Urinegate; Binge Drinking; Foreclosures Up; $1.2 Trillion Loan; and More: PM Links


This is how enemy bodies got treated when America used to win wars.

First instance of desecration of battlefield dead in history of world causes controversy. Video of alleged Marines allegedly tinkling on alleged Taliban fighters makes Afghan President Hamid Karzai lead a "chorus of condemnation"; leads press corps to inquire about White House urolagnia; causes Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to exhaust the thesaurus in search of deplorably inappropriate unacceptabilities; complicates negotiations with Taliban. 

Old barflies of the world, unite. Americans over 65 binge drink more frequently than any other age group, says (say?) Centers for Disease Control. New study, which defines binge drinking as four drinks for a woman and five for man, daringly says it's a "bigger problem than previously thought." 

Deadbeats swamp government loan bailouts.  OCC Mortgage Metrics report [pdf] for Q3 2011 shows half of all modified loans still end up going bad again. Foreclosures are up, yet Center for American progress claims the Federal Housing Administration's books of guaranteed loans "are expected to have significant positive net economic value" for the agency that "prevented a more devastating over-correction in the housing market." AEI's Edward Pinto lists a dozen reasons this rosy scenario is unlikely. 

Another day another $1.2 trillion. President who denounced George W. Bush's $407 billion deficit asks for $1.2 trillion in new borrowing

Blood money! Why is it still so hard to advertise tampons

Fed funnies. Wear a corset to protect your sides from the side-splitting hilarity of Federal Reserve officials in meeting notes. Non-surprise: Tim Geithner is not funny.


NEXT: Wars Continue and Some Lefties Remember They're Supposed to Disapprove Of That

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      1. Er, that should have been 213th, and it was the 217th comment anyhow. Perhaps this post should read:


        1. Anyway…

          The Taliban are the worst people in the world. They’re the enemy of every civilized person and the heirs of history’s most brutal criminals. Death is the only justice they are entitled to. Demanding respect for their corpses desecrates the memory of their victims.

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            1. Don’t forget the malt vinegar packets.

              1. BBQ joint in Lexington type malt vinegar packets. mmmm.

                1. I use it in spinach and ham’n’beans, just to name a couple of non-fish uses.

                  I don’t drink the stuff, though. And it doesn’t go well on ice cream.

                  1. Malt vinegar in collard greens is delish!

            2. Tarter sauce: Where Genghis Khan’s children came from.

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  3. These marines just show what kind of a ship Obama is running. This episode is surely indicative of a systemic problem. A veritable culture of corruption, over there, it is. Ironic, some may say, for a muslim president to preside over, and to be responsible for, the pissing-on of other muslims.

    1. Oh, bullshit. Soldiers in wartime often do this sort of thing, especially when fighting an opponent who follows absolutely none of the laws of war. The Taliban intentionally kills civilians, recruits the mentally-disabled as unwitting suicide bombers, etc. They’re lucky they aren’t buried in pigskins.

      1. The Taliban are the scum that scum scrapes off it’s shoes. I would piss on their dead as well.

  4. I am in such a fucking awesome mood, I would go as far as saying a surf mood.

    1. How about sharing the coke, then, Bogart-er?

  5. It’s okay to kill them, but pissing on them is a horrific act?

    That seem a little off to anybody?

    1. Not at all. A living person deserves not a lot of consideration whereas an inanimate object that used to be a person (and therefore is incapable of caring a whit what happens to it) is sacrosanct. Duh.

      I’m guessing it has to do with imaginary afterlife anxieties and people not being able to mentally separate corpse from human being?

      1. One difference is that a corpse can’t fight back, and war is about fighting those with the capacity to fight back.

        1. It is the difference between man and animal

        2. A rock can’t fight back either, but no one gets mad when a child kicks a rock.

          1. I do not deprecate your analogy; there is not always a wherewithal to infer humanity

        3. The little girls going to school can’t fightback when the Taliban throw acid in their faces either. Cry me a fuckin’ river.

          1. We are already flooded by your river of excuses

            1. That’s my distain not excuse. They don’t need my excuses.

    2. If some Taliban freak is trying to kill you and you happen to off the fucker first, then I would say pissing on their dead corpse is not that much of a travesty… hell, I might even pitch a deuce on one of the bastards for good luck. However, we are supposed to pretend that war isn’t hell and these sorts of things never happen.

      1. Also, if pissing (or shitting) on their corpse prevents them from getting their 72 virgins in paradise, then I say let’s just make that our new SOP for dealing with dead taliban.

        Hell, that would probably put a dent in their recruiting numbers:

        Taliban recruiter: “Sure you’ll get your 72 virgins… if the marines don’t give you a posthumous golden shower or pinch off a log over your dead body after they kill you.”

        Potential recruit: “I’ll think I’ll pass.”

    3. I heard some schmuck on CNN compare it to scalping the fallen dead bodies.

      Candyass liberals… how do they work?

