Militarization of Police

Maybe Steven Seagal Actually is a Cop


Remember the more Joe Arpaio-y than usual SWAT raid on a supposed cockfighting ring back in March? Which inexplicably involved Steven Seagal and a tank? There are now allegations of puppycide.

According to Slate:

There's no suggestion that Seagal personally shot and killed the puppy, as some headlines have suggested. But [Jesus] Llovera, the cockfighting suspect, is suing him and the sheriff's office for $25,000 apiece, claiming the raid was a stunt designed "to make good TV for Steven Seagal." adds:

[Llovera] claims his 11-month old puppy was shot and killed during the raid—and his home sustained "substantial damage." He also claims the cops killed more than 100 roosters that belonged to him.

The notice of claim is the first step towards a lawsuit—and [Llovera's] lawyer tells us his client is demanding $100,000 for the damage and he wants Seagal to issue a "formal written apology" to his children "for the death of their 11-month old puppy, a beloved family pet."

Radley Balko previously argued that the presence of cameras for the true-crime show First 48 may have influenced the tactics of SWAT in a raid that led to the death of a 7-year-old Detroit girl. A puppy death is obviously a much lesser tragedy, but Joe Arpaio doesn't need any additional help planning insane "tough on crime" publicity stunts.