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Gary Johnson's New Hampshire Team is Supporting Ron Paul for the Primaries


Now that Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson has left the Republican race and is going for the Libertarian Party's nomination, he is no longer in direct competition with fellow libertarian-ish Republican (or Republicanish libertarian) Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas). Still, in the event of Ron Paul winning the nomination, there is definitely an overlap in fans of small government. Which candidate to choose?

Some people have decided why not choose both? reports that Gary Johnson's New Hampshire staffers have switched to supporting Ron Paul, at least for the duration of the Republican primary race . (They have not, however, officially joined the Paul campaign, nor are they getting paid.) Their reasoning? The name of progress for sweet lady liberty, whoever is bringing it to the people's attention.

And if Paul does not win the nomination, these staffers will be back behind Johnson. As MSNBC nicely put it:

"I've never been someone who votes for the lesser of two evils," said [former New Hampshire Johnson campaign communications director Matt] Simon, referring to New Hampshire front runners Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

Johnson, who like Paul in '07 suffered the "no respect" effect, doesn't seem offended by this buffet-style small government sampling. In fact, Johnson recently told the Daily Caller that "yeah," his supporters should vote for Ron Paul in the general election, but:

I'm believing that Ron Paul is not going to win the nomination, and that is the exciting part about this for me. I do think it is about an agenda and a message. I think Ron Paul's a messenger. I think that I am. I think there are others."

In a Wednesday statement announcing his Libertarian Party candidacy, Johnson noted, "While Ron Paul is a good man and a libertarian who I proudly endorsed for president in 2008, there is no guarantee he will be the Republican nominee."

"You know the old adage, by the time you tell a person the tenth time, that's just when they are first starting to listen," Johnson explained, suggesting that he would build on the libertarian message that Paul has championed so loudly.

Johnson's current communications director, quoted in the MSNBC article, is similarly magnanimous:

"With the New Hampshire primary coming and with Gary having announced he is running as a libertarian, it makes perfect sense for them to be supporting Ron Paul in the primary."

Johnson obviously jumped ship from the Republican Party because it and the media weren't giving him a fair chance (inviting him to only two out of 15 debates, being under "other" candidates instead of mentioned by name in various polls, etc.). He was a member of the Libertarian Party even while serving as Republican Governor of New Mexico. And Paul of course ran for president as a Libertarian in 1988. So both men have flirted with both parties throughout their political lives.

If Paul gets the nomination, small government supporters who vote will have to make a choice. Until then, and in spite of some lingering regret over how shoddily Johnson was treated by the GOP as he tried to demand room for a second libertarian-ish candidate, it's still awesome to have both Johnson and Paul out there — whatever their party affiliation—  putting the message of small government ahead of winning at all costs.

Reason on Gary Johnson and on Ron Paul.

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109 responses to “Gary Johnson's New Hampshire Team is Supporting Ron Paul for the Primaries

    1. You know, that football manager:

      1. No, no – this Gary Johnson!

        1. No, it’s the guy from Team America World Police.


  1. There’s something pretty interesting happening to the LP candidates that I find quite encouraging. If you look at who was running for the LP nom in the 1990s and early 2000s, there were either super purists (Marrou, Badnarik) or selling books (Browne twice). Last time we had a former Republican representative, even though I didn’t much care for him, and this time, we could have a former GOP governor. That’s a lot higher caliber of candidate. Of course, I still think it would be cool for Johnson to run for Senate. Maybe he could still do that in the LP if he doesn’t get the presidential nomination.

    1. Harry Browne wasn’t a purist but Badnarik was?

      1. I voted for Browne twice. I couldn’t vote for Badnarik(or anyone else in 2004)

        1. I would have voted for Browne, far as I know. Badnarik I was a few months too young but probably. Barr, I couldn’t stomach it.

          1. In the case of the LP, Lucy, I’ve always voted for the party (and ballot access) not the candidate.

            1. Yeah however ballot access here in Texas is getting over a certain percent in any statewide vote. This is always easily achieved as there are numerous Rs who run unopposed such as Supreme Court Justices. This means you don’t have to vote for the LP presidential candidate to keep ballot access. It sure is nice being able to click the straight ticket Libertarian button right under the Rs and Ds though.

