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Gary Johnson Files Complaint With the FEC and FCC, Has No Plans to Run as a Libertarian


Former Gov. Gary Johnson, the guy having the world's most frustrating presidential campaign, is joining Congressman Ron Paul in rejecting calls to run on the Libertarian Party ticket. Johnson hopes to find some campaign steam in New Hampshire and he doesn't want to think about any third party steps, even though the idea of a libertarian-friendly independent/third party candidate makes some Republicans very nervous, because it could tip 2012 to Obama's favor.

According to Talking Points Memo:

"I intend to stay in this as a Republican," Johnson said via text message Tuesday.

Politico reports that "several Libertarian Party leaders have approached [Johnson] about bolting the GOP and taking that party's 50-state ballot nomination." That would make sense, considering Johnson's position as the guy who's slightly more libertarian in ideology than Ron Paul.

Barring the who is more libertarian than who debate (really, let's not), the embarrassment of riches that is the presence — however marginalized — of both Paul and Johnson in the GOP race would be nicer still if Johnson had been invited to more than two debates.

Johnson clearly agrees and— since his Citizens for Gary Johnson group has touted the former Gov. on social media to no avail — he's filed a complaint with both the Federal Election Commission and the Federal Communications Commission.

Huntsman and Santorum pop up at almost every debate in spite of some seriously stagnant poll numbers. They may usually be a point or two ahead of Johnson's usual 1 percent, but then, they're usually included as an option besides "other." 

The Johnson campaign blog summarizes the complaint (with full, more official wording here):

Citing prohibitions against corporate contributions, the campaign's FEC complaint makes the argument that, by arbitrarily choosing who benefited from valuable air time during the broadcast debate and excluding others, CBS was "directly and significantly supporting those candidates it favors, and advocating the nomination of one of their favorites and opposing the nomination of Complainant, whom CBS evidently disfavors."

Similarly, in a complaint filed with the FCC, the Johnson campaign asserts that "The public owns the airways over which CBS broadcasts, and the public deserves to be free from bias- favoring some candidates over others- as well as illegal support of certain presidential candidates on national network television."

As ridiculous as the media and debate sponser treatment of Johnson has been, there's definitely some libertarian-cringing to be done in response to the publicly owned airwaves argument being used for anything.

Reason on Gary Johnson, including the most recent outing where Johnson visited Occupy Wall Street.

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  1. Barring the who is more libertarian than who debate (really, let’s not)

    It’s the defining feature of libertarians. You’re not really a libertarian unless you engage in this argument.

    1. You’re more libertarian to let others figure out who is more libertarian.

      1. True libertarians argue about ideological purity.

        1. True libertarians don’t argue about ideological purity, fool! They excoriate others for not meeting their purity test! There is no argument, only scolding! (Also, exclamation points.)

        2. Excellent, Quetzalcoatl

          *golf clap*

  2. As ridiculous as the media and debate sponser treatment of Johnson has been, there’s definitely some libertarian-cringing to be done in response to the publicly owned airwaves argument being used for anything.

    Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

    Seriously though, fuck elections.

    1. I don’t know what should be cringe inducing about the concept. Airwaves are a limited resource that requires government-granted monopolies/rent-seeking. I can’t set up a ham radio station or pirate TV station to interfere with CBS’s local signal on my own property, so the property rights aspect is more convaluded than in other circumstances.

      Also, if the law is going to enforce campaign finance laws, they need to enforce them equitably, as Gary’s exclusion could be classified as a donation by CBS to explicitly promote other registered candidates over him.

      1. Airwaves are a limited resource that requires government-granted monopolies/rent-seeking.

        What the hell are you talking about?

        I can’t set up a ham radio station or pirate TV station to interfere with CBS’s local signal on my own property, so the property rights aspect is more convaluded than in other circumstances.

        The only reason you can’t do that is because you would be fined by the FCC.

        1. I dunno, what about contracts and stuff? Without the government there’s no possibility of a rational compromise?

          1. There is no possibility of rational human interaction without government there to enforce it. The FEC is the thin grey line between order and a planet of Reavers.

            1. Oh, I see. I retract my objection, then.

        2. “What the hell are you talking about?”

          I guess I should have added “to be usable.” Talk radio could be sabotaged by an angry ham operator. Gary Johnson could go to a pirate TV station and cut into their debates. Airwaves cross state boundaries as well, so it’s a valid federal authority. It’s one of the more complex areas of property rights, and probably does need government administration and competitive licensing.

