BHL Update: "Make the Howlers Shut Up"!


France's most embarrassing philosopher and woman-blamer, Bernard Henri-Levy, is shoveling himself deeper in the merde, this time in a Daily Beast DSK column, eight of whose 10 paragraphs begin with the giggle-worthy peacock's proclamation "I maintain." Example:

I maintain that those who are surprised that one doesn't take the side of the "poor, immigrant woman" as a matter of principle against the "rich and arrogant white man" who supposedly has raped her are reinventing a kind of class justice in reverse.


Anyway, at least this time he's not openly trashing DSK's accusers, and he even feels enough pressure to say this:

I would make it clear, in passing, for all those who seem to believe that the struggle against the trivialization of rape necessarily involves the pulverization of the rights of the defense, that I, of course, consider rape and attempted rape as crimes.

Imagine living in a world where you'd feel obligated to write that sentence (or even that "of course"). Or that you'd look upon the drama of one of the world's most powerful men allegedly raping and don't-you-know-who-I-amming the immigrant help (then trying to buy off her poor relatives in Africa), and deciding that the most urgent thing at hand is to make all those damn newspapers shut their traps. No really:

I maintain that from now on, and more than ever, only one thing is urgent, faced with this drama: to make the howlers shut up

Take it away, Warren Zevon!