Militarization of Police

Dog Bites Man: What Sounds Like an Everyday Narcotics SWAT Raid


Like most initial news on SWAT raids, this report from The Huntsville Item is lacking some of the needed details. Perhaps the warrant was for a violent criminal or for something beyond simple drug charges. No tragedies —not even puppycide — occurred; just an ordinary use of a police tactic more fit for a Columbine or a hostage-type situation, but which is used 40,000 times a year in America, usually over narcotics. 

So yes, in Huntsville, Texas, eight ounces of weed were seized and Americans can breathe a little easier:

"Half a pound of marijuana off the streets is a victory for us and for the community," said [Lt. Jim Barnes]. "Anytime when we serve narcotics search warrants, the potential for violent conflict is there. When you have the opportunity to strike quickly, we can contain the scene. We have yet to have an injury to the bad guys or us. It can be intimidating."

No further comment on the suspect for which the 10-15 SWAT team members were searching, apparently he or she was not at home. Two other people were handcuffed and ordered onto the ground. "Arrests are pending," according to the police. Maybe this was one of those times the use of SWAT was justified, except that the right person wasn't there and two people who weren't arrestable right then were cuffed. 

A nearby neighbor was very nervous over these proceedings, thinking they were a bit excessive and dangerous to use for someone who was not there to be arrested.

[Tom] Waddill was playing with his 4-year-old son in the front yard of his home directly across the street from 911 Sam Houston Ave. when the raid began…." All of a sudden, here come between 10 and 20 guys in Army fatigues with guns out, yelling.

Waddill was disturbed and hurried his child inside. But the police were right in a way. This is what success looks like in the drug war. No violence against police, pets, or citizens; no evidence that the police behaved untoward toward anyone. But this is the status quo. This is a dog bites man story. And that is the worst part of all. 

Police Chief Kevin Lunsford said tactical decisions are made on a case-by-case basis using intelligence gathered from many sources.

"While it is not my policy to discuss the specifics of tactical decisions, those decisions are always made with the safety of everyone in mind," he said. "That includes bystanders, suspects and officers alike. The safety of everyone involved is always our utmost priority. This particular operation was carried out utilizing officers who have been specifically and specially trained for these types of situations." [emphasis added] 

Reason on the militarization of police.

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  1. AANNNDDD another anti-cop article; that’s two in one evening!

    Listen; if it wasn’t for the cops, this would be like sub-saharan Africa. They are teh only thing between civilization and anarchy, and their job is incredibly hard. So show a little frigging respect, and understand that officer safety is more important than druggie safety.

    What sane person sheds tears over a few worthless drug addicts/dealers getting roughed up or scared? It’s like living in Crazy Town hanging out around here.

      1. Come on, they went for “sub-Saharan Africa” — much more subtle than Somalia or any mention of roads.

        1. You’re more generous than I am, Lucy. It still hit the “civilization and anarchy” note. With that, you don’t need to say “Somalia”.

          1. i thought it was obviously sarcastic. is the assumption that he was SERIOUS?

            1. this report…is lacking some of the needed details

              Ha ha ha!

    1. No relation.

  2. And when they make whatever it is you like illegal, then what? Then we don’t shed a tear over you.

    I am against the drug war, as it is corrosive to civil liberties. I don’t do drugs and would not if they were legalized.

    I am also a Southern Baptist. I don’t drink, but I think it would be a terrible idea to have a SWAT team kick in your door for a case of Budweiser.

    But you’re also a dipshit, but even that i am against criminalizing, even weapons grade dipshittery like yours.

    1. nobody should be subject to arrest for putting any chemical in their body, or for doing any act that only affects their own body, whether it’s a sexual act (and that includes between consenting adults), a drug ingestion or whatever.

      the idea that people can be arrested/imprisoned for putting something inside their body is RIDICULOUS

      1. Yet you keep arresting them. 😉

        With enemies like you, the nanny-staters don’t need friends.

    2. Hey, ATF is here!

  3. Officer safety. I really love that one. YouTube is a feast of tased senior citizens and 8 year olds in the name of officer safety.