      1. I remember asking my platoon sergeant if you could scalp enemies. I found it amusing that he answered me so earnestly in the negative.

        1. I like the Klingon view of fallen combatants… yell at Stovokor to warn them a warrior is headed its way, then toss the body wherever’s convenient.

        2. We scalp then gambol.

          1. Scalp? You fucking eat their livers.

            Imagine the wailing if there were pictures of our soldiers eating hearts!

  6. Five drinks is considered binge drinking?

    1. Its CDC — we’re talking about some serious prudes.

      1. Didn’t you know that even just having alcohol in your ‘fridge makes you a raging lush?

        1. That bottle of vanilla extract beside my spice rack is a temptress on the order of the whore of Babylon. Seriously, that stuff smells awesome. My cousin makes it with black rum and vanilla beans.

          1. I am tempted by your slutty vanilla extract.

    2. Five drinks likely would put me in a coma.

    3. I consider 5 drinks a good start.

    4. I thought it was 5 drinks in an hour. Which I would say counts for most people. But 5 in a night seems like a stretch. I think these people wan’t getting a good buzz to count as a binge.

    5. I’d add that this sort of thing is a result of the stupid pretense that alcohol isn’t really a drug. Better than prohibition, I guess.

      1. Alcohol isn’t a drug it’s a beverage.

        1. Beer is just liquid bread.

          1. Hops, barley… it’s a bowl of Total in every bottle.

  7. Such behavior is typical for guys with little dicks.

    1. Sweet, another Hank.

      And he sucks.

    1. It’s always time for Sabbath, if it’s Ozzy Sabbath.

  8. New study, which defines binge drinking as four drinks for a woman and five for man, daringly says it’s a “bigger problem than previously thought.”

    The health Nazis are slowly but surely going after alcohol again, folks.

    1. Back when I drank a lot, 5 beers in an hour would just barely get me buzzed. These definitions of binge drinking have always been laughable.

      Now, 5 beers makes me mildly buzzed, but mostly just full. And then I feel like shit the whole next day. Fuck age.

      1. Now, 5 beers makes me mildly buzzed, but mostly just full.

        You need to switch to the hard stuff. All the buzz…without the bloat.

      2. That’s because you drink Miller High Life, you tasteless buffoon.

        1. Mostly I drink Costco beer, nowadays. I hearts Kirkland.

          1. And you make my point for me.

            Had a Russian lager last night. Pretty good, but the Polish porters from the past weekend were better.

            1. You sound fat.

              1. You are fat. Fatty.

              2. You sound fat.

                He’s twice the man you are.

            2. The Kirkland beer is no Russian River or Walking Man, but it’s not terrible either.

              1. I’d be wary of that; the Kirkland dog food gave my boxer gas so bad we had to air out the house whenever we got home from work. Had to switch to a better brand.

            3. When I briefly lived in the US and bought Pilsner Urquell it tasted quite different than the stuff I’ve had plenty of experience drinking on tap. Not bad, but different. Less malty or something. I’d say you are getting screwed buying any sort of imported Slavic beer. Czech beer being the possible exception.

              1. All imported beer comes over in container ships, which means it’s all terribly old by the time it gets to the store. Then if it has a green bottle and is exposed to light you get oxidation. This why Heineken is so skunky. Pilsner Urquell has a green bottle, but the twelve packs are completely enclosed so light exposure isn’t a problem. Still, I have no doubt that Pilsner Urquell is far better in Europe just due to freshness.

                1. I don’t buy that. I’ve bought plenty of Urquell in bottles here and it doesn’t taste the same as it did in the states. I don’t think it’s a freshness issue. My Czech wife thinks they export so-called 10 degree which Urquell doesn’t make for the local market but many other producers do.

                2. Actually, most of the major import beers are brewed on contract basis at American brewing facilities like Anhueser-Busch, Miller, etc. They use the Euro companies recipe, treat the water until it matches the home water for the beer being brewed, and make the beer as close to the international country of origin’s product as possible. The freight cost for shipping 12 oz bottles is prohibitive.

                  The exceptions to this rule are the belgian bombers, Weihenstephaner and much of the german specialty imports, and anything you find single bottle sales of.

                  1. Add Pilsner Urquell to the list of exceptions. It isn’t brewed in the US.

                    1. Yep, the one’s that are brewed under contract have it spelled out on the label. Pilsner Urquell is definitely an import.

            4. If you’re drinking Russian stuff, why drink beer?

              My first drinking experience was on a study abroad semester in St. Petersburg, Russia. Well, actually that was where the study was; the drinking was on a weekend off when we took an overnight train to Riga. On the train back I had a shot of vodka, out of a bottle that read “Russkaya Vodka”, which if you can’t tell is Russian for “Russian Vodka”. The chaser everybody else had was cola, so since I don’t like carbonated beverages, I would up chasing the vodka down with some Latvian sausage.

