Cops Moving In On Toulouse Shooting Suspect


In the Twentieth Century the terrorists wore balaclavas and the cops didn't.

French police are laying siege to an apartment building in Toulouse right now where the alleged killer of seven people is said to be holed up and not going gently. From The New York Times

The man told police negotiators that those killings, as well as the fatal shootings of three French paratroopers in recent days, were to avenge the deaths of Palestinian children and to protest French military deployments abroad, according to investigators and Interior Minister Claude Guéant, who was at the site of the raid on Wednesday morning.

The suspect, identified as a French national from Toulouse who said he belonged to Al Qaeda, fired several volleys at security forces ringing the five-floor apartment building in which he had barricaded himself, about two miles south of the Jewish school where the four people were killed on Monday. Three officers were slightly wounded, Mr. Guéant said.

The suspect is a 24-year-old French citizen who was arrested in Afghanistan a few years ago but escaped during a mass jailbreak. The Telegraph's Fiona Govan has updates

11.23 Some reports now suggest that Mohammed Merah, the alleged Toulouse gunman, is 23, not 24, as previously stated. We will try to clarify this and update.

11.18 Ghulam Faruq tells Reuters that Merah was detained by security services on Dec 19, 2007 for bomb making offences. He escaped from captivity during an insurgent attack on the jail where he was being held.

11.08 Breaking news from Reuters: alleged gunman Mohammed Merah was previously arrested for planting bombs in Kandahar, Afghanistan, according to Ghulam Faruq, the director of prisons in Kandahar. He was sentenced to three years in prison but escaped in a mass jailbreak in 2008 orchestrated by the Taliban, Furuq told Reuters.

The June 2008 Sarposa prison attack freed hundreds of prisoners — including Taliban and terrorists. The Taliban pulled a similar trick with this jailbreak last April. 

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  1. The joys of diversity. We need more immigration from 3rd world hellholes.

    1. If France didn’t want any Algerians in their country, perhaps they shouldn’t have colonized Algeria.

      But you already knew that, didn’t you?

      1. The French left Algeria 40 years ago. And if these Algerians so hated French rule then why move to France after they got independence?

        1. And if these Algerians so hated French rule then why move to France after they got independence?

          It’s simple. To avange.

        2. And if these Algerians so hated French rule then why move to France after they got independence?

          I dunno. My telepathy doesn’t work with Franco-Algerians.

    2. “The joys of diversity. We need more immigration from 3rd world hellholes.”
      Yes, this country needs more fucking idiots….we can’t produce our own fast enough.

  2. France has both a large Moslem and Jewish population, this is definitely not going to help relations between the two.

    No doubt the slime lord Sarkozy is going to milk this to death for the coming elections.

    1. France has only about 500,000 Jews, but about 5 million Muslims. I’d be more worried if I were a French Jew.

      1. Do they still light the streets with burning cars and Synagogues, or has that fad lost its fuel?

        1. I don’t know if they still light the streets that way, but I do know that there are security guards posted at all synagogues, Jewish museums and cultural centers, because there have been enough incidents over the past twenty years to make it worth the synagogues’ while.

          1. you get to a point where the insurance premiums and security costs on synagogues and day schools get so high that dues can’t keep up …

            lots of French Jews already have an apartment in Netanya or Jerusalem, some of the richer ones have one on the Upper East Side in NYC. A lot of them will be shifting their primary residences soon.

  3. The suspect, identified as a French national

    The suspect is a 24-year-old French citizen

    Good thing he’s not a foreigner. hat would really be bad.

  4. Religion of peace.

    1. religion of pieces

  5. So he’s not a far right nationalist?
    I expect apologies to far right Frog nationalists from will be forthcoming.

    1. I doubt the National Front will hear those apologizes, as they will be too busy raucously celebrating the victims’ funerals.

      1. Or as HeroicMulatto just showed, they will be blamed even if they did nothing.

        1. Blamed for what? Do you deny that the average FN voter wouldn’t be pleased to see two of their favorite bogey-men at each others throats?

          1. Maybe they are sad knowing that if only their policies on restricting immigration had been followed this crime might not have happened.