              1. By unopposed I mean no D, the L is on the ticket.

                1. Falling right into their trap with talk like that.

                  1. Whatever they get up 20% of the vote. Most Ds I’m betting just don’t vote on those races at all.

            2. Which I can understand. I met Barr a few months before the election and I told him it was between him and writing in “none of the above.” Barr responded, “I’m better looking than none of the above.”

              I voted for none of the above and never regretted it. Particularly since it made my liberal campus deliciously cranky when I wrote about my intentions.

              1. You should have told him it was between him and a turd sandwich.

                1. Making him the giant douche, I guess.

                  1. You guess right, Lucy.

              2. The only time I voted R was in ’04 a couple weeks after I turned 18 pretty much just to rile up the liberals on campus. I don’t really regret it. Their tears were yummy.

                1. Yuck.

                  The one time I voted Team RED it was for Rand Paul.

                  At least I can feel pretty good about that while driving liberals crazy.

              3. I voted for none of the above

                Voting…for nothing. Is there anything so pointless? Abstaining altogether sends the same message and leaves you more time for shopping.

                1. Voting…for nothing. Is there anything so pointless?


            3. If there is one thing good about NJ, it is third-party/independent ballot access. It is actually easier for a third party candidate to get on the ballot, IIRC.

          2. My God, I had no idea how young Lucy was!

            1. I am old enough to appreciate that you’re blogging about Buster Keaton, who was amazing. Does that help?

      2. I suppose Browne was pretty hardcore, but he came off as very salesman-y to me. He’d previously declared that politics was a pointless endeavor and swore off it back in the 1970s. Don’t get me wrong, I voted for all of them, except Marrou, as I wasn’t old enough at the time.

    2. there were either super purists (Marrou, Badnarik) or selling books (Browne twice)

      I wouldn’t call either Marrou or Badnarik a purist. Marrou was softcore on some issues (and argued so ineptly in some of the areas where he was theoretically hardcore, such as education, that I’m not sure he really understood the positions), and Badnarik has his own quirky constitutionalist philosophy. Browne, on the other hand, was a purist, even if he was also out to sell books.

      1. I’m just glad that it’s not just Cavanaugh and I who wander into other people’s blogs.

        Err, that is to say, yes. I don’t know of Browne changing his views ever, but he was the first presidential candidate I knew my parents supported. But “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World” reads pretty dang anarchistic for someone who ever ran for office. I should read up more on Browne…

        1. Harry Browne was the first person I ever voted for.

          True story.

          he was the first presidential candidate I knew my parents supported

          Please tell me that Uncle Pauly and his cohort Bob “Three Ass = 1 goal” Errey are libertards as well; that would make my goddamn year.

  2. onetime I put a baby frog in my pocket but when I got home it was butterscotch instead.

    1. It just gets stupider and stupider, and nobody is laughing (with you).

  3. Nice writeup, Lucy. Well done.

  4. Sometimes I forget that I once thought I’d never live to see the end of the Soviet Union. Could we actually be witnessing an dramatic American turn toward liberty?

    Naw. But it’s fun to fantasize about.

  5. it’s still awesome to have both men still out there putting the message of small government ahead of winning at all costs.

    Awesome and awe-inspiring, considering all the diverse caltrops the other “libertarians” are throwing on the path that Paul treads…

    1. Jesus, Old Mex. Grab a tequila and chill a bit, dude.

      1. Re: Citizen Nothing,

        Can’t you tell I already did???

        Hee hee!

    2. Yeah it’s beautiful outside (you live in Htown right?). I’m gonna sit outside with a book, a beer and a spliff. We’ve got months of election nights ahead of us to be depressed about.

    3. Old Trollxican just can’t help himself.

    4. Awesome and awe-inspiring, considering all the diverse caltrops the other “libertarians” are throwing on the path that Paul treads…

      This isn’t Highlander where there can only be one. The goal is liberty, not building a gold statue to Ron Paul.

  6. “Gary Johnson’s New Hampshire staffers have switched to supporting Ron Paul, at least for the duration of the Republican primary race . (They have not, however, officially joined the Paul campaign, nor are they getting paid.) Their reasoning? The name of progress for sweet lady liberty, whomever is bringing it to the people’s attention.”