              A few weeks later I would up having my first hangover on a boat trip. That’s another interesting story.

              1. That’s another interesting story.

                This story wasn’t interesting.

      3. Actually I’ve noticed my tolerance to alcohol to’ve greatly decreased after adopting a paleo-ish type diet. Not that I couldn’t drink any of you Reasonoid pussies under the table.

        1. Bring it on, soup can!

          1. What’s your recipe for chili again? Conversation hearts and and My Little Ponies?

            1. Two cups of kicking your ass, for starters.

            2. Haha, wtf is a conversation heart?

              1. THose little Valentines day candies that say “kiss me” and “love you” and shit. Maybe it’s a New England thing. I think they are made by NECCO.

                1. I am way too deep into video gaming. I assumed they were something from that game Animal Crossing.



                    Which? The ones that say “Love You” or the ones that say “Be Mine”?


                    2. SURELY YOU MEAN ‘LUV’ WITH AN EARTH ‘W’.

                    3. This is like the worst chat room ever.

        2. Ha! Ha! Ha! Too funny.

        3. What the hell is a paleo-ish diet?

          1. Lots of meat and a bitchin’ stache http://praguestepchild.blogspo…..anson.html

          2. Sounds like shackbrah bullshit.

      4. After a long night of bartending, I would slag down three of these brilliant shots I dubbed “pint erasers”. It’s basically a mind eraser, except, well, it’s a pint. That when I was an up and coming rookie drinker with a bright future. Now I’m like a pinch hitter at best.

        1. It’s still basically a black russian with 7up, right? How could you serve it in less than a pint glass?

          1. It’s normally served in a highball glass. And round these parts, we use club soda.

            1. OK, I can see that.

        2. we would drink em w/ three straws in one go at flips on lower greenville.

    2. They figure they have a better rationale this time.

      1. Yeah, now that the feds will be picking up a larger share of healthcare spending thanks to Obamacare it”s in the “public interest” to promote healthy lifestyles.

    3. Aren’t you worried that drinking too much beer could lead to pissing on dead Taliban? Connect the dots.

    4. Touch my rum and die, temperance-lovin’ freaks.

      1. Definitely needs to be a Pogues or Popes song.

    5. The health Nazis are slowly but surely going after alcohol again, folks.

      They never stopped. They were hanging upside down in the belfry for a few years.

    6. I’ve seen lower criteria, 3-4 for a man and 2-3 for a woman. That was over a decade ago. They’ve been after akahol for a long time.

    7. Yep- some “expert” has even described it as an “epidemic”…proposed legislation is sure to follow…

  9. What an overblown festival of pearl-clutching and panty-wetting the whole pissing on the Taliban thing is.

    Should they have done it? Hell no. Should one of their idiot squaddies have fucking taped it? Double-hell no. Should their sergeant kick their asses all over the sandbox for doing it, with some extra for the idiot with the camera? You betcha.

    Is it worth a second of anyone else’s time? No.

    1. Depends on how seriously they take it. Catnip for Taliban recruiters. Why wouldn’t it be?

      1. Sometimes the practical answer says it all. What a frimping recruiting posted for Al Qeada. Dimwits!

        1. Join our holy cause. When the Americans kill your stupid ass they will piss on it too!

          1. The Taliban would have to be really dumb to try and recruit with this video. They’d have to at least double whatever they are paying now to get anyone to sign up.

            1. Damn it, Lazarus, I asked for a cup of *water,* and it was supposed to be *cold* water!

            2. Americans might get a hold of your corpse and piss on it? Yeah, that’ll keep them docile.

              WTF?!? Stupid!!!!

    2. Soccormom America is fed this image of our soldiers as social workers building girl schools and bringing civilization to the poor people of Afghanistan (the plot line of a recent NCIS), so some people (not nearly as many as there needs to be) are going to have their assumptions challenged by this action. Their commanding officer is not the only relevant human being in this mix.

    3. It’s good to know that the new professionalism is working after what happened at Abu Ghraib.

      1. At Abu Ghraib they humiliated people who were still alive, now they wait until after they’re dead. That’s progress.

        1. I don’t feel humiliated. Hell, I don’t feel anything at all.

          1. But I’m not dead yet.

            1. You’ll be stone dead in a moment.

              1. That’s what the Ruskies told us, comrade.

                Bury empires, that’s what we do.

          2. Are you at least feeling othered?

          3. Damn these virgins smell like….piss!!!

    4. Had they wanted to show true disrespect, they would have put sections of two slices of raw bacon over the corpses’ eyes and one in the mouth.

      Then take the pictures.

    5. Slap ’em on the wrist and put ’em back to work. No sense wasting good talent.

      1. If cameras weren’t involved, I imagine this is what would have happened.

    6. What an overblown festival of pearl-clutching and panty-wetting the whole pissing on the Taliban thing is.

      I believe that a representative from the fucking Taliban said that didn’t make any difference to them. So yeah, mountain, meet molehill.

