Celebrate the Freedom to Have Your Life Destroyed by County Busybodies


Fred and Linda Kirpsie

If you still doubt that there is a conspiracy to overrun every square inch of America with latte-sipping assholes, read Mars Melnicoff's LA Weekly feature on Los Angeles County's war against hillbilly landowners in the high desert. I am quoted in the story, which examines County Supervisor Mike Antonovich's deployment of "nuisance abatement teams" against rural residents, and Reason TV is working on a piece about this issue. I would have blogged the story earlier, but it is so infuriating that every time I think about it I can feel an actual coming-to-join-you-Elizabeth heart attack coming on: 

On Oct. 17, 2007, Marcelle opened the door to a loud knock. Her heart jumped when she found a man backed by two armed county agents in bulletproof vests. She was alone in the cabin, a dot in the vast open space of the Antelope Valley, without a neighbor for more than half a mile. She feared that something had happened to her daughter, who was visiting from Montreal.

The men demanded her driver's license, telling her, "This building is not permitted — everything must go." Normally sassy, Marcelle handed over her ID — even her green card, just in case. Stepping out, she realized that her 1,000-square-foot cabin was surrounded by men with drawn guns. "You have no right to be here," one informed her. Baffled and shaking with fear, she called her daughter — please come right away.

As her ordeal wore on, she heard one agent, looking inside their comfortable cabin, say to another: "This one's a real shame — this is a real nice one."

A "shame" because the authorities eventually would enact some of the most powerful rules imaginable against rural residents: the order to bring the home up to current codes or dismantle the 26-year-old cabin, leaving only bare ground.

"They wouldn't let me grandfather in the water tank," Jacques Dupuis says. "It is so heart-wrenching because there was a way to salvage this, but they wouldn't work with me. It was, 'Tear it down. Period.'?"

In order to clear the title on their land, the Dupuises are spending what would have been peaceful retirement days dismantling every board and nail of their home — by hand — because they can't afford to hire a crew.

This is in the Antelope Valley, a desert of misfired towns and remote settlements, where truck drivers and retirees move for no other reason than the probability that their right to be left alone will be respected. These are people who have done nothing wrong and are not bothering anybody. 

We need more Americans like this.

That's not just me making that claim: The County of Los Angeles agrees. That's why nuisance abatement actions always lack actual criminal charges. In her on-the-one-hand-this-on-the-other-that L.A. Times coverage of Alan Kimble Fahey's conviction on 12 misdemeanor counts for his work of art Phonehenge West, Ann M. Simmons never bothered to ask why none of the charges against Fahey involved any infringement on any other human being. Simmons noted repeatedly that Fahey was accused of maintaining un-permitted properties, "unlawful use of land," exceeding a 35-foot height limit and possessing noncommercial wind turbines, but she attributed any possible complaint about these piddling prosecutions to zealots "who share [Fahey's] defiance of code enforcement." Her most prominent question to county officials was why they hadn't gone after Fahey sooner. She repeated the prosecutor's claim that "Phonehenge is a fire hazard" without noting that Fahey was only on trial for paperwork violations. And in what may be a new record for the LAT's never-insignificant self-regard, Simmons kept track of how Fahey's Facebook presence grew as a result of her reporting. You could have read the complete L.A. Times coverage without realizing the case against Fahey contained not a single significant charge: no fire hazard, no child endangerment (though Fahey has a minor son), no contamination of neighboring properties, no threat to public health, no nothing. Bupkes. 

Melnicoff focuses on people who are no more ready for polite society than Fahey is, but because they are also not particularly colorful characters, the Weekly story gets to the real truth: What's going on in the Antelope Valley is not a human interest story about a quirky character fighting the cooler heads of his community. It is a hard news story about the class war in Los Angeles, in which swarms of officers from a multitude of new offices are engaged in a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the delusional object of turning a sprawling desert county into New York West. 

NEXT: Keeping Kids Outside the System

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  1. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    Seven pages in the linked article and “warrant” appears only once. Is it time to shoot the bastards yet?

    1. Go ahead. Make my day.

      1. You dont have to do it when they come to your house. Take note of who they are, who the commisars are, and then use public info to find them when they are sleeping. If a few of these assholes wake up on fire the rest might take the hint.

