too long ago. Of course, Mr. Barry probably realizes this, but his prejudices are so strong that he can’t stop from saying these things. They’re axiomatic for Marion.


  3. mmmmmmmmaybe people in DC should stop voting for Marion Barry.

  4. Marion Barry is the living memorial to getting the gubmint you deserve.

    1. I cannot fathom how a guy like this keeps getting elected. But then I think about the current state of the electorate, and you’re right.

      We get what we deserve.

      1. We get what we deserve can’t prevent.

        FTFY. Not everyone deserves the government we get.

      2. Ever been to Ward 8?

  5. But the best way to do that is not through jawboning local hospitals about hiring decisions

    Never worked in a hospital or hospital network, have you Matt? Let’s just say hiring tactics tend to rival those of Cosa Nostra.

    1. Correct, though my mom was a director of nursing, and my sister-in-law is a pediatric nurse & CNA heavy.

      1. No way! Your mom was a DON? CNA is a tough job, as is peds. Much respect given. It is, unfortunately, a thankless job.

        I assume Mom did not suffer from YELLOW PERIL pearl clutching.

        1. Your mom was a DON?

          Are you still going with the Cosa Nostra reference?

          1. Matt, SMITE HIM! Sparky’s pretty cheeky considering Reason hates him.

            1. HA! The joke’s on you. Matt would never smite me because even though I pick on his clothing choices from time to time, I’m the only one around here who really GETS him. You know, it’s like we’re on the same cosmic level.

    2. Best Filipino nurse joke ever:

      Q. How do you say “Fuck You” in Tagalog?

      A. “Yes, Doctor.”

  6. Ms. Rhee comes from a culture…that’s autocratic, a culture that’s dictatorial, a culture of hierarchical in their discussions.

    You’d think she’d have fit right into the DC scene, then.


      1. First thing the sneaky bastards do is open stores and become nurses, then the next thing you know they’re imposing their culture of hierarchical in their discussions on us.

    2. of hierarchical in their discussions.

      What the hell does this even mean? I think he missed a word or two there.

      1. It doesn’t translate well from Tagalog.

        1. Wait, are you saying Barry is a Tagalogian? I wonder how he feels about them taking out political jobs?

      2. I’m sure it made much more sense in the original Dipshit.

        1. From the original:

          Ms. Rhee comes from a culture…that’s autocratic, a culture that’s dictatorial, a culture of hierarchical in their discussions.

          So no, it still doesn’t make sense.

          1. That’s just because you can’t understand Dipshit properly obviously.

            1. Gothcha, I thought Loki was calling me a Dipshit. I guess that’s what I get for seeing a comma where none exists.

              1. No worries, being able to properly translate Dipshit is one of those skills that any normal person would be slightly hesitant to admit to.

  7. Doesn’t Barry realise that for black children to become nurses and business owners they would have to apply themselves in school? To act white? Or does he want an affirmative action nurse putting in his catheter?

    1. Or does he want an affirmative action nurse putting in his catheter?

      He’s probably wealthy enough to afford his own private doctor, so apparently he wants other people to have their catheters put in by affirmitive action nurses.

  8. I’m married to a Filipina nurse. Once this hits TFC, Marion better pray he doesn’t ever require hospitalization again.

    1. Given his age and proclivities, odds are pretty good he will.

  9. Spike Lee covered this in Do The Right Thing 20 years ago.…..tthing.txt

    Start at “Motherfucker wasn’t saying shit”.

    Best movie ever.

  10. Just like hepatitis, Marion Barry is the gift that keeps on giving.

  11. Let me throw out a little tale of two doctors that may be slightly relevant here.

    Several years ago my PCP was a Korean woman. She seemed generally competent the several times I had cause to see her. There was one time, however, when things went from bad to worse. I had been going to a gym regularly for a few years when I developed an intolerable pain in my side. It was so bad it made it difficult to walk some days. She initially diagnosed it as a pulled muscle and told me to lay off exercising for a while. Several weeks later it hadn’t gotten any better but she still couldn’t diagnose it. It was finally six months later when she got me to a CAT scan where they found a 23mm kidney stone lodged in my right kidney.

    1. Doctors are only human. I went to an urgent care last year for coughing spells. The white, American born doctor diagnosed post nasal drip. When the coughing only got worse, I went to a different urgent care, and that doctor, also white, American born, diagnosed pneumonia in my right lung.

      1. And while I was in the waiting area, a man came up to the window, said ‘no’ when asked if he had insurance, and was still seen by a doctor. I must have been seeing things.

      2. I get what you’re saying. My point is, if these people want us to believe they are experts then they really ought to be experts. If you want to know what a kidney stone almost an inch across lodged in your kidney feels like, have someone hit you in the kidney with a baseball bat every couple hours. I guess I could have been more insistent about it, I guess I could have seen someone else about it. But in honesty, this is probably what got me to stop thinking that doctors might know what they’re doing.