    When did cops become such raging pussies? Is it the testicular atrophy from anabolic steroids?

  4. If people vote to have a SWAT team kick in your door for beer, then that is what is right. Majority rules in a democracy; get over it. Drugs and booze are not guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, so they should not be legal if that is what a majority of voters decide. People who go against the will of society deserve what they get. Your just pissy because the vast majority of people don’t agree with you and will not legalize such dangerous things as drugs.

    1. D-. Even worse than the first. The first was slightly plausible that it was real. This is just Juanita territory now.

      1. Pfft, a couple of guys up there bit, and Lucy was alert enough to catch my attempt at avoiding “Somalia”, which I thought was a great little detail.

        You’re just paranoid because of the rather stalking, Epi.

        1. Paranoid…or wise, Jim?

          “No Ricky, you’re stoned and you’re paranoid…ease off the six-paper joints.”

        2. Fuck you Jim, he stalks me. Want me to prove it?

          1. …as it shows up to stalk Epi.

            1. Coward doesn’t want proof?

    2. As someone who had a particularly annoying sockpuppet on this site a while ago, I was pleased with this passage:

      …and will not legalize such dangerous things as drugs.

      There is something about the langauge, specifically the “dangerous things” that makes it a little extra crazy, dimwitted, and concerney. Excellent job, my friend.

    3. Eating meat is not guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, either. Nor is drinking milk or eating any type of fruit of vegetable. Maybe we should ban whatever nanny-statist twits like you don’t like.

      1. And who gives a flying f*** about the Bill of Rights. If majority rules, why should we even have a Bill of Rights? The Will of the majority should trump ALL things, right? That’s what a TRUE democracy believes.

  5. I don’t even know where to begin.

    Dred Scott maybe? Or Jim Crow? Witch hangings in Salem?

    He has to be punking me.

  6. Somewhere, Solon is weeping.

  7. Ok, been punked. Better that than someone actually believing such things.

    Except for Dunphy.

    1. i believe no such things. the drug war is wrong. nobody should be arrested or imprisoned for what they put inside their body.


  8. lol, gotta jsut love the idiot cops of Texas. Too funny dude.

  9. My biggest problem with dunphy is that, after seeing him admit to witnessing another cop breaking the law, he was asked what he did where he proudly announced he turned the guy in or something.

    When I asked why he didn’t arrest the guy on the spot, he ignored the question and has ever since.

    1. your biggest problem is being an idiot. you are aware that MOST violations of the law i witness do NOT result in arrest right? custodial arrest is NOT the DEFAULT for law violations.

      again, for people who don’t understand police work, it’s always about ARREST

      just like with many complaints i deal with day to day people will say “i want him ARRESTED” and they don’t make that choice. WE do (except for the very few crimes that are mandatory arrest).

      i realize you get all butthurt because cops don’t summarily arrest other cops

      however, as i explained , there are good reasons why.

      what is important is that they get turned in. physical summary arrest may give you a boner, but it’s not what we do in ALL sorts of law violations

      for many minor violations (that cops will still get disciplined for), people don’t even get charged, let alone arrested

      perfect example is low level shoves and pushes.

      they may be technically assault. but quite frequently, they are so de minimus, it’s ridiculous. we don’t arrest, and prosecutors don’t charge

      i ‘ve NEVER seen somebody charged for a minor shove during an argument for example

      again, get some perpsective and understanding and stop thinking that ARREsT is the be all and end all of law enforcement

      it is not

      1. No, violence is the end all, be all of “fine collection” and hassling the public.

        The more the public sees of what you were able to do in secret, the less they will tolerate your very existence. YouTube will be the end of the failed experiment in sovereign immunity.

        1. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight… cops routinely poll as amongst the most respected…

          lemme know when that changes

          1. Just like all those polls showing that people really want to cut gov’t waste and spending.

            Here’s the real test. Do you believe that people feel, 1) nervous/upset, or 2) relieved and respectful, whenever a cop car travels behind them down the road?