        1. Wow, extreme. This kind of talk works against the process of fighting for true freedom.

          1. Fuck that. Declare war on the petty tyrants.

      2. You dont have to do it when they come to your house. Take note of who they are, who the commisars are, and then use public info to find them when they are sleeping. If a few of these assholes wake up on fire the rest might take the hint.

      3. You might want to reconsider that, since they can’t build or staff enough of you to hold even 3% of the gunowners in this country. BTW, that’s more men under arms than the whole of the US military. And we won’t be fighting them, we’ll be in your neighborhood at 3 am.

    2. Read the article about the mess, and you see the Fascists’ claim that the land is “vacant” and thus they’re not required to have warrants.

    3. Administration of King George III > the current US fecal circus of gov’t.

    4. It does make you wonder whether Guy Fawkes had a point.

      1. Yes. Violent anarchy is always the best way.

        1. History shows us that with tyrants, it’s the ONLY way.

        2. “violent anarchy”

          Jumbo shrimp much?

  2. They’re not hurting anyone! Jesus Christ, this isn’t the old world! What kind of a damn land of opportunity is this when a HUMAN BEING’S HOME is forced to be destroyed by it’s own owner by arbitrary fiat?!!? (I read this just after watching Elia Kazan’s “America America” so this is especially angering)

  3. Bullshit like this is why i say the sooner the state and country go bankrupt the better.

  4. Only an asshole like Cavanaugh who has probably never suffered more than a fucking hangnail could use such overblown rhetoric with a straight face. Fucking moron.

    1. Your carcass will rot unwashed in between the remains of a ’79 Chevrolet and a busted dish washer on my desert property, you county dog.

      1. Re: Anonymous,
        Max is the pet yorkie. Don’t mind him, he barks at everything for no reason.

    2. Didn’t happen to me
      Just how bad can it be?

    3. …again by Cavanaugh and Maxie’s peeved. Arf! Yip! Snap! Nip!

    4. Only an asshole like Cavanaugh Max who has probably never suffered more than a fucking hangnail parking ticket could use such overblown rhetoric read about such government abuse with a straight face. Fucking moron.

    5. Blow me, globalist.

      1. Liberals like Max hate private-property rights. Period.

  5. If they want their right to be left alone to be respected, they need to get the fuck out of California.

    1. +1

  6. Private property ownership in the U.S. has become an illusion. If you don’t believe me, see what happens when you fail to pay your property tax. The government will seize it and sell it to someone else who will pay. And even if you do pay your taxes and follow all the rules, they can still use the liberal eminent domain laws to take it away to sell it to someone willing to pay higher taxes. More people need to realize this so we can rise up and make property ownership a right that can’t be easily taken away.

    1. I’ve been saying this for years. You don’t own your property. You rent it from the government.

    2. You mean creditors have the ability to seize property and auction it off to cover unpaid debts?

      Wow, what an unjust arrangement of affairs.

      1. What do I owe on a property after I’ve paid for it? In my situation, it’s $800 a month (increasing at the rate of 2% every year) FOREVER! What debt do I owe to the government that non property owners don’t?

        1. Non-property owners probably pay rent, and the prop taxes on the property they’re renting are factored in there as well.

          Property tax is to my mind the most libertarian of taxes to pay for fire and police protection as well as other needful services. It obviously sucks having to pay that much, but that’s what you get into when you buy expensive property. If you don’t like it you can sell.

          1. If you don’t like it you can sell.

            Haven’t sold any property in today’s market, have you? I doubt that you could get what the taxing authority has appraised it at.

            1. I have long believed that any government assessing property values for whatever reason should be required to buy the property at that price at the property owner’s discretion. And that property taxes be assessed at current usages; a lot of farmers near cities have been driven out of farming because their farmland has been assessed for taxes based on what the value would be if sold to a developer, whether they ever intended to sell to a developer or not.

          2. A truly libertarian society would allow citizens to ‘opt-out’ of public services they don’t use–and possibly face the consequences (that’s what insurance is for). I live in California, where all homes are expensive. But I plan to sell soon, move to a better state and then they won’t get any of my money anymore.

            1. I’d rather be a poor black man living across the street from the KKK’s Head Quarters than a millionaire living in Beverly Hills!

          3. “Property City or state sales tax is to my mind the most libertarian of taxes to pay for fire and police protection as well as other needful services”

            I’m saving your ass on this one. You owe me.

      2. Good god Tulpa, you say some truly idiotic things.

        1. …or maybe they’re so unidiotic that they just blow your mind away.

          1. No, Tulpa, you are really way off base. Selling property to pay creditors, as you mention above, has Nothing to do with the story. Clearly, you have authored comments which are such non sequiturs that only you could love them.

      3. Hey, it was no big deal when I did it!

      4. So now the feds are my “creditors”? That’s a novel approach considering it’s pretty much the other way around.


    This cannot be repeated often enough.


  8. Yeah; happy muthafuquin’ “Independence” Day, citizens; erm, I mean SLAVES!

  9. Liberals are our true allies against statism.

    1. Friends of the little guy.

    2. What the fuck is the point of this comment?

      Fucking tards playing their horsefucking red/blue shit.

      1. At Christmastime, when you’ve been stuck listening to your aunt Trudie talk on and on about how wonderful your cousin Fred is all day…and then later that night you see Fred passed out on the couch with his head on a drool soaked pillow, a bottle of whiskey gently resting against one hand, and the other wrapped around his flaccid exposed penis…I’d forgive you for working Fred’s indiscretion into any conversation you can the next day.

        1. It’s not that Tulpa, it’s the stoopid comments that follow a predictable and unfunny template.

          The handle is a name of a politician or something like cosmotarian which has a tenuous relationship with the subject of the article. Next is a fabricated statement, that no one would ever make, intended to illustrate a exaggerated caricature of an ideological opponent that is nothing more than a specter in the mind of the author behind the unfunny spoof.

          This post is invariably followed by an equally unfunny comment of the same make and model; indicating that the author responds to himself.

          It isn’t the content or political orientation of the author that is an annoyance, rather it is their lack of any discernible sense of humor.

          I would bet that the author of these soul killing thread fillers is you…if I had to guess.

          1. You just bored me to death

            1. Don’t speak to me, please.

              1. I’m not and don’t speak to me either.

          2. It’s not me, but I think the “celebrity impersonator” posts can be funny, and I chuckled at this one. But you’re right, they can be overdone too. It depends on what kind of mood you’re in.

            I definitely understand the mindset that leads people to make those posts though. You can only take so much libertarian slobbering over how Obama is great for ending DADT and backdoor-vetoing DOMA before you snap.

            1. Again, it’s not the politics of the posts that wears thin. It is how unfunny they are. Any skewering of any politician is a great opportunity to make some good comedy but this person wastes it away with near nonsense.

              1. Fucking capitalist pigs.

                1. Wow, dude you are fucking hilarious. Have you thought of going pro? Maybe do some stand-up, or start a blog. From this spoof alone I can tell that you have a strong talent for comedy.

                  1. Funny as the real shrike.

  10. I guess it would be too much to hope that these “nuisance abatement teams” [NATs]will be drawn together by karma in a swarm of self-destruction. Nuisances abated.

    I can dream.

    1. …trained by DEA/ICE/FDA/FBI and the Student Loan Collection Agency to bust down doors. Whenever an illegal rain gutter is discovered.

      1. they could get the DEA to do ride-alongs. There must be some pot smokers out in that desert…

        1. Reefer City still shows up on my maps.

  11. I would have blogged the story earlier, but it is so infuriating that every time I think about it I can feel an actual coming-to-join-you-Elizabeth heart attack coming on

    Imagine how I feel when I show you that growth management regulations created the the real estate bubble and all I get is summarily dismissed as a quack.

    Whatever dude.

    1. Imagine how I feel

  12. Happy Independence Day everyone!!! Cue up Lee Greenwood so I can get all misty eyed. “Ahm proud tuh be an Amurkin where at least ah know ahm fray.”

  13. Sounds to me like someone wants all that property and doesn’t want to have to pay the owners very much for it.

    1. Lex Luthor?

      1. Then why all the harassment? It’s been my experience that county employees don’t exactly go out of their way to look for more work to do – in any state in the Union.

        1. Never underestimate the power of a busy-body to get motivated by the sense of self-righteousness that comes from interfering in the lives of others. That overcomes their natural torpor and is most effective in cases where it is used on people who question the right of said busybody to engage in petty power grabs.

    2. someone wants all that property and doesn’t want to have to pay the owners very much for it.

      Bingo. Wonder if they contribute to Mikey’s campaign?

  14. Aaaaand Cavanaugh sweeps the possibility of pagan cults using Phonehenge for child sacrifice completely under the rug. Again.