  10. Good take on unintended consequences at SMBC today.

    1. Ah, but the denominator in that equation would keep going up, so the micropayments would get smaller, right? Thus reaching annoyance equilibrium.

      1. Presumably you could raise prices too.

        1. I did enjoy the all-despising baby skull.

    2. No, it veers into irrelevance a few panels in, since in reality people would start exclusively watching stuff on Netflix or torrenting shit.

  11. This just in: war is hell and sometimes people fighting wars do horrible things they wouldn’t normally do. Also, sky still blue.

    Breaking news: when it comes to the budget deficit Obama is a huge fucking hypocrit. Also, grass still green.

    1. It may not matter if you or I state side give a shit, but if there are more guns pointing and shooting at our soldiers, even a mere 5 to 10% increase, as a result of this, they are going to give a shit.

      1. Muslims take desecration of the dead extremely seriously, so they probably will use this as a recruitment tool…

        Unless we start doing it to every taliban killed, thereby ensuring that none of them will ever get their 72 virgins (kidding).

        1. That’s because they believe superstitious bullshit, Loki. Like the subject of eating pig meat, for instance.

        2. Muslems take everything extremely seriously. What they really need to take is a case of Exlax.

          1. Please don’t mock my fart into the wind. It is the most cherished possession of our tribe.

          2. I know, they don’t have a sense of humor. Just ask Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and that Belgian cartoonist. What they really need is to get laid more. I know that always mellows me right the fuck out.

        3. Yes, we all recall the tender compassion shown to our dead in Mogadishu.

  12. Afghan President Hamid Karzai lead a “chorus of condemnation”

    I really hope the Taliban broadcasts the execution of Karzai when they take over again.

    1. We should kill him as we leave.

      1. “Hamid, remember when I said I’d kill you last”.

  13. The government of British Columbia wants YOU to balance the government’s budget… if you can, you get to submit it to the Finance Minister.

    Have at it.

    (I left revenues alone, but cut pretty much all spending except “Protect people and property”, can came out with a surplus. In the comments I put that the surplus should remain until the debt is paid off, then cut all revenues).

    1. I cut all spending by the max and all revenues by one less than the max and wound up with a billion dollar surplus. I shoulda cut revenues further.

    2. Taxes up 10%, spending down 10%, no apparent side effects. Bada-bing, nearly $6B surplus. Money in the bank for the next go-round, baby.

    3. The whole thing is a clever set-up by the BC gov’t to have people do their budgetary work for them for free, so they don’t have to pay a bunch of staffers to do it. That’s where the savings will come from.

      1. There’s been a lot of squawk lately about revenue shortfalls, especially after the left-wing killed the HST in a referendum and now the BC government has to pay back $1.5 billion to the federal government.

        I’m pretty sure (or, I hope) the game is rigged so that the lefties who play, who won’t cut any spending but will try to raise revenues, will never be able to balance the budget. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll come away with a lesson…

        1. Doubtful, they’d have to be capable of learning.

    4. I cut health, post secondary, and transport ten, middling decreases for everything else but people and property, which I increased six. Already in a surplus.

    5. According to their simulator, all it takes to balance their budget is cut post-secondary spending by 10% and do absolutely nothing else. Assuming that this simulator is at all accurate, then the fact that they are having difficulty balancing their budget does not speak well of the competence of the BC government.

    6. No, no, this can’t be right – you keep getting to surpluses without raising taxes.

      Do it again, and do it right this time!

  14. “New study, which defines binge drinking as four drinks for a woman and five for man…”

    Hey, what’s with the different standards for men vs women? Where’s the feminazis on this?

    1. They are being passively microaggressive.

    2. I can drink any of you guys under the table.

      1. Anything else you’d care to do while your under there?

        1. That remark makes me feel betrayed, hurt, and silenced.

          1. Yet you persist in flapping your gums.

          2. Then can we expect that you’ll shut the fuck up?

    3. I knew one rather petite girl in high school who could drink amazing amounts of liquor with little apparent effect.
      I think I may have heard somewhere that alcohol does, in general, affect women more, or at least differently in some ways. But I would think that it would have more to do with women being smaller for the most part.

  15. 3 more MMJ raids in San Diego: http://www.sandiego6.com/news/…..02248.html

    Also interesting – I just found out that the smell of pot apparently still constitutes grounds for a search in CA: http://www.safeaccesssd.org/20…..ck-on.html

  16. Why is it still so hard to advertise tampons?

    Check out the The Museum of Menstruation. (Note the url.)

    Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

    1. Everything urogenital is hard to advertise. FDS wound up between Scylla and Charybdis when the euphemism that was acceptable to the media, “feminine hygiene”, was barred by the FTC (or maybe FDA) to that product because they said it implied a cx between deodorant use and health.