    Kudos. And I wish more people were like that.

  7. Gary Johnson is a marked improvement over recent LP nominees. I’ll vote for him in the general, though I’m happy to say I live in VA, where Paul and Romney are the only two on the ballot, so Paul should do quite well here.

  8. If Ron Paul loses the primary then I’ll vote for Gary Johnson. The only thing that bums me out about Gary’s switch is that it makes it practically impossible for Ron to pick him as a running mate if he were to win the primary.

    1. Paul would be wise to pick someone like Nikki Haley or Sarah Palin for VP.

      1. Eh, no, he wouldn’t. He’s already considered crazy, pulling on Palin would be sheer idiocy on his part. Haley could pull in some minority voters, but I would bet on it.

        Walter Williams, on the other hand…

        I will concede that a female VP candidate could help, especially if she’s minority.

        1. Nicky Hailey already gave her culo to Mitt.

          I would recommend to Paul to offer the spot to the Judge, and Secretary of State to Michael Scheuer.

          1. I don’t think Scheuer would help with the “crazy foreign policy” image…

            1. I don’t think Scheuer would help with the “crazy foreign policy” image…

              He can name him to the post after he is elected president.

            2. Does the former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit not carry some weight, if only as a cursory glance at his former title?

        2. Walter Williams, now that would be awesome.

          1. Unfortunately, he’s almost as old as Ron. Maybe older.

            1. Don’t see the problem. Just give him light duties, like presiding over the Senate – wait, the Constitution already does that!

              And better having an old guy as pres than some youngster who doesn’t even remember WWII, or, worse, was born afterward.

    2. Not necessarily true, only 14 states have primaries after the Libertarian National Convention. So in theory, Paul could win enough states before the LP nomination, giving Johnson time to drop out and reregister Republican so he can be nominated for VP. Paul has nothing to gain, but some to lose, from picking someone who doesn’t closely match his views.

      1. If Paul wins the GOP nomination I hope Gary Johnson gets the VP nomination, he is my first choice. Andrew Napolitano and Justin Amash would be interesting choices too. Rand Paul would be a bad idea, he can do more good in the Senate.

        1. Would a Paul Paul ticket even be legal?

          1. Re: Doktor Kapitalism,

            Most likely yes, but not ethical. Rand has been wise to be out of this circus.

            1. It’s legal – and would guarantee a loss due to the apparent nepotism.

        2. I’d prefer to see Paul appoint Napolitano as Attorney General. And, just for the hell of it, Penn Jillette as Press Secretary.

          1. Jesse Ventura for Chief Of Staff!

            1. “See, folks, here’s what a crazy conspiracy theorist *really* looks like!”

          2. I want Napolitano to be his first appointment to the Supremes. No wait, 2nd, Brown is first.

          3. Penn for State; Teller for Defense.

            1. We could use a SecDef that doesn’t talk!

  9. If Paul gets the nomination lets hope Gary will get the VP nomination!

    1. Dr. Paul has already indicated his VP nominee will be pro-life, like himself. Gov. Johnson is pro-choice.

  10. Johnson would get some serious media attention if he selected a non-white lesbian as his VP. Maybe top 10% in the general election.

    1. Too bad Earl Warren is no longer with us.

  11. I love having choices. If Paul doesn’t get the nomination I will vote for Johnson. Sure beats Romney or Gingrich.

    1. The one chick in that video really shouldn’t vlog when high. (Well, not if she’s trying to discuss serious political matters. I bet she’s hilarious when posting about something else while baked out of her mind.)

    2. I wish more people would see that, but so far it only says “301 views”.

      1. I think more people probably have. It says 301 the second time I click on the link.

        1. It still said 301 views after I watched it too.

  12. The lamestream media may have succeded in spliting the Libertarian/Republician vote if Paul is not the GOP candidate.

    1. No the GOP will be responsible.

    2. lamestream media

      Whoa, flashback to 2010!

  13. “We think the people who care about the things we care about should get behind Ron Paul….we wish Gov. Johnson well,”

    I echo those sentiments. I felt there was no reason for Johnson to campaign for the presidecy with Paul in the running. He’s a great guy, but the momentum is behind Paul.