          Of course, content-wise, it should be mostly uncensored, and in that regard the FCC oversteps its boundaries all the time. Whoever pays for the license should have sole authority over what is broadcast. In a free market, CBS should be free to exclude Gary Johnson, but if they are regulating content they need to treat all parties consistently.

  3. Barring the who is more libertarian than who debate

    Who is more libertarian: thin crust or deep dish pizza? Support your assertions.

    there’s definitely some libertarian-cringing to be done in response to the publicly owned airwaves argument being used for anything

    Just him going to the FCC and the FEC in the first place is somewhat cringe-inducing.

    1. I’m going to argue that it is, in fact, Totino’s pizza rolls. Their bite size nature appeals to the individual freedom of each bite to do as it pleases.

      1. By admitting to eating Totino’s Pizza Rolls, you have automatically disqualified yourself from this discussion.

        Wow, I guess thin crust is much more authoritarian. I’m OK with that, as it is essential to keep the pizza bloodline pure. I fully support putting deep dish into concentration camps.

        1. If, like myself, you consider deep dish to be a casserole instead of a pizza, the argument is moot.

          1. We cannot allow casseroles to be given the same rights as pizzas!

        2. Whoa whoa whoa. When did I ever say I ate them?

          1. Because you thought of them. You have been tarred by association!

            1. I eat ’em, they’re delicious; especially the ‘Supreme’ kind.

              1. Supreme? How is it legal to use that word with that product? Why not “Epic?” Or “Artisan?”

                1. You laugh, but I bought a $3 frozen burrito at the store last week with free range chicken. It was actually really fucking good.


                  I have noticed that since I quit smoking I don’t get quite the enjoyment out of cheap-ass processed food that I used to. Now that shit taste WAY too fucking strong. I think that my taste buds are returning.

                2. Never mind that, how could “supreme” be consistent with “libertarian”?

                  1. Well, in my worldview, if there were a Supreme Overlord–say, me–who ran a libertarian dictatorship (giving new meaning to the phrase, “Live free or die”), then “supreme” and “libertarian” could co-exist.

                    1. They put green peppers in that shit.

                    2. Green peppers = “supreme”? That’s it?

                    3. No, they’re “Supreme” because the package says so, they’re libertarian because they have green peppers in them.

                      This is really basic shit that I don’t have time to explain to you.

                    4. Libertarian ? green peppers. Red peppers, maybe. Not green. Which is the same color as Soylent Green, I note parenthetically.

                    5. Soylent Green is the archetype of corporate greed run amok, red is the color of commies…

                      Need I say more?

                      Are you some kinda commie?

        3. Where do Bagel Bites fall?

          1. Beneath contempt, which is a little lower than Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza.

            1. I don’t know what it is, but I love cheap nasty frozen foods. Burritos, french bread pizzas, pizza rolls, chicken patties…

              I think it’s because I was never allowed that stuff as a kid.

              1. When I’ve eaten frozen burritos, twenty for a dollar, I’ve always wondered what was in them. Sure, they say “beef and bean” on the outside, but come on, that can’t actually be beef and beans.

                1. Did it say “Soylent” anywhere on the package, ProL?

                  1. No, I know what’s in Soylent. It may be people, but at least I know it’s people.

                    1. No, you know what’s in Soylent Green. What about Soylent Orange?

                    2. Ah, see below.

                  2. Soylent Burrito will be my next food product after I get funding for Mohammed’s Finest Smoked Pork.

                    1. To be sure, Soylent is unfairly tarnished by the allegations about its Green product line. While, yes, it’s true that Soylent Green does include people among its many ingredients, other Soylent products–like Soylent Red–are made of soy and phytoplankton.

                    2. That’s what they said about Soylent Green ProL. You sure are gullible.

                    3. I quote Detective Thorn, who uncovered the alleged deception: “Soylent Green is P-ee-o-ple!” Soylent Green. Not Soylent Red, Orange, or Indigo. Green.

                      Soylent, which feeds 75% of the world’s population and sponsors PBS’ NOVA, would never deceive us so.

                    4. I always wondered what happened after Thorn told everybody. Were people repulsed by the thought of eating people or were they like, “Yeah, but it’s fuckin’ good” and nothing changed.

                    5. In a world with that kind of starvation, I’m figuring there was a collective yawn.

                    6. I always thought, so fucking what? It’s people who either went in for euthanasia, were reaalllly resistant to crowd control orders, or stuck their noses where they shouldn’t’ve. And what could be better for you?

