Ron Paul Roundup: Defends Immigrants, Not at CPAC, Gets Nearly a Million in SuperPAC Support from Peter Thiel, and Can't be Pinned Down


Ron Paul was campaigning in Nevada today, as the only Republican who actually showed up to a Hispanics in Politics event. The LA Times reports:

The audience -- dozens of politically active Latinos who gathered in an eastside community center --  applauded Paul the civil libertarian when he slammed drug laws that unfairly target minorities.  They even cheered his defense of the gold standard.

Immigration, however, was another story.

The 12-term Texas congressman spent the better part of a 25-minute address thinking aloud about the thorny subject. He talked about how Americans are more accepting of outsiders when the economy is good, but when trouble looms there is a search for scapegoats.

"I believe Hispanics have been used as scapegoats, to say, they're the problem instead of being a symptom maybe of a problem with the welfare state," Paul told the group….

"Now there's a lot of antagonism and resentment turned just automatically on immigrants," he continued….

Paul said he's not one of those politicians who believes that "barbed-wire fences and guns on our border will solve any of our problems." That's not, he said, the American way. And he doesn't think that a national identification card is the way to go.

The LA Times also profiles Paul's Nevada support base.

*The University of Minnesota's "Smart Politics" page notices Paul is the only GOP candidate who doesn't wear lapel pins to demonstrate his political beliefs.

*The Independent Voter Network tries to argue that a Paul who wins the GOP nomination is so electable:

As is consistently attested by poll results and even the Republican Party's most recent primary votes in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, the facts are these: Ron Paul performs better among independentsthan any other Republican candidate for the presidential nomination. He also performs better among young voters under 30 than any other Republican. Ron Paul also outperforms any of the remaining Republican candidates among Democrats, liberals, moderates, and low-income voters.

Independents, people under 30, liberals, moderates, and low income voters are all key constituencies that helped Obama win his primary and the general election in 2008. It only stands to reason that the candidate with the broadest appeal to Obama's key voters and the greatest chance of swaying their votes is the most electable candidate. Even former Florida Governor Jeb Bush realizes that the Republicans can only win the general election with a candidate who appeals to independents, which is why he recently admonished the GOP's candidates, saying "You have to maintain your principles but have a broader appeal."

*The Examiner on how Ron Paul, the winner of the last two CPAC straw polls, won't be at CPAC this year.

*Ron Paul SuperPAC Endorse Liberty announces support from futurist and libertarian superfinancier Peter Thiel, to the tune of $900,000.

*CNN challenges Dick Armey: why aren't the Tea Party forces behind Ron Paul by acclamation? Well, they aren't a monolith, he says. As to why they aren't becoming one behind the only guy with a consistent record as an insurrectionist outsider serious about taxing and spending and small government, well, I guess the answer to that is (not that Armey gives this answer) that they aren't that serious.

Reason's Ron Paul archives. My forthcoming book, Ron Paul's Revolution.

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  1. they really aren't that serious are they...?

    1. The local one here I'm involved with is, but the others nearby? Not so much.
      Show them the numbers and they agree they don't work. Show them the military budget that goes to giving tanks to police in tiny towns in North Carolina and they're disgusted. Two hours later it's like they never saw it. They're too wed to Social Security benfits and the idea that the military can't be safely cut.

      1. Proving that immunity to cognitive dissonance is not just a malady of the left.

  2. I don't see how they can possibly justify not including Ron Paul in this year's CPAC. Too many young supporters? That's a bad thing?

    Apparently the modern conservative movement is keen on the idea of dying of old age.

    1. Too many young supporters?

      Too many opinions they didn't have a firm hand in shaping.

    2. Leadership changes at the top of CPAC from a movement type (moved on to the NRA) to a politico type (former FL state party chairman).

  3. Ron Paul is the only major GOP White House hopeful who has yet to wear a lapel pin during a debate.

    Do they double as microphones? Is that why he's so quiet during debates?

  4. It's not that the Tea Party isn't serious, it's that they're just TEAM RED assholes at the end of the day. Partisanship before principle, as always, and without fail.

