Unions Threaten to Derail the Super Bowl After Indiana Becomes the 23rd Right-to-Work State


Indiana became the 23rd right-to-work state this afternoon after its Senate voted 28-22 to approve a bill to that effect  and Governor Mitch Daniels signed it post haste. This means that Big Labor will no longer be able to extract mandatory dues from workers and channel them (dues, not workers) to elect compliant Democrats.

Union activists are livid and chanted "shame, shame" outside as the Senate voted. They are threatening to stop the Super Bowl in Indianapolis on Sunday in protest.

They claim that the law is pure union-busting vindictiveness on the part of the GOP. Senate Minority Leader Vi Simpson, a Democrat, called the notion that many employers would be attracted to Indiana because of the law a myth. "Right-to work is a race to the bottom, it's a downward spiral to lower wages and fewer benefits," Simpson said.

He may be right or he may be wrong (actually, he's wrong, studies have shown) but one thing is for certain: Unions won't win friends and influence Americans by ruining the Super Bowl. Thanksgiving, may be. Christmas, perhaps. Super Bowl, hands off.

Having failed in their goal line stand, wouldn't it be plain un-American to send fans to the field to stop the game?

(Watch this space tomorrow for an analysis by yours truly on where the right-to-work movement is headed next.)