                    7. Of course, I would storm into each Soylent executive’s house and force him to eat some Soylent Green, but I’m crazy that way.

                2. I’m actually a fan of the bean and rice burritos that I used to get in MREs. I would actually seek them out and trade for them. Many other soldiers commented that there was something wrong with me.

          2. “Where do Bagel Bites fall?”

            Between the sofa cushions.

    2. Isn’t deep-dish synonymous with Chicago-style? I think we all know what that means.

      1. But isn’t thin associated with Italians? We all know what *that* means…

        1. Ummm…that you’re short, fat, and live with your mother?

          1. I thought that was UnderSchmuck. Which would mean now we’re talking about Zionists.

            1. Underzog is the golem for all of those overweight, unattractive, piano playing shut-ins being oppressed the world over.

                1. Prop that thing up in front of an out of tune upright piano and you got UZ…no shitin’.

                  1. I once had a Jewish prof ask me, ‘how the fuck is it you are not a Jew?’

                    1. doesn’t the name give it away?

                    2. Many Jews have German names, so no, the name doesn’t always give it away.

                    3. The Golem is definitely Jewish, I don’t know about chris though. He slurs like an Irishman so we’ll go with that.

                    4. He slurs like an Irishman so we’ll go with that.

                      I’m recovering! Ignore the pasty skin! Ignore the pasty skin!

                    5. This was a time I was still a beer virgin. Before I acquired a taste for it. I was the biggest schlemiel you ever saw. Then beer happened.

    3. Having grown up in the hometown of Domino’s, moving to New Haven was a revelation. Put me down for thin-crust all the way. With anchovies.

      1. New Haven has some good pizza.

        1. You can also get New Haven-style thin crust here in Chicago (at Piece Brewery) if, you know, you’re tired of eating good pizza.

          1. You should be going to Coalfire or Great Lakes, CMS.

      2. Fish belong in the sea, not on a pizza.

    4. Well, the Italians have a rough history–empires, the mob, Fascists. . .I don’t think their cuisine can be called libertarian. So what’s the least Italian pizza?

      1. So what’s the least Italian pizza?

        Domino’s. Hands Down.

        1. The new stuff…. isn’t all that bad for a corporate pie.

      2. Hawaiian pizza.

        1. How funny–I was thinking the same thing!

          I love pineapple. I love pizza. I do not believe these things should be allowed to be combined. Not in a free society, anyway.

          1. I love Hawaii, but their food is disgusting beyond belief. Mac and cheese with mayonnaise? Hawaiian pizza? White rice with everything?

            1. You left out People’s Exhibit Number One: Spam. They love spam.

              1. Spam sushi. I think I blocked it out, it’s so horrible.

                1. You’re making that up. Take it back!

                  1. Read it and weep. Or recoil in horror. Either is fine.

                    1. The horror. The horror.

                    2. don’t knock it till you tried it. You kotonks think that spam is awful, because you don’t know you’re supposed to PAN FRY it.

                    3. I’m launching a campaign to sell you to the Japanese.

                    4. Pan fry it all you want, dude, it’s still spam.

                    5. Be pretty expensive to change all the flags to 49 stars, though. Maybe we should promote someone? Puerto Rico? Guam?

                    6. you rube. There are different types of spam, like honey spam (awful) spam lite (awful) classic spam (good) and extra spicy spam (amazing). The real insiders know that guamanian extra spicy spam is about 25% spicier; chamorro expats started a writing campaign to get hormel to start selling it in the islands, but they still tuned it down for fear that the locals would give it a bad rap for being too spicy.

                    7. You’re starting to scare me with your spam knowledge, dude. You’re like the Bobby Flay of spam.

                    8. You’re like the Bobby Flay of spam.

                      So, he puts like 6300 little ramiquens of spices and sauces on it then grills it while talking like a douche?

                    9. I suddenly envision a cross between a shocking reality show and a cooking program. I’m in a World of Spam.

                    10. Spam could be more disgusting, I suppose, but I can’t think of how off the top of my head.

                    11. Really? Cause I can think of at least a dozen ways, immediately. Most of them involve feces and/or santorum.

                    12. You’re better at these things than I.

                    13. It could be Treet. Or smeat.

                    14. It makes a good macaroni carbonara. The blocks are easy to dice.

            2. Loco moco is pretty good when you have a hangover.

    5. Who is more libertarian: thin crust or deep dish pizza? Support your assertions.

      Hell, I like ’em both (thought I won’t argue with those that claim they are in different categories).

