Justice for Cisco: A Wrong Door Puppycide in Austin


It can be difficult to get people to care about injustice, unless caring means "liking" on Facebook and the victim of injustice happens to be a sweet-faced, 50 pound dog. 

Austin dog Cisco was shot by Officer Thomas Griffin on April 14 and the facebook page "Justice for Cisco" already has 41,000 "likes." Cisco's owner and self-described "best friend" Michael Paxton doesn't want to let this loss go without a fight and a fuss.

According to Yahoo News/Good Morning America, this is how Paxton remembers the day that Officer Griffin came to his home, responding to a report of domestic violence which turned out out to be the neighbor's house:

As [Paxton] approached his truck, he said he saw something from the corner of his eye and looked up to see a police officer who immediately drew his weapon and told Paxton to put his hands up.

"He had a Taser. He had pepper spray. I don't understand why, in broad daylight, he pulled a gun on me. I wasn't running. I wasn't hiding," Paxton told ABCNews.com today. "I was just saying, 'I live here.' I was panicking. I was afraid for my life."

Paxton said he heard Cisco, who weighed about 50 pounds, barking and coming towards him from the backyard.

"I said, 'Don't shoot him. Don't shoot my dog. He won't bite you.' But he shot him, just like that. It all happened in under 30 seconds," Paxton said. "There was no attack on the officer other than barking and challenging him."


Paxton said the officer said he was responding to a domestic issue report of a man choking a woman. Paxton does not have a girlfriend and believes the report came from his neighbor's house.

Paxton said the officer did not apologize and when his sergeant arrived, he was unsympathetic and told Paxton the officer was within his right to shoot the dog. He said he has not heard from the police since the incident.

"I was in shock for probably almost 24 hours," Paxton said, choking up. "I wasn't crying at that point, but when I picked my dog up out of the driveway, I lost it."

The local NBC News reports that the officer feels bad:

"(Griffin) is distraught about this," said Sgt. David Daniels. APD says there is an internal review every time an officer's firearm is discharged. Griffin is still on duty and APD would not answer questions about why a firearm was used instead of a taser….

"We are not going to second guess our officer," said Daniels who says officers can use force when they feel physically threatened by an animal.

But Griffin doesn't really sound distraught in the moment, if you listen to the audio from the police cruiser dashcam. Soon after leaving his vehicle, Griffin begins to reach towards his gun. Then he's off-camera, but the audio continues.

The officer yells "Show me your hands! Show me your hands!" Paxton yells "don't shoot my dog!" The officer yells "Get back! Get back!" Paxton yells "What are you doing? What did you shoot my dog for?" 

After Officer Griffin fires his gun, Paxton yells "I live here!" several times and the officer screams back "Why didn't you get the dog?!" and "Why didn't you get your dog when I told you to get your dog?!" The news narrator says he sounds "shaken," which could be true. But he's definitely also screaming at a man at whom he needlessly and suddenly pointed a gun, and whose pet he just killed. 

Perhaps more to the point of wider worries over police conduct, Officer Griffin, appeared abruptly in Paxton's

 yard, gun drawn, and gave the homeowner three conflicting commands in a few seconds; he told him to show his hands, he told him to get back, and then almost as he fired his gun he yelled "get your dog!" Then he asked why Paxton didn't get his dog. You don't have to love dogs to realize that that doesn't bode well for police interactions with human beings either, especially if the police are in a situation where they have more reason to believe someone might be armed. Giving conflicting commands to suspects, then firing? That's how people die. Not to mention, there are 72 million pet dogs in the U.S.. Police officers have no business not having at least a rudimentary understanding of what threatening behavior by them looks like.

And killing a dog is more serious even than busting down a door or breaking a gate. You can buy a new door (or ideally the police would pay out of their own pockets for your new door, if they were in the wrong). It may just be an animal, or mere property to some, but the owner can't go out and buy the exact same dog they had before. It's not pure sentimentality to think that maybe people should get a little more compensation and a real apology for their loss. When you hear Paxton yell "Why did you shoot my dog?!" it's hard not to be reminded of the Columbia, Missouri drug raid that went viral in 2011. The man in that video yells about his dog with the same cadence and a the same freaked-out bewilderment. 