  17. Prediction: The increasing prominence of alcohol-prohibitionist language in schools and media will join up with teenagers’ habit of adopting clinical/official language as dumb-people slang (“LOL I’m so OCD!”), and within a generation, the verb “drink,” at least as it refers to alcohol, will be replaced with “binge-drink.”

    “LOL I totally binge-drinked that shot!”

    1. “If you must binge-drink,
      don’t forget to purge-drink.”

      1. That always took care of itself, back when I binge-drank. (What is this “drinking” I hear about?)

  18. Urinegate

    What, Watersportsgate was taken?

    1. I was simply going to post my typical comment of,

      Oh geez, not the [expletive deleted] -gate suffix again.

  19. I don’t really have anything to add to this conversation, so I’ll just say, “penis” and leave it at that.

    1. My sentiments exactly.

  20. Since I loved the “correlation is not causation” discussion from the morning sooooo much, I thought I would move this here to encourage it to continue…

    A preliminary link, since RC refers to it…

    R C Dean|1.12.12 @ 5:14PM|#

    Both sets show 2007 was the worst year, 2003 the best, and the rest just kind of a tangle in the middle. I don’t see how you get a trend out of that.

    The bottom set on NM’s graphs show a reduction from an older average, though.
    Neu Mejican|1.12.12 @ 5:30PM|#

    Both sets show 2007 was the worst year, 2003 the best, and the rest just kind of a tangle in the middle. I don’t see how you get a trend out of that.

    Your graph shows the 5 lowest years being 2007 through 2011, and the 5 highest years being 2002 through 2006. Hardly a tangle, even if a few years break out of rank order.

    For more details, you might go here.

    Here we directly compare observed variations in arctic sea-ice extent and CO2 since the beginning of the 20th century, identifying a strengthening linkage, such that in recent decades the rate of sea-ice decrease mirrors the increase in CO2, with r ~ ?0.95 over the last four decades

    This should be a nice test case for the nuanced correlation versus causation discussion, since there is an existing hypothesis about a well understood physical mechanism to explain the correlation.


    1. That was the dumbest story I’ve ever read.

    2. Oh God, what have you done!

    3. You are seriously trying to start up an argument from a previous thread into another one. Sight unseen, it is only reasonable to conclude that you lost big time and want a rematch.

      1. Wasn’t involved in the previous argument.

        1. You should of stated that previously. No one is going to see this subthread but you and I. Everyone is going to assume you lost the argument because you brought it up. Don’t they teach you anything at Fancy School.

          1. Yup, rehashing old arguments at later times correlates strongly with having your ass handed to you in said old argument.


              1. sarcasmeter|1.12.12 @ 6:33PM|#

                DING DING DING DING DING

                It’s called revenge. Something winners never have to worry about looking up in a dictionary. I’ll assume you’re a winner Sarcy because you obviously don’t know what the word means.

    4. What part of you thought anyone wanted you to encourage this to continue?

      Nobody gives a fuck about Global Warming anymore, didn’t you get the message?

      1. The topic isn’t global warming, it is “correlation is not causation.”

        Or, “correlation as evidence of causation”

        1. All I see in the links you listed were bits about “observed variations in arctic sea-ice extent and CO2 since the beginning of the 20th century, identifying a strengthening linkage, such that in recent decades the rate of sea-ice decrease mirrors the increase in CO2”

          DON’T CARE.

          1. Believe it or not, just five years ago, you could have gotten in to an undergrad’s panties with lines like that paragraph above. You look at that now, and it blows your mind how much has changed.

        2. At first glance I saw it as “correlation is not castration.” What does that say?

    5. This is the worst chat room, evah.

    6. Ok, I’ll grant you your correlation.

      What’s the mechanism, again?

      Does exposure to CO2 raise the melting temperature of ice?

  21. I’ve never understood the “drink you under the table” macho posturing. I can get a decent buzz on two drinks and pretty damn silly with five. I call that cost effective drinking.

    1. I didn’t even know that I had the skill until one night I was challenged a few years back. We started off with a bottle of ouzo, then to a bottle of sambuca, ended with a 40 ounzer of half Schlitz and half Everclear where forty used cigarette buds had been drowned. The goal was to be the last to puke. I never puked.

      1. you’re teh awesome!

        1. My stomach is iron! I mean, I felt like I was going to die, and wanted to, but I became legend! My secret, Ramen noodles. That shit will absorb anything.

          1. Yup, we have them by the ton at my work. To feed the assemblers and clean up coolant and oil spills on the factory floor.

            1. I highly recommend not using Ramen noodles in that capacity. The publicity alone if it ever became known might attract the unwanted attention of government inspectors to your unorthodox methods.

    2. Macho posturing? Not only can I drink you under the table, I could whip your ass with a blindfold and one hand tied behind my back.

