Reason Writers on Russia Today: Tim Cavanaugh Talks Student Loan Raid, SWAT Marine Killing, War on Cameras


The animated Mr. Wright.

Now that we've all learned better than to diddle with the Department of Education, should you expect to get raided by SWAT teams from the Railroad Retirement Board, HUD, or the Bureau of Indian Affairs? 

How many times must the police shoot up the homes of law-abiding veterans before the bad guys learn to stop hiding their four-year-old children from trigger-happy cops? 

Could revulsion at militarization of police rekindle the brief post-Kelo alignment between liberals and libertarians (and will it be just as ineffective as it was then?) 

Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh discussed the militarization of police, the popularity of violent raids for any and every occasion, and related matters with Thom Hartmann on RT's The Big Picture yesterday. Here is the online version of the segment: