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Leave the Planet! Apply Today!


Not accustomed to being a government jobs board, but in pre-celebration of a forthcoming Reason magazine cover feature package on the future of space travel and research, wanted to note that NASA is accepting applications as of today for sober scientists and far-out space nuts of all varieties (no non-citizens or druggies need apply!):

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has a need for Astronaut Candidates to support the International Space Station (ISS) Program and future deep space exploration activities.


  • Position subject to pre-employment background investigation
  • This is drug-testing designated position
  • Frequent travel may be required
  • Selectee must pass a pre-employment medical examination….

There's lots to do:

Astronauts are involved in all aspects of assembly and on-orbit operations of the ISS. This includes extravehicular activities (EVA), robotics operations using the remote manipulator system, experiment operations, and onboard maintenance tasks. Astronauts are required to have a detailed knowledge of the ISS systems, as well as detailed knowledge of the operational characteristics, mission requirements and objectives, and supporting systems and equipment for each experiment on their assigned missions. 

Credentialism alert: you need a bachelor's degree to fly this high. And, you know, a real one. Not any of these:

The following degree fields are not considered qualifying: 

-Degrees in Technology (Engineering Technology, Aviation Technology, Medical Technology, etc.) 

Degrees in Psychology (except for Clinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, or Experimental Psychology, which are qualifying) 

Degrees in Nursing 

–Degrees in Exercise Physiology or similar fields 

–Degrees in Social Sciences (Geography, Anthropology, Archaeology, etc.) 

–Degrees in Aviation, Aviation Management, or similar fields

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