      These days, however, my holding action in the battle of the bulge makes thin crust my usual choice: I don’t overeat by quite as much.

    6. I hope you do understand that thin crust and deep dish are not opposites. The opposite of thin crust is thick crust. Deep dish pizza usually has thin crust.

      Your question is really a proxy for which is more libertarian, NY or Chi.?

      1. I’m biased, but I would argue Chicago is more libertarian than New York. It’s just unfortunate that our politicians aren’t as libertarian as the general population.

        1. More libertarian than New York might make sense if there was anything libertarian about Chicago. Not that there aren’t libertarians who happen to live there in rank oppression.

          1. I can’t speak for Chicago, but before 9-11, if you kept your head down, you could live a life absolutely free of cops and politicians in NYC, pretty much. It is no longer that way, but for a long time, there was a pretty free shadow world that existed in NYC.

    7. Deep dish is more libertarian. It’s eaten less but is the better product.

  4. What if I don’t want to argue about whether or not I’m a libertarian based on whether or not I choose to argue whether or not Johnson.isLibertarian Paul.isLibertarian?

    It’s a recursive argument, with no base case, ie. a loop with no end.

    1. What happened to my brackets? “Johnson.isLibertarian != Paul.isLibertarian?”

    2. What if I don’t want to argue about whether or not I’m a libertarian based on, etc.

      Then what are you doing on the internet?

    3. With lazy evaluation, it doesn’t really matter.

      1. you fucking rubyist. You’re not a real programmer unless you’re coding in the native assembler with a punch cards

        1. Ruby, bah! That object oriented crap is going the way of the dodo.

          F# bitches!

          1. Honestly, I’m writing full-fledged programs in almost entirely sinatra, haml, and JavaScript. It’s scary, how much I hated javascript 10 years ago, how awful all of those languages are from a purity point of view, and how basically javascript does OOP correctly.

            1. Microsoft has boosted the speed of Javascript running in IE quite a bit. Some programmers were worried from watching the Windows 8 demo that they may be leaving the .net behind.

              My current work project involves O’Caml which is a compromise language between paradigms if there ever was one, and some low level C.

              1. I have stayed away from that language because it always reminds me of the japanese word “okama”

                1. If they went with my recommendation, they would have stayed away from it too. Very fast on the cycles though.

              2. Try working with huge databases and enormous amounts of data. Strongly typed is your friend.

                1. What!? All you’re doing is parsing addresses, that shit is easy. So easy that I do it with a yellow pages and a sharpie!


        2. And if you are doing it right on an old fixed state machine, you don’t even need the assembler! Just pure feed, man!

          1. you could always write your programs in brainfuck.

            1. Honestly, the only time I have ever even seen a punch card was when my mom dragged some out of storage to brag about her days as a programmer.

              1. My dad still has his master’s project punchcards. In order.

                1. How can you tell?

                2. My dad still has his master’s project punchcards. In order.

                  I’m in awe. Half my graduating class could not switch variables between two integers without using a third. A prof used that example on the last day just to humble us. Amazing masters of copy’n’paste, the lot of them.

                  1. My best guess:

                    var a = 4
                    var b = 2

                    b += a
                    b -= (a = b – a)

                    1. Well, i tested it and it seemed to work. You can thank H-B Woodlawn for that; they let me take CS in 8th grade and AP CS in 9th grade, beyond that I never had any formal education in programing (I get paid to do biology)

                    2. Not only correct, but it is the elegant solution. I recall being in the half that got it right but being admonished for taking a few unnecessary steps.

                    3. if the integers are the same size, i think it survives the overflow conditions, assuming your language is low-level enough to not care or high-level enough to run with bignum when things get big (unlike the * / solution). Looking online, I found a nice little xor solution whose elegance I also liked. The best though is perl:

                      ($a, $b) = ($b, $a)

  5. what a whiny bitch

    1. As whiny as the Other Guy running a “Stop The Blackout” money bomb?

  6. So, the guy who is supposedly against big government is complaining to . . . big government.

    1. The same case could be made with Ron Paul and earmarks. If the system is regulated anyway, it’s better to be fair and regulated consistently than rigged and regulated inconsistently.

  7. I didn’t make the rules, but until I can change the rules, I might as well make the best of the rules.

    Works for me.