  22. Presently, there is an attempt to repatriate the bodies of Americans who were washed-up from the sea,  fed to dogs, buried in a mass grave, exhumed, and reinterred in a Tripolian cemetery; this type of story reminds me that we still all have a barbarous nature.

  23. Life is like a bag of weed: The closer it gets to the end the faster it disappears.

    Is the 2nd sentence missing a comma?

    1. I don’t think so. Where would a comma go?

      Or did you mean the 1st sentence?

      1. No, I meant the second. I learned “when in doubt leave it out” wrt commas.

        1. I think that is a good rule of thumb. A comma should serve a purpose. If it reads as well without, the comma is unnecessary.

          1. Life is like a bag of weed: the closer it gets to the end, the faster it disappears.

  24. Okay, my favorite subplot of the world: Every Canadian going, “But no one I KNOW supports Harper!”

    He’s like the Nixon of Canada! But seriously, Canadians? Grow up. Americans have to own up to Bush, own up to Harper.

  25. New study, which defines binge drinking as four drinks for a woman and five for man

    My understanding is that the relevant determiner is the weight of the drinker, not their gender. So why are they making that the rule of thumb when it’s both inaccurate and un-PC?


    2. Physiologically, both are a factors.

    3. So what you are saying is that it ought to be four drinks for a man and five for a woman, at least in the US?

    4. My understanding is that the relevant determiner is the weight of the drinker

      Your understanding would be incomplete then. Weight matters, a lot, but so does gender as males and females metabolize alcohol at different rates even when body mass is taken into consideration.

      1. Biology ain’t PC.

      2. Umm, no.


        Ten men and 10 women had alcohol elimination rates determined by clamping of the breath alcohol concentration at 50 mg/dL by means of a constant rate of intravenous infusion of 6% ethanol. Liver volume was determined by computed tomography.

        Mean alcohol elimination rate and mean computed liver volume were not significantly different in men and women. Lean body mass was 42% greater in men than in women. Consequently, the calculated alcohol elimination rate and liver volume per kilogram of lean body mass were 33% and 38% higher in women than in men, respectively. When the alcohol elimination rate was calculated per unit liver volume, no gender-related difference was found.

        1. The only difference I have observed is the casual drinker/brain addiction factor.

        2. uhm…yes/



          Women have greater clearance of ethanol per unit lean body mass, confirming previous oral alcohol administration studies. Women have approximately the same liver volume as men, explaining the equivalent alcohol elimination rates seen when men and women are compared on the basis of liver size. Women have greater clearance of ethanol per unit lean body mass, confirming previous oral alcohol administration studies. Women have approximately the same liver volume as men, explaining the equivalent alcohol elimination rates seen when men and women are compared on the basis of liver size.

    1. Ewww. Ewwww ewwwwww eeeewwwwwwww.

    2. A pox on your house for letting me click that link.


      1. Fuck, I thought you were talking about the pic at the top, makin DE EYYEZZZ BBURRRRNNNN.

        Then I scrolled down.

        Wrong on many levels.

    3. Luckily, she is not in any way a funny or clever comediane, so it’s not like we have to listen to her.

      1. Yeah, I’ve never understood how she became a successful comedian (comedienne? I don’t know). I watched one of her specials once with some friends who LOVE her. Not once did she say anything even remotely amusing. The entire thing was basically about how awesome her gay friends are, with a few minutes of talking about how awful George Bush was.

        1. According to my sister, there is something funny to the concept of “if gay men had periods…”

      2. Does that imply if she were funny or clever you would have to listen to her? that no make sense

        1. she’d be on tv and the internet more asshole

          it makes perfect sense, you’re just stupid

          1. lets you change channels

            1. Maybe he can’t change the channel; don’t you know that men hide them in their pants?

    4. She is more miserable inside than anything she could ever spew at you, so her zingers never work.

    5. Margaret Cho:

      You criticize a woman’s body – and young girls see it, you murder us all inside. you are responsible for our slow genocide. may you suffer.

      U MAD?

      1. My God, she is a tumor brought to some form of semi-sentience.

          1. margaret cho was the same “comedian” who often joked about wanting to rape sarah palin.

            and got laffs

            remember, rape is a horrible crime and nothing to laff at and women always tell the truth

            but i t’s ok to laff when it’s a republican woman being raped by a lesbian liberal comedian

    6. As if nobody already knew this.

  26. Also, this would be a fun game: Blame it on the patriarchy!

    In it, feminists are graded by a panel of judges (of people we grab just standing outside the studio) in explaining how X is the fault of the patriarchy. Feel bad about your boobs?


      1. But that blog plays it straight. I want a 300 pound trucker from Idaho sitting next to a Southern academic sitting next to a NYC burnout on a panel, and the trucker being unexpectedly the most understand and the burnout not buying a fucking word of it.