        1. On the whole, Sparky, we do. However, we can’t read minds. It’s why it’s called “practice”.

          1. Well, with the wealth of fairly accurate information that any person could find on their own with a bit of digging I think some doctors just need to drop the arrogance and pay a little more attention to their patients.

            1. I had a gum/tooth infection once, so I called a dentist and said “I’d like to make an appointment – I have a gum infection”. The dentist said “I’ll be the judge of that”. So, yeah, some docs need to drop the “I have more schooling than you” ‘tude and listen once in a while.

              But some docs (my groinocologist for one) are great listeners and spend time answering questions.

            2. Amen! You win many a shiny internetz.

            3. Yes, they need to drop the arrogance, but they get paid for spending as little time with patients as possible. I don’t know how to change the incentives.

              1. I don’t know how to change the incentives.

                Get government out of medicine and medical care, for starters. Changing the notion that medical care is a right would go far as well. I have dim hope that either prevailing MO will change.

                but they get paid for spending as little time with patients as possible.

                There is some truth to this, but when a physician accepts CMS, that is unavoidable and cookie cutter, assembly line medicine ensues in order to cover basically at cost patients.

                1. I think that’s why when I go to my general practitioner in the ‘hood, it’s an assembly line, but when I go to the gyno in the wealthier neighborhood he spends more time. I don’t think my gyno has any “at cost” patients, is what I’m sayin’. And he mostly does ob work, judging by the number of preggo yuppies I see when I go in there.

              2. some penalties (pay reduction, no bonus, whatever) for the wrong diagnosis

                1. some penalties (pay reduction, no bonus, whatever) for the wrong diagnosis

                  You are familiar with civil court, no?

    2. I now have a new PCP that I believe is Mexican. This woman is tiny, I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that I am probably a bit more than twice her size. This January I started getting massive headaches when working out. When I went to visit the new doctor and explain what was going on she seemed at a complete loss. Honestly, when I looked in her eyes as we were talking all I got back was a blank expression. She put me through what I suppose was supposed to be some kind of stress test as I had to try not to throw or kick her across the room as she had me do various activities while she tried to provide resistance.

      Now, maybe both of these stories say something about the state of doctoring these days. Maybe they say something about women, or maybe they say something about general practitioners. Whatever they say, it doesn’t give me a good feeling about visiting a doctor’s office.

      1. I’ve had pretty much nothing but white doctors and they have all been idiots at one time or another.

        1. You’re an unusual patient, Saccharin Man. You have full knowledge of your conditions and doctors sometimes don’t know how to properly react to an educated patient.

          1. Maybe that’s the problem Groovy, some doctors seem to have that attitude that the patient couldn’t possibly know enough to self diagnose. Plus, as my dad likes to say, those fancy expensive machines aren’t going to pay for themselves.

            1. That’s an interesting quagmire, Sparky. Some patient do accurately self-DX, most don’t. It’s hard when a patient present and says “I have X. Fix me!” Upon closer study, they are usually spectacularly wrong. What doctors and nurses need to do, is listen to all the complaints, and often the root cause will reveal itself. You are right, however, that physicians need to take more care to evaluate the veracity of first hand information. Just because a patient may not have formal medical training doesn’t mean that their hunch may be wrong.

              1. It’s hard when a patient present and says “I have X. Fix me!”

                I can imagine that a good chunk of these people know exactly what drug they need and are just looking for a quick score.

                1. I can imagine that a good chunk of these people know exactly what drug they need and are just looking for a quick score.

                  This is not, to say the least, unheard of.

                2. Imagine how much time is wasted by health professionals because of our whacked out drug laws.

                  The addict jumping through hoops, the docs and nurses dealing with the addict and accompanying paper work, the actual pain patients that also have to jump through hoops because of diversion risks. Jeeze, just sell the shit over the counter.

                  On the docs not listening to their patients:

                  I had an allergy doc when I was a kid and he wanted to prescribe zyrtec real bad. It had just came out and I’m sure some hot rep was polishing his knob over it. Well I had some sort of reaction to it, but he claimed it wasn’t the medicine. So, next time I have symptoms the same thing happens, then a third time. My mom makes an appointment to try and get some claritin or something. As I’m telling him about the reaction happening again he pulls out the fucking insert and says that my reaction isn’t mentioned anywhere so it has to be something else, and that I should continue taking the zyrtec. Never went back to that fuckwad.

                  Don’t get me wrong though, every other doc I’ve had has been competent and friendly; just that one guy was a dick.

          2. I eventually find one I can work with.

            1. I’m glad you did, my friend. I hope your endo is working with you famously.

      2. Most GP’s went into that specialty because they couldn’t get into one that paid well.

    3. Several weeks later it hadn’t gotten any better but she still couldn’t diagnose it.

      A renal percussive test would have saved a lot of time and gotten a CT scan much quicker.

