Tim Cavanaugh Talks Islamism, Obamacare and Stagflation on PJTV


Tim Cavanaugh managing editor Tim Cavanaugh sat down Friday with the Ayn Rand Institute's Elan Journo and host Allen Barton for a very special episode of PJTV's Front Page


What's unprecedented about letting the Supreme Court review the constitutionality of new laws? Why can't these constitutional nitpickers just go with the flow? Is it still good politics for presidents to pick on the Supreme Court, and if so should they at least wait for the Court to make an actual decision? 

The Muslim Brotherhood's Khayrat al-Shater looks like a strong candidate in Egypt's presidential election. (Or does he?) Pakistani terror chief Hafiz Mohammed Saeed is taunting the U.S.A. like a Frenchman after a $10 million bounty offer. Why does Islamism seem to be so much stronger than it was at the beginning of the Global War on Terror? 

How can real estate be recovering when the shadow inventory is getting larger? How can unemployment be going down when fewer people are working? Do they still teach the New Math in schools? 

Watch 'em all! 

Supreme Court: 

Full-frontal Islamists: 

Shadow Inventory: 

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  1. Scary fact from the BLS linky:

    Over the last year, we have added one (1) job for every ten (10) new residents of the US. Population has gone up 13 million; workforce has gone up 1.3 million.

    To keep even with growth, we would need to add, call it conservatively 8 new jobs for every 10 new residents (allowing for those who retire).

    So, we’ve been adding jobs at 1/8th the rate we need to just to stay even with where we were a year ago. Forget about taking up the slack from the recession; that’s just to stay even.

    1. Oh, hell. That’s not right. We need to add (conservatively) 5 (five) new jobs for every ten (10) new residents of the US.

      10 new residents – 2 retirees (on the high side) x .64 (labor force participation) = 5.

      Not as bad as I thought. We’ve been adding jobs at 1/5th the rate we need to stay even, not 1/8th.

      1. Oh, yes. That’s much better.

      2. Hey, I picked up Business Cantonese for Beginners while I was in HK last week for a reason.

      3. When we say residents, don’t we also count children and youth who have not yet entered the workforce? Or should the little buggers have jobs anyway?

        1. That’s what the workforce prticipation rate accounts for.

          I’m probably double-counting retirees, now thatIthink about it. 1/5th, 1/6th, whatever. Puts that 2mm jobs Obama is bragging about in perspective, anyway.

  2. Why does Islamism seem to be so much stronger than it was at the beginning of the Global War on Terror?

    Because the Bushpigs implemented a Sharia state in Iraq with US military force.

    1. And then Obama continued all of it.

      1. We kept a shitty embassy in Iraq. Let me know when Obama delves into Nation-Building like the Bushpigs did.

        Libya? We killed that asshole with zero troops involved. I give the community king an A+ on that.

        No one here can deal with my rational state. And I quit doing drugs at least a few hours ago.

        1. Shriek has united spoof and reality as one. He has broken the singularity, or something.

        2. and Qaddafi will be replaced by a sharia-based govt, much like the Brotherhood will take over for Mubarak (if the army moves out of the way). Yes, nothing gets an A+ quite like replacing dictators we could control with radicals we cannot. What could go wrong?

    2. Sharia state in Iraq


  3. You lost me at “Tim Cavanaugh Talks”

    1. I know, I know, I thought he was a mute too.

  4. You’re not folling us, Tim.

    That’s not The Jacket.

    1. Black trumps Brown?

    2. folling

      Ha ha! RC, you you-ed yourself!

      Also, Folling disease. Care to share, RC?

  5. Cavanaugh has turned into the biggest fucking wingneck writer here.

    Muslim Bro-hood, Solyndra CT, gun-walking, Fed rigging, etc.

    He has a newsfeed from those fucking idiots Corsi and Horowitz it seems. Look for some Sheriff Joe birther shit some – maybe a BigFoot article on as it sinks into wingnut blather.

  6. That dude is so full of himself I am surprised his own head doesnt implode!

  7. If Tim had a sense of humor, the alt-text would read, “Lucy Steigerwald”.

  8. Maybe if we quit sticking our noses in every muslim-majority country these extremists probably wouldn’t have such a powerful propaganda tool to exploit. The Taliban practically rules Afganistan again. Iraq will probably become like Iran. Egypt, Syria, Libya going the same way too.

    1. We’d quit sticking our noses there if there weren’t serious people with serious capability and intent to harm us. To be so afraid of giving the enemy a ‘propaganda tool’ that we wouldn’t fight them is, well, a huge propoganda too. Besides, that’s a bunch of shit. America has stuck it’s nose in Panama and Peru and there’s no suicide bombers coming out of there.

      1. Name one Islamic terrorist attack on Americans prior to 1945. The year we won WWII and decided to spend the next 67 years being the world’s policeman, babysitter and welfare office all in one.

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