Paxton intends to keep making noise about his dearly departed, furry friend; An online petition to have Officer Griffin "reprimanded" already has 10,000 signatures.

Reason on puppycide and on police

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  1. If shooting a police dog counts as shooting an officer, then shooting a family dog counts as shooting a child. He should stand for the murder of an innocent.

    1. And we all know how harshly the cops are dealt with when they shoot kids.

      1. One of my all-time favorite bullshit phrasing:

        Aiyana was fatally shot early Sunday morning during a raid targeting a homicide suspect, when police say an officer’s gun discharged and struck the sleeping girl in the neck.

        “It’s like the damn thing had a life of its own!”

        1. But the passive voice was used! No fault was mine!

      2. I know I’ve been watching too much Archer on DVR. I read “Officers got excited” and hear in my mind “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over my giant, throbbing erection!”

  2. I have a suggestion for a new policy. Any officer who fires a gun is fired. Whether they were in the right or not. If its worth more than your job to discharge the weapon, great. Otherwise, have a good life in your new career.

    1. How about a society in which no one has the power that cops do?

      1. Nah. I’ve given up trying to get convictions out of them. Now I’m trying to limit them to – maximum – one free kill a piece. Fewer if their aim is off.

      2. SOMALLLLLLLLLLIA!!!1!!1one!

    2. Excellent idea. If you really are saving your own life, you wont mind losing your job. Police shootings would go down by 99%.

      Two years ago I had a fence put up for my dogs. I live in the middle of nowhere, but they kept running in the woods and getting covered with ticks. I had to call the ‘call before you dig’ guy to come mark the utility lines. He pulled up in my driveway and hopped out of his truck before I could stop him. I was going to put my dogs in the house before he was menaced by them. He was immediately swamped by my six dogs. They were barking and lunging and making a hell of a racket. He calmly crouched down and talked to them and in half a second was petting them. They took an immediate like to him.

      I said, hey you must be a dog person. He replied, hey, you cant do this job if you arent a dog person.

  3. But what about poor John Edwards?

  4. But what about poor John Edwards?

    1. I have angered the 3pm EST squirrels.

      1. Nah, it was just the sincere depth of your caring about John Edwards coming through.

        1. It’s the hair. It gets me every time.

          1. Not just you. Not just you.

            1. Another sucker for the “Silky Pony”!

              1. “Breck Girl”.

      2. No kidding. It’s like clockwork, every day at 3 pm something just goes haywire for about 5 minutes.

        1. You’re right – I have the same problem, every time, every day. Interesting.

    2. If Pro Lib is right, maybe he can communicate with the spirit of Cisco for the poor owner.

  5. Law enforcement officers these days are generally poorly trained and ill-suited for the job. Remove accountability and you get wonderful things.

    1. This is my thought exactly. Poorly trained and over-equiped, with no accountability.

      1. over-equiped, with no accountability

        If only accountability vendors were better at marketing to the LEO segment.

    2. I’m not buying it. How much training do you need to NOT shoot someone’s dog? Fucking postmen, milkmen, UPS guys, pizza delivery guys, etc., are somehow able to not get attacked by dogs constantly. If you need fucking training to know not to shoot a dog, you have no business being a cop.

      1. Then chalk it up to “ill-suited”. A friend of mine who deals with LEO frequently in his job (and is friendly with most of those he interacts with) describes them thusly: They wake up in the morning, drink a giant glass of asshole juice and go off to see who they can fuck with that day.

        Being an asshole would actually be tolerable if they were also professional. Taking every transaction with the public as a personal affront worthy of punishment is not professional.

        1. I used to live next to a retired cop from Boise. He was chock full of stories about violating people’s rights. And why not? No accountability means do whatever the hell you want. In other words, all the training in the world won’t prevent a cop from shooting a dog.

          1. Shit, MS, that guy was a shoe-in for getting elected to Congress with that attitude…

      2. According to some of our more progressive reason friends, the only reason people aren’t shooting each other all the time every day is because there is a law against it. Since there is no real law against shooting dogs they’re obviously just considered fair game.