      1. Admittedly my reading comprehension isn’t great, but he did say someone was hitting him with a baseball bat in the kidney every couple of hours.

        1. Assuming you are being serial here, Sparky was relaying how his lower back was feeling. A renal percussive test is just gently tapping the suspect area with a closed fist. When kidneys are inflamed from renal calculi, this is one of the DX criteria to R/O a DifDX as opposed to lower lumbar pain.

          1. Should we do a renal percussive test on Andy Dick?

            1. Nah. Gelding would suffice. His shallow end of the gene pool needs chlorine shock and awe. And then he can live out the rest of his sniveling existence watching tentacle porn, eating cheetos and weeping constantly.

    4. Is there a person on the planet who doesn’t have a similar story? My father had a sore on his foot that was diagnosed as a spider bite. Turns out, it was advanced leukemia. (He was diagnosed with leukemia 2.5 years earlier.)

      If you want infallible doctors, you won’t have any doctors. This of course is no excuse for their arrogance.

  12. What’s with all the hating on asians from this shitstain lately? It’s almost like maybe he doesn’t like the fact that there are some groups of people out there that actually have the intelligence and work ethic to make it on their own without government handouts.

    1. Black on Asian hate is super big right now. We’ve had some fun times down here in Dallas lately.

      Also, Barry is a racist shitbag so that could explain some of it.

      1. Could you pls be more specific on what’s going on in Dallas re: black on asian hate?

        I’m married to an asian woman, and work with almost nothing but black people. I need to know if I should avoid the next company function.

        1. I’m married to an asian woman, and work with almost nothing but black people.

          Jim is Wesley Snipes?! This explains everything!

        2. I think the media probably blew it a little out of proportion, but apparently a bunch of business in south Dallas are owned by asians and the local NAACP and NOI aren’t too pleased about it. Culminated in them protesting some poor convenience store owner. There was an article in the Dallas Observer about it, but I can’t remember.

  13. Too optimistic (had to take out the Welch quote I’m responding to – butt fucked squirrels), and assumes a greater value for post grade school than is warranted by social reality. Anyone can thrive well with basic literacy, mathematical ability, and a willingness to show up on time and not fuck off. Nothing short of ending wealth transference will teach your average kid that not fucking off is essential to getting by in life. Everything he has heard from the likes of Barry and the debased and perverted meritocracy of the school system has countered that essential skill. The average to low intelligent kids will never learn not to fuck off so long as sitting in a class room is the norm for those not going into fields that require a high level of abstract functionality. Their time, a time critical for developing essential work habits, is wasted focused on a high school curriculum. In those essential years they need to be as far away from the mentality of the education establishment as possible and earning their keep. Only after productive habits are formed do they have any chance at developing specialized skills necessary to becoming nurses and business owners.

  14. If it’s a woman, I think the term is Filipina.

    Are his constituents so addled that they would prefer to be treated by a nurse who only got her job because Marion Barry pressured the hospital administration?

    1. It’s Ward 8 of D.C., so yes.

    2. See this comment I made a coupla days ago to understand about his constituents

    3. Does Marion Barry still have a political career?

  15. Do people still read instapundit?
    I’m amazed you were able to find a link to an article in between links to Amazon and “Obama Eating Dog” jokes.


  16. If you want D.C. residents (blacks) to hold those jobs then you need to tell your constituents to start “acting white”, study hard and graduate (from high school). Or would you be ok with an uneducated affirmative action nurse or teacher?

  17. Loki|4.24.12 @ 12:35PM|#
    What’s with all the hating on asians from this shitstain lately?

    The operating assumption of urban-political-machine-cronyism is that all ‘jobs’ are handed out to constituents as favors, and all ‘businesses’ are scams run for the purpose of political kickbacks; in this light, what he’s saying is perfectly understandable. He thinks its preposterous people should have jobs because they are industrious and independent (e.g. Asians!) – they should have jobs because they’re Connected, provide votes for the politicial machine, and they “deserve” them – i.e. entitled due to a long history of disenfranchisement.

    I think the message he’s sending his constituents is, “they took ur jobses!”… (and the implicit assumption is that He might be able to help get ’em back for you)… which is really not much different from the GOP saying the same thing re: Mexicans… Its a political cliche at this point. Everybody thinks they ‘deserve’ something, liberal or conservative.

    I agree with dude (Killaz) above, that ‘improving education’ probably wouldn’t do shit. Well, if it were more of a Michelle Rhee-style ‘improvement’ (FIRE EVERYONE! START OVER!)…yeah, that might help.

    I think Marion Barry should become a mainstay of Reason magazine… a weekly column! “THIS WEEK WITH MARION” He’s pretty much the centerfold of “Everything Wrong With Politics”-Magazine.

  18. Kennedy is a stupid cunt. Her stupid is stupidfying all of

    1. come on man, if you swore you were ending your subscription over Kennedy, it would qualify as a DRINK. try and think of others sometime…

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