    Just because they convicted Capone of tax evasion doesn’t mean he wasn’t a murderer.

  15. A dog starved at his master’s gate
    Predicts the ruin of the state.

    1. Starved, or shot?

  16. Hey look at me! I made my handle something nonclever and then I made a nonclever observation!!!!!

    Fuck goddamn cunt shiteating bitchfaces…It ain’t even close to funny…please be funny…I beg you…

    Who the fuck are you, and what are you trying to accomplish?

    Whoever you are, your m.o. show a prediliction to pedophilia.

    Obummer: Hey look at me, Imma european

    Pee-losi: Ooh yer a peein’ on me!! Whee!

    1. This is why Walgreens pharmacies shouldn’t close for Independence Day.

      1. Hey man, give me your address, we could hang out tonight. Do you have any pills?

        1. A quick look in the med cab reveals only some Fenphedra and an old bottle of Pin-X. There’s earwax removal drops too but I had a bad trip on those once so I don’t recommend.

          1. They’re much more euphoric if you smoke them, the earwax drops that is. I hope you have an extra incandescent light bulb handy…

            I’ll be over in a jiffy, tell the wife to put on a pot of clam chowder.

            1. As your attorney, I advise you to take a hit out of the little brown bottle in my shaving kit. You won’t need much, just a tiny taste.

              1. INCANDESCENT LIGHT BULBS!?!?? Heresy! Burn the witch!

                1. Ehm, excuse me, do you have Pope Albert in a can?

                  1. Prince. It’s Prince Albert in a can – and no, we don’t have him in a can. He’s in a box. And he doesn’t want out either.

            2. Dang, I was wrong about you. Those “jokes” are so very funny.

              When I’m wrong, I’m wrong and I’ll admit it. You nailed it, so funny.

              1. I made that last joke. I have no idea who did the other two, nor who is doing the spoof handles lately, which are pretty transparent and have sucked. I know it’s Prince Albert, “.” I’m fucking around, dude. I’m on cap l’s side, actually, which was my point, but now I’ve made him all pissed off, which is sorta funny.

                  1. do, obviously.

                    1. *quits*

                1. @Rock

                  I’ve had those asshole union spoofers prank call my house before so I’m real sensitive to that sort of thing.

                  1. It’s about time the assholes formed a union. They’re always getting stuck with everyone’s shit.

      2. This is why Walgreens pharmacies shouldn’t close for Independence Day.

        I love you Tulpa

        1. There’s a relationship sprung full-blown from Beelzebub’s nightmares.

          1. There’s a relationship sprung full-blown from Beelzebub’s nightmares hemorrhoid-encrusted butthole.


            1. You’ve seen Tulpas’ass?

          2. If Beelzebub is having nightmares about it, doesn’t that mean it’s a good thing?

            Not that I’m saying it is.

  17. Earlier this week, I googled a bit to check up on building code type things, more out of curiosity than anything else. What I discovered is that virtually all work we’ve had done on our house since we bought it required permits; replacing windows, having a new power outlet put in, a lighting fixture put in. Little piddly things like that! A permit! I can’t even imagine. And the thing is I doubt any owner going back to the 20s bothered with any permits either; so basically, if an inspector so desired, the whole house could pretty much be ordered torn down. I mean, why would I even *think to check* that a permit would be required for something so simple and basic?

    I can’t imagine how infuriating it must be for people out in the bush to be dealing with this total bullshit.

    1. Yep. My house was built in 1960. To do any work on the house you have to bring it up to current code. I wanted to enclose a screen porch by replacing the screens with windows. A pretty simple job.

      In order to do the job I had to bring the building to current codes. In this case it meant that I had to tear down the entire porch and rebuild it as a room 2 feet wide.

      Yes, that’s no typo. Because there were new offset rules the “up to code” structure was 16 feet too close to the property line. So I had to remove 16 feet of my 18 foot deep porch. This despite the fact that it has been there for over 50 years. Oh, and I had to put outlets every 4 feet along my new 2-foot wide room.

      Needless to say, that project never got done.

    2. I once considered buying a “fixer-upper” in Milwaukee, but they have stringent permitting rules. I suspect collusion between unions, contractors and building inspectors, a truly unholy alliance.