      3. Guessing here, I’ve never pulled a gun on someone, but I have to think that once you do your adrenalin starts flowing like mad and makes it hard to process information. So, maybe the first a cop should do is NOT pull a gun. That should be easy to train for, right? Keep the fucking thing in your holster, and if you don’t you better have a god-damn good reason why. Of course, this assumes the police are there to protect the innocent, or at least do them no harm, and it seems more and more like the police are there to protect the police first. They are kinda like the mob, only they all wear blue and instead of milking a few businesses and running drugs & prostitution they just milk the taxpayers.

        1. Why do you want cops to die? These heroic men and women in blue are out there to keep you safe.

        2. Their first priority is to protect officer safety. And that means the safety, rights, and peace of mind of residents are all after-thoughts. That’s how priorities work.

        3. [Of course, this assumes the police are there to protect the innocent,]

          Once again, they aren’t. SCOTUS regularly holds that police have no duty to protect “innocent” individuals. Cops protect “society.”

          The only individual obligation they have is to protect guilty people after they take them into custody.

  6. BANG! “Stop or I’ll shoot!”

    Ahhh, that used to be funny.

    1. Shoot first and ask questions…never.

  7. “Cisco’s owner and self-described “best friend” Michael Paxton wants doesn’t want to let this loss go.”

    Did the squirrels get you too Lucy?

    1. They’re wily.

      1. Wile E Squirrel, Super Genius.

      2. What? Like coyotes?

        1. Goddammit.

      3. What ever you do, don’t eat them.

  8. My wife told me about this on Sunday night. I almost threw her phone through my tv when I read the story on it.

    1. someone is getting hardcopy printouts from now on.

      1. That show isn’t even on anymore, Silly Rabbit.

  9. The more paranoid and violent pigs get, the more everyone hates them, and the more paranoid and violent they get. It works out nice for everyone.

    1. It’s been working out that way for years; just imagine where we’ll be in a few more.

      1. I don’t know anyone under maybe 40 who has anything but contempt for police. Fun times are ahead.

      2. Judge Dredd?

  10. Griffin, appeared abruptly in Paxton’s yard, gun drawn, and gave the homeowner three conflicting commands in a few seconds; he told him to show his hands, he told him to get back, and then almost as he fired his gun he yelled “get your dog!”

    By the way cops do this shit all the fucking time. Responding officers give a stream of conflicting orders and then get pissed when you fail to follow any one of them.

    They’ll shout out four impossible instructions and when you fail to get down and stand up and move away and come toward them all at the same time, it’s like their excuse to claim that you’re “resisting”.

    1. To your point, read the transcripts of the interviews of the swat team that raided Jose Guerena’s house. They said, presumably with a straight face” nobody “complied” with an order to open the door. They knocked the door within 10 seconds after knocking.

  11. How is it that these pussies get hired by the police in the first place? Here’s a grown “man” who shoots a guy’s dog and then blames the guy for it. If a 50 lb. dog is that threatening, so is a 90 lb. housewife. Officer Griffin, fuck you.

    1. ^this. I could hold off the vast majority of dogs simply with the confidence to calmly hold my ground and a baton as backup.

      1. seriously, dogs that aren’t rabid or feral tend to respond to the proper signals, even from strangers.

        Threatening their owners isn’t on the list of proper signals however.

    2. I’d be afraid they’d shoot my barking dog even if it was in a cage with raids we have now. Anything that distracts or confuses the officer apparently deserves swift and immediate death.

    3. Ye, cops are all pussies and liars.

      The problem is that Americans are dumbfucks that’ve been brainwashed by decades of TV shows like Law&Order; that show the cops as saints.

  12. Paxton intends to keep making a fuss and an online petition to have Officer Griffin “reprimanded” has 10,000 signatures.

    That’s nice. Too bad police departments don’t discipline officers based on Facebook “likes”.

    1. We need a social media site called Hatebook.

      1. Billion dollar business plan, right there.

  13. At some point enough people are going to realize that cops are a negative value to society as a whole and hopefully call for the mass disbanding of police agencies.

  14. If you’re in the mood to go really ballistic…

    Good Morning America covered this and didn’t pull any punches with the photo it ran with the story.

    1. Noooooo. Also, that photo gives a way better sense of how small the dog was.

      1. If you are “threatened” by a dog that small so much that you have to shoot it, you’re either Peter Dinklage’s smaller cousin, or you just want to shoot something.

