Orange County Cop Who Killed Manuel Loggins Returns to Duty Amid Allegations that Loggins' Daughters Were Held for 13 Hours by Police After Watching Their Father Die


On February 7 at about 5 in the morning, Orange County Sheriff's Deputy Darren Sandberg had an encounter with Manuel Loggins in a school parking lot. When it was over, Loggins, a Marine at nearby Camp Pendelton, was dead, shot "multiple times" in front of his 9 and 14-year-old daughters as the three of them sat in the Loggins family van.

Loggins had, according to the Deputy, crashed through the school fence, parked his van, wandered around the soccer field, and then returned to the van, and attempted to drive away. Sandberg ordered Loggins to stop and says that Loggins didn't listen and was saying "irrational statements", so he fired. Tasers are optional in his department and there's no word on whether Sandberg was carrying one that morning or not. 

Patch.com reported on February 10:

Due to Loggins' failure to follow the commands and his irrational behavior, including statements he made, the deputy had a deep concern for the safety of the children," [Orange County Sheriff's Department Spokesman Jim] Amormino said. "In the deputy's mind, it was unsafe for [Loggins] to drive away with the girls."

Amormino said he couldn't disclose what the alleged "irrational" behaviors or statements entailed, but said Loggins didn't appear to be intoxicated.

When Loggins got back into the Yukon and either started the engine or began trying to drive away, the deputy opened fire, shooting Loggins through the driver side window, which shattered. (The girls were in the back seat and not injured.)

Amormino acknowledged that this version of events differs from an earlier account released by the Sheriff's Department, in which the deputy reportedly opened fire because he feared for his own life.

"The real threat was for the lives of the children," Amormino said Friday. In a case like this, "some information becomes immediately available and some takes longer to get because witnesses have to be interviewed," he noted.

Amormino said this account came from the deputy who fired the shots. Another deputy was nearby, but "I don't know what he saw," Amormino said.

Loggins' daughters were also interviewed by investigators, but Amormino said he didn't know what they said or if their story lined up with the deputy's.

According to the Orange County police union, even Loggins' daughters said their father was acting strange. And the reason that police supposedly know this fact makes the case even worse; Loggins' wife is now filing a claim for $10,000 in damages on behalf of herself and her four children. Along with the wrongful death suit, the family lawyer alleges that after witnessing the shooting of their father, the two daughters were detained for 13 hours by the Sheriff's Department. According to the Los Angeles Times:

They just basically incarcerated them," attorney Brian T. Dunn said[.]…

The accusation is contained in a claim Dunn said he would file Wednesday with the county, giving notice that the Loggins family plans to file a wrongful death suit in Superior Court against the Sheriff's Department and the deputy….

The girls were held at the Orange County Sheriff's Department and not allowed to see their mother until 6 p.m. that day, Dunn said, describing the treatment as a form of "false imprisonment."

"They had games for them to play, but they wouldn't let them go," Dunn said. "They probably kept asking them over and over and over what was going on till they got the answer they wanted."

He said Loggins had committed no crime, posed no threat to anyone's life and that Sandberg shot him "multiple times."

The sheriff's union, in early comments, said Loggins had been acting "irrationally," putting his daughters at risk and ultimately setting up his own death.

The shooting has driven a wedge between the Marine Corps and sheriff's deputies in San Clemente, a beach town in south Orange County where both uniforms are a common sight. Camp Pendleton, where Loggins was based, is next to San Clemente, and sheriff's deputies patrol the city's streets.

Dunn said in addition to a wrongful death suit, he would file suit in federal court on the grounds that Loggins' civil rights had been violated.

There were reports in February that dashcam footage of the entire incident existed, but nothing has been released yet. Let's hope the footage is compellingly in favor of Sandburg, since he made the decision to fire into a vehicle where two children were residing. There had better be some really good reasons for that sort of action, which endangered the kids, in theory to save them from something worse. (Something which was proven by Loggins' disobeying of police orders and his still entirely non-specific "irrational statements.)  

Let's hope the Orange County Sheriff's Department sees fit to share the footage with the public, and more to the point, the family.