    They're very serious. About TEAM RED winning. Nothing else matters.

    1. This is the flip side of the super unpopular President coin. It may have initially caused some conservatives to reexamine conservative principles and see how their politicians aren't measuring up, but eventually it becomes a scenario for the Republican establishment to exploit. It becomes "we just have to win, it doesn't matter who, just get Obama out of office." Almost every conversation I've had with a boilerplate conservative has featured some version of that line.

      1. The instant they aren't immediately a 100% Ron Paul supporter, you know they're full of shit. He's the only one espousing so-called "conservative" values, after all.

      2. the conservative commentariat loves to talk principles and fealty to the Constitution, yet each treats Paul as an outlier. They don't like Paul, can't stand the Mormon, and so rush like sheep to the conservative flavor of the moment. We saw it with Bachmann, and with Perry, and the hand-ringing over those who did NOT run, and now, they pretend Gingrich and Santorum are small govt guys.

        I get that the mainstream press will always oppose conservative and/or libertarian thinking, but I did not expect the right-leaning folks to do so.

        1. "I did not expect the right-leaning folks to do so."

          Well, get used to it.

  5. Paul is the only GOP candidate who doesn't wear lapel pins to demonstrate his political beliefs.

    Fucking A. Hadn't noticed that before. Striking another blow against stupidity. The man is a SAINT.

  6. A contradiction I spotted in the exit polls breakdown for Florida that I hope the good folks here at H&R can postulate some explanations for:

    Ron Paul won a higher percentage among voters with low incomes than among voters with high incomes ($200,000+)

    Yet he won a higher percentage of those who say they are getting ahead financially and a lower percentage among those that feel they are falling behind financially.

    Does this mean that poor people don't recognise how poor they are? That rich people are really greedy?

    Can't figure it out.

    1. I think some people are just grateful for what they have, not upset what they don't have.

      It's why poor rural Americans are the most patriotic, despite having less than middle class suburbanites, who mostly are lefties.

    2. Now that I think of it, I remember Robert the Bruce's explanation to Wallace in Braveheart of why the nobles were scared to fight England: "You must understand, the nobles have much to lose-land,'s a lot to ask of them."

      So in bad economic times, do rich people feel the dip of the roller coaster more?

    3. Getting ahead and falling behind can be relative. There are people that, no matter how much they make, will feel like they're falling behind. There are people who compare themselves to their parents, and people who compare themselves to their neighbors. There are people who realize tradeoffs, and those who don't.

      Another poll data thing (you can look at Andrew Gelman's book) is that Republicans do better in more equal states (which are in general somewhat poorer, and definitely have cheaper house prices), even though they do better as income increases within any state. The difference is that in some states the middle and upper middle class is Republican, whereas in some states the upper middle class is Democratic.

    4. Home prices are a big part of cost of living. You can feel like you're getting ahead if you have a nice big house in a low zoning area, and feel squeezed if your money doesn't get you much in a heavily regulated area.

  7. I think the tea party support of Newt Gingrich has shown they aren't very serious about spending, just angry.

  8. I read that article on CPAC, and this is what kills me (and a big part of the reason I never identify as a conservative):

    He also has been the winner of the annual CPAC Presidential straw poll, which energizes the hundreds of college students who attend the conference through scholarship programs. However, supporters of the ACU and regular CPAC attendees worry that Paul voters skew the poll and erode its credibility.

    In 2010, he blew away Mitt Romney in the straw poll on CPAC's final day, winning 31% of the vote to Romney's 22%. Sarah Palin, this year's Saturday wrap-up speaker, attracted just 7% of the 2010 poll, followed by Tim Pawlenty (6%) and Newt Gingrich (4%).

    The conservative political action committee? Why would Romney receive a single vote from these people? It would be no different than if Theodore Kennedy kept the same identical voting record he had through out his life but identified as GOP and they gave him their broad support. What the fuck is wrong with these people? You can't possibly be that two faced and look yourself in the mirror without reaching for a straight razor.

    1. Did Ted Kennedy work in business?

      Romney has spent most of his life in the private sector, why people think he's so liberal is beyond me.