            1. no, the real test is data. which you then deflect

              see: cognitive dissonance

              most people do NOT like getting tickets. that isn’t an anti-cop thing. it’s an anti-ticket thing

              most people don;’t want to get their teeth drilled either.

              but most people don’t hate dentists because of it.


              1. Yeah, but most people see the benefit of having a decaying tooth pulled or at least have the rotten part drilled out and filled in with porcelain.*

                And we don’t have a mouth full of “good” teeth defending the rotten ones from removal. If we did, we’d all look like the British.

                Personally, I’d love to see our law enforcement be more like dentistry and have our city streets littered with life-size porcelain statuary replacing our rotten cops.

  10. I’m sure they worried about “Nazi safety” back when they cleared out the Warsaw ghettos.

    These goons wouldn’t have to worry about “officer safety” if the shit weren’t illegal.

    1. and the fault lies entirely with the legislature for that. last i checked, i never voted for drugs to be illegal.

      drugs are NOT illegal because of cops. that’s like saying we got into the iraq war because of army infantry

      1. Once again, the “I was just following orders” defense.

        If people didn’t enforce it, bad laws would only be words on paper.

        1. and if people didnt pay taxes, it wouldnt get enforced either… have at it!

          1. Ah, but if I didn’t pay taxes, men with guns would come find me. If you chose to resign as a police officer…you would have to find a different job.

            Can you see the distinction between those two outcomes? If not, I can get more specific.

            1. i can see that i do very little to support the WOD.

              like i said, i had 3 drug cases in the last year and TWO were from MD’s and pharmacists making the complaint

              grow up. in the adult world, we sometimes enforce stuff we don’t agree with. if you work for a corporation , you may have to enforce policy you don’t agree with.

              as an MD, you have to get people arrested for drug violations

              should all doctors give up their jobs?

              or shoudl conscientious anti-WOD doctors and cops do their best in a system that is not perfect?

              i know the answer

              you dont

              1. I gave you the answer to this the other day, fuckface. Those doctors should resign in protest of the bullshit laws rather than help prosecute people who break unjust laws.

                That’s the difference in a principled person and an unprincipled one.

                And yes, the Nazi analogy works perfectly here as it did the other day. You just hate it that you are compared to those jackboot thugs, even if the comparison is appropriate.

      2. Yet you chose LE as your career, which means you devote your physical actions to being part of the armed muscle enforcing the will of the legislature even though you know their edicts are wrong. I’m curious how this makes you anything other than a total hippocrite.

        1. i did.

          and just like MD’s choose their career, even though they may personally be against the WOD.

          you clearly don’t know what hypocrite means

          1. Oh no, he uses the word quite correctly.

            I would draw your attention to the second definition. Your stated beliefs are that the WoD and the WoDV are wrong. Yet your actions include enforcing such edicts. You are actually the very perfect definition of hypocrite.

            1. false. again, asked and answered ad nauseum.

              i stand with PJ ORourke on this (read Parliament of Whores)

              i think the war on domestic violence is wrong (some aspects) too.

              LOTS of laws are bad policy.

              i think rule of law is RIGHT, though

              even if i disagree with some laws, i think it is the DUTY of the executive branch to enforce laws, as long as they are not unconstitutional.

              you may disagree . fine

              i’ll stand with hero cops, MD’s, pharmacists and others who may disagree with the WOD, but thethey accept the locus of control is legislature or citizen initiative,.

              1. even if i disagree with some laws, i think it is the DUTY of the executive branch to enforce laws, as long as they are not unconstitutional.

                Alright, then, answer me this: if it took a Constitutional Amendment (the Eighteenth, in case you missed it) to prohibit a chemical substance (alcohol), why does it not take a similar amendment to authorize the prohibition of other chemical substances?

                (No points for anything along the lines of “evolving jurisprudence,” etc. The Constitution doesn’t change, absent an amendment, no matter how much statists might wish otherwise.)

            2. Crap. That’s what I get for not using spell check!

          2. MD’s choose their career, even though they may personally be against the WOD.

            It is not an MD’s job to participate in the WoD, however they do face the risk of armed enforcers (yourself, for instance) ruining their life if they aren’t cooperative.