      2. Also: We’re all friends here. Except for Robocain- he’s a dick!

        1. I find that comment othering and microagressive.

  27. New study, which defines binge drinking as four drinks for a woman and five for man, daringly says it’s a “bigger problem than previously thought.”

    No. It means that your definition of “binge drinking” is a bigger joke than previously thought.

  28. New study, which defines binge drinking as four drinks for a woman and five for man, daringly says it’s a “bigger problem than previously thought.”

    How is this even a problem?

    The long term health effects of alcohol take decades manifest…if you are 65 the likelihood that you are going to live long enough anyway to see any adverse effects is diminishing by the second.

    65 seems to me the perfect age to take up heavy drink. young enough to still enjoy it yet old enough that it just does not fucking matter.

    1. All you damn young whippersnappers think drinking is for fun! Heavy drinking in old age is to cure the pain in the joints. Since taking enough ibuprofen to make it tolerable will fubar your liver anyway, might as well have the pleasure of the booze.

      1. The last time I drank more than I should was because I was rather constipated and needed something to relax me for when I sat on the can to take a long dump. It made the dump rather less painful.

        (It was also New Year’s Eve so I wasn’t about to go out to buy laxatives or anything.)

        1. Ayup, dang feds need to realize that among the 65+ set alcohol is MEDICINAL!

      2. Actually it is tylenol that fucks up your liver. Ibuprofen makes your stomach bleed.

        1. yup. ibuprofen isn’t GREAT for your liver, but yea… the primary issue i s gastric bleeding (or esophogeal if you have a hiatal hernia, etc.)

          ibuprofen is nasty.

    2. “65 seems to me the perfect age to take up heavy drink. young enough to still enjoy it ”

      you continue to prove how profoundly stupid you are

    3. Check out the links a few deep. It’s neo- (or maybe paleo-) prohibitionist thinking, including a statement that total per capita alcohol consumption is a well known surrogate measure for binge drinking. They have studies from various countries & states showing changes in such things as drunk driving accidents & suicides when laws & policies were changed — laws like how many hours or days a week shops can be open, tax rates, and whether the liquor stores are gov’t owned or private. (They recommend gov’t ownership.)

      This is one area where a priori reasoning is better than empiric evidence, just because sociologic evidence is always so weak and any fool can plainly predict what the results will be of having bars & liquor stores open fewer days or hours.

      The general thrust of these people’s conclusions is that the less alcohol is consumed over a popul’n, the better, even though problems occur only at the high end of the distrib’n. That’s how they can recommend such blunt tools as increased taxes and greater spacing of bars & liquor stores. Of course they admit that having fewer outlets for liquor is most effective in isolated areas, where of course their density is extremely low to begin with.

  29. So… if Rumsfeld and Bush were considered responsible for Abu Ghraib, would that make Panetta and Obama responsible for Urinegate?

    1. Their watch, their urine soaked corpses. Not like they were drafted for the job, or anything.

    2. At least they weren’t tortured.

    3. I will mention this up to the next anti-war protestor I encounter.

      1. @PS:

        Are there still anti-war protesors? I haven’t noticed any since the 2008 election.

  30. “Over correction” of the housing market. HaHa. So I guess it will bounce back any day now.

  31. New study, which defines binge drinking as four drinks for a woman and five for man

    or, if one is striving for brevity, “Thursday”.

  32. “Tea Party activist takes ‘disorderly’ plea for airport gun bust”


  33. “L.A. city lawmakers voted 11?1 on Wednesday to require porn actors to wear condoms during filming. Each production company will also have to pay a fee to have health inspectors on location”


    1. I doubt if L.A. will employ many health inspectors this way. I would just move production somewhere else – or say I did.

    2. So they require actors to wear condoms, but if they are filming a cunnilingus scene the ladies don’t have to put a rubber dam on their vulva. The law should be thrown out because it is discriminatory.

    3. Condom porn is almost as annoying as condom sex. Ya’know, they’re freaking porn actors and there are occupational hazards in most lines of work. Let them assess the risk and let them get the occasional case of AIDS. Think of them sort of as gladiators.

      1. According to the DC story, there hasn’t been a case in over 5 years, so I don’t know what the whole fucking emergency is about save the fact that nannies will be fucking nannies.

    4. It’s like LA wants to send thousands of people who WORK and pay taxes somewhere else. And I’m not talking about just the “actors”, but cameramen, writers, lighting guys, etc.

      All. Gone.

    5. Each production company will also have to pay a fee to have health inspectors on location.

      Here’s your money shot sentence.

    6. Wow, so they’re trying to force them to make a product people don’t want to watch, and they’re making them pay to have to the law enforced?

      I can’t tell whether they’re so stupid they think the industry will actually do what they say, or they just want it gone.

      You know, liberals always say that socons want the government in your bedroom, but if the law literally applies to any act of filmed intercourse, then it would suggest that any couple that wanted to tape themselves would need to pay a state official to come into their fuck-area and confirm that they’re wearing a rubber. And even if it just applies to commercial ventures, it still is symbolically fairly close in nature.