      1. By that logic you should be working to take out the natural citizen qualifier to becoming president so you can vote for George Soros.

        That's just a fuckin' retarded answer you gave.

        Why would anyone think Romney is a liberal.

        Did you see Romney's attempt to run to the left of Ted Kennedy in their match up? Or the fact that Romney calls himself a progressive? Is this registering somewhere in there? How 'bout ROMNEYFUCKINGCARE! Did that get passed your cranium liberal detectors?

        You need to get a new one because that one ain't worth a damn.

      2. I'm agnostic on Romney, but as a banker I will tell you that finance is pretty left in general. Not all out progressive, but most of my buddies are either libertarian like me or very much in favor of strong regulation. Deep down they know that our bosses, and eventually us, are making the rules.

    2. Looks like CPAC has decided to piss their credibility away.


  9. Ron Paul is going to take my Social Security away.

    1. And spend it all on whores and coke to make amends with Donderooo. That bastard.

    2. False. Older people, those with disabilities, and others on SSI and medicare will still be on it. The younger Gen can opt out. He is the only one that wants to save it for you. The "Others" will bankrupt the country then you get nothing. Besides, sell off some bases overseas and we can pay for all the SSI you need, and then some. Cut $1 trillion in REAL spending cuts in the first year, balance the budget in 3 years. Then your SSI will be safe furthermore. If it is not done in the first term then Obama can run again if you want, he is still young, we have to put the Doctor in before it is too late.

  10. Typical. RP would do a good job against Obumma in the generals, but he's not a fascist so he can't get nominated by the Republicans. And we wonder why we heterodyne between far left and far right?

    1. There hasn't been a far left movement with any political power in this country in decades. The Republicans are practically far right... the Democrats are much more to the right of where they used to be. They haven't gone in opposite vectors.

      Believing that they have is a lie peddled by and convenient for the more radical of the two.

  11. That CNN anchorbot's questioning was pretty good. Most of them would have let Armey get away with the tautology about not supporting him because he doesn't have enough support.

    1. I didnt watch it at first, but she did almost turn him into an Occupier there.

    2. I guess it was a little early for Dick.

  12. It only stands to reason that the candidate with the broadest appeal to Obama's key voters and the greatest chance of swaying their votes is the most electable candidate.

    So you're saying Obama is the most electable candidate, and that Republicans should vote for him?

    Devil's advocate: being the Republican with marginally more votes from these blocs of voters could be more than offset by also being the Republican who causes the most of the core "conservative" base to stay home on election day.

  13. If everybody who says "I like Ron Paul, but he's not electable" would vote for him, he just might be electable.

  14. Well done, Mr. Thiel. I wish I had the resources to match your contribution.


  15. Immigration, however, was another story.

    I'm confused. It sounds like everything Paul said about immigration right there would be fairly congenial to a group of Latinos. What am I missing? Or is the article just stupid?

    1. It sounds like everything Paul said about immigration right there would be fairly congenial to a group of Latinos.
      It is. I guess they used phrased it that way because his isn't a straightforward left/right answer.

  16. Sometimes you just have to wonder dude.

  17. Intelligence Study Links Low I.Q. To Prejudice, Racism, Conservatism

    "Reality is complicated and messy," [Dr. Brian Nosek, a University of Virginia psychologist] told The Huffington Post in an email. "Ideologies get rid of the messiness and impose a simpler solution. So, it may not be surprising that people with less cognitive capacity will be attracted to simplifying ideologies."

    1. The study is only about social conservatism, which you would know if you weren't so damn retarded.

      Here's a good explanation of the paper. The comments are also worth reading. (Because idiots like you are banned.)

  18. I guess the answer to that is (not that Armey gives this answer) that they aren't that serious.

    Or it may simply be the fact that most of us tea partiers recognize the fact that Paul is a racist, anti-Semitic crackpot with delusional attachments to any conspiracy theory geared towards the disparagement of the U.S and/or Israel (take your pick; he doesn't seem to care).

    Nahhhhh. Couldn't possibly be that. That, that's just crazy talk.