  8. The Think Progress crowd is going to have a field day playing gotcha with this story.

  9. Definitely a misstep in my opinion…especially when you are calling to end federal agencies, one of which should be the FCC and FEC. I do understand the frustration however.

    I think Johnson is falling prey to the same ego bias of the LP itself. Just cause you are on the ballot doesn’t mean you don’t have to campaign. To break it down to a local level what I mean is Door to Door wins elections…it is that simple. NOW, there can be mitigating factors, but if you aren’t newsworthy then don’t expect to make the news.

    I say this as a strongish Johnson supporter.

    1. He does take a troubling amount of pride in being unprepared for a national political campaign.

      That sort of attitude can only work if you’re charismatic enough to play the “outsider”.

    2. Actually the FEC and FCC are two perfectly valid federal agencies. The Federal government monitors and regulates federal elections. The FCC administer licenses for airwaves, which require either government-protected monopoly licenses or total radio/television anarchy. Although it might make radio and network television relatively useless, the latter might be much more interesting though.

      1. Proprietist, read this and get back with me when you change your mind about the FCC.

        1. The Coase Theorem is disproved by a case where one has no financial profit/efficiency incentive, but has a political incentive to interfere with radio frequencies. For instance, if my local talk radio couldn’t pay me enough to stop broadcasting death metal on the frequency of Rush Limbaugh’s show because I’m doing it to be a jerk. Or even I can extort two million dollars a year from my local alternative rock station to stop sending flatulence sounds through on their frequency every time they play Nickelback. It might be worth it to the station to do that, but it’s not really efficient.

          I admit frequency wars would be fun, but it is in no way economically efficient and the property rights are inherently vaguely defined assuming no state interference.

          1. … flatulence sounds through on their frequency every time they play Nickelback.

            How could anybody tell the difference?

    3. Strongish Johnson is running? Why didn’t anybody tell me! I’m intrigued by his pro-butter-churning platform.

    4. apparently he only wants to close IRS, and defund HUD and Dept of Ed… at least according to LRC blog. so i guess it doesn’t make him inconsistent with himself at least

  10. Sorry to comment on the video rather than the article, but I love the lady holding a giant sign who’s irritated by people who come down and “use” her by paying attention to her holding her giant sign. I know people in my personal life like this: protesting is an ideology in itself. It’s not about accomplishing anything specific, you do it because standing in uncomfortable situations holding a sign makes you feel like a righteous person.

  11. When you consider all these polling organizations and news organizations that purport such fairness and unbiased ethics, when they are making such claims then turning around and obviously engaging in bias and mercurial picking and choosing, what better way than to call them on their crap? Yes, to use the government to interfere in a private business, yeah that can make one cringe. But when these organizations purport themselves to be fair, then not, play their game, go through the “proper channel” and find a way to bring to light their obvious bias. CBS is already catching flack from the way they conducted the latest debate, and speaking in terms of running a campaign, you build upon that momentum with this complaint filed with the FCC and FEC. Everyone is already complaining about the obvious screw up by CBS, so this sheds more light on the matter. I feel like quoting Faye Dunaway from Mommy Dearest. “Don’t **** with me, fellas.”

  12. …there’s definitely some libertarian-cringing to be done in response to the publicly owned airwaves argument…

    I wish he hadn’t done this, too. Johnson will be portrayed as a hypocrite. Don’t waste $$ paying lawyers to write complaints to bureaucrats, who don’t give a shit anyway, it’s counter-productive. He should use whatever funds his campaign has to creatively market and sell his message.

    How relevant is network coverage in the internet age? How can his campaign create and grow a fervent base, much like the Ron Paul campaign? What made the Tea Party surge in 2009, and can his campaign create the same type of buzz? How can Johnson reach independent voters, and D’s sympathetic to personal liberty?

    This is what his campaign should be discussing in every morning meeting. It will produce better results.

    1. He should give his funds back to his donors and apologize for not campaigning.

      1. But he is campaigning. Probably harder than many other candidates. But the media has deliberately excluded him from the debates. The usual excuse being “you didn’t make the 3.5% threshold in our poll, which didn’t even have your name on it”.

  13. because it could tip 2012 to Obama’s favor

    I think the GOP is already doing all it can to tip the 2012 election in 0bama’s favor. It was their election to lose, and I think they’ll manage to do just that.