Regardless of justification for the shooting its self, it's further unconscionable to keep two undoubtedly-traumatized children away from one parent after witnessing the death of the other. 

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  1. End of tether. Attempting to contain rage.

    1. You should should see a shrink instead of complaining day after day to chat-room lifers.

    2. Attempting to contain rage.

      Good luck with that.

    3. Please get help or go back to your homeland.

  2. Town in Ohio shuts down entire police force and confiscates their weapons after 9 year old was tased.


    1. Didn't give much detail here but I had heard on the radio eariel that it was a truancy situation and the kid, who was a lrage child, failed to comply. I'm not sure why you would simply not just attemp to find the parent at that point. Was his not attending school some how a life threatening emergancy?

      1. I also heard it earlier and that it was a large child too.

      2. Here's what the cop said happened with the 9 year old. Tasing completely inappropriate.


    2. Finally, some sense

  3. No dogs shot?

  4. "failure to follow the commands"

    That's what really got him shot. The only thing at risk here was the cop's over-inflated ego.

    1. This

  5. So the OC sheriff admits to lying about what happened, and now claims that the killing happend for a good reason, but they don't want to say what the reason is. But we should trust them.

    1. Yeah, he pretty much revealed that the original story was the default.

  6. Brother shoots sister (7) after finding gun in family van. Parents are outside, but nearby. Dad is a cop.

    No age given on the boy. No information on whether gun was 'duty' gun.


  7. This officer killed a Marine based on his opinion that he (the Marine) was acting "irrationally". I find myself reflecting on the thought that there is nothing cops cannot do, no one they cannot kill. Maybe I'm thinking irrationally but I just have trouble envisioning any scenario in which a cop can do something for which they are then held accountable. The union will back this guy and every other thug in blue to the hilt. They always do.

  8. When this story was first posted here, and Dunphy expounded on how this was a "good shoot," I posed the following scenario:

    A citizen with a CCW happens upon the scene of an accident. It's a police cruiser, and a man in a police uniform is stumbing around the vehicle, making irrational statements. There are kids in the car. Fearing for the safety of the kids, the citizen orders the man in police clothes to stop. Instead, he proceeds to get into the vehicle. Again, fearing for the safety of the kids, the citizen fires his weapon, killing the man.

    Justified? A "good shoot"?

    Naturally, I wanted this addressed by Dunphy, but for some reason that didn't happen.

    1. You don't even have to make it a cop. Just put any non-LEO citizen in the cop's shoes, and there is no possible way there isn't a murder trial.


    The End


  11. All he wanted was a pepsi.

  12. the deputy had a deep concern for the safety of the children

    Yeah, whenever I feel concerned about the safety of children, I fire several shots into the car they are riding in. If I can kill their father, only a foot or two away from where they are sitting, that's just a bonus.

    I do not see any possible justification for this shoot. No indication the man was armed or threatening anyone's life. If you're worried he's going to drive away and endanger the kids, shoot out the fucking tires.

    1. If you're worried he's going to drive away and endanger the kids, shoot out the fucking tires.

      I was just about to post this very thought. I guess at the po-po academy down there, they don't teach them about how it makes it very hard to drive a vehicle when the tires are flat, and how your widdew bang-bang shooty thing we give you does a pretty good job of letting the air out of those tires.

      1. Hey, for all we know the Marine had a dangerous Assault Tire for a spare. The deputy is lucky to be alive!

    2. Tires aren't the easiest thing to shoot out, especially with handgun rounds.

  13. Just get stuck on the 'crashed through a fence' bit. Something weird going on there.

    Oh, a vehicle can most definately be used as a weapon.

    Not enough information.

  14. he made the decision to fire into a vehicle where two children were residing. There had better be some really good reasons for that sort of action, which endangered the kids

    If the cop was close enough to the car to be sure the bullet would go through the correct window, firing through the drivers window wouldn't have endangered anyone in the back seat.

    Obviously there's a lot of information that needs to come out to evaluate whether this was a justified shooting. We definitely need to hear more about the "irrational statements"...they'd have to be a very specific sort of irrational to justify the shoot.

  15. Sandberg is covering up something.

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