            1. Policies that would have done nothing in this case, as Merah is a French citizen.

              1. If his parents had not immigrated to France he would not be in France.

                1. If his parents had not immigrated to France he would not be in France.


                  1. What, that concept too hard for you HM?

    2. No, it will just be spun that the “far right Frog nationalists” created an atmosphere which caused the shooter to commit the crime. If only Le Penn had given this guy a hug and all would be well.

      1. We’re talking about a country where this guy is a popular comedian.

        Jus’ sayin’

        1. You mean the half black leftist who gets fined for his statements by the French courts

          1. Antisemitism is something that the far-Right and the far-Left tend to agree on, yes?

            1. No, at least if you are being honest about what “far-Right” really is.

              1. No, at least if you are being honest about what “far-Right” really is.

                Explain, White Tigress Suki.

                1. HM,
                  Far-Right is the opposite of Stalinist Communism. So, it would be a laze fair free market, minimal statist, individual freedom society. Nothing like what has been propagandized as “far-Right” like Nazism or Fascism, which are other incarnations of socialism.

                  Note that communism being “far-Left” is not from the French formulation with Left being anti-Statist, but from some Stalin decree.

            2. Depends on how you define those terms. US SoCons have a total hard-on for Israel, and have made a big show of making nice with Jews in the US. Leftists tend to pretty much uniformly oppose Israeli policies, and the AIPAC crowd dishonestly conflates this with anti-semitism.

              1. Yeah, gee, where would they get the idea the left is couching its antisemitism in being critical of Israel? That’s crazy.

                1. MB, yes, like Helen Thomas who cannot even distinguish between Jews and Israelis.

    3. Yeah, no kiddin’ — it was a pretty big leap from neo-nazi to al-Qaeda jihadist.

  6. He killed small children to protest the killing of other small children. Well I’m convinced…

    1. See? How do you like it?

    1. French to English translation is superb.

  7. police are laying siege to an apartment building in Toulouse right now where the alleged killer of seven people is said to be holed up

    You know that fucker has the place booby trapped. For “avengement.”

  8. Wait, he’s in there all by himself? An actual terrorist/murderer, without any hostages, barricaded in a building? This seems like a case where our American-style SWAT teams would finally come in handy.

    1. They’re only interested if he’s got a pet dog and a half-smoked joint in there with him

      1. potheads are worse than child murderers.

      2. Plus this guy might be still armed and he knows how to use it. SWAT teams like either unarmed victims or ones who are sleeping.

    2. without any hostages

      Don’t come any closer or the towelhead gets it!

      1. Won’t someone help that poor man?

        1. That’s a sure way to get him killed!

          1. [high-pitched voice] Oh, lo’dy, lo’d, he’s desp’it! Do what he sayyyy, do what he sayyyy!

    3. If what you want is dead SWAT. Their parade tactics are designed to intimidate the unarmed. Against someone prepared, they are sitting duck suicide squads.

  9. Those cops in ski masks look like thugs. You’d think they’d want to avoid the obvious comparison, being that cops are pretty much thugs anyway.

    1. it’s actually quite a telling detail: French LEOs, in France, going after a child murdering terrorist, need to hide their identities.

  10. Abolish the wages system

  11. French troops assassinated in the streets – check.

    Jewish kids killed – check.

    A large unemployed Muslim population – check.

    I was listening to a segment on NPR over the weekend concerning the Jewish day school killing. They postulated that the killer had to be a right wing neo-nazi group. The dancing around the Muslim elephant in the room was typical.

  12. Am I the only one who reads these threads now wondering how That One Guy would turn it into a discussion of how the Noble Savages wouldn’t be in this predicament?

    Just me?

  13. You jsut never know now days whats gonna drive someone to go all Postal on ya!

  14. No death penalty in France right? So what are the odds this guy gets taken alive?

    1. If they have a similar view to prisoner safety as the West Germans, pretty good. Just amazing how many Baader-Meinhof/RAF members chose to commit suicide in prison…

      I’m surprised the French haven’t called in the military, evacuated everyone in the surrounding four blocks, and leveled this guy’s apartment yet. Their first attempt to grab him ended up putting three of theirs in the hospital, and I don’t think the suspect has a hostage.

      1. Even more amazing how many of them are running around Berlin today after doing their time.

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