  14. Did anyone else first read this as:

    Gary Johnson Files Complaint With the FEC and FCC
    Plans to Run as a Libertarian

  15. This is like the worst chat room ever.

    1. Please pick a new topic. May I suggest:

      1. The NBAPA decertification/ lockout/ season cancellation?
      2. Thai stick vs. the Chronic?
      3. Jay-Z vs. P-Diddy?
      4. Chrysler 300 vs. Cadillac CTS?
      5. Chicken vs. shrimp?

      1. That was kind of a let-down after the promising waffles and robots beginning.

        1. It’s not like there’s any contest between chicken and shrimp.

          1. Scallops > shrimp

            1. I concur.

              1. Oh God, this is going to be Star Trek all over again.

                Shrimp, people. Shrimp. Or if all else fails, eel sushi.

                Chicken if someone has barbecued it or covered it in magical Prince’s Hot Chicken deliciousness.

                1. Unagi vs. tako?

                  1. Uh, ProL, octopus is the lowest form of sushi (other than spam sushi or vegetarian sushi).

                    Now, uni, on the other hand, is sublime.

                    1. Are you talking to me?

                    2. Yeah, agree tako sushi’s not the best. But takoyaki (fried, octopus-stuffed, fish skin-covered dough balls) is probably my all time favorite food.

                2. You can’t possibly be saying that any of those things are better than scallops, Lucy. I’ll just assume you posted in the wrong place.

                  Though I do like me some eel.

                  1. Scallops are yummy. I’ve actually caught my own near here while snorkeling. Even yummier.

                    Stone crab and lobster are another matter, but since we’re talking scallops vs. shrimp, I’ll leave that alone.

                    1. You don’t really catch scallops so much as you just pick them up off the grass.

                  2. I’m a maverick. You people had better just buckle up and enjoy the ride (non-euphemistically).

                    I will admit I have not had enough scallops in life. Fundamentally, sea food is God damn delicious.

                    1. Lucy, if you’re ever in LA, go to Sasabune. It’s pricey, at $50-$70 a head, but that’s not bad for the best seafood ever. The mackerel – literally dissolves in the mouth with a small explosion leaving a tiny sheen of flavor at the end.

                    2. Bay scallops > sea scallops.

                    3. What?!?

                      I can get these at Pike Place. They’re huge, awesome, far better than bay scallops…and also $22/lb.

                    4. They don’t taste better, you seafood ignoramus. Go eat some salmon.

                    5. They taste way better, you ultra dope. Did you get hit on the head recently?

                    6. Like people in Washington can talk about seafood. Orca and salmon? Oh, and crabs. You have those.

            2. Scallops cooked in wine, garlic, ginger root, and sesame oil equals delicious.

              With white rice, of course.

        2. Sorry Lucy. I admit I was in over my head. I was trying to spoof racial stereotyping without getting really vicious. Someday, I’ll learn to release the darkside.

          1. Why would you not want to get vicious? See what happens when you half-ass these things?

          2. So you want waffles and robots, do you? Here you go (and there are dinosaurs, ghosts and monkeys thrown in just for fun).

  16. Your story has grown tiresome.


    1. That is not a nun’s laugh; that’s a whore’s laugh.

  17. You’ve got to play by the rules to change the rules.

    1. And thus goes every “good” cop’s argument for holding the thin blue line.

      1. Not exactly, the two crucial differences being a. The cops have no intent to/aren’t trying to change the rules and b. they are actually enforcing the rules (not merely abiding by them)
        It’s actually closer to someone who believes he should be allowed to smoke weed in public not doing so to avoid prosecution.

  18. “Has No Plans to Run as a Libertarian”

    If he changes his mind, he can be selected as the vice president in the gigantic online straw poll clusterfuck that Ron Paul will win called “americans elect”.

    1. All nine of that website’s “Top Matches” for candidates supposedly most closely aligned with the American people are Republicans, and the only two who actually show up in polls are Johnson and Paul. I would be interested to see how the matches were calculated, because despite not being a fan of the Dems I can’t imagine that they don’t have at least one “Top Match”, considering their popularity among the general populace.

  19. For the past few months, I’ve been donating a few bucks every time Johnson says something I really like.

    After this, I’m wondering if there is a way to take back some money. Is there a refund system in place?

  20. there’s definitely some libertarian-cringing to be done in response to the publicly owned airwaves argument being used for anything.

    I’m going to disagree here. There’s no contradiction (unless you are feeble-minded) in saying that it shouldn’t be there at all, but as long as it is, I’m going to use it.

