Harry Reid to Ramrod PATRIOT Act Through Senate's Back Door


Senator Harry Reid is going to reauthorize the PATRIOT Act–without any of the amendments proposed by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) or Sens. Tom Udall (D-Colo.) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.)–on the back of a small business spending bill authored in the House

Sen. Reid basically killed his current bill and and opted to take up a House small business bill (it's in a form that's considered filibuster-proof as far as starting debate goes). Neither Rand Paul nor anyone else can object to this. Reid then amended the House bill with the entire text of the Patriot Act extension.

The Washington Post says Paul's gun amendment caused the initial holdup (and perhaps served as a signal to Reid that reauthorization was going to be a pain in his statist neck): 

The Senate had been poised to approve final passage of the Patriot Act renewal later Wednesday, but amid objections from Paul – who had threatened to hold up passage of the bill unless it included an amendment that would have exempted certain gun records from being searched – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) Tuesday night scrapped the original plan and reintroduced the measure through a procedural move that would prevent it from being blocked.

We'll see one more hour of debate today–Paul and Udall are talking up a storm on C-SPAN 2–and then the show's over: Reid, who said last night, "We have worked over the last several days to work something out that I think is an excellent compromise," and before that, agreed to a week of debate and an amendment process, has decided not to allow amendments and to end debate, and to send the legislation to House leadership for an agreed-upon rubberstamp by tomorrow. 

UPDATE: Paul just said that the gun amendment "unhinged" some people in the Senate, and led Reid to kill *all* of the amendments. 

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    1. I’m sure you do Double Anus!

  2. I have an idea. Vote the bill down.

    1. Yep. Since the small business bill will no doubt end up being an unmitigated disaster, vote no. That way, you kill 2 birds with one stone.

  3. Spare me your indignant mewlings, bitches. We both know full well you’re all going to make 2012 a repeat of 2008, regardless of anything I or my minions elect to do. You are, all of you, mere hotel scullery wenches in the horny grip of my Strauss-Kahnian machinations.

    We. Own. You.

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        Worked like a charm, last time out.

      2. Those people do look out for each other, don’t they?

        1. Chicagoans? Yeah, they’re like the mob.

          1. Chicagoans? Jeezus, I remember when we could call ’em what they really are…CRIMINALS!

            1. are you the racist radio commenter who said that while tornados were killing & destroying, obama was in ireland pounding 40’s?

              1. How is that racist? He was trying to help establish an alibi for the president.

  4. Harry Reid is a cunt.

    1. If I was running against him this would be on all my campaign literature!

    2. …that that what’s-her-name Angle didn’t win that election. Oh, uh, wow — golly.

      1. ….even if Angle was 100 times as wacky as supporters of the corrupt and dishonest Reid claimed, no one can honestly say that this would be happening if she had won. I hope Reid’s voters are happy with all of this.

  5. Team Ramrod!!

  6. The Constitutions has been taking it in the ass for decades now! Now she wants it in the pussy…no fuck that, she wants to be eaten-out every once in a while!

    1. Perverted Commenter, give us a better clue 😉

  7. It is a good thing at least one of the parties is better on civil rights.

      1. Neither. Sorry if the sarcasm didn’t come through.

  8. Dear Arab protesters, this is what democracy looks like. Are you sure its worth getting yourselves killed over?

  9. Good thing the Tea Party folks worked so hard to get a Republican House. Otherwise Congress would just do whatever Harry Reid wants.

    1. Word of the day: “bicameral”.

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  12. It’s a good thing the voters of Nevada saved us from that rightwing nutjob last fall.

  13. That would be the rightwing nutjob running against noble liberal man-of-the-people Harry Reid, that is.

  14. I have to give Rand Paul props. He is actively fighting against some of the most egregious shit in Congress right now, and he’s unabashedly doing it.

    1. Now Matt Yglasias tells me Paul is “insane”. If nothing else he is showing the world how these people are completely incapable of shame or embarassment.

      1. John, Yglasias knows that a wise and benevolent leader like Obama needs the powers granted by the Patriot Act to provide the kind of caring leadership that the people need.

        The Patriot Act is only bad when the tyrannical malevolent Republicans, who will use its power for evil, are in power.

        1. ME/BIDEN IN 2012!!!

      2. John….a little sympathy for the chubby pundit…he did get thumped on his soft nugget last month during his mugging and still may not be thinking clearly…well what passes for his thinking clearly.

    2. Stop resisting!!

  15. Any of you guys watching CSPAN-2? Reid just keeps on lying and lying. My head hurts.

  16. “Shame” and “embarrassment” are weakling emotions. They only serve to delay the great, inevitable forward progression towards the future, and Liberaltopia!

  17. The silence from the left is deafening.

    1. But. . .but. . .left-libertarian alliance! Just like the matter-antimatter alliance!

    2. I just gritted my teeth and visited DailyKOS to see what they had to say. The answer was “nothing” as no stories on the front page mentioned the Patriot Act at all.

      1. So dirty…can’t get clean.

  18. From the headline, there is no difference between Harry Reid and Steve Smith.

  19. So is the PATRIOT act now going to referred to as the Small Business Suport Act of 2011? Because if so, holy fucking shit this is wrong. Not that any of the other pork amendments tagged to the “Celebrate the life of Mother Teresa” bills were any better, but fucking shit, a small business support bill that authorizes the US to take out citizens…this doesn’t even pass the “are we even remotely close” test.

    1. Every time I try to vote the bastards out, a bunch of retards vote to keep the bastards in. I don’t get it. I want to know who approves of these shitty stunts.

      1. “Mmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm!!!”

  20. Oh, and most of congress is pretty much “unhinged” permanently.

  21. “Where are that Constitution and Declaration of Independence that came to stay in your house tonight? Bring them out that we may have sex with them!”

    1. Fuck that, we’ll bust down your goddamn door and rape them before we shoot them along with your dog.

    2. And I thought her twat was salty before we left the house!

  22. Small business bill? I oppose small business as often as possible but the Patriot Act? I need that to preserve security and to condition our citizens to search and seizure at law-enforcement’s whim.

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