    1. Uh . . . considering there's absolutely no evidence to suggest any of your assertions, yes, it's crazy talk.

    2. Spoken like a man/woman who's never listened to Paul.

      Oh, I'm sure you've heard him, but listening's a different story.

      tell you what, just go to the first video np posted at 12:05 and hear Paul talk about how the flaw in the constitution (yes Paul finds a flaw in his most beloved secular document!) was it's treatment of blacks and the institution of slavery.

      Later he says it's wrong to blame hispanics for America's economic troubles just as it was wrong for Nazi's to blame Jews for theirs.

      Hey, these positions sound so racist and anti-semitic, don't they?

      1. Oh forgot. Isn't being on Iranian presstv in violation of the Logan Act?

    3. Ditto; watched a video with him on presstv (Iranian network) bad mouthing America. He has many times in the past called America and Israel "occupiers" and sided with terrorist groups Hamas and the PA. So I think if he is such a non-interventionist and isolationtist why is he intervening in that situation. Because he does hate Israel and has softened his stand from his past because he knows it is just not PC even among a lot of liberal voters. I just do wish he would ride off in the Texas sunset with all his massive "gold holdings" and retire.

      1. I don't hate Israel, but I sure don't like many of its supporters here in this country.

      2. right, Paul should stop 'intervening' in the intervention the US is carrying out over there... Got it.

        Apparently you need a dictionary.

      3. God damn you are fucking retarded. Thinking that we shouldn't be involved in the Middle East does not = Anti-Semetic.

        Fucking Moron

  19. Ron Paul Roundup, Summary Edition: Ron Paul, Leader of the Racist Uprising, or Erudite Opponent to Big Fuckin' Government.

    That shit's a big fuckin' argument. To be held, you know, later. When it doesn't matter so much.

  20. Why is Paul accepting donations from Bilderberger Peter Thiel? You Paul followers know. The groups Paul, and infowars love to hate. Sort of hypocritical Oh well, as long as it isn't another conservative or liberal, it okay. Ooop forgot to mention the money Paul got from the Nazi group Stormfront.

    1. I like the cut of your jib.

      1. i'll jib your cut

    2. So which republican can be counting on your vote?

    3. Why is Paul accepting donations from Bilderberger Peter Thiel?

      Is he?

      I thought Thiel was donating to the independent superPAC, which Paul is prohibited by law from having any role in.


  22. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were big on 'patriotic' lapel pins too. Watch the History Channel. Politicians in both regimes were covered in them.

    1. Brian, Brian, Brian, that's not how you do it. Try this:

      You know who else was big on lapel pins?

  23. Brian Doherty 's article neglects to mention, or intentionally hides the blatant fact that Ron Paul was seriously pandering to Hispanic racial power groups in Nevada today. This cannot be reconciled with the supposedly racial neutral, individualist positions advocated by Reason Magazine.

    Ron Paul went so far as to hire - Fernando Cortes as his director of Hispanic outreach. And then Ron Paul reaches new PC Hispandering lows by calling anti illegal immigration activists "NAZIS" who are scapegoating (Illegal RP can't seem to grasp this concept) Hispanics in the same way that the Evil NAZIs scapegoated the Jews.

    Read this full length presentation of Ron Paul's insane/treasonous position on border security presented in the Boston Globe:

  24. Nevada--has the same problems as the Sanctuary state of California, Arizona that has been overwhelmed by poverty from the large influx of illegal aliens. The only difference is the legislators in California and Nevada disregard their resident's pleas for help and still pander to foreign nationals. That's why all Governors, Mayors and every official, who supports this growing plague must be removed from office. Every person who wants the 2006 real double fence, The Legal Workforce bill, recognized as E-Verify and The Citizenship Birthright Act amended should join the Tea Party or other strong advocates on this matter. Illegal immigration costs California $10.5 Billion annually, with Nevada annual fiscal burden of immigration to be approximately $630 million as according to the Heritage Foundation. Powerful interests in the state garner the benefits, while the average legal California family gets handed over nearly $1,200 annually. So what's the real cost in Alabama or any of the other 47 States?