    1. As soon as Ron Paul drops out, however…

      1. In the event Paul does NOT win the nomination, I’ll vote Johnson ALL DAY.

        1. Re: mad libertarian guy,

          In the event Paul does NOT win the nomination, I’ll vote Johnson ALL DAY.

          I would wait to see what Paul does if he doesn’t get the nomination. I still prefer Paul over Johnson, only because I know Paul better.

          1. I still prefer Paul Johnson over Johnson Paul, only because I know Paul better.

    2. I think that’s the point. The two races aren’t in conflict and Johnson’s 1% of supporters in the GOP can make the difference in close races. If Paul wins, I don’t see why he couldn’t pick GJ for VP. There’s nothing illegal about selecting a person from another party afaik.

      I think Johnson’s right though. Paul won’t win. The other Republican candidates will consolidate behind Romney before they let Paul have any chance at the nomination. And this newsletters thing has hurt his Democrat crossover appeal. I think he’s got a good chance to win a few states and get runner up in many but I’d still say he’s only got about a 10% chance at the final nomination.

      The question becomes, if Paul loses, would he accept a VP position with Johnson, or is it possible for the party to swap the running order post-convention? I kind of doubt it. I strongly doubt the two will be on rival ballots in November and Johnson’s magnanimous psuedo-endorsement is certainly a generous gesture considering Paul’s campaign constantly acted like Johnson didn’t exist (out of self-interest).

      1. Even if you are right, Romney will lose to Obama because he won’t be able to pull many of the religious zealots in this country, and also many of the hard right conservatives.

        People are not going to vote for the lesser of two evils just because they are told. At least, not in the numbers they used to.

      2. Re: Proprietist,

        And this newsletters thing has hurt his Democrat crossover appeal.

        Aren’t you just tired of being totally and laughably wrong all the time, Proprietist?

    3. I tihnk Gary being in some of the debates made it tougher for the media to marginalize Ron in the early stages.

  14. I’m hoping that Johnson, if Paul somehow miraculously wins the nomination, would have the wherewithal to bow out of the election.

    Though, in all honesty, it seems to me that if there is a great libertarian hope, it isn’t Ron Paul or Johnson, but Rand Paul. He’s pretty close to dad, and doesn’t have ANY of the baggage (I.e., newsletters which, despite the protestations of some, are politically problematic).

    1. The media can always play his Civil Rights Act quote on a loop…

      1. The one in which he is 100% right?

        Aqua Buddha is his skeleton and that doesnt really hurt him.

        1. I would think the Aqua Buddha thing likely helps him more with voters than hurt him if the story actually becomes big news. He was a college kid having a goof; voters might like a politician that displays similar human tendencies they used to.

      2. The one that totally stopped him from being elected Senator from the state of Kentucky? Oh, it didn’t, you say? Interesting….

  15. Let’s hear it for Gary – truly a class act!

    Ron Paul 2012!

  16. Sounds like Gary is on the right team. He will reap the rewards if his record stands with his rhetoric.

  17. Ron Paul’s Detractors Are Doomed To Failure

    by Justin Raimondo.

    Paul’s success ? he is currently the frontrunner in Iowa, although the “mainstream” media is doing its best to downplay the numbers ? has provoked an outburst of hysteria and pure hate from the War Party. Iowa, they declare, will be rendered “irrelevant” if Paul wins: Joe McQuaid, the bombastic editor of the neocon Union-Leader, rants that “Ron Paul is a dangerous man.” How is that? Well, you see, Paul agrees with the overwhelming majority of Americans who don’t think the Iraq war ? which McQuaid and his tabloid supported ? was worth the costs in lives and taxpayer dollars. Paul’s anti-interventionist foreign policy views, says the would-be New Hampshire kingmaker, “have been largely overlooked by a news media more interested in the presidential ‘horse race’ than in the candidates’ positions on issues.”


    He cites Dorothy Rabinowitz’s darkly threatening characterization of Paul as “the best-known of our homegrown propagandists for our chief enemies in the world. One who has made himself a leading spokesman for, and recycler of, the long and familiar litany of charges that point to the United States as a leading agent of evil and injustice, the militarist victimizer of millions who want only to live in peace.”