  11. By “turning in”, Dunphy meant told him not to be quite so blatant with the illegality. The blue brotherhood never turns on it’s own, no matter ho bad. Just look at Fullerton, or Pima county. You can cold bloodedly murder a fellow human being, and he city will offer a $950,000 bribe to their parents before your corpse is even cool.

    1. ah, this lie.

      repeatedly debunked.

      think of paul schene. turned in by a fellow officer in his dept. and prosecuted for assault

      heck, one of my coworkers is currently being investigated based on being turned in by another officer.

      happens ALL the time

      this is another myth a bigorati, who is at least honest in his name, believes

      “this is what bigots ACTUALLY believe”

      oh, and also … it’s the jooooooooz

      1. Did Schene do time for his assault after the combat sneaker incident? Or did the prosecutor decline to prosecute (hint, he did).

        The days of impunity are over. Nobody respects your bullshit about honor and courage. YouTube killed that with one too many Soccer Moms “riding the lightning” for failure to grovel.

        1. hint, you are either a fucking idiot or a liar.

          i will see if you will offer a retraction/apology

          schene was CRIMINALLY TRIED (and fired)


          both times the jury hung

          so, let’s see you admit you were wrong.

          the prosecutor DID try him .. twice … and spare me the “prosecutor must have thrown the case ” crap

          insert retraction : here

          1. They teach reading in cop school?


            They gave up and decided to do nothing.
            I doubt a non-cop would get that.

            1. Like I said, declined to prosecute, written in actual words in the article.

              1. they prosecuted him twice.

                you are a liar.

                you said “Did Schene do time for his assault after the combat sneaker incident? Or did the prosecutor decline to prosecute (hint, he did).”

                they did NOT decline to prosecute. they prosecuted him TWICE, which is VERY rare for a misdemeanor.

                get fucking real.

            2. you are a liar


              he was criminally tried twice

              he was fired. and the union declined to back him in his attempts to get his job back.

              you are a fucking liar
              The union representing King County sheriff’s deputies has voted not to help fired Deputy Paul Schene get his job back.

              Schene, who lost his job last year, was charged with assaulting a girl in a holding cell in an incident captured on a widely publicized surveillance video. Schene kicked, grabbed and punched then-15-year-old Malika Calhoun after the girl flipped an athletic shoe at him.

              When the incident happened, on Nov. 29, 2008, Calhoun and a female friend were being booked for allegedly stealing her guardian’s car.

              Schene was tried ? twice ? on a misdemeanor charge of fourth-degree assault, but mistrials resulted both times. The first time, jurors voted 11-1 in favor of conviction; the second time the vote was reversed.

              The King County Prosecutor’s Office in July announced Schene would not be tried a third time.

              After that, Schene set about trying to get his job back. To do that, he’d have to go to arbitration, a process in which he’d need the support of the King County Police Officers Guild, according to sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. John Urquhart.

              The union’s executive board recently voted not to back Schene, Urquhart said

              1. The King County Prosecutor’s Office in July announced Schene would not be tried a third time.

                Did you read your own post? Is there. Two time limit? Are you entitled to not go for an actual verdict after how many tries?

                1. you are being a disingenuous idiot

                  the prosecutor’s office tried him. twice

                  so, they DID try him

                  yes, they declined to try him A THIRD TIME

                  do a little fucking research . please show me what %age of times, prosecutors try a person a THIRD time on a misdemeanor after two hung juries.

                  i can guarantee you the answer is ALMOST never.

                  this is your retort? seriously?

                  cops deserve equal justice. he got MORE than that. MOST defendants do not get tried a second time for a misdmeanor. he did

                  so, you are just a fucking idiot, disingenuous moron

                  get real

                  1. Sometimes they just find themselves innocent to start.


                  2. So you think it is fine to just say to a thug like Schene, no sweat, have a nice life, don’t get caught next time?

                    1. it’s called rule of law. sometimes guilty people get away with it. shocking. we have miranda, rules of search and seizure, juries, etc. that’s how the system works. it’s imperfect.