      So, does the left actually support any form of personal autonomy anymore? Oh right, abortion, and… no, just abortion. And yeah, generalizing is unfair. But it’s just as fair to say that everyone on the right is not a theocon as it is to say that everyone on the left is not an autherapeutarian.

  34. New disease makes high school girls swear uncontrollably:


    1. I’m thinkin’ it’s maybe a pretty cool adolescent prank.

      1. Maybe, but they’ve been to doctors…

        1. I think the whole Psychiatric profession is a way to make money off the inevitable population of hypochondriacs and whiners.

          1. Fortunately, thanks to feminism there will be a never-ending supply of those.

          2. Except, of course, for real mental illnesses, which is what most psychiatrists (who are physicians) actually treat. The other bizarre ans suspect diagnoses are usually the province of master’s level psychotherapists.

            1. Holy shit libertarians are the biggest whiners ever

              -it’s because of the feminists

              -it’s because of the liberals

              -it’s because of psychiatry

              -it’s because no one fucked me in high school

              1. It’s not our fault you can’t distinguish condescension from whining.

                1. it’s because they are projecting

                  it’s because they can’t distinguish _______fill in the blank

  35. Stay classy, District of Columbia:


    1. Very cool. I have always liked Dita, but have never been able to figure out how she could stomach marrying Marilyn Manson. He must be good in bed or something.

  36. Dita Von Teese now has tailfins:


    1. Don’t let sarcasmic see this. His whole world will come crashing down if he ever gets a look at a real woman.

      Dear Zod, tell me there are pictures of her spanking Allison Brie with a hair brush somewhere on the ‘tubes.

  37. “‘It’s alright, I’m gay’: 2 Broke Girls creator Michael Patrick King says his sexuality entitles him to make fun of minorities”


    1. Veena Sud, of The Killing, didn’t even do a TCA panel, but holy shit that woman is arrogant. Also, we won’t know the killer till the end of Season 2.

    2. He’s saying that he doesn’t exclude anyone, even his own from being roasted. That’s a bit different than the headline puts it to mean.

    3. Funny how one of the main criticisms of Sex and the City–that the dialogue wasn’t based on how women talked to each other, but on how gay men talked to each other–hasn’t really changed in this instance.

  38. You know what, when I’m working hard or on the road or something, the threads here always look a bit more fun and I feel like I’m missing out. How come when I have time to read this place, it’s all trolls and griefers, but when I don’t, it’s inter-poster love affairs, new memes, and general good times?

    1. It’s you, dude. Sorry. In fact, you just killed this thread. Thanks a lot, asshole.

      “You know you’re like the A-bomb, everyone’s laughing having a good time and you show up: BOOM! Everything’s dead!”

      1. My Favorite song is stairway to heaven.

        1. So it’s even worse than I thought.

    2. This is not an uncommon ailment of people with you know actual non-internet based lives.

      1. The grass is always greener…

  39. I seriously would not believe that the city of Green Bay doesn’t have more than two snow plows if I hadn’t seen the evidence today myself.

    1. Seriously dude? It’s a small world, most of my family lives in Green Bay and yeah plowageness there sucks. It’s why the Gods invented snowmobiles.

      1. I don’t live here;just on business this week. And wow, I don’t think they’ve ever heard of plowing to the pavement or road salt. Must be a whole different strategy.

        1. I think it’s apathy. After so much snow for so many years, what’s the point? It’ll all melt in spring right? Besides, why do you need to leave your house when you have a couple of deer in the freezer and a basement full of beer? Or maybe that’s just my cousins.

          1. You have your cousins in the freezer?

            1. I wish… the world would prolly be a safer place if my cousins were in a freezer 😉

        2. Business in Green Bay, this week? Sounds to me like a closeted Giants fan.

          1. I’m from Pittsburgh, so keeping my head low right now.

            1. At least yinz aren’t as douchey as the Giants fans.

  40. Vote for me, Grimlock! Me no bozo, me president! Defeat not an option!

    Grimlock: Right for America, Right for you!

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    1. I get bi with a little help from my friends.

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    1. We like our chat room/griefer forum/troll paradise/narcissist petri dish just fine, thank you very much.

  43. We specialize in post mortem golden showers.

  44. If you piss on my corpse, you’ll just be the first to do so. Otherwise the rats and squirrels will be first.

  45. I love the Tarawa sign. I’ve seen similar stuff from Guadalcanal and other Pacific shitholes.

    In ’91 I was with a Marine battalion that breached the minefields the first day for the ground war. Some Iraqi soldier managed to get himself killed right in the middle of the path the engineers made through the mines. Every vehicle in the task force had to run him over (from the waste down) to avoid the mines. We had been shelled by Iraqi artillery several times the night before – so we just laughed at that grim shit.

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