    3. I used to own a house in Littleton, Colorado where the city wants you to get a permit to replace a leaky sink faucet. I imagine even the real law and order types don’t bother with crap like that. How is the building inspector EVER going to find out that your Kohler faucet was once a Delta with bad seals?

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  19. A silver lining: many of the local residents are starting to get letters signed by each neighbor stating they have no problem with their use of their own land and will have no problem with it in the future. The recipients of these letters have sent notarized copies to the county of LA planning department and have not been hassled one bit.

    Word needs to get out to the rest of the residents up there, mostly pert-time residents who are OTR drivers, that this is a way to pre-emptively cut the legs out from under the county’s plans to incrementally get rid of them.

  20. “There’s no way to rule innocent men.
    The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”

    Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, clearly full of nothing but unrealistic cartoon villains.

  21. I’ve been talking to a guy from India at work. Comparing their level of freedom to ours.

    They have to pay bribes to get a permit. We can’t get a permit, and are told to tear down our homes. And we’re not even asked for bribes – the government just bails out and protects industries, and we foot the bill. Who is more free?

    They can walk into a pharmacy and buy medicine without asking a deputized government bureaucrat for permission first. And it’ll cost 1/10th of what we pay. Who is more free?

    They don’t have to spend 10 years qualifying a medical treatment through a government bureaucracy. They don’t have to get permission from a bureaucrat to have treatment. They can show up with a credit card, and buy the treatment they want. Who is more free?

    More and more, I’m feeling like the US is much more systemically fucked than a lot of countries. More systemic corruption, and less freedom for practical living.

    We have the world beat on free speech, but that’s about it. Bureaucracy, bailouts, protected industries, regulations, taxation, debt. We work longer hours than others, to fatten us up as the tax cattle we are, and to be robbed by government with trillions of dollars in bailouts.

    1. Son, there ain’t no draft no more…

    2. I have lived in Mexico since 1988. I build houses here and almost never bother with permits. When I do need one (for a very visible urban location), I usually can get thru the bureaucracy with a smile and a promise.

      They don’t really care about the physical house–just that the paper-work is in order!

      1. Yikes! I feel sorry for the person that buys your house and has a nice home insurance policy that will not pay out!!!!

    3. This better be a joke. Pervasive bribery as a sign of freedom? Give me a break.

  22. See this is why the Swamp folk in Louisiana and that area have the right idea. Build your unauthorized home surrounded by alligators, snakes, wild boars, sinking ground, and malaria.

  23. Should be interesting to see how that all works out.

  24. Gonna go way out on a limb and suggest these “code enforcement” teams are not acting arbitrarily, not in the interest of public health/safety.

    Poor people will be pushed off their land, and developers will make a mint. Those two things will not be coincidental.

    1. Why would developers want land in the High Desert in the midst of a real estate bubble?

      1. Less then a mile from Reefer City is an actual Gold mine. The funny thing bout the mine is the “contamination” of heavy metals and the rare earth elements in its tailings.

        The mountains and valley’s of the high desert are a geological treasure trove.

        Not to mention all the poppies,poppies,poppies.

  25. Tim Cavanaugh here is an interesting compare and contrast for you.

    The petty, power hungry bureaucrats in california don’t want the single story house interfering with the view of the 50 story turbines.

    Wind and solar projects proposed in the Antelope Valley would ruin the area’s ambiance and harm the environment, residents say.

    Watson is among area residents and nature lovers who fear that the state park’s annual blaze of orange blossoms will be overshadowed by “green” ? energy, that is, in the form of sprawling solar panels and gigantic industrial-size wind turbines.

    Element Power US, want to build facilities that would become the county’s first utility-scale wind turbine facilities, towering hundreds of feet high. Element wants to use 4,000 acres of private land next to the poppy reserve for solar panels and some 50 wind turbines almost 500 feet high.

    County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, who represents the unincorporated Antelope Valley, said this region “has the potential to become the nation’s leader in green, alternative energy innovation and production.”

    Fun fact: California government policy (not need for power generation) is driving the tower construction in the antelope valley.

    Another example of bureaucrats pursuing mutually exclusive goals.

    State lawmakers have set a goal of obtaining 33% of California’s electricity from alternative clean power sources by 2020, and NextEra is attempting to help the state meet this mandate, Stengel said.

  26. You aren’t allowed to have *non-commercial* wind turbines?!! Commercial would be fine, presumably.

    Heaven forbid you build your own; or you are an inventor experimenting with designs. No windmill for you!!