                      process analysis is where it’s at. he GOT due process. the state got two attempts to convict him. they failed. he got more attempts than the vast majority of misdemeanor defendants get.

                      if you TRULY believe in equality under the law, you accept that.

                      almost anybody else would have only been tried once

                      the state doesn’t get to convict people because they are obviously guilty in your or anybody else’s eyes.

                      we have a system, and EVERYBODY gets a jury (well, besides those who fall under the bogus patriot act or obama’s fucked up citizen detention indefinitely bullshit)

                      paul schene has the SAME RIGHTs you or i have. the right to trial by jury. he got that. TWICE

                      deal with it. it’s an imperfect result (i said he was guilty as fuck from the start), but it IS due process.

                      something you SHOULD believe in. or do you want show trials like in the USSR or cuba where the guilt is foretold and it’s just a formality?

                    2. also, note his union (contra the meme they always back the cop) did NOT support him in his bid to get rehired. they told him – nope. we aren’t going to support your arbitration request, thus he could not apply for arbitration

                      contracts… that’s how they work

                    3. Power of life and death and cover up = be looked at more carefully.

                      The message sent by declining to pursue justice was clear. Wait out the bad press and we’ll take care of you.

                    4. they did not decline to pursue justice. they pursued it twice.

                      it’s a LEGAL system, not a justice system

                      admit it. you DON’T want cops held to the same standard.

                      and spare me the power of life and death bullshit.

                      EVERY person in WA state has a strong right of self defense (and defense of others). i’ve responded to dozens of such cases, including shootings

                      in MY state, the state has the burden to DISPROVE self defense (rare, amongst states) when a person (cop or otherwise) kills somebody and alleges self defense

                      here, at least in WA, we ALL have the “power of life and death”

                      so spare me

                      you WANt a double standard. i get it.

                      normal person. one trial. paul schene. he should be forced to go through trial, (and pay legal fees) how many times if the jury keeps hanging ? 3, 4., 5 what?

                      but thanx for being honest. you are NOT for equal justice. i get it now

                    5. Self defense?

                      This is the classic case for taking away sovereign immunity.


                      And note the fellow thugs outrage at a suspension for losing muzzle awareness and shooting a non-violent non-resisting and unaware victim.

                      These are the ones Dunphy never mentions.

                    6. Define this one as equal justice. I dare you.

                    7. i have NEVER said cops get equal justice. i have said that sometimes they don’t. JUST LIKE SOMETIMES they get “harsher justice” as in the case of the WA cop that got 23 yrs for an off duty assault on his gf, where the average person would have gotten a year, MAYBE two at worse.

                      are there injustices>? of course. you keep tilting at strawmen. i never claimed there weren’t

                    8. i am not going to check out every link on every alleged police misconduct. sorry. don’t have time

                      here’s a hint./ i do not deny police brutality happens, that sometimes cops get away with it, etc.

                      i do not deny sometimes other cops cover up for bad cops

                      what i deny, BASED ON STATISTICS and personal experience , is that brutality is widespread and common. police UOF is rare. brutality, is even more rare.

                      there always has been and always will be excessive force and brutality. we should do our best to weed out bad cops , and to punish and correct those who occasionally go astray (progressive discipline)

                      i think we (cops) do a PRETTY good job at this

                      we could do better

                      i have shown cops DO turn in bad cops. this is good. it needs to happen more often and cops who do so need to be protected.

                      this is NOT the age of serpico.

                      police UOF’s are rare, police do a very good job overall, and as gillespie even admits most cops do a good job and most of us welcome recording

                      i didn’t say it. he did.

                    9. I know that one was impossible for you to rationalize. Good call to deflect.

                    10. i didn’t deflect it . i didnt see it. i dont rationalize excessive force. i condemn it. e.g paul schene. e.g. UC Berkeley. e.g. UC Davis etc.

                      that’s YOUR fantasy

                    11. The cop union and cop gang did excuse the shooting. And were outraged over a suspension over the corpse of a fellow human.

                      Easy to find such results. Membership has it’s privileges.

                    12. what the hell are you talking about?