        1. Why can’t it be both?

        2. What you don’t see in that picture were the beast’s huge sharp… He could really leap about… Look at the bones, mon!

          1. “DEATH awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth!”

        3. If you are “threatened” by a dog that small so much that you have to shoot it, you’re either Peter Dinklage’s smaller cousin, or you just want to shoot something.

          it’s been pointed out before that somehow, thousands upon thousands of mail carriers are able to enter people’s property on a daily basis, completely unarmed and are able to soldier through their duties without shooting a single dog.

      2. Hey Reason, Fuck you. I can’t post for shit here without it being rejected as spam. How is a three sentence paragraph with no links spam? How the fuck do I unregister, because this is bullshit.

        1. Yeah, I think they’ve overdone it on comment lockdown lately. Why can’t we gamb0l across the plains of Reason like we used to?

          1. It’s more than just a comment lockdown. It’s buggy.

            There’s some combination of italics that will cause your comment to be “invalid”. Unless they’re vetting for stupid…hmm…

        2. I wonder if there is some sort of white list running behind the scenes. Other than the 3pm mystery covered above, I never have any problems posting.

          1. Something has gotten majorly fucked up with trying to paste in text, especially when bolded or italicized. I tried copying in the comment below in italics and it kept getting rejected.

            1. paste the text into notepad first, prolly some microsoft gooblygook in there.

          2. white list

            Of course there is. We’re racist libertarians, after all.

          3. Maybe they’re tired of all the wrangling about Palin and are filtering posts with her name. Ever consider that?

            1. Wrangling about Palin? WTF?

              1. OK, I guess my humor was a little too dry there so I’ll explain.

                IIRC your handle was a plea to end the obsessing over Palin during the 2008 election.

                So I thought there would be a delicious irony if Reason were filtering out your posts because of a desire to squelch discussions about Palin.

                As far as the wrangling goes, everytime she gets mentioned in the morning links, John and MNG start their Killkenny cats routine…

                It really has nothing to do with you other than riffing off your handle.

                1. Did MNG survive registration? Havent seen him lately, praie Rand

                  1. He showed up in a couple AM Links a couple days after but hasn’t been heard from since.

                    1. No John to argue with. What’s he gonna do?

                  2. He posted a few times but I haven’t seen him a little while. My bet is that he was doing a significant portion of the handle-hopping griefing and lost his trollboner when he couldn’t do it any longer. Or he tried doing it and they banhammered him.

                    1. Or John just didn’t have the patience to jump back and forth to advance his own arguments.

                    2. Yeah, how is it that both John and MNG disappeared at the same time? Maybe they really were the same person.

                    3. Maybe they ran away together.

                    4. I always pegged you as a romantic.

                    5. I wonder if John pegged MNG or if it was the other way around?

          4. So, the old “irreconcilable statements” ploy, eh? Very clever, Saccharine Man!

            1. I live to angertain, db.

        3. Maybe they just think your comments suck? Ever consider that, pal?

          1. Makes sense when you think about it LOL!

    2. Motherfucker, that’s rough.

    3. Damn, GMA is hardcore. Who knew?

      1. “The only thing that has brought me comfort is the response and outpouring of emotion for him,” Paxton said. “I’m sure he heard the yelling. He’s a dog. This is his territory. He’s going to be territorial to some extent. To me, it’s pretty typical dog behavior. He’s not a viscious dog. He was a good boy. He was a real good boy.”

        Lucy left that part out of the original story quotes she pulled. I don’t blame Lucy, it’s pretty raw.

        1. This is his territory. He’s going to be territorial to some extent.

          So, we now hold dogs to a higher AUF standard than cops.

          1. Well, they’re usually smarter.

    4. Oh my god that dog is fucking tiny. That worst it would’ve done was cutely tug on office fuckface’s pant leg.

      1. That worst it would’ve done was cutely tug on office fuckface’s pant leg.

        “Respect my authoritah!”

      2. Hey, man! Do you know what the dry-cleaning bills are for a cop who has to have a couple of clean uniforms available at all times?