    1. Non-commercial wind turbines are allowed in LA County. See the County Code Section 22.52, part 15.…..I.html#160

  27. County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, who represents the unincorporated Antelope Valley, said this region “has the potential to become the nation’s leader in green, alternative energy innovation and production.”

    Now, we’re getting somewhere. I find it hard to believe this is all based on an attempt to get “nice” residential development in the Antelope Valley. Of course, I have no idea why anybody would want to live in Palm Springs, so I’m a poor judge.

    I can easily see a vast swathe of that desert being cleared for a futuristic solar array.

    1. I can see the solar panels being placed. But it’s much more likely to see new mines and evaporation ponds to supply all those raw earth elements “green” tech needs.

  28. Any bets that, at the end of the day, a few people will rack up outrageous “profits” and the ultimate project will be an economic failure, and a disaster to clean up. What happens to all those wind mill towers when the turbine stops working?

  29. I believe this is part of Agenda 21. Essentially the government seeks to force everyone to live in high-density areas (cities), removing them from rural areas. I’m surprised the author never mentions this. Are you aware of this Tim Cavanaugh?

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  31. Although, i do think that the county and state needs to provide better grandfathering laws and assitance to make non compliant construction compliant as required by local ordinances, if it is build against code, it is against code and should be dealt with accordingly.

    If someone built a gate on your property wihtout a permit 40 years ago that was 8′-0″ tall and local codes only say that a 6′ gate is now allowed as of 10 years ago, then you are screwed. You have to cut the fence down to 6′. Yeah, that’s unfair, but that is why there are professionals with experience in different fields.

    People want to save a buck by doing things themselves, not registering with the county, etc. It all comes back to bite you in the ass. Just do it right and stop acting like a lazy individual.

    1. What is the name of your construction company?

    2. Wait…I think I can handle this one…

      How about:

      “Fuck off, slaver.”

  32. Well, over here in the San Gabriel Valley, the county code mounties are harassing small businesses. Where I live (in Altadena), the local coffeehouse suddenly had to get an entertainment license if anybody wanted to strum a guitar on premesis; a block of businesses brought in food trucks to their parking lot one Friday and got a reprimand; the local dive bar needs an expensive license because it now has a karaoke one day a week; a program for autistic children was sent out of town packing because it violated some codes; and the guy who owns a muffin shop got cited because he has a mural on his wall (it was formerly a graffiti magnet blank wall). Businesses can’t have sandwich boards on the sidewalk. The county says they’re acting on complaints of neighbors, but who’d object to a wall-size picture of a muffin on a commercial building? And did we mention a visit from the armed code enforcers to a goat hobby farm?

  33. This was an excellent article which I read via Free Republic. It is very well written, even handed, informative and gosh darn scary.

    I hope the author wins a Pulitzer for it.

    Thanks for giving it notice.

  34. Thanks for giving it notice.

  35. I live in the AV.

    I find it interesting that they can crack down on the cabin people & Phonehenge, yet the shanties built by illegals are never raided. I guess they don’t want to upset the voters.

  36. Unpermitted structures are dangerous for firefighters, emergency personnel, and other first responders. A place like Phonehenge would be a firefighters worst nightmare.

  37. i think it’s time to do a full evaluation of Mike Antonovich’s house for any code violations, as well as his flunky, Mr. Bell. for that matter, lets find out where all of the LA board of supervisors live, and start complaining about anything and everything on their properties!

  38. the Nat team hit me, 3 cop cars,code enforcement, Public works, health dept. and animal control. 7 cars plus 4 wheeler cop going up and down the st. They told me multable famalies staying on prop. and my animals are being neglected.When they realized it was a lie, they just wrote me up for a pile of tree branches and started checking tags on cars.

  39. I know it was my next store neighbor who did this so I asked the goon squad what happens when the person making the claim has commited fraud on the county? I bet there was at least $2000 spent on a bogus claim in man hrs. did not get and answer. the truth of it is any claim made against a person property allows them to be able to enter your property. So we reward people for lieing and damage the innocent. Neighbor against neighbor. They use the front that they are educating us about codes. This is all a front, what better way to help a broke county then start charging fees and billing fees and filing fees and put a lein on your property that collect interest until you pay it.Let a person carry to much power and they always abuse it and the reason for it.

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