    Fortunately it just goes to show that legal immigrants especially generations of Hispanics are against illegal immigration and are for enforcement, by their positive vote in Florida for Mitt Romney. They too are suffering from the indignation as being blamed from the 500.000 that illegally enters America. Of course Nevada has its own set of problems, for it also has been flooded with illegal aliens. They have infiltrated the service industry, entertainment and worse hit of all?construction. Taking jobs for bonefide US citizens and legal residents, who were rejected as Contractors and sub-contractors could make more money from discount labor. They didn't have to offer benefits to foreigners, who swarmed Nevada during the height of the real estate boom. Other then Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, Gingrich and Paul cannot be trusted with their promises to the foreign nationals, as they are against the fence and are calling with a Path to legality--that is not what the general public want?

    In one of the latest polls Maine voters were asked about their views on legal immigration. A substantial majority of respondents, 59 percent, judge that overall levels "are too high and should be reduced," while only 6 percent believe immigration should be increased.
    Among the key findings of the poll:
    ? 65% believe that illegal immigration negatively affects Maine.
    ? 78% oppose in-state tuition subsidies and/or admission of illegal aliens to public universities.
    ? 65% support state involvement in immigration enforcement, similar to policies enacted in Arizona and other states.
    ? 43% believe illegal immigrants take jobs from American workers, while only 32% believe they fill jobs Americans will not do.
    ? 59% support reducing overall immigration to the U.S., while only 6% support increasing immigration.

    In California and Nevada millions of jobs that should be in the hands of citizens, instead have been stolen by people from across the globe. Huge amounts of expenditures have been growing, because of careless use of Taxpayers' dollars by politicians. Specific to Border States is the spiraling high cost of millions of illegal aliens pouring in, demanding equal rights to US citizens. 22 million Americans are out of work and President Obama has passed executive orders, so hundreds of thousands of unlawful migrants and immigrants without a criminal record can stay here. Farmers want the cheap labor, as they remain exempt for paying their medical issues or even their children's schooling. Democrats will look the other way in all elections, as illegal aliens are voting and will again through 2012. These are two unfunded mandates that the US government pays nothing towards, and state compliance laws is mandatory and forced upon Americans by the courts. The low estimate for paying for all these unfunded mandates annually is $113 billion dollars. Except to stay here, you have to have food, medical care and for their children and education. Staying here it means you have to commit a felony, as to find employment you must possess a legitimate Social Security number, unless the employer is committing an illegal act themselves. Therefore using some persons SSN is a victim of identity theft and that is a ?FELONY.

    As a patriotic American people we cannot afford to stop pursuing full, mandated "THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT" or mandated nationwide E-Verify. Without it our countries businesses will be overrun by illegal workers in every sector of industry. The circumstances have now become so critical, owing to the millions of jobless citizens, legal residents that our government needs to insist full operation of the computer based application. E-Verify is a valuable tool that has expanded to a growing number of honest businesses that have participated in the removal of foreign nationals.

    There is toxicity amongst the Democrats and Republicans, who have an irrational view and are eager to destroy any immigration enforcement at our undermanned border or tourists who overstay deliberately. As it stands a path to citizenship, espoused as Immigration reform wants to legalize all those already here. Can anybody imagine if foreign countries supported their citizens that America would not be suffering the problems of foreign workers and their families crowding the emergency rooms of major cities, educating their children and feeding off the limited benefits afforded the US population? E-verify must not be undermined or thrown into the waste pit of good immigration bills?

    Phoning 202-224-3121 is the Washington center switchboard, to express your infuriated feelings and anguish at Senators and Representatives of both parties. Obamacare for all Americans will be inundated with illegal immigrants and will just drive more of them into our nation. They keep declaring no health care treatment for any illegal people, but unless the mandated federal bill such as E-Verify is operational, then how can we distinguish from the legal population and those who have broken immigration laws? Under such a Congressional law, the long trek home will begin if illegal workers cannot find a job. Those business owners who fail to comply could end up in prison or fined millions of dollars? All immigration bills need to be passed before Obama tries to pass another failed amnesty, as in 1986.


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