        You scoff, but if dogs are allowed to slobber on, bleed on or tear uniforms with their teeth the cost of protecting us from scary black men scary drug users would skyrocket and nobody could afford police protection any more and we would live in a waste-land where people fought on dune buggies over guzzoline.

        Is that what you want, anarchy? That dog would have a chance in the wasteland anyway, so it was doomed.

    5. How about this comment:

      How terribly sad for this pup and his owner! And how horrible this police officer must feel. Before you judge, you need to put yourself in the shoes of an officer entering a possible hostile environment and then having a dog charge you. We are so quick to judge these men who risk their lives daily, just like the officer that we just lost making a call to a Walmart and getting shot point blank….He left behind two daughters…don’t be too quick to judge.

      1. I threw up in my mouth a little.

      2. Glad to hear dunphy’s commenting on this elsewhere…

      3. Before you judge, you need to put yourself in the shoes of an officer entering a possible hostile environment and then having a dog charge you.

        Like the mailcarrier does, every. single. day?

      4. We are so quick to judge these men who risk their lives daily

        The only risk they run daily is missing the fresh, hot ones down at the local Dunkin’.

      5. I’ve thought about what it is like to walk in the shoes of that officer, and I have failed. I’m just not sociopathic enough to relate to him.


      6. Fuck them. If you don’t want a job where you might get shot at, don’t join the police.

      7. Comment to that commenter:

        Its easy to judge when the collective response of law enforcement is a giant blue fucking wall of silence. Investigations into officer misconduct are complete bullshit and its obvious that the trust has been lost. And instead of trying to restore trust, agencies just rally around their union and tell the public to deal with it because they risk their lives.

        I know officers and I know many good officers, but the system they work in is getting worse every year, some of it because of the tasks they are being asked to take on (drug war, war on terrorism) and some of it because they are evolving training with society or aren’t properly training officers in local ways (an inner city cop trained to deal with suburban dwellers is as poorly trained as a suburban cop trained to deal with inner city people).

        If you don’t admit that this is a problem and getting worse, you’ll never fix it. At some point police and citizens will be so alienated from each other, order will not be able to stand.

      8. Might be easier for people to restrain themselves if the police apologized for the shooting. Commenter is inferring Cisco’s killer feels bad, but after the shooting he defended himself and blamed Paxton and the dog. If he wants sympathy, then he can apologize and ask for forgiveness. He hasn’t, maybe in part because it would be admitting legal liability.

        Of course, any time an officer is wounded or killed then we find a unanimous display of compassion and mourning from police, regardless of the circumstances. But when police injure non-police, whether human or dog, we almost uniformly get stonewalling, defensiveness and no more than token remorse.

        Everybody save your sympathy and understanding for somebody who’s actually contrite.

  15. Puppycide is such a vulgar neologism, Lucy. Catulicide would be a better term.

    1. I read that as Cthulhicide. Which would be far more difficult.

      1. Who would win in a fight, Cthulhu or Hastur?

        I think the answer would be…Ia! Shub-Niggurath!
        Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young! Help! It’s com…Blfdjghkl;fhjsdkl;

        1. Well, looks like that puts an end to HM ever posting again. And for the record, I’d pick Hastur.

          1. “Hodoricide”.

  16. The news narrator says he sounds “shaken,” which could be true.

    Sounds like he can’t handle the high stress situations that he creates. Perhaps he should look for a new line of work.

  17. If your dogs are going to get killed anyway, you might as well just raise some vicious bastards and let them loose on Officer Friendly. Make him earn that shoot.

    1. I like it. I will begin my Attack Papillon breeding program this weekend.

      1. You get about 50 of those fucking things and no amount of bullets in the world is going to save Officer Dickweed.

        I want to go old school and get a pack of baying English dogs, so I can say “Release the (Fox) Hounds!”

        1. Just make sure you use “Havoc” as the command word to send them into their killing frenzy.

          1. Nice. Or maybe hogs for the Archer joke.

          2. Let the cops trigger it themselves. Make the command “stop resisting.”

            1. Needs more Shakespeare.

      2. We have a 1/2 Dachshund 1/2 Papillon. She’s 8 pounds of fearless – takes on the two labs (one of which is 99 lbs of sweetness) and never gives up.