                    13. The link you declined to look at. Classic cop double standard.

                    14. Double Fucking Standard. The prosecution rests.

                    15. again, i don’t even know what case you are referring to?

                      you’ve already admitted you don’t WANT cops to get equal standard.. you said it vis a vis paul schene. so, now you do?

                      of course


                    16. No, I am pointing out the glaring double standard


                    17. Kill someone due to piss poor trigger discipline, spend a few weeks remodeling the kitchen. But the victim remains dead.

                    18. And Dunphy slinks off, defeated.

  12. Before “his corpse”. “Your corpse” is wishful thinking.

  13. http://www.santafenewmexican.c…

    Horse beating by non-cop is worse than human beating by cop.

    That didnt take long.

    1. it’s a running joke (didn’t check link) that IN GENERAL, people get harsher penalty for beating an animal than they do for beating their wives, or committing other assaults

      i’ve seen people get probation for beating people, that if they did it to a dog, will result in 6 month jail sentence

      kind of like people who beat firefighters get much harsher sentences than people who beat cops

      such is life

      1. That last one is entirely justified. Cops are worthless shitbags, sucking at the municipal teat and we need 80% less. Firefighters and paramedics actually perform useful services. There should be a double standard.

  14. Goddammit!!! Cops get treated the same, because dunphy said so! It’s just some bigoted internet meme that they have a different set of rules for themselves.

  15. Cops don’t let their emotions dictate behavior. That’s just a bigoted internet meme.

    1. This article above, BTW, is the most disgusting list of police abuse going unpunished that I’ve ever witnessed. Because of it’s systematic disregard for the liberty of normal citizens and it’s willingness to cover up any and all misdeeds of police, even at the risk of allowing murder to go unpunished, I find no reason to ever trust police in any situation.

      If police were by and large trustworthy and more interested in public safety and liberty, you would see scores of policemen vocalizing their disgust at this behavior. Instead, their silence is telling.

      1. Our friend consistently fails to understand the difference between people who only participate because they’re afraid of the consequences if they don’t (doctors), and people who actively sign up to be the ones to dish out those consequences (cops).

        It’s a major distinction.

        1. Exactly. Lose license if you are a medical provider with a DEA number. Get off on it if you’re Dunphy.

          Huge difference.

      2. Read the comments section on Police One. I do every day, to remind myself what fucking animals they are.

    2. No fair bringing up Fullerton. Everybody knows it is an ISOLATED INCIDENT (c). Cops are beloved. Justice is served, with a side of pepper spray and electric shock for dessert. YouTube lies and doesn’t tell the heroic cop side of the savage beating.

      Blah, blah, blah.

      Tires and gasoline is what it will come down to.

  16. 8 ounces of weed.

    10 – 15 officers x 4 hours apiece x $50/hour = $2000 – $3000. Probably very lowball on the cost, but still: Wouldn’t it have been cheaper just to buy the weed then destroy it?

    1. That doesn’t provide the all important adrenaline rush.

      1. I bet I can get some high-grade adrenaline for less than that, too.

  17. My BJJ class tonight was cancelled because my instructor was helping out two of his younger students, age 8 and 12, I think. They were staying over at my instructor’s house, since their momma was a little traumatized, because a SWAT team had kicked in the door and hauled away their daddy on drug charges during family dinner earlier tonight. So that’s all I’ll say about that.

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  21. “Police Chief Kevin Lunsford said tactical decisions are made on a case-by-case basis using intelligence gathered from many sources.” Come on now… lets be honest… there is no “intelligence” involved in the war on drugs whatsoever.

  22. a police tactic more fit for a Columbine

    What’s that, hiding behind your car until the perps either (a) shoot themselves or (b) run out of ammo?

  23. “….decisions are always made with the safety of everyone in mind, he said. That includes bystanders…..”

    “All of a sudden, here come between 10 and 20 guys in Army fatigues with guns out, yelling.” said the bystander.

    I see, cops in fatigues running with guns drawn are for the safety of the bystanders. And it always makes me laugh when cops refer to MJ as a narcotic.

  24. every thread with dunphy in it is unreadable.

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