    He left out the part about Paul being a “propagandist for our enemies,” perhaps because it was too much even for him. To the Rabinowitzes of this world ? and the Gingriches, the Santorums, the Bachmanns, and the rest of that crazed crew ? falls the solemn responsibility of determining the Enemy of the moment. Debate is limited, on this subject, to the question of which Enemy ought to be targeted at this particular point in time. Paul has broken this rule, and allowed that the main enemy ? for those who want to limit the power of government, cut $1 trillion dollars from the budget, and emerge out of our economic morass ? is in Washington, D.C., not Tehran.

    1. Raibinowitz did great work on the Amirault case in Mass. She has lost it with Ron Paul but that can probably be attributed to her Zionist views..

    2. Right-wing crackpots have a tendency to stick together, especially when one has his cock up the other’s ass.

  18. Oh Gary, should’ve taken the long view to the Senate. Now you’re just gonna…drop.

    1. Agree completely. He could have been Senator from New Mexico, a piece toward a large group libertarian-friendly Western Senators (Lee, Flake, Chaffetz). Now he’s a candidate for head arguer at a debate club.

  19. CNN Excludes Democrats and Independents From Iowa Caucus Poll

    Summary: CNN headlines driven by the decision to exxclude Democrats and Independents from poll.

    If “adjusted” for these voters, results are dramatically different:

    CNN poll:
    Romney 25%
    Paul 22%
    Santorum 16%
    Gingrich 14%

    “Adjusted” CNN poll:
    Paul 26%
    Romney 22%
    Santorum 14%
    Gingrich 14%

    “[…]therefore, it remains true that the CNN headlines were substantially misleading.”

    Ya think????

    1. CNN lies, freedom dies. Well, if anyone believes their nonsense anymore.

  20. In the unlikely event that Ron Paul gets the GOP nomination I would expect Gary Johnson to drop out of the race for President immediately.

    1. Why? If he accepts the LP’s nomination, he’s also accepted the responsibility of acting in the best interests of the LP. Which includes trying to pull enough votes to keep their ballot access. If he drops out they’ll have to go through the time and expense of re-qualifying.

      1. I think a Paul/Johnson debate on abortion would be very enlightening.

        At least we wouldn’t be hearing how prolifers are the same people who support war and the death penalty!

      2. Re: Slap the Enlightened,

        If he accepts the LP’s nomination, he’s also accepted the responsibility of acting in the best interests of the LP.

        I thought that the interest of the LP was to advance libertarian principles, not to win political posts no matter what.

        1. If that’s not the case, the LP is just as bad as the Republicans and Democrats, as would be Johnson….

  21. GO RON PAUL 2012!

    I was a warmonger,voted straight Republican party ticket for 30 yrs! Eyes opened Now!!!!
    Choose one: Fascism (Republican) or Marxism (Democrat). Liberty (Ron Paul).

    1. I think it’s fair to put the Fascist label on today’s neoprogressive Democrats — a closer fit than the Marxist label.

      Run Paul Run 2012

  22. “Voting is merely participating in a rigged, bullshit game where you have no statistical effect but when you participate you give it legitimacy. Fuck that.”

    1. Yeah, not voting is having a great effect turning the growth of Leviathan around and working towards your ideal of anarchism. Fabulous job you’ve done so far. Anarcho-capitalistic society is just a few days away…..

      And I’m sure you’re method of convincing people – i.e. this is the way we should do it, but it can’t change so fuck it – is a great way to convince people to throw off the shackles of government. Even assuming libertarian anarchism is desirable, the ONLY way to get there is to either convince the masses – most of which are afraid of the supposed chaos of anarchism – to suddenly rise up, OR to slowly reduce the size and scope of Leviathan – yes, using methods that seem to legitimize it – until you reach a point where transition to anarchism is just another incremental reduction in government, and one that isn’t all that scary after all. Possible? Maybe – but if we don’t try for that, what the hell are you wasting your time for?

  23. Yeah, but Garry Johnson and Ron Paul are lovers.

  24. seriously why the fuck does reason always use that picture of him? every time i come on this site there’s a picture of gary johnson shirtless. whoever’s job it is to pick the pictures needs to fucking quit it.

  25. Paul and Johnson should become running mates for both the RP and LP nomination.

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