        She’d make a better cop than this scaredy fuck. Yeah, the “fearless” part, but mostly she exhibits better judgment.

        1. Fearless, sure, but a Dachillon is never going to have the cognitive ability nor the thumbs to throw down an untraceable knife to justify the shooting.

    2. I hear there’s a guy who is trying to breed a more territorial wolfhound. Two or those will keep your land clear of just about anything that walks, creeps, or crawls that isn’t family.

    3. This is a strong idea, but I prefer carrier pigeons. Harder to shoot, and with poisoned talons. The birds!

  18. “Why did you shoot my dog?!”

    “Fuck you, that’s why.”

  19. This sort of reminds me of that apocyphal story… where a newspaper lists that an unknown dog had been hit by a bus that morning, a subway worker had been electricuted, and a homeless man was found dead in an alley.

    They received 500 calls about the dog, 10 about the subway worker, and zero about the homeless man.

  20. 43,000 likes for “Justice for Cisco”, 1400 likes for “Justice for Jose Guerena”.

    1. The innocence of that dog is easily apparent. Not such with Mr. Guerena, unfortunately. Besides, I will take what I can get when it comes to the public’s attitude and the police.

      1. Yeah, but I’m guessing if this was a innocent kid instead of a dog, the “likes” wouldn’t have hit 43,000 either.

        1. see also

          “Trayvon Martin”

          Depends on the kid, and whether or not “The Good Reverend Al” decides to involve himself…

      2. I’m not sure the innocence of the dog is so readily apparent. The dog has been accused of aggression twice before.

  21. It can be difficult to get people to care about injustice, unless caring means “liking” on facebook and the victim of injustice happens to be a sweet-faced dog…12 year old black kidAfrican American kid who’s actually 17 and wearing a hoodie, cause that hoodie is somehow significant.

    1. Well if that dog African American kid wearing a hoodie didn’t get nervous when a stranger approached him in a threatening manner, he’d still be alive.

      1. Yes, we know this because all the facts are out and the case has been examined thoroughly in an unemotional manner.

        For all I know, Zimmerman mighta just kilt him cause he’s a black kid?

        Dunno till we hear more.

        1. A disinterested view works both ways,

  22. Is it possible there is some sort of club these cops get to join if they kill a dog?

    Or do they get “grief money” for shooting a dog like that one agency that hands out $500 bucks to any officer that kills a person.

    1. “I am a 1%’er, bitches!”

      *affixes to vest a patch of dog’s-head-in-profile crossed out in a red circle*

      1. 1%? That seems awfully low.

  23. “We are not going to second guess our officer,” said Daniels who says officers can use force when they feel physically threatened by an animal.

    Of course you’re not going to ‘second guess’ your man. That would require the ability to reason and a sense of responsibility.

    1. No shit.

      What the fuck is that about.

      Cops firing their guns get blank check support.

  24. Hey, is it standard procedure in a domestic violence call to get out of your car, gun drawn, and point it at the first person you see?

    1. Good question!

    2. You anti-police bigots are all the same. You just jump to conclusions, you don’t even wait for the investigation to finish. Maybe this dog actually was totally huge and stuff, and only shrank after the brave officer slew it to save the baby it was trying to eat. You don’t know. Wait for the investigation.

      1. ^Hey, I didn’t know there were HTML dunphy tags!

    3. Well, first male. See, you run off the dude and then you’ve got this chick who makes poor decisions about relationships all to your self and you’re holding a gun. Its hardly even rape.

    4. I thought that was standard procedure for all police stops: robbery, rape, jaywalking, littering, spitting…

      1. you forgot playing loud music

  25. Any way the department could equip these guys with a GPS or maps? Or maybe a course on reading the Arab numerals most people affix to their mailboxes or front door?

    At least the right dogs will get shot that way.

  26. Why don’t cops use their tasers for situations like this rather than firearms? In most situations where a cop shoots a person(or an animal) a taser would have worked perfectly well. Wasn’t that the whole rational behind using them in the first place? That they are a “less-lethal” alternative? Instead cops just use electrical shock for pain compliance, and continue to murder unabated.