    [Resists urge to go straight to SOMALIA! ! ! ROADZ ! ! !]

    This country is so saturated in government permitting and regulation at every level, that swearing off any contact with such permitting leaves you gambolling in the wilderness.

    I don’t think the FDA should control what drugs are legally available to me. Does that mean I should take no FDA-approved drugs? Etc. ad fucking nauseum.

    Ah, you say, but what Johnson is doing is affirmatively using the government to accomplish something, which he says the government shouldn’t have the power to do! What about that, Mr. Smarty-Pants?

    Well, [adjusts monocle], that would be analogous to a libertarian who has just had their carry-on stolen at an airport complaining to TSA. Sure, the TSA shouldn’t exist blah blah, but is he really a hypocrite for telling the TSA he has been robbed?

    Don’t like that one? Howabout, this is like a libertarian whose upstream neighbor dumped a load of green toxic goo into the stream, which rendered teh libertarian’s meadow unfit for frolicking. Is he a hypocrite for going to the EPA?

    Of course not. The whole “libertarians shouldn’t be allowed to use existing state agencies to accomplish their ends” is just special pleading by statists trying to protect their own asses.

    Fuck’em, I say. They gave us this stick; they shouldn’t complain when we hit them with it.

    1. I’m kind of on the fence about this one, though I — as noted — did cringe.

      But your response is fair. I even would go to far as to say there are arguments to be made on both sides on how best to bring down the old leviathan — principled, education-based, etc. AND sneaking in and using the master’s tools, etc.

      1. Sounds like the difference between my father and grandfather regarding subsidies for the farm. My grandfather never took a dime. My dad does but doesn’t vote for people because they promise subsidies just the opposite in fact and definitely doesn’t agitate for subsidies.

    2. As of today, you can thank Reason for providing us with:

      [Resists urge to go straight to WENZHOU ! ! ROADZ ! ! !]

      1. you forgot the Afars and Issas Territory.

        1. Wenshou has its own space program.

  21. I don’t see it as hypocrisy, any more than I see a Libertarian using public roads or Fed-issued currency as hypocrisy.

    When immersed powerless in a universal paradigm one is seeking to change, you can’t fault them for existing and laboring within that universal paradigm to initiate that change.

    And you certainly can’t change said paradigm if you are being prohibited by the system from engaging in the system.

    1. what? You mean the government issues money? Shit man, those libertarians are going to get all no true scotsman on me, I better move to the barter system. Side bonus is that I won’t be taxed on my income.

    2. He should have been “existing and laboring” in Iowa.

      1. Really? You think that the better place for a resource-strapped candidacy based on the ideas of classic liberalism, faced with two early battleground states, Iowa and New Hampshire, to have focused its resources and energy is…Iowa?

        1. Point taken. He should have been laboring in NH. At the very least, shit like this wouldn’t happen.

          1. Aye. THAT was cringe-worthy.

  22. Paul/Johnson 2012

  23. Johnson should bail on the Presidential race that he has no chance of winning and go pick up the soon to be open Senate seat in his home state. The Senate needs as many small-government types as it can get and he would be a good addition to that chamber.

  24. Hi Everyone,

    The RNC has been complicit in the marginalization of Dr. Paul, as well as the media blackout. We all know this. I have set up a little website to bring attention to this fact and to help Dr. Paul. It is not the kind of thing he would do (in fact he couldn’t even acknowledge it without being summarily expelled from the GOP), but it IS the kind of thing I would do, ESPECIALLY after the last debate where Dr. Paul got a whole 90 seconds to speak. This must stop and by God it WILL stop, and YOU’RE going to help me stop it!

    Go to and sign up please, and spread the word. I set up the site myself it has no ads and no profit, just a labor of love in defense of Dr. Paul.

    1. 90 is more than 0, right? This might be the wrong place for this particular complaint.

  25. am i still allowed to argue that one of them isn’t actually a libertarian? because Gary supports Gitmo, and that alone excludes him from that designation

  26. This is sad. All he’s going to get from the odious three-letter federal bureaucracies is a pat on the head and a “run along now.”

    What’s worse is that I suspect he knows this. He must be really desperate. That makes me sad because he’s the only person likely to run for president whom I’d actually like to see become president.

    1. Watch him on Red Eye, first. He’s going to be on tomorrow. I want to know how he handles the total absurdity of that show.

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