    1. Tasers are only for use on diabetics that are in shock or torturing homeless men.

  27. I wonder if the guy stopped beating on his wife when he saw the cop shoot his neighbor’s dog?

    1. The buy beating his wife was probably an off-duty cop, and he came to climax when he saw the dog getting shot.

      1. Was the guy married to his victim? I didn’t look.

        (I mean the guy at the right address, not the dog-owner at the wrong address)

  28. BANG! “Stop or I’ll shoot!”

    Ahhh, that used to be funny.

    1. 28 minutes ago, sure.

    2. Well played, squirrels, well played.

  29. What is with the damn squirrels today? They have eaten about three lengthy comments of mine so far.

    1. Maybe reason and the squirrels are having a contract dispute?

      1. The little bastards are trying to unionize, using tiny pens to scribble on tiny card check forms and slashing the tiny squirrel tires on the tiny squirrel cars of anyone that doesn’t agree with them, just how MNG always dreamed it would be like.

        1. Yes, well. If reason ever needs the animal equivalent of Pinkertons, I have a cat who has kept my yard free of bushy-tailed tree rats for years.

          1. Actually some reason editors have been plagued by rats. Reason HQ is surrounded by restaurants and DC’s non-human rats are attracted to the dumpsters. The started nesting in one former editor’s car engine and chewed up all the wiring.

        2. Based on what Lucy said above, I figure the squirrels have received their latest package from ACME Corp and are using the contents in their never-ending War on Comments.

  30. “We are not going to second guess our officer,” said Daniels who says officers can use force when they feel physically threatened by an animal.

    We’re not going to actually supervise our officers and they know that.

  31. officers can use force when they feel physically threatened by an animal.

    Emphasis added. Legally speaking, is a human considered an animal?

    1. Funny, for us proves, it requires considerably more than feeling physically threatened before we can start spraying lead.

  32. Here is the appropriate police protocol with dogs:


    1. Nice! Cops with dog biscuits could probably get dogs to turn their owners in. Or maybe its just my loyal to his stomach pooch.

  33. I have heard it said that there are some who believe that Officer Thomas Griffin shot Cisco because the Cisco was about to go public with pictures of Officer Thomas Griffin fucking sheep. The whole “domestic abuse” call was bogus, just a ruse to provide cover. Has anyone else heard anything about this? Do you really think that Officer Thomas Griffin fucks sheep? And who has the pictures now?

    1. He should prove he doesn’t fuck sheep. With pictures and, preferably, video.

    2. Dude, what has a sheep ever done to you that you would drag them down to this pigs level?

  34. Maybe the poor officer has dyslexia and read the manual as War on Dogs.

  35. I’d bet there would be even more of these stories if the police didn’t miss so many times.

  36. Refusing to “second guess” an officer is basically saying there is no situation where shooting a dog is incorrect unless the officer admits it personally.

  37. Land of the free. Home of the brave. I think this is going to be my comment for everything from now on. What a fucking country.

    1. In Soviet Russia, dog shoots cop!

    2. It goes well with “If you haven’t done anything wrong, you don’t have to worry.”

  38. If I eas carrying, and officer fuckface gunned down one of my dogs in front of me, I honestly don’t know what I would do. But I can’t rule out returning fire. I think I would have a good self-defense claim – I could honestly swear that I was in fear of my life, after all.

    1. Anyone that appears in my driveway with a gun is going to provoke a flight or fight response in me. If piggy managed to surprise me enough to shoot my dog before I got a hold of him his family would have to pay the price a bit in the future. Yes I am saying I would kill a pigs kids if he shot my dog what about it?

      1. Piggy !

  39. Guy made a mistake …s’only a dog FFS. If a great big snarling beast was headed towards me and I had a gun I’d used it.

    1. Tell me that wasn’t serious.

      1. It wasn’t serious.

        Either its a spoof, and thus not serious.

        Or its not a spoof, in which case it stupid to take seriously.

  40. I love the chien cassoulet Indonisienne so popular in 4 star DC restaurants since the White House started serving it at official State dinners.

    Though I find poodle a little stringy. Much better with a lab.

  41. Does anyone remember Gestapo from back in the 40’s

  42. This puppy was shot and killed by a deputy in Hoke County, NC one week ago. This has to stop. https://www.facebook.com/BigBoy212012

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